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Count The Blessings [Solo | D-Rank]

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#1Charlotte Harrison 

Count The Blessings [Solo | D-Rank] Empty Sat Sep 17, 2022 11:07 pm

Charlotte Harrison
Herb collecting. A job that Charlotte was all too familiar with. One she had in fact spent the three years prior undertaking for her herbalism master. It was something she actually enjoyed doing for herself from time to time, collecting flowers and herbs and using them to create balms, lotions and medicines. When she'd spied a quest on the board about helping the local priest collect some flowers she jumped at the opportunity. She would be able to put her skills into practice once more.

Upon arrival to the church, Father Jerad, whom she had met once before, greeted both her and Gwendolyn, the ever cheerful gryphon, with delight. Whilst giving the gryphon a little treat, Jerad explained the situation, he was in need of a particular flower. The Blessia Flower, he described it as small and delicate with a red center and blooming orange petals. A plant that would no doubt be simple enough to identify should they find it.


#2Charlotte Harrison 

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Charlotte Harrison
Heading to the forest outskirts, Charlotte would command Gwendolyn to begin searching alongside her. Two sets of eyes were better than one, especially when one had incredibly sharp owl eyes. However, despite the duo's best efforts, they both come up short. Unable to spy a bush with the flowers described by the priest. Well, Charlotte had anticipated as much, after all, if it was going to be this easy surely he wouldn't have bothered with paying someone else to go for him.

Venturing further into the woodland, the tamer would brush aside branches, whilst treading lightly. Doing her best not to damage the local flora in her wake. Gwendolyn sniffed beside her, enjoying their little stroll into the forest, and quickly getting distracted from the job at hand. Charlotte simply smiled at the antics of the gryphon, she couldn't be mad at it for simply enjoying nature. To be completely honest, she wished they had more time to waste here, but alas they were on a job.

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#3Charlotte Harrison 

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Charlotte Harrison
Time passed on and eventually the duo would finally spy the flowers in mention. A large rounded bush, with several of the previously described flowers, lay beneath the shade of a rather large oak tree. Charlotte thought for a moment on the best way to harvest them without decimating the entire bush. They needed around a dozen or so in total and counting around, there were definitely far more than that. With a small nod to herself, she was more than satisfied that it would survive even if they were to remove the number of flowers required.

Crouching down, she'd place her satchel on the ground and take out her plant collecting equipment. One thing she noted quite quickly upon setting to work was the thorns that the priest had failed to mention. Thorns which she nearly pricked herself on, but fortunately did not. After several minutes she had the required flowers plus a few extras for her own purposes and the duo could return to the church. There they were greeted once more and thanked for their services in the form of a monetary reward.

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