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Dozing Kids [Solo | D-Rank]

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#1Charlotte Harrison 

Dozing Kids [Solo | D-Rank] Empty Fri Sep 16, 2022 6:40 am

Charlotte Harrison
Ah, children. Fiore's future and also terribly troublesome to teachers. Today Charlotte and Gwendolyn found themselves in a classroom for the first time in their lives, surrounded by meddlesome kids who refused to listen properly to their teacher. Why you might ask? Simple. Money.

Once more the tamer had spent most of her funds on feeding the greedy little gryphon and found herself in need of some petty cash to pay for her living expenses. As such the duo now found themselves at the front of a classroom being introduced by Ms. Sandine to a classroom full of children that were barely a few years younger than Charlotte herself.

During the introduction, Charlotte eyed up the kids in an attempt to gauge who the troublemakers might be. Most of the children seemed attentive enough, mostly intrigued by the appearance of Gwendolyn, a strange creature in these parts for sure. It took more than a few minutes before the class finally began to settle down and the lessons could begin.


#2Charlotte Harrison 

Dozing Kids [Solo | D-Rank] Empty Fri Sep 16, 2022 6:44 am

Charlotte Harrison
Prior to the day's classes beginning they had spoken to Sandine about the work for the day. They had been expecting something a little more difficult, but apparently, all she had wanted was for someone to help the children pay attention and learn properly. She was to ensure not a single child fell asleep during her presentations. An easy enough job and one she could easily undertake with a plan to ensure that even once she was gone they would not dare risk napping in class again.

The plan was simple, embarrass them by having Gwendolyn squawk at them loudly, causing everyone's attention in the room to point out that the child had fallen asleep. They would become a laughing stock and whilst the other kids would forget about it after a few days, any child that had it happen to them would not forget anytime soon. Charlotte had of course ensured a small distraction from Sandine's lesson wouldn't be a problem beforehand. She didn't want to be rude after all.

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#3Charlotte Harrison 

Dozing Kids [Solo | D-Rank] Empty Fri Sep 16, 2022 6:50 am

Charlotte Harrison
Taking a seat in the back of the room, Charlotte watched over the children like a hawk, staring daggers at any child that dared to turn around to face her instead of the front of the class. Fortunately other than the slightly distracted child, nothing worth stepping in to intervene happened for the first few classes and soon it was time for their break, during which many students flocked over to Gwendolyn, offering her part of their lunches in an attempt to win her over. A plan that most certainly succeeded and soon the gryphon was filling her belly whilst receiving many pets from the young admirers.

However, during the afternoon classes, the warm, late summer day had left a few children rather sleepy. One of which did in fact fall asleep only to have a screeching gryphon awaken them with a small fright. The dishevelled students gave sheepish expressions of embarrassment as anticipated and Charlotte found herself giggling along with the rest of the students. As the school day came to an end, the students returned home, entertained by today's classes with Charlotte promising that if they all continue to behave and study hard that Gwen and herself would be sure to pay them another visit in the near future.

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