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The Ushers of A New Age [Rune Knights]

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Meeting Room:

Work work work. That's all the Stellans life consisted of these days. By now he had adjusted to his rather organized schedule, routine still wasn't much of his forte. Working wasn't much of his forte either. He had become more irritable since becoming a captain. He elevated through the ranks in such a short amount of time- the fastest anyone had ever reached this position, and now the Stellan was already in the process of being promoted to Captain-Commander of the secret services division. You'd be stressed too. As much as the Celdruan wanted to say he hated it, he couldn't. He'd be lying out of his ass. The truth was that Alejandro loved that he was skyrocketing through the ranks. Ambition was stranger to him more than it was stranger for most people in this building but Kingsguard? Boy oh boy, he could just taste it. He didn't the need to get there as soon as possible. It was just...the perks that he wanted, the money. The stability. It was much less about the political power. Alejandro just wanted to be filthy rich.

The Captain was well aware of what he was getting into. He knew that he was about to be meeting with two others who were strong candidates for the position. And yes, before you ask Alejandro did in fact do his research. Alas, he would lose no sleep if he wasn't chosen for kingsguard in the end. Athena was his Queen. Maybe, just maybe there would be another mysterious person joining them and perhaps a select few Lieutenants that stood out. Thoughts seemed to escape Alejandro as he casually strolled through the halls with a giant gun on his back and a Corvo's mask on his hip. Pages and Lieutenants walked passed him and gazed as if he was someone special. When he linked eyes with them to give them a friendly smile, they all just saluted him. It was cringey. Little did they know Alejandro just wanted to smoke and sleep. It was 8 AM in the morning. Who the actual fuck wakes up at 8 AM in the morning? As young as he was, he sure as hell didn't feel his age.

Once he finally approached the door he pushed it open and of course he was the first one to arrive. So, he took his seat closest to the door. Small rooms made him think of the quickest way to escape. This meeting was called for one reason and one reason only; organization. Alejandro himself couldn't stand disorganization and so he was glad it was happening. The captain commanders of each division would come together to discuss the reality of their situation; their numbers were dwindling. Naturally they would discuss the state of the country and what to expect out of each other moving forward, getting to know one another at least on a political level. They were the leaders of the Rune Knights, so this had to happen. The hunter placed his gun beside his chair and pulled a pen from out of his pocket. It was best to keep Punisher out in case he had to use it on a whim. You never knew who was lurking in the shadows in this country.

Slowly, he placed is glassed upon his face. Although he literally had a magical golden eye in his skull, he still needed glasses. All that was left now was the other two.

The captain was patient though.

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
To say that she wasn’t a busy bee would be putting it lightly; being a captain commander of the rune knights certainly had it’s perks but damn were they working her to the bone. Not that she seemed to mind it really; from sending her out to go and fight against these incursions to incidents around the capital Lucretia found herself often out and about more than in and available. She was glad that they were using her to protect the people and to make them safe; that was her motivation. To do the right thing and to have people be safe.

She’d be lying if she wasn’t curious what had taken them so long to offer her a position in their group. Sure she started out as captain in recognition of her talents but that wasn’t enough; she had to know why and the only way she’d be able to get that answer… Was probably by asking Reign himself.

As she walked down the hall she could feel the eyes of everyone on her; she was massive compared to most humans but the fact she was willing to walk around in her werewolf ‘form’ certainly confused enough folks. Those that recognized her got out of her way or greeted her; she’d give them a smile and she’d give them a small wave of her hand. Behind her Benimaru trailed after it’s chosen. It wasn’t the only weapon that one could spot on her either; a massive two handed sword rested on her back and took up much of the area near her.

She kept her equipment in good condition; surprisingly so the woman also didn’t seem to be wearing any armor. Instead she was wearing a sleeveless white T-shirt and some baggy cargo pants. The lack of boots was probably due to her not having ‘normal’ human feet in this form either. No she had paws that clacked on the ground as she walked.

She was running a little late to the meeting that had been called. Who had called it? She didn’t really know and that was fine; just that she knew that she needed to attend. She’d use her hip to bump open the door as she was carrying some papers that she was going over. Icy blue eyes swept around the table room and she’d spot a familiar face. Giving a small smile and wave she’d take a seat at the table across from the elf; spreading her papers around in front of her. Reports and other things more or less had her attention up until this moment but… Now that she was here these things were more what she wanted to share with the others. Information she had come across of various individuals and maybe what they could do about the elephant in the country…

Good to see you again Captain Celdrua. Hope you’ve been well?

Her voice was chipper and her smile was warm even if her eyes seemed a bit... Icy. Though maybe that was just the hunter in her making it's presence known.

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Jove Augustus
Lucretia had only just entered the room when a third presence turned the corner. The first thing which one would notice about him were his bright blue eyes, followed immediately by the bags they carried. Dressed in a full dark green suit, accented with red tie and white undershirt, this individual looked like a businessman here to negotiate a stock buyback rather than a member of the illustrious Rune Knights.

