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Dozing Kids 1

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Dozing Kids 1 Empty Mon Sep 12, 2022 6:21 am

Mia couldn’t quite come to grips with some of the jobs posted up on the board for low ranking wizards and other mages. The idea that people seemed to treat them like the world’s gig economy was kinda shitty, but, money was money, and to even put up even a small request cost a fair bit of jewels, so could she really complain? She took the latest job in hand and headed off to the school, still unable to believe that, for the price given, all she was being asked to do was keep some students focusing on the class at hand. Moving through the school, her more toned, firm frame, her height as a woman, definitely got a few eyes turning and a few whispers going amongst students in the halls, but soon enough, she found the appropriate classroom, and gave a light wave over to the teacher.

“So… you’re really paying me to just monitor your class and make sure no one dozes?” She asked, crossing her arms, genuinely in mild disbelief of that reality. All the same the teacher was quick to nod in confirmation.

“I need to focus on my lessons, if I’m busy spending time waking the kids and getting their sleepy jokes, I feel like I’m just going to keep losing more and more respect. I’d ask you not hit them or-“

“Woah woah. You don’t even need to specify that. I got this, don’t worry.~”

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Dozing Kids 1 Empty Mon Sep 12, 2022 6:21 am

With the teacher reassured and Mia a little more certain on what was on the line here, she recalled her old school years. She dropped out of the education extra early, it never having been in her nature to be in such an environment, but that was part of the point. Unless a teacher was throwing around something she held genuine interest in, she was quite the little shithead, and she could admit it. She thought back then the teachers were laughing with her, but suffice to say, she was definitely causing quite the fuss and mess for them. Probably lead to a good chunk of her classmates losing respect for their teachers…

Back in the present, the lesson was ongoing, and if she wasn’t treating this like a job she might have fallen asleep herself. No disrespect to the teacher, she was clearly passionate, this stuff just wasn’t for her. Her eyes wandered the classroom, locking onto the back of heads, till she noticed one she hadn’t seen move for a bit… she shifted along the back of the room, getting an angle to make sure they were asleep, or at least, on the verge, and smirked, slipping through the seats to the back of theres.

She lined up her foot with a leg of their chair, their hand ready… and a quick tug send their head falling forward. There was a sharp sensation as everyone in the class seemed to notice what was about to happen, but Mia’s hand slipped in between forehead and desk at the last second, removing any risk of harm, but giving the kid a sharp wake up notice as Mia smirked. “Woah there mate. Nearly nodded off there…~”

He took a second to realize what happened, but the rest of the class did quickly… yeah. They weren’t about to risk her NOT catching them next time she did that, and were quick to focus up as she returned to the back of the class.

Little bit o’ fear in a kid did a world of good.~ Just had to show you were up to following through. Or, at least, make them believe you were.~

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