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At the End of the Road [Charlotte]

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At the End of the Road [Charlotte]  Empty Thu Sep 15, 2022 10:11 pm

"Fresh, the air..." she coldly spoke as her emotionless, topaz eyes gazed at the sky. The air was getting crispier as it was getting closer to Fall, her favorite time of the year. Her pink hair tickled her back as her dress had an opening in the mid-section of her back. Her soundless steps made no one pay much attention to her as she wasn't very noticeable. Not because they don't know who she is, but because they don't want to know her. That was fine by her, she can be seen as an enemy of the people here.

If she had her old hair color and face, she'd be known for great things. The people will get too confused at why she'd belong to the darkness. It was boring to her, being all good, being less free in her eyes. The road was filled with people, the goodies and baddies mixed during this time of night as those who wish to sin go here, marketing, casino, whores and many more. She was here due to curiosity. What did this place really have to offer?

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#2Charlotte Harrison 

At the End of the Road [Charlotte]  Empty Thu Sep 15, 2022 10:49 pm

Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte strode briskly through the dark, dingy streets.  A warm, dark cloak wrapped around her form in a futile attempt to remain inconspicuous; The strange creature perched on her shoulder, garnering many strange looks in her direction. Thankfully, the hood at least covered her face, her blue locks tucked back and out of view unless someone were to face her directly.

Glancing across the street, her amber eyes became glued to a sign in a store window for but a moment, but a moment too long as she soon collided with a towering figure. Gwendolyn let out a short, but piercing screech as the impact caused her to be knocked around a little but managed to find her footing without falling from her perch. Charlotte's heartbeat quickened.

"My sincerest apologies." A nervous mumble uttered from beneath the cloak. A raised hand pulled tightly down on the hood of the cloak as Charlotte's eyes lowered themselves to the stone streets beneath her feet. The young woman tried to hurry and step past whomever she'd bumped into hoping they would simply ignore and let the incident slide.


At the End of the Road [Charlotte]  Empty Sat Sep 17, 2022 2:25 pm

Minding her business, she ignored everyone and so far, it went well. No one dared to bump into her, but it was too soon to think such things as she felt an instant, light bump against her tall form. Her eyes lowered without much movement from herself to see who dared bump into her. Her eyes struck as cold but sparkled that revealed she still felt normal human emotions. Her other expressions such as her lips showed nothing as she kept a stone-like expression. The girl who bumped into her had an annoying screech, innocent sounding, one could say. In some cases, Quilla would have scythed the woman into oblivion, but perhaps she will judge her soon enough to see if she will be on the list or not.

"Are you... hurt?", she questioned in her soft-alluring tone, but spoke Joyan. She hated speaking in Fiorian, but if she had to then she will if the girl didn't understand her. The tall girl crouched and offered her hand in genuine kindness. Quilla wanted to try to help. That's what normal people did, right? Behind her, Bai was coming along as the white horse made his way as she was doing this.

#4Charlotte Harrison 

At the End of the Road [Charlotte]  Empty Sat Sep 17, 2022 7:28 pm

Charlotte Harrison
Sweet-sounding words fluttered through the air. Words that Charlotte didn't quite understand. Whilst taught languages as a child, much of her learning had been forgotten over the last few years with only the etiquette remaining. Fortunately, at the very least she could tell what language it was, or at least she hoped.

"I apologise, Joyan not good." She stated in what she prayed was the correct language as she lowered herself into an apologetic and respectful bow. At the very least the woman didn't sound angry, but it could be challenging to tell when it came to foreign languages.

Gwendolyn puffed her feathers a little, still tentatively perched, but shaken from the experience as her beady eyes glanced over the woman and then the approaching white stallion. The gryphon growled warningly at the horse, causing Charlotte to scowl.

"Shhh, it's just a horse." The tamer cooed in Florian again, calming the little beast that whilst quieting down, continued to eye up the equine warily.