"Hello." His voice was a deep rumble, one of the most memorable things about the otherwise expressionless Captain Commander. His eyes had glanced at Lucretia first, seeing as how she was closest to the entrance. He had never met her before, but given the nature of the meeting they were at and the fact that she was currently a giant humanoid wolf creature, it wasn't difficult to guess. "Lucretia Wolfenstein. A pleasure." He nodded his head politely, and as he stepped up to the table at no seat in particular, he glanced towards the other individual at the table. As far as Jove was aware, they would be the only other person at this meeting. Which meant he must be-


With another nod of his head, Jove sat at the table. One leg crossed over the other as he sat up straight, interlocking his fingers and resting his hands on the table.

Jove Augustus was the most senior member of the Rune Knights by a large amount. He was the longest acting Captain Commander they'd had in years, and within the Knights he was well known. While many would let such a thing go to their head, Jove simply seemed like a tired middle aged office worker.

"I believe I was the last person scheduled to arrive?"

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Soft, soundless and yet graceful were some of the ways to describe the vampire's approach. Perhaps it was for that reason that her presence might had gone unnoticed by most till Jove inquired about being the last one to arrive. "If we are covering technicalities then I believe I am the last one~"

A soft melodious voice called out right behind Jove as she took a step aside and smiled warmly at the group that had gathered. "Esperia Ivalice~ Captain of the Interrogation department." Her expression seemed one that expressed a gentle and kind demeanor, not unlike that of a mother or elder sister. Yet the sparkle in her crimson eyes contained a certain mischief in them not unlike that of a trickster. "Then again~ It seems like my presence got caught quite easily by one of your talents. I wonder when you noticed my presence... Not many tend to notice me when I 'try' to be sneaky~ So you have caught my interest Jove Augustus~ "

She raised a hand toward her torso and tapped it lightly. "In case my presence is unfamiliar to you, I was recently requested by the Magic Council to transfer over into the Rune Knights. Something about my talents being well suited for the work." She chimed softly, yet despite the cheerfulness and energetic nature of the woman it did feel like she wasn't about to go too in depth about what she had just said.

The woman's gaze shifted toward Lucretia and her smile brightened for just a moment. "And a pleasure to see you as healthy and energetic as ever Luc~" She did recall the werewolf enjoyed the more friendly and casual bartering compared to the stiff properness of official meetings.

"Then again~ I doubt Alejandro asked for this meeting simply to exchange greetings and pleasantries." Taking a few steps away from the entrance she waited for Jove to take a seat first, seemingly at least deciding to respect the seniority of the man amidst the ranks of the knights. After which she turned her gaze back toward Alejandro while taking a seat herself next to Lucretia's, although due to the massive size of the werewolf it was still akin to a chair between them.

"Now I guess we're all truly here and ready to start this meeting." She did admit she was curious to see what Alejandro had to say that required all their presence.

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The first to enter the room aside for himself, was the giant furry, the Captain Commander of the War department, Lucretia Wolfenstein. The Angel of Death met her back in Oak and fought alongside her against the Dark raiders. She was powerful, truly a force to be reckoned with and she was...a gentle giant. Alejandro smiled tiredly, "Always good to see you Captain Commander Lucretia." Nothing but respect for the Werewolf. Like him, she had been working endlessly. Such was the terms and conditions of leadership in the Rune Knights. She took her seat, taking up a bit more space than the even the average werewolf. It was kinda cute. "Unfortunately I didn't have time to stop for snacks and shit, so I guess we're eating air for breakfast." What a horrible host. No coffee, no food, just time and space, space and opportunity. All he could hope for was that all of the captains had breakfast before coming to the meeting.

Next to enter the space was Jove Augustus, senior to all of the other Captain-Commanders. At first glance he looked completely drained but he was oddly attractive? Alejandro raised an eyebrow before glancing up and down his body, catching a glimpse of his white eye and only briefly looking below for an indicator that he was a man of...worth. Jove addressed both of the knights who had taken their seats but only one of them he found pleasure in meeting. "Captain Commander Jove." Alejandro responded with a nod and of course, a friendly smile. "What? It's not a pleasure to see me?" He chuckled. Finally, one other slithered into the dimly lit room. Esperia Ivalice, the newest Captain of the Rune Knights. Alejandro didn't know much about her. She seemed to have a reputation that came and went every so often. However, he did find her alluring. "Mornin', Esperia.

The Stellan clapped his hands together once after she introduced herself and found her seat. And now it began. Alejandro was stuck for a brief moment, he didn't know where exactly to start. Being in such a high level room on the highest floor in front of two Rune Knight commanders was a bit...intimidating- not because he couldn't hold is own in a fight against them or anything like that, but because they were like seventy years older than him. Even Esperia was probably a couple hundred years old. "Firstly, thank you all for taking the time to meet." He smiled warmly. "As I'm sure at least some of you know, I'm Commander of the Secret Services Department as of tomorrow. I understand that there's been a lack of communication between the departments for while. I don't know why and I really could care less, but it's messy as hell." tapping his pen against the table he leaned into his right palm.

"It's time that's changed and I think it'd make our jobs a little easier, yeah?" The Angel's silver eyes met with each pair of irises in the room and he continued on. "For lack of better words, the country's goin' to shit." to put it bluntly. "Raiders, Midnight Cult, Eternal Nightmare, perhaps even a pending civil war now that King Reign decided to remove bounties. Then you have majority of the Northern folk who want to be liberated from the Crown...the list goes on and on. So, we've gotta tackle 'em one by one."

