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IV. Eye of Lenux

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#1† Aleja 

IV. Eye of Lenux Empty Mon Sep 12, 2022 6:45 pm

† Aleja


Name: Eye of Lenux

Slot: Relic

Type: Eye

Class: Legendary

Quantity: Custom

Element: Light

Durability: 2x S-rank


Description: Eye of Lenux is a golden eye filled with ancient and boundless Light magic and fits perfectly into the users eye.

Lore: Long ago there was an Elven Mage known as Lenux from a land that no longer exists today. Lenux was extremely strong and deemed the protector amongst others during his time. Unbeknownst to his colleagues, Lenux was a son of the Valar. As the legends would have it, dark gods of an unknown Pantheon were scouring the galaxy for a mysterious power, one that had the ability to create new life. That power was inherited by someone in Lenux's court. Of course Lenux would not allow these so called gods to take his trusted colleague, so when he rejected the so-called gods, they began to wreak havoc on all the land. Lenux and his colleagues fought for 11 days and 11 nights. Finally, on the 12th day, Lenux made a decision. With his deep and seemingly boundless power of light, he created a new world to trap the "gods".

Lenux became the Orb of Magi, entrapping the dark gods inside and allowing the sheer power of his light magic disintegrate them over time. Unfortunately, this did not save Lenux's land. More "Dark gods" returned months later to enact vengeance and erased the land and all its people. None survived. However, Lenux's power still exists. Although there are no traces of darkness inside of it, it radiates strongly. Over the course of hundreds of years, mages have tried to absorb or use this potent light energy, but the orb would not budge. Rumor has it that the orb will only give its power to a worthy candidate.

Alejandro was sent on a quest to escort the Orb and its retainer to the North, but upon reaching the North they were ambushed by brokers from the Blackwood Bank. In an attempt to save their own life and defeat the Broker Bane, Alejandro ate the orb and was briefly powered up. However, after undergoing surgery the Orb was removed but when high ranking Rune Knight's attempted to take it somewhere safe, the Orb refused and returned to Alejandro's body. It was clear that from that point on, for some mysterious reason, the Orb of Magi and Lenux had chosen Alejandro.

The Orb, after being absorbed by Alejandro, transformed inside of their body. After a few days of being unable to see through their eyes, the orb manifested and gave them vision unlike any they've ever had before. The Orb of Magi...became the Eye of Lenux.

Measurements: A golden eye with green light magic that fits perfectly in the user's eye.


  • Chosen by Lenux


  • Sacred Vision: The Eye of Lenux only contains a portion of Lenux's boundless light. It is told that Lenux's powers allowed him to see into the souls of both his enemies and his friends. Those who wield Lenux's power get a taste of that power and as a result are able to see Mana. Therefore, even when their vision is completely blurred, or if the target is invisible, the user can still see the silhouettes of those possessing mana. The silhouette appears bright or dim depending on the amount of mana someone possesses.

  • Boundless: Lenux's powers allowed him to transcend the reach of ordinary mortals and he was able to touch the stars. Those who wield Lenux's power get a taste of that power and as a result the users light spells receive a 5 meter increase in range.


  • Name: God Speed
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 500-1,000
    Requirements: Eye of Lenux
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Light
    Range: 25 meters - Another location
    Cooldown: 5 posts - 7 days
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The user places their finger on their forehead before light briefly engulfs their body, allowing them to teleport elsewhere. If this spell is used in a thread and the user chooses to stay in the thread, for 500 mana the user can teleport up to 25 meters away after which the post will go on cooldown for 5 posts. However, the user cannot attack until their next post. If this spell is used to teleport to another area instead, then they must pay 1,000 mana. In addition, the user must use this spell in a thread, and the user may no longer create new topics in the location that they're teleporting from. If used to move to another location, this spell in its entirety cannot be used for 7 days after the last thread in which it was used has been left by the user.

Points Breakdown

  • Legendary
  • Relic
  • Sacred Vision (Lv. 3| 15 points)
  • Boundless (Lv. 1 | 5 points)
  • 1x S-rank (Signature | 15 points)

Total points Acquired: 35
Total Points Spent: 35

#2† Aleja 

IV. Eye of Lenux Empty Mon Sep 12, 2022 6:46 pm

† Aleja
Claiming via legendary custom in inventory


IV. Eye of Lenux Empty Mon Sep 12, 2022 9:17 pm


Alejandro has claimed Eye of Lenux.

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