At the End of the Road [Charlotte]  Empty Sat Sep 17, 2022 7:37 pm

She hummed silently as the girl responded that she didn't really know much Joyan. Her eyes boredly gazed into the girl's soul as she closed them for a moment, nodding. "I see," her voice tone changed into a monotone one, but it was the way she spoke in Fiorian right now. "Are you hurt?", she questioned and looked at the girl's beast, back at her once again. "No need to apologize, but since you seem to be the only one willing to speak to me, are you willing to adventure with me for the evening?", she slowly spoke as Fiorian wasn't her first language, nor second.

Bai stepped onto the ground like some diva as he huffed at the Griffon. Bai had a personality, too much for a horse. She wondered if the rumors from the merchant were true about him. Her eyes studied her own horse and then went to gaze back at the girl. "Hosenka is quite boring to explore alone, and Crimson is quite a dangerous yet full of entertainment," she expressed with uncertainty as if she should let herself be herself or to stay hidden and let her cold shield be her persona once more.

#6Charlotte Harrison 

At the End of the Road [Charlotte]  Empty Sat Sep 17, 2022 7:56 pm

Charlotte Harrison
"Hurt? Oh no, I'm fine." She raised herself back up straight, pausing for a moment as she tried to gauge the woman's words, looking for any hidden meaning behind them. Her amber eyes finally lifted from the ground to gaze up and over the stranger's face, it was difficult to read, but she didn't seem to be implying anything nefarious.

"Depends. What does your planned adventure entail?" Charlotte queried attempting to sound as confident as possible as she finally broke the silence she had created. Whilst she wasn't the kind of person to instantly distrust people, one could never be too careful in a place like the Crismon Quarter. However, if it wasn't going to get her directly into trouble, she had no qualms over getting to know this woman and possibly building up a new connection. She was done with her own purpose of visiting this bleak place anyway and if there was one lesson she agreed with from her father's teachings it was that one could never have too many connections.


At the End of the Road [Charlotte]  Empty Sun Sep 18, 2022 7:15 pm

The girl didn't seem hurt, good, less to listen to later on. The girl didn't seem to be the dramatic type nor the type of a goodie either. Perhaps her horse will even make a friend while she made different connections, acquaintances even. "The Black Rose, it has great delicacy of food and drinks, even some games. The one place those damn nobles and Royals can't find nor go...", she spoke in disgust with her last sentence. She hated the nobles and royals for her own reasons, but she wasn't sure if the girl by her had anything for them or was a part of them.

Quilla wasn't sure what the girl liked doing for fun, but she loved to enjoy simple things. Food, drinks, games and entertainment was enough for her. She didn't need some bizarre adventure to enjoy things. Even if Quilla could be seen as evil, she had morals and just wanted to have fun. If the girl agreed, they'd start the trail down the right side and into the dark alleyway with what appears to be no door.

#8Charlotte Harrison 

At the End of the Road [Charlotte]  Empty Sun Sep 18, 2022 8:36 pm

Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte's lips twitched into a smirk as she heard the distaste laced in the woman's words at the mention of nobles. A place that even her family wouldn't know about? That was just the kind of thing she needed in her life. The tamer didn't let her guard down completely just yet, but there was no harm in testing the waters. If this place ended up being nice enough on the inside and provided a half-decent meal, it may even become one of her frequent hangouts.

"Sounds lovely. You caught me at a great time. I'm already done with my own business for today, so lead on." Her golden eyes shone in anticipation, she never would have dreamed of even coming to a place such as the Crimson Quarter, much less indulging herself in the sins of this city prior to running away. Now she just wanted to experience everything life had to offer, at least once. Who knows, it could be fun. Whilst the tamer felt Gwendolyn's uneasiness but brushed it off as the gryphon's general anxiety over new people and places.


At the End of the Road [Charlotte]  Empty Mon Sep 19, 2022 5:19 pm

She felt a little happy that the girl wanted to join her on the adventure she had planned. "Excellent...", replying to her answer. Slowly, she turned towards the way of the alleyway. Once they were at the end she knocked towards the left corner of the alleyway. She waited for a few seconds and suddenly an eye appeared on the door. It gazed at both of them and then back at Quilla. She glared at the eye, and it nervously looked down and disappeared. The door suddenly opened for another door to appear. Only they can see it as it was an illusion of nothing for everyone else.

