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Crime Sorcière is an individualistic group composed out of six members that do not push a specific agenda together. In that regard, they are not even an actual guild. The name itself is a term used by the Council to refer to six prominent individuals that have the same potential as a small guild. Therefore, those dubbed as Crime Sorcière, may not have seen each other ever.

In the past, the Council tried to recruit the ones they dubbed as Crime Sorciere to enter the Rune Knights. It would allow them to do still good and it would be under the supervision of the Council instead of acting as vigilantes. These efforts rarely succeeded though. Some didn't want to be tied to a group, others believed they could do more good out there on their own.

Since Crime Sorcière is not an actual guild with a Master, they cannot ally themselves with other guilds as a whole. Unlike actual guilds that are signed up with the Council, such as Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus who can be summoned by the Crown to assist with certain efforts, Crime Sorcière cannot be called upon.

Sometimes, however, individuals of Crime Sorcière may not agree on how things should be handled. While negotiation is the path they would seek first in that case, it is not impossible that for them to find themselves standing on opposite sides and battle each other. One could believe that an incoming threat should be handled by evacuating a town, while another could argue that keeping them there to lure out the villain and beat them would be the best method to save the town.


  • The user must be A-rank.

  • The user must have a fame of 5000 after the inFamy reduction.

  • The user must have a fame ratio of 2:1 to their infamy.

  • The user must be more active than the least active person to enter it if there are already 6 individuals listed as Crime Sorcière.


Level 1:
  • Like Batman and the Joker: Upon joining Crime Sorcière the user can appoint a bounty-holder as their personal target/nemesis and will always know their whereabouts, down to the city they are in. Succeeding in capturing said individual leads to X% increase in bounty payout. Should the nemesis lose its bounty the user can pick a new one. Otherwise there is X months cooldown period.

Level 2:
  • Hardened experiences: The user receives a 10% increase in jewels from fighting people.

Level 3:
  • Heroes aren't born, they are made: The user receives a 20% increase when they capture bounty houlders.

Level 4:
  • Payday, finally...: The user receives a 20% jewels increase when completing quests.

Level 5:
  • It's alright, why? Because 'I' am here!: The user's reputation calculations for fights and quest reward modifiers are doubled, and the user benefits from their own fight modifiers once as well.

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