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Ones Who are Fitting of the Sun.(Open Social.)

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Ones Who are Fitting of the Sun.(Open Social.) Empty Fri Sep 16, 2022 9:08 am

After a bit of a personal pep talk to herself about getting on a boat again, Nasira took to Luluhawa Island. Because it was a nice place to bask in something she did not mind doing, Basking in the sun. Then again she was use to the heat it might as well just be exploring a new place in a casual manner. But it was nice and peaceful here even if she up and went she had a feeling after she left a note of open invite for some one else to join her she had to ponder how much longer it would take for her to follow behind if she even did, Surely she was not the only one who like to bask in the fun.

But alas it was not all for the moment, With merely a bottle of water, A black sundress and sandals Nasira was ready for this weather. Given the popularity of this area, Nasira was interested to see how this area would yield in terms of people around to talk to her. It so far was just the start of it so with in the few steps out of the building she was in even if was not showing anyone.

She would not expect to really talk to meet anyone until she head towards the centre town. With a small happy smile on her face for there was no worry i her mind in the end about being here, even if travelling to place did leave a bit of tension in mind for her.


Ones Who are Fitting of the Sun.(Open Social.) Empty Tue Sep 20, 2022 1:19 am

On her own boat trip, Mia remained inside the ship as much as she could. Boats didn’t make her queezy or nothin’ but when you couldn’t swim it was best not to tempt fate near the edge of a vehicle moving over water at a speed someone of her current level had no chance of keeping up with. Now and then she glanced out the windows, enjoying the ocean view, but ultimately, it was a nice view. Even if the water wasn’t something she could personally enjoy.

On shore, she’d dressed for the summer vibes of this vacation style island, a cammo bikini worn atop denim shorts, idly licking at an ice cream she’d bought from the nearest stand. Just trying to enjoy herself. In truth she came here because she’d heard rumors there was some big guild party going on, but she didn’t wanna rush in like a desperate attention whore, even if she could readily admit she was close enough to being one, just enjoying her idle ice cream licks for now as her eyes wandered about, looking for something to keep her busy.

As she turned about on her heel, spinning as she walked, just taking in the view, her shoulder knocked into someone, her dense weight likely not doing much to make it a non-chaotic little blunder, stumbling and quick to reach out with her free hand to catch the person she bumped into with a faint blush of embarrassment. “Woah.~ Sorry about that. Shoulda seen where I was goin’.~”


Ones Who are Fitting of the Sun.(Open Social.) Empty Tue Sep 20, 2022 2:24 pm

The better part of this running into Nasira, It does not effect her more then most people, She was a rather settled person after all. So when bumping into her Nasira only seemed to smile about it as a sign of people peaceful. Maybe Nasira did not know how she seemed outwardly towards other people, was seeing a Deseirto lady that strange? Nonetheless she should actually answer her.

With the blonde haired woman seemingly a bit more embarrassed about it, Nasira taking it in stride might be helpful for the situation right now."Do not worry about it."She responded in her middle eastern sounding Deseirto accented voice. But her Fiorian was fairly clear for it not being her first language, she practice a fair amount to make sure her words are clear could tell however it was not her first language.

But Nasira was a very perceptive of a person, Just to be sure to mention."As long as you did not lose your ice cream, It would ruin the summer fun."Nasira would mention because well it was entirely the point of being here was that reason to relax in the sun and not worry about much but what was in front of you.


Ones Who are Fitting of the Sun.(Open Social.) Empty Wed Sep 21, 2022 4:25 am

“Heh, if ya say so lass.” She returned back, seeing the other woman didn’t seem too shaken by it, even if, on a first glance, she would have guessed this girl was a lot less sturdy than she herself, worried she woulda knocked anyone to at least a stumble after a bump like that, but she supposed it was all the better that there was nothing grand for her to apologize for, smiling sweetly at the woman before her as she tried to put on a pinch of charm all the same with her apology. Especially now that she knew it was a lil’ cutie.

“Oh right-“ She spotted that in the moment while she hadn’t dropped her ice cream she had been letting it tilt, lifting it back the other way so the ice cream rebalanced itself, while running her tongue up the outside of her fingers around the cone so that she could slurp up the ice cream off her own hand, humming softly even at the diluted creaminess of it and licking it till she was sure it was stabilized back on the cone, even at risk of a small headache. “Mmph. Sorry, had to be sure of it’s safety.~” She joked, beaming at the woman opposite her. “Mia by the way.~ What brings you to the island?~”


Ones Who are Fitting of the Sun.(Open Social.) Empty Wed Sep 21, 2022 6:13 pm

It might be nice to see that none of this behaviour did not seem to bother Nasira at all, in fact it seemed to be about what she expected. But it was fun to still have this work as it has so far in the casual manner it was going at.It seemed in the end it all good and fun at least to her. Nasira did not have a lot of things in mind to worry about while here. So this was just a welcome situation in the end with not tension of an opening greeting needed to start.

Safety was important after all it was best not to waste the tasty treats such as ice cream."The only thing that might be annoying is the sticky feeling afterwards if there is any of it left on her hands or fingers."which was something she connected because it was something she experienced before when she baby sat a child she knew."IT would be a shame if it was not safe in the end."It was just added in just because she figured it would be."I am Nasira, I am here because i wanted to see how the island is and relax from my worries."Her answer was pretty simple, So far she was achieving that entirely with out problem right now.

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