The door was arched with a rose carved on both sides of the doors. The doors themselves were made of a rich black wood that came from the darker areas of Fiore. It welcomed them both as they opened wide. Each side was someone, a handsome man with gold eyes and black hair as the other side had a beautiful woman with brown hair, a rose in her hair and blue icy eyes. "Welcome to the Black Rose, Mistresses," they spoke in sync and a bow. Their arms dabbed towards the inside as it revealed to have many dark tones; red, black, purple and royal blue. In the middle was a chandelier, lights shaped in roses that hanged on crystals of emerald, green.

"Would you like your company male or female?"
, spoke the female in a soft tone, almost as soft as Quilla's. Both of them looked nervous, but was it because of her own reputation?

#10Charlotte Harrison 

At the End of the Road [Charlotte]  Empty Mon Sep 19, 2022 6:22 pm

Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte was a little startled, she hadn't anticipated for it to be such a glamourous establishment. Her scattered mind wasn't even sure what she had been expecting anymore, as they were greeted like honoured guests. Just who was this woman beside her? Her amber eyes glanced towards the stranger momentarily as she wished she'd paid more attention to her friend's ramblings on celebrities. Living away from civilisation for three years had really left her quite clueless.

"Female." Charlotte finally responded as confidently as she could muster, figuring it would be safer to be accompanied by a woman than a man in this situation. Honestly, she'd prefer neither, but she wasn't sure if that was even an option in a place like this. Although she was still quite anxious about the repercussions of her choice to join this woman now, there didn't appear to be an easy way out of this. The tamer figured it would be best to simply follow along for now, and should an opportunity arise for her to take her leave, she would have to seize it before it could slip away.


At the End of the Road [Charlotte]  Empty Mon Sep 19, 2022 7:19 pm

She looked at the girl beside her as she was wondering what her answer would be. The young woman didn't really have a type but picked a woman. Was it out of anxiety? That's how Quilla would play it, but truthfully, she didn't want any extra company, "Neither we're here for the backroom," she instructed in her soft, sweet, womanly tone. Both nodded and the woman excorted them both. It was odd, wasn't it? To have a 'backroom' in a 'backroom' sort of place. A hidden place within a hidden place for normal eyes. She watched her company very closely as her topaz eyes watched her every move.

She didn't really trust people, but she enjoyed a gamble. Three of them passed through the main room where people sat and ate, waited on by attractive people in butler-like suits. It wasn't her thing as there was a different taste of things in the back. As soon as they went through the curtain in the back the Maid knocked on the door a certain number of times before it opened. "Enjoy your time, Mistress Of Death" she bowed to Quilla before going off to take care of the regular customers. Once they walked in, the door shut behind them automatically, locked for safe keeping. The Bouncer watched them go as Quilla flipped him off for gawking at them both in a judgmental way.

She took a deep breather as she spread her arms out, "Ah yes, the smell of sin...", she whispered. The smell of alcohol, Devil's Leaf and sweat could be smelled easily. The noise of battle and music could be heard as the decor was more castle theme. It was as if this place belonged to a vampire or something. "Shall we get drinks and food first? Or should we go find ourselves a seat and enjoy ourselves?", she wondered to the girl. There were seats close to the battle stage, closer to the bar, or the dancers.

#12Charlotte Harrison 

At the End of the Road [Charlotte]  Empty Mon Sep 19, 2022 8:18 pm

Charlotte Harrison
Oh. Neither had been an option. Charlotte felt herself flush a little in embarrassment, was it obvious to everyone around her how clueless she was about places like this? She'd always thought of herself as a pretty good actor, but that was for pretending to be interested in political talks amongst the fellow aristocracy. She honestly always found that to be so dreary. This was on a totally different level, completely out of her comfort zone, she just hoped she wouldn't fall too deep too quickly.

Following her company through, the young woman could feel her heart racing, partly from anxiety, partly from excitement. The strong scents in the air filled the tamer's nose. However, it was the way the worker so casually called the woman beside her the 'Mistress of Death' that caused her eyes to widen. It had become exceedingly obvious that she wasn't just an ordinary woman visiting the darker side of town. She was someone of influence and power. The kind of person it would be best to befriend and remain on the good side of.

