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The Curious Travels of the Shadow Daemon.(Open Social.)

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The Curious Travels of the Shadow Daemon.(Open Social.) Empty Sun Sep 18, 2022 9:19 am

It must have fun to always go about the lands of other areas when no one was really keeping track of her. Then again Akuko was one easily to slip away from so many things when it came to being watched and not seen for a moment. Some how maybe just the Akuko way she was in Desierto and she was already exploring as she did casually. The feeling here was a bit different from the last overly warm land she went too. But this entire area worked completely differently and if anything she enjoyed it.

One has to wonder if Akuko will keep herself out of trouble roaming around these lands, Maybe she needed to just actually enjoy her travels rather then just kind of looking at every area as a place to just toy with people, after all her main problem was she knew it could get in trouble in the end. Nonetheless for now the shadow daemon newly arrived was just going to be normal, up until she risks being bored again. Given how much time could be considered sooner or later for her. But at least the lands so far learning of the area kept her interest.

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