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
The idea of bringing snacks… to a meeting such as this wasn’t lost on Lucretia but she had already eaten before; maybe next time she’d have to bring some drinks.. Some ribs maybe?

It’s all right, I ate before I came here. Maybe next time I’ll bring some drinks. Though after the meeting I suppose I could go for a bite to eat…

The next person to enter was not someone that she had met before; but given that the names of each individual called to this meeting could only fit… Well she had to presume that this was Jove. Given that she already knew Alejandro from prior interactions she’d give an equally as warm smile to Jove as he spoke to her.

The pleasure is mine Jove.

Jove was her senior and even though they held the same rank Lucretia wasn’t about to treat him poorly or better than others. But he would have her respect and she’d bob her head in a nod as he took a seat. He looked the sort that she could work with time and time again. Was he the last individual to be scheduled to arrive? Lucretia pondered this; how many captain commanders were there-

Her eyes flicked to that of Esperia’s visage as they arrived. She was a captain in the rune knights now? Last they had met… She could have sworn she had a different allegiance. Or maybe she was mistaken? The werewolf scratched the side of her head and gave a small wave to… well she wanted to say friend. Acquaintance?

Likewise Espy. I’ll be honest I wasn’t expecting you.

She’d chuckle softly and lean on the table, putting her elbows on it and folding her hands underneath her snout. Leaning in such a way that would direct her attention towards Alejandro. The serious nature of this meeting wasn’t lost on her and she’d flick an ear as Alejandro took the attention of everyone here. She’d cock her head to the side as they spoke.

A little less than what’s comfortable yeah…

Lucretia did admit that the department and the people she worked with consistently didn’t know much outside of their respective circles. But the Nephilim had her attention fully. Raiders, Midnight Cult, Eternal Nightmare and a potential Civil war. Then there’s that entire northern mess… She’d rub at her chin and eyed some of the reports she had brought with her. The raiders and Eternal Nightmare were hot topics, but the midnight cult, civil war and the desire to be ‘liberated’ from the crown didn’t really even blip on her radar. Lack of resources there.

I’ll admit that I know less about these situations than I’d like. The raiders and Eternal Nightmare I’ve dealt with in the past. They’re large threats that cannot be ignored. If you’re saying that these other issues are on the same level then I’m all ears on how to address them. I’ve already got suggestions of my own for the raiders and Eternal nightmare. I can perhaps offer new eyes on the other issues too if you’ve got information I can look at.

Lucretia didn’t have the same web of influence as she did with the hunting groups off in iceberg which seemed to feel like many lifetimes ago when she dealt with them. But now rather than word of the street she had active resources to commit to learning things. Oh how the world changed. Her eyes flicked to her reports and she’d tap at the ones dedicated to those two topics.

The Raiders are definitely an immediate threat though. Maybe we can go one by one?

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Jove Augustus
"Of course it is, I simply assumed it went without saying." The response could be described as lighthearted. It could be described as an attempt to joke with the fellow Rune Knight who sat at this same table as him, and yet Jove's inability to emote his words would likely make it difficult to tell at first. Speaking in what could only be described as a monotone, he had not turned his head when Esperia had joined. She was someone whom he had met once before, long ago during the rabble in Bosco. As she introduced herself, he simply offered a light smile. "Welcome."

The 9-5 Sorcerer had never been one to allocate too much faith into the announced alignment of anyone. People were not just a title, or a cliche. They had nuanced layers to themselves, and the only way to truly get to know another person was to peel those layers back and see what lay under each one. "You must get to the core of a person!" some would say, though he would never agree. The layers were just as important, and no single layer mattered more than the others.

That was to say, people were the sum of their parts. In his experience, Esperia had done more which aligned to the Magic Council's wishes than she had gone against it. So who was he to complain?

Sitting in silence as Alejandro spoke about the reason he called this meeting in the first place, Jove simply stared at him as he spoke. His face gave no indication of his thoughts on the matter, and as Lucretia responded, his gaze slowly migrated to hers. When both finally paused, and silence once again filled the room, Jove would glance at Esperia, and then sigh.

"We can't just deal with the symptomatic issues, if we're going to be doing this." He remembered a time when it was only himself. He remembered a time when Khnurn was his only equal. And now, the Rune Knights had grown to a point where all four Captain Commander spots would soon be filled. A light smile appeared on his lips, and he continued.

"The number of recruits in the Rune Knights has been increasing again- The fact that there are four of us now to lead is indication of that." He turned his gaze to each in the room as he spoke, a tactic learned to ensure continuous engagement in the meeting. "So long as the number of recruits is continuing to grow, we should allocate some of our time and resources to that. It's easy to get caught up in the major events, but those often occur as late-term symptoms of tiny failures."

He then turned his attention solely to Alejandro, the one who called for the meeting to begin with. "I believe we should also consider how to best utilize each of our Departments to their full potential. The Raiders are one thing, but we don't know what entities are watching this unfurl, or what they may be capable of. As devastating as this has been, we should also consider capitalizing on the opportunity to reestablish proper order within the Knights, and ensure that once the Raider threat has been subdued, we're stronger and more prepared because of it."

