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The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison

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#1Charlotte Harrison 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Mon Sep 12, 2022 9:14 pm

Charlotte Harrison
There are very few constants in life, it was simply the way of things and the natural world, ever-changing, ever-evolving. However, one of the few things that always remained, lay up high in the sky, twinkling away in the cloudless night. The stars. Sure if one were to travel far enough they’d see a slightly different night sky, but they themselves didn’t move from where they shone.

With her head resting in the grass on the outskirts of Magnolia town, Charlotte found herself staring up at the same constellations she’d been with her entire life despite where in the country she had lived. Her chest felt heavy with the weight of a curled-up gryphon snuggled on top of her. Gwen was far less impressed with the shimmering night sky but it did appreciate that night meant there was no hot summer sun beating down on them. The cool summer breeze was much appreciated by both the duo, far more used to the cooler temperatures of mountain life.

#2Kaito Todaro 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Mon Sep 12, 2022 9:24 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito is walking around under the stars with Revy who is more excited to see the lightning bugs that some times blink and glow over head as if they are living stars in the sky that seemed to shift and cause the sky to look far more alive than just staring at it could do and Kaito sees in the shadow someone laying there and a creature is on top of them and he walks closer and he stays on guard as the creature could turn hostile toward him if he gets closer to what he things is a woman that is sprawled out on the ground. "Nice night isn't it?" He sits a bit away from her and he looks to the stars as well, he still keeps an eye on the creature but it seemed on the smaller end of it's breed so he wasn't as worried.

Revy drops down on her butt next to Kaito and she smiles looking up at the starts and she wonders who this woman is as she seemed newer to the area at large. She raises her hand and she traces some stars with a magic pen she has that is fainter in color so it isn't distracting.

#3Charlotte Harrison 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Mon Sep 12, 2022 9:41 pm

Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte’s thoughts were interrupted as a pleasant masculine voice rang through the air, one she didn’t recognise immediately. A stranger. Her golden eyes flickered away from the stars above as she shifted to sit up, causing the creature on her chest to flutter and give an irritated-sounding chirp as its rest was disrupted. Its chittering was cut short however as it spied the person approaching them, as it instead started to squawk in their direction as if to warn them not to get too close.

“Settle down Gwen.” Charlotte cooed gently, pulling her eyes away from the stranger momentarily as she gently stroked the gryphon’s feathers in an attempt to calm her down. Returning her gaze to the figure before them she’d finally answer their question.

“Indeed it is.” Her body stiffened a little as she became wary of the stranger, who under closer inspection seemed a little familiar. She couldn’t quite put her finger on why at first, but it was hard to make out details in the dark, even on a cloudless night like this one. Her mind raced as she tried to determine if they were friend or foe. Whilst Gwendolyn had quietened down, her feathers and fur were still on end, also clearly still on edge around the stranger.

#4Kaito Todaro 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Mon Sep 12, 2022 10:01 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito puts his hood back and he removes his cloak and the snacks from his cloak pocket then he makes a pillow out of it and lays it on the ground and he slides his mask off to the side of his face so he could fully enjoy the stars and he lays back on the ground. "I hope you don't mind me pseudo joining you but you have a very nice spot here. My name is Kaito Todaro and the exceed with me is Revy may I ask what your name and your tiny friends names are?" He was looking up at the stars and he wonders what if anything is beyond the stars, were their more people out there?

Revy looks at Kaito he was his usual if he has space cool and calm self but it seemed that he had lightened up a bit at least for the night, she wonders if it was just the stars in the sky or if he was just taking a night to catch his breath from the rough patches that he had been suffering through lately from him not taking actual breaks and just rushing off into another thing that took his time and energy she swore he didn't sleep sometimes.

#5Charlotte Harrison 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Mon Sep 12, 2022 10:24 pm

Charlotte Harrison
‘Kaito… Kaito… Kaito… KAITO!?!’ Charlotte’s mind finally clicked as to who this man was. She had often heard the people praise him, the most famous of Fairy Tail guild members.

“Oh, it’s an honour to meet someone as prestigious as yourself.” Charlotte bowed her head slightly as she found herself a little nervous in front of someone of such calibre. He hadn’t merely earnt a name for himself for nothing, he was rumoured to be one of the strongest mages in the whole of Fiore, perhaps even the world. “I’m Charlotte, and this here is Gwendolyn.” She ruffled the gryphon’s feathers as it continued to eye Kaito up with suspicion. The creature clearly not as impressed as the young woman.

“And Revy was it?” She turned to the exceed, “It’s a pleasure to meet an adorable creature such as yourself too. The two of you are more than welcome to join us, after all, I suppose with are guildmates now.” She chuckled nervously.

