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The First Encounter: Ikazuchi vs Emil [Green]

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The First Encounter: Ikazuchi vs Emil [Green] Empty Fri Sep 09, 2022 8:05 pm

Ikazuchi was currently traversing the Sigmundir Passes located near Rush Valley in search of rare resources that could be used for blacksmithing. The existence of the Dawncliff Mine was enough to demonstrate the abundance of resources in the Sieghart Mountains, so he was hopeful that he would find something of value during his exploration. If nothing else, he hoped to encounter a powerful creature. If he couldn’t find any unique crafting material, he felt that a good fight would make up for that.

His exploration took him into the deepest and largest of the passes. The light that reached the area was minimal despite it being the afternoon. Without the sun directly over the pass, the only light reaching the bottom was the bit that reflected off of the upper part of the walls. The path was only twenty meters wide at the deepest part while the walls seemed to be over eighty meters tall in the area that he was in. Ikazuchi was unable to estimate the dangers that a flash flood would put him in as he traversed the passes, so he moved carefully.

He didn’t have any particular route or goal in mind as he moved. He simply followed his intuition, ready to draw his swords at any given moment should something or someone catch him off guard. He had heard rumors about various bandits that were active in the passes, so he wouldn’t ignore the possibility that they would appear unexpectedly. This was the case, even deeper in the passes than most were willing to go. Ikazuchi was unaware that today was the day he would encounter something far worse than anything he may have expected.

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The First Encounter: Ikazuchi vs Emil [Green] Empty Sat Sep 10, 2022 10:32 am

Emil had heard a rumor that a member of the dark guild Sleeping calamity that Paradise Dawn had heroically taken down and had defended themselves against had been spotted heading in a direction near the passes. He hadn't been able to be part of the mighty raid on the dark guild or in the valiant defense of the guild by his guild master and some of the members, he was going to find this member and he was going to get them out of his turf this was Paradise Dawn territory and they were not going to stand by as they attempted to lie to the masses that they were really a good guild and that they were no longer dark. Emil knows their lies have spend to some of the masses but most of them of this part of the north see their words for what they are total and complete lies and garbage.

He made his way into the pass and his golden eyes almost seemed to glow faintly in the shadows of the pass as he walked he swore that he could hear someone else drawing closer but as it was very dark he was unsure if it is just a traveler, a beast or if it was the target of his hunt of the day to take down. He needed to make sure that the dark guild member was sent away with their tail tucked firmly between their legs maybe whimpering to show just how great he is and that he doesn't need to relay on his stupid and very over hyped guild leader.   A voice rang in his head. "You best not fail me Emil you need to fully harness my power and show them you aren't some second rate poser." Emil knows that he is greater than the soul that joined to him gave him credit for and he readies himself for combat on sight on this dark guild member.



The First Encounter: Ikazuchi vs Emil [Green] Empty Sat Sep 10, 2022 8:48 pm

Ikazuchi’s enhanced vision allowed him to clearly see in the dim lighting of the environment, so he was able to notice the movement in the distance ahead as something else had appeared in the pass that he was exploring. ‘Hmm?’ He swiftly unsheathed his swords in response to the unknown movement. Spellcutter was in his left hand while Breaker was in his right. His steps were steady and confident, but he maintained his vigilance.

‘Emil? Paradise Dawn?’ Ikazuchi had information flow into his head after clearly seeing the man who was currently around twenty five meters away. Ikazuchi had heard about the guild after returning as Sleeping Calamity and Paradise Dawn had faced off on multiple occasions during his absence. Ikazuchi hadn’t felt the same belonging that he currently did when he returned, but realizing Emil’s identity brought forth the frustration he likely should have felt from the beginning. He wouldn’t just attack unannounced though, that wasn’t the kind of advantage he wanted if he were going to attempt to regain some of the lost honor for the Guild.