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After a gentle wave in Alejandro's direction, Esperia had taken a seat and remained quiet through the first exchange of words. So far Alejandro was heading in the right direction: Although the Raiders from a different dimension were a threat to be concerned about, they were far from the only danger Fiore had gone exposed to. An opinion Lucretia seemed to share, but she made it clear that stretching themselves thin would be dangerous. There was the need to approach it issue by issue.

Then came Jove's response and Esperia couldn't help but genuinely smile. It seemed the man had hit the nail on its mark: The issues they were facing were symptoms of tiny failures. "Exactly, one of the concerns I repeatedly hear is that the Rune Knights have been acting too reactionary to incidents rather than trying to prevent them from happening."

She had waited till Jove had finished speaking before she would begin. "It is fortunate that the ranks are starting to grow in size, and I would endeavor to see that we help guide these new recruits, teach them of their duties and allow them to grow under tutelage. It will help ease them into finding their path into one of the departments in the future. But that doesn't take care of the problems we are facing currently."

She gently placed her hands on the table as she turned her gaze from Jove to Alejandro and then at Lucretia. "We all seen the risk of letting evil fester. We all experienced for ourselves the suffering they can inflict. Speaking of the Eternal Nightmare, it still flabbergasts me that we aren't more cautious about their activities. Odin Moringstar, A Wizard Lord and known affiliate of the Midnight Cult was slain by Blue Pegasus their guild master. Whether it was a fight or out of self-defense matters not a shred, it won't change the fact that Eternal Nightmare will consider this a reason for both extracting revenge for their 'patriarch' his death, and carry on his destructive legacy."

She sighed softly as she turned her focus toward Jove. "I heard that during a meeting among the guilds within Fiore your former colleague denounced the Rune Knights their involvement in 'petty guild politics', but did he for a moment stood still to consider the nature of this alliance? Certainly, their primary objective was to lend aid should a guild come under siege but. Let us be honest here: This encroaching war between Blue Pegasus and Eternal Nightmare: Who do you think will suffer the most? Obviously, the people of Hargeon. Loyal law-abiding citizen of Fiore, which by all means fall under our jurisdiction to protect."

She nodded her head firmly as she continued. "It would only be natural that we extend a helping hand to them and protect the citizen of the country. But it still does not erase the tiny failure we made in the past: Letting evil like Eternal Nightmare fester. Some of their members were even captured before and imprisoned, just to escape as if our justice system is a mere joke. It's for that reason I came to today's meeting with both intel and a proposal:"

She swept a hand along the surface of the table as several reports and files appeared from the small magic tool she had stored them in. "In two weeks from now Tomoe Tanaka will stand trial for his crimes as a member of the Midnight Cult. Alongside this we were able to get him to testify, to which we discovered some grim truths: Odin Morningstar was attempting to release an entity into Earthland that would end life as we knew it. An ambition his legacy, the Eternal Nightmare will attempt to carry on. As such, due to their affiliation with the Midnight Cult we will have to stomp them out by means of an organized raid onto their headquarters. Capture and detain them. Although affiliation with the Midnight Cult is a crime punishable by death, it seems the Magic Council would like to instead confine them in a special prison. Which is where my proposal comes in."

She went quiet for a moment. "Right now, King Reign has offered a clearance of their crimes should they aid the country in defeating these raiders. But surely, we can't expect this will make them turn over a new leaf out of gratitude? No, after their capture we need to tighten security, by introducing a initiative among our ranks. An inter-department-based group of knights who will assist the wardens in dealing with these high-profile criminals. To ensure they won't break free to continue their reign of terror."

Her gaze turned toward Alejandro as she inquired. "It is unfortunate that the king's announcement, while a means to an end has upset a fair number of nobles, citizen and knights alike, if we were to enact such a maneuver upon the Eternal Nightmare after the raiders are dealt with, then we could possibly appease to them. Their bounties might be cleared, but unless Eternal Nightmare dissolves their activities, they are still guilty of association with the Midnight Cult, which more than justifies our actions."

She gently leaned back in her chair as she continued. "And between dealing with this alliance that Blue Pegasus has, their war, and the Rune Knights attempting to capture them? I believe that particular issue would finally be dealt with."

As she finished speaking, she decided to ask as her gaze turned toward Jove. "What are your opinions on the matter? Unfortunately, I am a bit biased for the council knows my somewhat... zealous dedication to erasing threats like the Eternal Nightmare, but I would rather hear the opinions of my seniors among the Rune Knights. Do you believe we should let the Eternal Nightmare's reign of terror be truly an Eternal Nightmare?"

No, they needed to be dealt with, that was something she was certain about.

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In a room full of people all so ambitious and outspoken, it was easy for the Nephilim to find silence more comforting. Most of his work required him to use his eyes more than his mouth, pay attention to detail, and get to the point most of all. All in all, Ale understood his role as a soldier, and more than that, he understood what it meant for him to be Captain Commander of an entire department. Although every person in this room fought under the same banner, he couldn't help but feel an immediate sense of divide. A battle- or a struggle rather, for the power to sway the direction of the meeting based on how they individually believed it should go. As an elf, he hardly experienced an an overpowering sense of individualism. It was something he could easily see in others though.