#6Kaito Todaro 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Mon Sep 12, 2022 10:48 pm

Kaito Todaro
The exceed looked to the woman as she started to seem to praise Kaito."Seems she has heard of you, You might give him a big head if you aren't careful miss Charlotte." Revy giggled as even in the dark she can tell the woman's companion is looking at Kaito with distrust.

Kaito raises his hand and he looks over to her is red and purple eyes seeming to slightly glow in the nights light. "No need to be nervous, I am just a person just like you no matter how strong I am. No need to call me prestigious. Plus the honor is mine it is nice to meet a new member it has been awhile since I have met one, though that is really my own fault being gone for long periods of time." He laughs nervously and rubs the back of his head and then he rolls back on to his back and looks back at the stars. "Also sorry for upsetting your friend there they might sense my curse as well." He wasn't sure if that was the case or not but he wanted to just get it out in the air though it should be a known thing just in case of it coming to that being questioned of him.

Revy picks up the snacks which are on the ground next to Kaito in their bags. "You want any snacks?" She figured it was only right to offer the woman and her companion some snacks as they were there and she knows that pretty much everyone that tries them likes them.

#7Charlotte Harrison 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Mon Sep 12, 2022 11:35 pm

Charlotte Harrison
“I am alright, thank you, although Gwen might take you up on that offer.” Charlotte smiled as she waved a hand as she politely refused the snacks. It seemed he was fairly humble for someone of his standing within the magical community. She herself had never shown an aptitude for magic, relying solely on magical items all her life. It had been one of her few shortcomings, that her father often had pointed out.

“You leave often?” She asked, despite already knowing the answer. No doubt he was often called all over the country for his assistance. After all very few mages were capable of teleporting to their desired location on a whim. “A shame, it would have been nice to get to know you on a more personal level.” She muttered more to herself as her gaze drifted back to the stars above.

She spoke no lies, she preferred to judge someone from what she herself learnt and witnessed rather than rumours and mutterings of the public eye, after all, stories were often exaggerated. Although truth be told, her reasons for wishing to grow closer to such a powerful mage were far more selfish than she would ever let on.

Gwendolyn in the meantime had been sniffing the air, the smell of the snacks slowly getting the better of the gryphon as she tentatively approached Revy. She cautiously stepped closer, one foot at a time, ready to dash back behind Charlotte for safety should there be any sudden movements.

#8Kaito Todaro 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Tue Sep 13, 2022 12:18 am

Kaito Todaro
Revy moves very slowly and holds out the snack to the woman's pet and she is careful not to spook them and she smiles as she give the creature snacks.

Kaito looks to the woman and he decides it is just better to ask what she meant by getting to know him better. "Yeah I travel around the country a lot. What do you mean get to know me more personally?" He wonders what there was really to know about him that hadn't been spread around the country in some shape or form and he looked back to the stars watching them as he listened for what the woman might ask of him to answer for her so she could feel a little better about him being around them and not be on edge if she was cause he needed to make a good first impression with the new guild member that he had just met, for as much as he could tell she was nice enough and they did show him to a nice star gazing spot. It seemed true if you get to focused on the bad things you forget to stop and look at the beautiful things around you that life shows you every day.

#9Charlotte Harrison 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Tue Sep 13, 2022 12:42 am

Charlotte Harrison
“Oh, I didn’t mean to offend.” Charlotte stumbled, afraid she might have said the wrong thing, “I just meant that I was hoping to make some friends, especially with those within the guild. People I can rely on and trust and the like.” She quickly answered, hoping it would be enough to explain herself and that he didn’t take it the wrong way. She had no real hidden agenda, just having powerful friends tended to have quite a few benefits. She was thankful that she didn’t have to hold eye contact with him, and the stars above suddenly gave her inspiration for a change in subject.

“Do you come out to watch the stars often?” She’d ask curiously, “Gwen and I often do.” She added. Meanwhile, the aforementioned gryphon was closing the last couple inches between itself and Revy as it suddenly lurched its neck forwards to gently peck the snack out of the Feline’s paws, never for a second taking its eyes off of the exceed. As it guzzled it down it purred merrily and wiggled a little before looking for more. Quickly becoming less anxious around Revy given the quality of the food offered.

#10Kaito Todaro 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Tue Sep 13, 2022 1:43 am

Kaito Todaro
He smiles hearing her say that as if he had thought something else. "Yeah having strong allies really helps to set the tone and makes less people try to mess with you. If you need any thing just let me know and I will see what I can do." He figured it would probably help her to know that he will help her and support her if she ended up needing it. Though he thinks the guild mother will be able to set her on the right path but he wants her to know that he is not above her to ask him for help and he would do his best to help her if he can with what ever she needs of him.

Revy is screaming with happiness on the inside but is staying calm on the out side so not to scare the poor thing and she wondered how and where this woman got this companion at.

