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Northern Hospitality

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#1† Aleja 

Northern Hospitality Empty Mon Sep 12, 2022 10:28 pm

† Aleja

For the past week, the pain had been far too great for the Elf to endure another fucking day. The transmutations transpiring within the Captain's incipient body were not being kind to him, but everything had a consequence. This is what Alejandro got for consuming the Orb of Magi. As a last resort, he did what any dragon slayer would have done if they were holding raw elemental energy. He did what he had to do. For days he wondered if he would remain this way forever. Not only had his body merged with the puissance of Lenux, but he had been blind. It had already been an entire week since his eyes had failed him. Knowing that your eyes were open but you could not gaze upon the glory of the most refulgent star in the galaxy was nothing short of torture. Every muscle, every bone, every vein even, ached with each passing moment. The Elf was in so much pain that the Shamans of this village had to medicate him every so often just so that he could rest...

Sun's Day. The Seventh of the second week:

"H...Happy?" Alejandro struggled to call out as he sat up. Today he was feeling much better. Sure his body was still sore, but there was nothing for him to complain about. He remained in the world of the living. With a gentle stretch of the arms, the Captain opened his eyes and yawned. "My vision...I can see..." the words slithered from between his lips like slugs. The Knight gradually brought his hands to his face, gently patting his cheeks and forehead to make sure that he was't dreaming. As his hands slid across his face he realized that not only could he see again, but he could visually perceive his own mana radiating off of him. One touch and Ale could feel the puissance within his left eye. It was gone, but replaced with a power that would be no easy feat to contain. The Celdruan gulped. The Elf knew that he was bonded with at least a fraction of Lenux's power. In fact, he could hear the mans voice whispering in the back of his head. It was distant, alas, it was present. And then he could just scarcely hear other voices...less convivial voices, but they were also there.

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† Aleja

"Ally?" the door swung open after a dyad of knocks from the one and only, Happy the exceed. The Extalian slowly walked into the room. "Hey bud-" The Knight would have finished his greeting, but once the blue creature could tell that his friend had regained their vision, he was more enthused than even Ale was. "You can see?! I knew it! I knew it'd come back, heh!" Happy excitedly leapt towards Alejandro, hugging him as tightly as he could upon landing in his lap. "Uh-" The two of them had been to hell and back in just the short duration they'd known each other. Fighting Bane felt like the end of the road- a sentiment both friends shared. The Stellan was caught off guard at first but then he commenced to chuckle.

"Hahaha. You thought you were gonna have to walk me across streets, huh?" Imagine? "Worse...I thought I was gonna have to start usin' my own money to buy food! Of course that'd be his main concern. "...Where are we?" Happy rolled over and blissfully gazed at the ceiling as if he'd been daydreaming about the love of his life. "Elwyr Settlement, the best place in the country." Happy sighed dramatically. "Let me guess, they've got-" "The best fish in the whole world. I mean unlimited amounts of fish. I'm talkin' loads of em. Ahhh...I love it here." Alejandro chuckled as he shook his head, bringing his body up a bit more. He winced at the pain in his lower back.

"I've gotta thank them before we go." It was simply in Alejandro's nature to be kind. As privileged as he was, two things were instilled in him from young; Always say thank you and respect your elders."Aye." Alejandro began to stand up. They were here long enough. "Wait, now? We're leaving right now? You can barely walk..."

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† Aleja

The duo strolled outside of the room together, Alejandro blanketed with the white cape sporting the sigil of his house and some humble apparel to cover his body, courtesy of the druid tribe of Elwyr. Happy wore nothing per usual. The people of Elwyr were a nomadic group of people. Kind, genial, and close with one another. It came as no surprise to see them all working in unison with sundry things. Some people were by the lake fishing and the women washed clothes in the same lake. Some of them tended to the children. Most of the men were far off either hunting or gathering, and then there were some folk just enjoying each other's company. However, when the silver-headed muscle man- who had just been a child days afore- revealed himself, most of them ceased and gazed. Even the children kept a watchful eye.

Alejandro knew a fair amount about these people's politics. They were always accepting of Elves, or Wood-Elves at the very least. They followed the same path as elves in many ways It'd be a lie to say that Alejandro wasn't nervous. I mean there were at least three dozen pairs of eyes on them. Happy on the other hand had already been acquainted. He waved at his new friends. "Mr. Celdrua, you're awake. I'm glad!" a gruffly voice croaked from beside the elf. An elderly man roughly around the age of seventy wearing a long rugged cloak smiled warmly. "Please, call me Alejandro. Sorry I took so long, haha." The Stellan rubbed the back of his head. He was embarrassed really. Embarrassed and ashamed that resources were used on someone like him.

"Oh, do not apologize. When we see a friend of the forest in need, we help. I am Balyarus, one of the healers of this settlement.. I personally saw to your wounds. You know, most people wouldn't have made it." He said. "That bad huh? Well, I'm glad I was brought to a healer like you. I've heard that Elwyr has some of the best in the country."

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† Aleja

"hoho! I do my best. So, now that you're up and able to move I suspect you two will be staying for supper?" The geriatric man asked. It was obvious that he wanted Ale and Happy to stay but the Elf had other plans. Obligation called, and not just Rune Knight obligation. The Celdruan hadn't spoken to his mother and father in weeks. They were probably going crazy right about now. They'd already lost one child, losing another would destroy them. The idea alone was probably eating them up from the inside out. "Haha, as enticing as that sounds, we can't stay, unfortunately..." "Hmph!" Happy pouted. "I've gotta get back home and back to work. I hate it but there's still a lot to be done." The Knights knew their captain he was alive, but something told the Stellan that they were waiting for him to return.

"I just wanted to thank you for everything before we go. Genuinely, I appreciate you and your people. I owe you a great debt." "Nonsense! You owe us nothing. We have horses for your travels. No need to trek on foot, come now." Alejandro shook their head and waved their hands in denial. Their cheeks flushed with a vibrant red color. They didn't understand how, but they knew that the Eye of Lenux provided him  with some new abilities. Plus, they couldn't take another one of Elwyr's resources without feeling guilty. "No, no. You've done enough, pops. We'll be alright." The elder nodded. Still, the people watched as the convo ensued. "Grab onto me Happy." As confused as one could be, the exceed didn't understand what was happening. Alas, he did as he was told.

Once the feline grabbed ahold of Ale's leg, the Knight placed his fingers upon his forehead. Suddenly both him and Happy began to glow. The elf waved off with his final two words. "Thanks again." He smiled warmly before zapping out of the settlement.

Arrival: Central Fiore

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