Lucretia was the first to speak. It seemed the Werewolf needed more clarification as to what the Nephilim was alluding to, but just as he opened his mouth to speak, Commander Jove chimed in. First the 9-5 sorcerer sighed as if he had already given up, and then he proceeded to to share his thoughts. He was correcting the trajectory of the meeting, or so it seemed. Apparently the pale skinned Commander thought it best to focus on building, you know, allocate their time to refining the knights and all that.  Needless to say that the young Celdruan didn't disagree, though at the same time that was something that should have been prioritized, organized and executed before they were at war. Unfortunately, Jove was apart of the reason why the Knights were as disorganized as they were. The silver headed hunter still kept his comments to himself, of course. His eyes shifted from Jove directly onto Esperia who had a lot to say.

The Celdruan pondered on a few things as he watched her speak. As the Vampress remarked, he lightly tapped his finger upon the table. Easily irritable. If there was one word Alejandro could use to define himself these days it would undoubtedly be "Irritable". It wasn't like the Vampire was saying anything wrong, she was just saying a lot . The Interrogation captain brought up Tomoe, more of Eternal Nightmare, more of Midnight Cult, and all Alejandro could see was her fiery passion for her sense of justice. She had already identified her enemy to him once and he expected her to bring up what she was pursuing. Her suggestions didn't come as a surprise. Above all else she seemed adamant on simply crushing Eternal Nightmare out of existence, the only guild with a connection to Oaks population."Eternal Nightmare ain't going anywhere." Alejandro said when Esperia was done.

"King Reign understands that Eternal Nightmare has reason to protect Oak city. It's all of us, against all of these raiders. It's the same with Sleeping Calamity. He's banking on them. Least we can do is have faith in the King and follow suit." The Stellan raised one of their hands, summoning a stack of papers from their pocket dimension before gently placing it upon the wooden table. They then tapped the Lacrima device on their wrist before a giant screen popped above the center of the table. "Secret Services, alongside Intelligence, were amongst the first to take precautions when Odin was murdered. These are motion pictures of Oak city in real time, right now..."


With each tap of the device on their wrist, the screen changed, revealing different parts of Oak city. "We're watching Oak very closely. And then here's Hargeon..." Another tap and different showings of Hargeon appeared. "Same deal there. We've got these things up in every city. We've sent S-S agents south to connect with Alisa and relay anything out of the ordinary. We're in fact taking precautions. However, we can't afford to focus all of our fighting resources on Eternal Nightmare. Not now. So, maybe we can try a different approach. Following in Your majesty's footsteps, we can not fight fire with fire and try diplomacy? "Oh my god Diplomacy? What're you thinking?" I know right? Not very common here, but maybe we can stop the war between Blue Pegasus and Eternal Nightmare without bloodshed and without destruction until this Raid shit is over, as long as they protect the people?"

There was just one more thing he had to say. With a swift tap, the screens vanished and he turned his attention towards the man next to him. "Jove- errrm- Commander Jove. I don't disagree with you, just wanna inform you of what we've learned since the rifts started opening." Alejandro slid the papers to Jove who he assumed would then pass them down. "Dopplegangers of Alisa, Jikan, Brone, Yuurei, and.." Alejandro's eyes gazed up at Esperia's. "Esperia. Possibly more. Everyday there's something new, and what's worse is that Kazimir has a Doppleganger here in Era. He killed my agents yesterday. We've also learned that there's a new entity, one we believe has also emerged from the rifts." Alejandro cleared his throat. He already spoke more than he liked too.

"Might just be best if you and I, Jove, dedicate to staying in Central to operate directly out of Headquarters, focusing on recruitment and refining our army and specifically building the Secret Service's numbers, hm? We're lacking more than the rest of the departments and right about now and we need the agents, can't lie. I think Together we can carry the load of recruitment primarily for Secret Services, all that other shit, and scouting. I know Lucreti-errrm-commander Lucretia, has a history with Eternal Nightmare, but alongside Esperia- if we all agree - can attempt a diplomatic approach until this shit is over."

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Lucretia was glad that she could be in this room with each respective captain or captain commander. Hearing the responses that Jove had to the information and his own input she had to agree that they couldn’t just deal with the symptoms. They had to deal with the root of the problem. But they couldn’t ignore what came from those roots either. She’d rub at her chin thoughtfully and stare down at the reports she had.

Jove made a good point; training up their recruits would let the knights deal with more problems in the future. Rather than having people that came and went because of ill opportune times. But she didn’t have an immediate solution for that either. She could only really influence the knights that were directly under her she felt. Jove wanted to train the knights, re-establish their order and make sure that they were prepared for the times ahead.

An admirable goal but one that also required a lot of thoughts of the future. She remained silent and glanced to espy as she started to speak once Jove had made his points. Esperia had a wealth of knowledge and information available to her and Lucretia sat quietly; soaking it in and musing over what they could do in regards to every instance.

She’d fold her arms and let out a soft hum; her prior dealings with Eternal nightmare painted a powerful mental image to what could come from it. She before did not know what they were trying to go for; her information had been lacking. But if they were trying to release someone that was going to destroy earthland? That was a problem.

She sat there processing everything that was put on the table, the various raiders, the idea that they could hopefully offer a ceasefire for until the raiders were dealt with…. Lord there was so much to deal with that most people would just balk at it or leave. Instead lucretia simply put her reports into a single stack and pushed them to the side. They could read all about those later if they wanted.