"I don't usually stop to smell the flowers sadly I keep pushing myself to feel better and do better but I really don't believe I deserve the fame I have." He sighs a bit as he knows what he said was true and that he keeps himself busy so he doesn't think about it or the fact that one day he could probably just disappear which was worrying cause he was unsure if it would be the end of him cause no one would remember him to be able to save him.

#11Charlotte Harrison 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Tue Sep 13, 2022 2:47 am

Charlotte Harrison
“I see.” Charlotte responded. She was momentarily stumped for words. Unable to comprehend the kind of life he had led thus far. Compared to herself, she had done nothing one could brag about. Her life had been simple both before and after running away from home. It was a shame he often felt he had no time to unwind and enjoy the world around him, but she supposed that was what a hero’s life was like.

“Whether you feel you are deserving or not, the people certainly feel you are. You must have done more than enough to earn it. After all, word of your deeds even managed to reach the little no-named mountain village I’ve been residing in these past years. There are not many that have managed such a feat. I think one of the young girls in the town even had a poster of you.” Charlotte chuckled to herself as she recalled the eager young mage that idolised a number of famous mages.

Gwendolyn began insistently nudging Revy’s paws for more snacks with its beak, almost as if it was demanding more food as it chittered, its beady eyeballs glistening greedily. No matter how much Revy may feed her, the gryphon would continue to plead for more.

#12Kaito Todaro 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Tue Sep 13, 2022 7:56 am

Kaito Todaro
He laughs softly hearing the woman speak of a girl with a poster of him and that reminded him of a different person he had met in the west who seemed to be a super fan of his and he wasn't sure what would bring someone to be a fan of his even in the first place as well as why someone would make a poster of him. "To be honest it is strange to think there are even posters of me people can buy. What is the story that brought you here?" Kaito looked from the stars toward the woman and he wondered something there was something in they way they spoke that seemed really like she wasn't from a small village so he was testing the waters to find out how much this woman would spill to him.

Revy keeps feeding the creature until Kaito spoke to her. "Be careful how much you give the poor thing or it will get sick." Revy looked at it and she says she is sorry that she got carried away.

#13Charlotte Harrison 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Tue Sep 13, 2022 5:37 pm

Charlotte Harrison
“Well, I believe she gets most of her posters from some magazine she has delivered every month or so.” Charlotte shrugged, she had assumed they had gotten people’s permission for such a thing and even paid them for it, but perhaps not, “As for why I’m here…” She drifted off again, as she gazed at the sky above briefly while collecting her thoughts.

“Well, I couldn’t live in a small village forever.” She chuckled confidently, “And I just figured joining a guild was the best course of action to help with my financial situation. Although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss my old home.” She added with a saddened sigh as she stretched a hand out, finger pointed towards the sky, as she traced out one of the many constellations she had been taught.

Gwendolyn raised its hackles and squawked at Kaito interfering with the feeding process. Clearly irritated that it had been forced to stop wolfing down food. With one final miffed chirp, it snuggled up close to Revy, refusing to even look in the dragon slayer's general direction.

#14Kaito Todaro 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Tue Sep 13, 2022 6:38 pm

Kaito Todaro
"Yeah I miss my old home as well but I have found this world has a lot of beautiful places in it." He laughed softly as he kept watching the stars and he sees a few shooting stars in racing across the sky and he makes a wish on them even if they probably wouldn't come true he still had to try he guessed.

Revy sits and she gently pets the creature and Revy giggles a little at how this animal had giving Kaito guff about being told not to feed it too much she wondered if the woman had total spoiled it or if maybe Kaito's cooking skills had gained a fan that just wanted to devour it and not stop eating till it is no long able to move or even really try.

Kaito figures there will be nothing really to worry about at the moment he just needed to stop and just relax here while he has the time to enjoy it as it was a rare time to just rest and enjoy the breeze he closes his eyes as the wind gently brushed across his face and made his hair gently flow as well.

#15Charlotte Harrison 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Tue Sep 13, 2022 6:52 pm

Charlotte Harrison
"True, it is nice to get to see more of what the world has to offer, I suppose." Charlotte agreed with a small nod. She wondered if her life choices had led her to miss out on opportunities to see more of what the world had to offer. She had heard if one travels far enough, one can even witness different constellations in the night sky. Just how freeing it would be to go wherever one wished.

Nuzzling into Revy, Gwendolyn purred contently. Its stomach was quite full and the cool night air, made it feel much more comfortable than any hot sun ever would. Noting that her beloved companion had quietened down, Charlotte would glance over, stifling a laugh over just how quickly the exceed had managed to win the gryphon over. Forever food orientated.

