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Blood Reina... Queen of The Sands, The Princess of Chaos. [Retirement]

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#1Khalfani † 

Blood Reina... Queen of The Sands, The Princess of Chaos. [Retirement] Empty Sun Sep 11, 2022 5:43 pm

Khalfani †
Blood Reina... Queen of The Sands, The Princess of Chaos. [Retirement] OMbPPdV

Khalfani, the princess of Desierto, the one who had constantly put the well-being of her people on her back, even while her older brother seemed to be more concerned with the politics of Fiorians. The Vampress was finally done. Fiore was no place for her, not when she could do more elsewhere. So where was she going? Well, back home. The throne of Desierto was her birthright. She would be wasting her time here. Would Eternal Nightmare call her a traitor? Would they think that she abandoned them? Perhaps. But did she care? Not one fucking bit. She wasn't eager to avenge Odin's death for them, she was doing it for herself. Alas, the Nightmare's hadn't followed through. She was left to carry the burden alone, she was left to figure out the pieces alone. None of them knew her pain. It was impossible for lesser beings to understand the depths of her rage for they were mere humans.

The brown skinned woman had built a lot in Fiore. She tried to follow the path of light and be as righteous as she could, creating Paradise Dawn and becoming its very first leader. A safe Haven for the people of the north who wanted to be freed from the shackles of a King who could care less about them, served as the pinnacle of revolution. Now though, that establishment was left to Yuurei. Only time would tell if he was truly more than a flesh bag of power. Being a leader meant more than just being the most famous, or the strongest. As the Vampire princess walked through the Kingdom of Nebu, her figure caught many eyes. The people loved her. Her royal guards escorted her as the civilians shouted for her. She had made the announcement earlier that week. She would finally come home and dedicate herself.

There was nobody better suited than her to be Pharaoh and if anyone should attempt to dispute it, well... you know the rest. Of course the young woman would have to wait until her grandfather passed to succeed the throne, but she was patient. In the meantime she would prepare for this new Era. The reign of Blood Reina, the Princess of Chaos, the liberator. The Creator, chosen by the world to lead. Blessed by the gods to transcend. Khalfani Morningstar, Khalfani Atenhotep, was finally where she needed to be; home.

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