I don’t disagree that we need to build up the knights, training those underneath us would be an effective longterm stopgap. If the two of you want to stay in central it means that you’re in a good position to react to everywhere else. It’s reasonable to expect that each Guild could be responsible for each area that they are in. If we’re to use diplomacy that means that we need to communicate swiftly with Eternal nightmare and Blue Pegasus swiftly.

She’d rub at her chin, hearing that there was dopplegangers of strong individuals made her wonder quietly if there were more that had yet to be released out of the rifts. She’d rub at her chin and lean to look at the real time lacrima.

I don’t want earthland destroyed as much as the next person; it’s kind of the reason why I’m a hunter of the things in the dark to a degree. I agree to try diplomacy but realize. We’re offering peace on one hand and on the other we’re working to make war; even if it is later. I don’t think they’ll trust us and I don’t think we should trust them either.

There was a brief pause and she’d lean back in her chair; staring at the information in front of her. She wanted to do everything she could to protect the people.

My focus will always be the protection of the people that cannot fight for themselves, so if they want to protect oak I say we let them. Each major city had a guild at some point or another within it. But if the both of you are going to be here in central where you figure that me and Espy should go?

After letting that question sit she’d let out a soft chuckle.

Also you don’t need to worry about titles here, Luc or Lucretia is fine. Could you imagine having to say Captain Commander Department of war Lucretia wolfenstein every time? I’d just about rip my ears off than having to listen to that drivel.

#11Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
Esperia had made her point. She had gone into great detail, demonstrating the fact that she had clearly thought about this long and hard. However, her response reeked with her individualized sense of justice. It was not necessarily a bad thing, inserting ones own belief into their work, but there was such a thing as too much. Flashbacks of his old cohort appeared for the briefest of moments in his mind. What's more, there was something that the Vampiress said which caused a rather rare reaction from the tired male. His eyebrow twitched, lips curling down ever so slightly. Despite the telltale sign of him disagreeing with something in her words, he remained silent.

Alejandro, who was a bit more apparent with his irritation, spoke next. The screen appeared before them all, and as Alejandro began speaking, he passed a bundle of papers down to Jove. "Just Jove will do," he said, placing one such document down before himself on the table. The rest were passed along to Esperia, who would in turn pass them on to Lucretia, as Jove began to thumb through the pages. His eyes idly scanned the information before him as he continued to listen to the input of his junior knight.

Finally, as Lucretia spoke, Jove placed the documents down and turned his attention fully to the werewolf. She spoke in favor of Alejandro's idea for diplomacy, as well as the goal of rebuilding the force of the Knights and ensuring that their military capability, but she too seemed to say something which caused another twitch from the mans eyebrows. Something was clearly bothering him.

At this point, as the question which she cast lingered between them, Jove cleared his throat.

"First and foremost, I'd like to issue a reminder to those in this room. While we are here to protect the citizens of this country, and its sovereignty, both of these are secondary responsibilities." His words were a harsh reality, but one they needed to be reminded of. "Our Order follows the word of Law, which in this country, is Reign. If he has declared that the cooperation of Eternal Nightmare and Sleeping Calamity will earn them pardons, then talk of going against that decree and raiding the guilds in spite of that is no different than treason. I will trust that to be corrected moving forward."

Tapping on the white sheet and pushing it forward, Jove began to interact with the central hologram which Alejandro had brought up. A list of all known raiders was brought up, as well as their pictures and last known locations.

"There is no need to argue over whose approach to take. We do all of them. Alejandro and I shall stay behind in Central to begin enforcing the training and recruitment of new Knights. Lucretia and Esperia, please identify regions which have received the least amount of Guild or Knight support and prioritize those locations. Esperia, I will put my agents on active monitoring of Sleeping Calamity, Eternal Nightmare, and all known affiliates of both. Their crimes up until this point will be forgiven, but we can still monitor them as known threats and respond immediately to any confirmed provocations, but we will not under any circumstances undermine the Kings orders."

He spoke with the confidence of a senior member of the knights, but he didn't think any of his words would go contested. After all, he had simply reaffirmed everyone's desires whilst also reminding them of the absent fifth member of this room: The King.

"Does this sound fair to everyone?"

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Esperia had remained silent during the responses of the other individuals in the room, taking into consideration their words. While it was true that they were currently in need of all the help they could get, a thing King Reign saw himself as well, it did not change the fact that such goodwill only would prove to work should the members of Eternal Nightmare and their allies actually be willing to be pardoned. Would they actually care? Unlikely, and it was that which frustrated the vampire. "I understand, the King had declared that they will earn pardons should they cooperate in dealing with the raiders. And while I do not question that the guilds have their uses, for example in the protection of their domain the question remains: What afterwards?"

Although her voice was calm and gentle, the slight narrowing of her eyes suggested she was indeed annoyed. In her opinion to grant them pardons, which would not be taken and letting the dark mages continue their terror was nothing short of ridiculous, downright cowardly even. "And that is what I mean with reactionary responses Jove. While I do not disagree with your logic, nor with the fact that the King's decision is law, what will we do when a war breaks out? We already are struggling against the raiders with a 'united' front. Do you think such unity will remain the moment Eternal Nightmare sets Hargeon ablaze to avenge Odin?"