"Oh, um, a drink sounds good." Charlotte responded a little hesitantly. She could do with a glass or two of liquid courage before delving further into other activities. She only prayed they wouldn't be spiked with anything stronger.


At the End of the Road [Charlotte]  Empty Thu Sep 22, 2022 6:50 pm

Quilla paid no mind to it as she moved on. The girl picked to get a drink as that was the most popular choice for her clients and friends. Her hand lifted up and whirled it in a circular motion as she walked towards the bar stool. In front of the bar from the two girl's point of view was a large battling arena as service for VIP were twenty-four-seven. The bottles were under the large and long bartender table, opposite side of where they were about to sit.

"Ah, I see you have company today. The usual?", the bartender spoke in Joyan. "No, something sweet with a strong kick at the end for both of us...", Quillareine spoke in her soft, alluring tone. The bartender gulped and nodded. She looked over to Charlotte and chuckled, "I assume you like sweet tasting drinks that are strong so, that's what i ordered for both of us...", she spoke slowly in Fiorian. It took a few minutes till both drinks were slid towards them. He looked over at her nervously, "Cosmopolitan, Orange and Raspberry, rim-dipped in sugar," he bowed his head and waited for her to drink it. "Go ahead, you go first and I will let you judge it," she gave a small smile to Charlotte as Quilla grabbed the raspberry one that looked like bloody red. Charlottes was orange that had a cute little orange sliced against the rim of the glass.

#14Charlotte Harrison 

At the End of the Road [Charlotte]  Empty Thu Sep 22, 2022 10:06 pm

Charlotte Harrison
The few words Charlotte picked up on did not help her in the slightest to understand the Joyan being spoken back and forth between server and customer. The woman was kind enough to explain what she'd ordered for them, and to the tamer's surprise, it was just the kind of thing she prefered. Sweet drinks. Charlotte would acknowledge her statement with a courteous nod, finding it difficult to find words right now without her voice sounding shaky.

How much she could trust the woman beside her was still up for debate, and the whole ordeal was becoming much more nerve-wracking by the second. However, technically the woman hadn't done anything bad to her directly so far. Surely given the circumstances, if she truly didn't like Charlotte's company she would have done something by now. Right?

Her amber eyes stared at the drink for a moment, it was some kind of cocktail. Nervously she reached out to take the orange beverage, her hand shaking a little, but not enough to spill it as she took an apprehensive sip. The sweet, orange flavour mixed with vodka hit her instantly.

"Delicious." She exclaimed without thinking, "Ah, I mean, it's rather pleasant, thank you." She murmured, with a small bow of her head in acknowledgement.


At the End of the Road [Charlotte]  Empty Sat Sep 24, 2022 2:30 pm

"It looks like you live another day..." she mouthed to the bartender jokingly. The bartender bowed and thanked them both before going back to work. Quillareine elegantly took her glass and sipped it. The taste of berry swirled in the mixture of others, alongside vodka, one of the most common liquids to be mixed in with other things. It began to make her body and soul warm as she commonly felt the cold in general. "I'm glad you like it," she tipped her glass in a distance 'cheers' motion. Once she took another drink, she tilted her head and studied the girl.

"I will answer 3 questions, only 3 of any kind you can think.~ As a show of there's nothing to be afraid of with me,", She paused for a moment, "As long as we're not at the opposite ends of a battlefield in the future of course," she jested and chuckled darkly as her topaz shining eyes glitched pink red at the mention of battle but went back to her original topaz.


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#16Charlotte Harrison 

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Charlotte Harrison
"Only three..." Charlotte mumbled, her gaze flickered away from the drink in her hands to the woman for a brief moment. She'd place her glass down, circling the sugar-coated rim with her index finger as she thought. Three wasn't a lot, but it was better than knowing nothing, but how much and what sort of thing did she want to know. It would make her feel uncomfortable to pry too much. There was one particular thing that had been bothering Charlotte though, so that would have to be first.

"I suppose I will start simple. What would you like me to call you?" She asked, finally turning to fully face her company for the evening. The Tamer would prefer having something to call her other than 'hey you' or 'the woman beside me' for the rest of the evening. Even a fake name, would be better than constantly feeling like she was being impolite to someone she just met.

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