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Hot in here - D rank

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Hot in here - D rank Empty Wed Sep 14, 2022 4:29 am

Mia was quick to notice on the job board today that there was another request from the smithy she’d worked with just the other day. The apprentice had been recovering from an injury but based on the wording here he hadn’t quite conquered the damage just yet. Fair enough, she could respect that even with magic healing, not everyone could afford it, and the standard healer didn’t work on every single injury. If she could get a chance to work in the smithy again for her day work, she definitely wouldn’t complain either. It did mention this time that those who struggle with heat may wish to avoid the work, but, she was more than happy to get going with this one, chuckling to herself as she pocketed the request in her back pocket, dressing in cargo style pants, and a form fitting tank top, imagining she was going to work up a sweat again.

“How ya doin’ boys! Hear you’re lookin’ for another set of firm hands!~”

The smith’s main worker perked up with a smirk while the recovering assistant seemed a little less certain. “Well if it isn’t Hammer-hands. You pick up the latest request?”

“Damn right.~ What ya need me fore this time?”


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Hot in here - D rank Empty Wed Sep 14, 2022 4:29 am

“So you want me in the fire mostly today?” She asked, crouching beside the main element of the forge in her eyes, the heart of it all that made it such a hard task as you worked alongside it. She bounced lightly, arms draped over her knees as she took it in ahead of her and pushed back up to her feet. She didn’t have any resistance to fire despite her brand of magic, but dusting off her hands and resting them back upon her hips, she was more than eager to get to work. “So basically I get assistant boys job from last time?”

He gave a light chuckle. “Yeah, but I need him practicing with intricate tasks while he heals, so if you can handle the heat we’d appreciate it.”

“Oh. I can handle it.~” She answered somewhat cheekily, miming rolling up her non existent sleeves before getting to work, showing a mix of efficiency and patience. As it was a task that required less instinct and skill, she’d actually had some mild experience with it in her younger years when she did it back home. It wasn’t exactly like she was as deft as a truly trained hand, but she tried to be quick while still doing the job right, hearing the constant clanging of the hammer and anvil around the metal she was offering, and before she knew it, the day was coming to an end.

“Right then… woo.~” She chimed with a bright smile, patting down her grease and sweat stained arms with a loose rag they let her use, handing across the gloves she’d been using and slipping her apron up off her head. “I guess I won’t be seeing you guys for a while. That injury doesn’t look far off healing… but hey! You need an extra hand, I’m always free for a job like this.~ Just hit up Fairy Tail and tell ‘em Mia sent ya.~”

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