Would he have it in him to tell that reasoning to the countless orphans and widows that might await an answer about why their families died? Over a petty grudge?! "I'll deter to your judgement of the situation then Jove." Her smile faded into a more neutral expression as she shifted her focus toward Lucretia. "Although Diplomacy would be a favored approach, to ask Erebus and his kin to abandon the notion of war is futile. The only way you get them to agree to that is to offer them Alisa Vollan's head on a silver plate, and the day we let that happen is the day I-"

She sighed, shaking her head lightly as she attempted to dispel the anger clouding her mind. "Please forgive the outburst, unfortunately prior to my arrival to Era I had entertained the idea of talking to Erebus myself but instead stumbled upon his student, the encounter just made it all the clearer to me that for most of them it's an excuse to lash out."

She turned her gaze from the massive werewolf toward Alejandro and inquired. "You mentioned doppelgangers? That mostly aligns with my own intel Alejandro, although from what I discovered it seems they are less 'copies' and more like versions of ourselves from a different dimension? Although, it seems they are severely distorted in personality from the original, nor did I get the chance to find out what it is they truly seek by invading Earthland."

Nor had Gaia given her any hints or cryptic cues either about their presence... Closing her eyes for a moment she thought back about Jove's earlier statement. "I can think of a few regions, albeit the North will be a tricky one to manage. I heard that ever since Paradise Dawn settled in there, the people have been opposing the presence of the knights? Do you believe they have enough manpower to protect the North by themselves, or should we attempt to parlay with them in a diplomatic manner?"

The captain inquired, after which she turned toward Lucretia. "How familiar are you with Baska, Astera and Oak Luc? I'm very familiar with the former, but I haven't really been there since the time Eternal Nightmare claimed it as part of their territory, but last I heard the knights were reestablishing a presence there? Unfortunately, scouting Oak will be tricky. If I go there you can expect the Nightmare's spotters to alert their guild and since we wish to avoid a confrontation... My friendly connections with Blue Pegasus' guild master are known to them. So perhaps it would be better for me to investigate the North?"

She raised a hand to her chin, pondering for a moment. "I think it's best I avoid the East for the time being. The atrocities done by the raider bearing my name and face likely are still lingering fresh on their mind, so it would be unwise for me to go there and cause a commotion with just my presence alone..."

She sighed gently, her gaze turning toward Alejandro and then back toward Jove. She still was not entirely convinced that diplomacy with Eternal Nightmare was the right method to go by, but at least she respected the king's decision and the input of her seniors. "Although, one thing that strikes me as odd is the nature of these raiders. So far, their activities seem to be mostly restricted to certain locations. Why exactly these? And has there been any sighting of raiders from beyond our borders?"

She was still lacking in intel when it came to these raiders, and that by itself was something she didn't like. A momentary pause of silence followed. At least Jove would ensure the guilds were being monitored, and that was enough for her. At the same time, as her gaze lingered on the files that were passed around. Was this enough? Would it prevent the war from happening? What would they do if a war did break out? So many concerns that plagued her mind, not just because Hargeon was home to her, it was where she and Priscilla had build up their life and family together. For now she pushed the haunting thoughts to the back of her mind, waiting for someone else to speak up. At times like this she did feel like she knew at last why her Captain Commander used to hate meetings. What did he say again? It's so much easier to deal with a meeting when you're the one making them scream and sob? Ah wait, that was an interrogation...

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The conversation pursued. Finally, it seemed like they were all coming to some sort of agreement. For the most part, everyone concurred with the Nephilim and the human in the room. Diplomacy was a safe option. Granted, Alejandro was very low on patience these days, he wasn't a completely violent person. If he could find a way to avoid battle and bloodshed he'd do it in a heartbeat. Lucretia reminded the room that this would only prolong the inevitable demise of Eternal Nightmare. Unfortunately, Alejandro himself knew this to be true. It was also a Sentiment Esperia shared, obviously. The two of them seemed to share their disdain of Oak's dark super power, rightfully so.

"Agreed, Lucretia. Should happen A.S.A.P"

Alejandro nodded. There was nothing more to be said. Jove, the Senior Knight felt the need to take charge. The Stellan wasn't one of those Rune Knights who took Fiore's laws to heart, nor was he someone that aimed to enforce them if they didn't feel right. Jove on the other hand seemed to be the opposite. He was Loyal to Fiore, he was Loyal to the king and he was clearly a Law abiding citizen  and did not play when it came to the Kingdom. Alejandro chuckled when the Commander of the interrogation department "put his foot down" so to speak. Cold, coarse with a bit of a superiority complex, Jove made it clear what type of Knight he was. Even for the sake of justice he didn't seem to be the type who would bend the rules. Treason though? Perhaps that was a little over the top.

The tired silver eyes belonging to the Captain of Secret Services jumped to Esperia after Jove summarized the plan. The Vampire had more to say before digressing and refocusing the conversation back to what was most important after apologizing for her passionate response. "Don't worry about it." He smiled lightly. With another tap of the device on his wrist a blue screen popped up yet again.


This time it was a general map of the entire country. "I suggest you only send agents west, Jove." Alejandro lazily pointed to the screen, too tired to do more than that. "Makes no sense to stretch Intelligence thin between three regions. I'll pull my agents from Oak and send them North instead. That just leaves this whole Diplomacy talk with E-N to you. Sleeping Calamity hasn't been a threat for years, but I'll keep them monitored just to be safe. See if we can work out a plan with Paradise Dawn as well or somethin'."