"It's not often she grows so close so quickly to someone, Revy." The young woman pointed out, "To feel relaxed enough to even close her eyes, she must really like you." she added with a genuine smile. It was good that Gwen enjoyed the feline's company, considering they shared a guild, they would most likely see each other often enough.

#16Kaito Todaro 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Tue Sep 13, 2022 7:14 pm

Kaito Todaro
"So what was it like where you were from?" He Wondered how much she is welling to say cause something about how she spoke still didn't ring to her being from a small village. He wondered if she was maybe just a woman on the run or if they were really from a small village and he is just being weary as he his instincts told him different. His masters words rung out in his head about never distrusting his instincts if something seems off look into it and find the truth and if need be withdraw before it gets darker and harder to deal with and if you have allies request their aid.

Revy listened to the woman speak to her about how well she must have been with them to trust her so well already. "Wait really so I must have done well than." She looked to Kaito whose eyes were still closed enjoying the the feeling of the out doors in the night with the cool breeze. He nods to her as he could feel her eyes were on him.

#17Charlotte Harrison 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Tue Sep 13, 2022 7:40 pm

Charlotte Harrison
“Small.” Charlotte answered, “But not as boring as most think it would be.” She thought fondly of the villagers, there were only a couple dozen in total, but each held a special place in her heart. They had all treated her like a loving family despite knowing nothing about her. “It would be quiet one moment, then full of laughter the next. Gwen and I would travel most days up the mountains and enjoy the scenery whilst collecting herbs.” She paused, realising how those simple days were never going to return, at least not until she had enough power to stand against her father.

“It was a quaint lifestyle, for sure.” She added, closing her eyes as she thought fondly over all the memories she’d made over the last few years, “What about your home?” She asked, turning her head to look at him.

'He seems relaxed.' She thought to herself, 'And far more handsome without the mask.'

She blushed as she realised what she was thinking, suddenly thankful for both the dim lighting and that he had his eyes closed so he would not notice her flustered expression. Gwendolyn in the meantime had remained cuddled up to Revy, still content to simply snooze next to her.

#18Kaito Todaro 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Tue Sep 13, 2022 7:52 pm

Kaito Todaro
He thought about how he would say it and what he would say here as he can't tell them where it is but he guesses he can say some stuff about it. "It was a decently sized village, it was full of elf kind, they would taught me for being a human but they accepted me as one of their own. It was a safe warm place and enjoyable." He yawned a little it seemed he had relaxed a little too much and had started to drift off. He opened his eyes and he looks back at the stars how long had it been since he had let himself just fall asleep under the stars and just enjoy the night, if he remembers right it was when he was still a fresh mage to the guild when he stayed out in these woods nearly three years ago if his memory served him well enough.

He also remembered something that leaved in these woods he had felt one day on a mission for the church, he had never seen the humanoid glowing gold figure again since that day but the forest was still alive with sounds unlike that day so long ago. "Anything else you would like to speak about or ask me about?" He looked over to her and he smiled his eyes once again glowing in the moon light.

#19Charlotte Harrison 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Tue Sep 13, 2022 9:02 pm

Charlotte Harrison
“Elves…” Charlotte murmured under her breath to herself. They were a race she wasn’t overly knowledgeable on, but for good reason. They tended to keep to themselves and stay in hiding. She smiled wryly as she thought about how that was something she supposed she had in common with them. She had always admired the stories and their nature magic.

“Yes, but they can wait for the next time.” The tamer remarked with a long yawn, figuring this would not be the last time she’d meet him. Given their circumstances, they would no doubt see each other regularly enough. Similar to the man beside her, Charlotte’s eyelids had also grown heavy. It had been a tiring day of running around delivering baked goods all around town. The exhaustion that had built up was finally taking its toll. Giving in to her body’s demands she closed her eyes, letting her fatigue win as she drifted off to sleep on the grass-covered ground, under the star-filled sky.


#20Kaito Todaro 

The Star Tarot: Charlotte Harrison Empty Tue Sep 13, 2022 9:39 pm

Kaito Todaro
Revy had managed to have dozed off with the creature close to her and Kaito looks around as he notices they all were asleep now. He laughed softly and he opened a portal and he reached in pulling out light blankets and he lays them over the sleeping woman and the sleeping companions and then he went back to his spot and he made a perimeter with rifts in cause of anything big coming toward them then he lays back and he covers himself up and he looks at the stars and he keeps relaxing and he wonders if after tonight he will end up seeing these two again or if they will be hard at work earning for their future and the things they will see on their journey to earn their own names in this country and he hopes that he lives long enough to watch them blossom and grow in fame and in standing as they seemed pure hearted though that might just him being hopeful in the younger member of the guild and as he finished his thoughts he also had given into the need for sleep and was off to dream land.


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