His finger slightly moved to point to the east. "Lucretia can send troops East. Apparently there's some new illegal guild there that we lack intel on- not that they've been easy to follow anyway, but more than that, evil Espy's been fuckin' everything up over there." Then finally; South. "And Esperia can head South. We still need to figure out what Alisa's plans are, and since you two seem to have history, Esperia, I'd say you'd be best to tell Alisa about this whole diplomacy shit." The screen remained in the air for some time as Alejandro quickly answered the question she asked earlier.

"There is another raider we've learned of but he's in Minstrel. Not our jurisdiction." He sighed, tucking his lips. Thank god it wasn't.

#14Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
A small flick of the ear, a subtle cock of the head and her attention diverted from the conversation at hand to that of what Jove had to say about some of the comments. Here to protect the citizens and sovereignty? Secondary responsibilities? There was a puzzled look on her face for the moment; though his statements regarding that of the Eternal Nightmare and sleeping calamity were true: Reign had said that they were going to cooperate with them that didn’t mean that they would cooperate with the Knights. She’d bite the inside of her mouth. She had acted independently for a very long time and perhaps she was just paranoid. But dead silence followed his reminder; what was there to really be said in that case?

She’d lean back in her chair and rub at her chin. She liked to be on the side of caution but perhaps those thoughts were better suited some other time if they ever got to it. But his suggestion that they take on different tasks since each one of them were entirely capable of doing so.

Seems fair to me.

Her eyes flicked to Esperia as she spoke about the diplomatic issues and she’d sigh; nodding her head. She agreed that there would be a struggle with diplomacy but… it was what they needed to do.

We’ll find a median; they can’t ignore it just as much as we can.

The questions posed and the information that was presented made Lucretia chuckle. How familiar was she with Baska, Astera and Oak? That was honestly… Silly question she felt.

I used to be part of the guild called Infinity wolves based out of Astera. So I’m intimately familiar with Astera, Baska and by a degree Oak.

She’d pause and then turn her attention to Alejandro. Jove to the west, Alejandro to the north, Her to the East and Esperia to the south. East was her old hunting grounds and the werewolf adjusted in her seat. She’d look over the information presented and slowly nodded her head.

I’m familiar with the East and West Primarily so sending me to either area with the troops I’ve got is a good idea. I can at least give out pointers to those under my command.

It was going to be an interesting next couple months she figured and she couldn’t help but wonder how everything was going to go. Her reports seemed paltry in comparison to everything here and she’d have to adjust her own intelligence network to compensate.

We should make sure to keep in touch even if we’re in different regions.

#15Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
Those who were here at the meeting found issue with Jove's words; It made sense. He didn't like what he had to say either. The fact of the matter was, however, that their first priority was to enact the Will of the King. Anything else, even something which was such a core belief of the knights such as protecting the citizenry, came secondary to that objective. Despite this internal disagreement, one would never see it upon his face. His stale, tired gaze remained relatively unchanging as Esperia spoke, clearly in disagreement with the decision made and Jove's addition to the conversation.

Alejandro spoke next, giving his recommendation. Truth was Jove hadn't allocated any of his department yet. He'd been asleep at the wheel so to say, so focused with his own work that he forgot the most important part of leadership; delegation. He nodded as Alejandro spoke, and though it'd seem like affirmation, truth was it was simply acknowledging the suggestion. Jove had more forces to spare here than any of the others realized, and so he'd likely sprinkle them around the country, not just in a singular region. After all, his idea was to prepare for the future, was it not?

Lucretia went last again, and though her expression showed that she didn't like what he had to say any more than Esperia did, she kept her thoughts to herself. This one is professional, he caught himself thinking as she finished her input, nodding once more and giving and "Aye," as acknowledgement. As the meeting began to come to an end, Jove stood and offered the three a head nod and a wave. "Good meeting everyone."

Jove went to step out, a path which directed him to step past Alejandro as he stood. Pausing for a moment as the younger gentleman stood, the Captain-Commander looked his compatriot in the eyes. A tired smile crossed his lips, a hand raising up and firmly patting Alejandro on the shoulder. "Great initiative. You're doing good work." With that, Jove would be the first out the door, his footsteps echoing his exit until nothing left was heard.


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Well, it seemed the meeting had concluded. Quick and efficient for the most part Alejandro was pleased. Jove seemed to acknowledge what Alejandro said, but whether he would actually move as suggested was up to him, as was the decisions any of them made. It was good to know that at the very least they had all come to an agreement. Jove was the first to stand and followed after was Alejandro. As the Nephilim prepared to leave the room, the Intelligence commander placed his hand on his shoulder and told him he was doing a good thing. Alejandro raised an eyebrow. Although he didn't need the validation it was a good feeling coming from someone who was his senior. With nothing else left for the four of them to discuss Alejandro turned to the rest of them. Jove seemed to find comfort in seclusion as he left the room quickly. "I'm gonna go grab a bite at Izakumi's if ya'll wanna come?" He said. If not, it didn't matter much. Either way the former elf would turn and make his way to the restaurant for some well needed brunch.

- Exit -

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