Ikazuchi’s steps forward stopped as he estimated that the two were roughly twenty meters apart. “Who are you?!” Ikazuchi was aware of who the man was, and he had a sneaking suspicion that Emil was there for him. He didn’t want to believe that this could have simply been a coincidental encounter. He believed that the answer to his question would be enough to determine the man’s intent. Whether it was words or weapons, he prepared himself for whatever the lightning mage may send his way.

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The First Encounter: Ikazuchi vs Emil [Green] Empty Mon Sep 12, 2022 5:09 am

He keeps on his pace till he hears someone call out to him and he he looks around as the mans voice echoed off the walls of the pass then his eyes land on a man he sees the man in the dark with his swords drawn, he has no idea who this person is or why they are demanding him to state his name cause it is dark in the pass they are in. He thinks on it for a reason but he draws no real conclusion. "Quite disrespectful usually when you ask someone's name you start by giving your own." His voice sounds cocky and condescending like he already has this situation in the bag and this is just a formality to him, he makes fists with his hands his gauntlets sparking to life surging with excitement.

The man in front of him had already had their weapons drawn which means they were not here for peace or to talk they were here to  either rob, murder, kidnap or to harm someone by fighting them so this was Emil's time to shine and fight another bad guy and make himself more known in the north. "Did you come here for trouble or is this just a misunderstanding? Cause I am out here looking for a dark guild member to make sure they aren't stirring trouble." He takes his fighting stance and is bouncing on the front of his feet as he was expecting this man to just come running at him with those blades cutting through the air and he was going to dodge and aim for a quick punch to the side of the man maybe make it a combo if it were to connect firmly enough with the man. Emil was not going to go down running but this man seemed to have confidence in his swords as he had drawn them unprovoked.

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The First Encounter: Ikazuchi vs Emil [Green] Empty Mon Sep 12, 2022 12:31 pm

‘There’s something wrong with this guy…’ Ikazuchi felt frustrated as Emil avoided and redirected his question, clearly displaying how unreasonable he was. Who in their right mind talks about respect in the middle of bandit territory when dealing with unknown individuals. Not to mention, Emil didn’t seem to care who he was as he prepared for battle with gauntlets arcing with electricity. ‘He seems awfully eager.’

Lucky for you, you found him!” Ikazuchi didn’t bother explaining the situation after hearing the reason for Emil’s appearance. It may have been a misunderstanding, but he had also intentionally come to deal with Ikazuchi. Not to mention, he also had his own reasons to face off against Emil. Just based on his opponent’s actions of taking a fighting stance, it was clear that Emil was only speaking as a formality. Otherwise, why would he prepare himself so thoroughly for battle?

Ikazuchi couldn’t see a reason to wait for his opponent to attack him first considering the circumstances, so he chose to take the initiative after speaking. [1] He moved forward until he was within range to lunge, immediately doing so without hesitation. [2] He performed a skillful thrust with Breaker in his right hand targeting the left side of Emil’s stomach. Spellcutter was held in a lower position in order to respond appropriately.

His first attack was launched in a way that it would punish Emil for dodging to Ikazuchi’s right, so his opponent naturally dodged in the most efficient manner to his left. It was an intentional opening on Ikazuchi’s part as it would allow him to more easily follow his opponent. [3] Ikazuchi’s right foot had been planted from his lunge forward, so he used that as a pivot to make the gap between himself and Emil slightly larger while rotating and adjusting his left wrist to bring Spellcutter’s blade into the gauntlet’s path prepared to clash weapons.

As for Breaker, he was in the process of recovering it to his side from the moment Emil avoided his attack. Ikazuchi’s control and awareness allowed him to perform actions like this skillfully, and that led to him naturally coordinating and connecting attacks with his weapons. [4] He stabbed Breaker towards Emil’s stomach with a slight delay compared to the initial clash. Should Ikazuchi’s opponent attempt to connect his attacks without moving, he would likely regret it.

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Upon hearing the man admit that he is in fact a Sleeping Calamity member or at least a dark guild member, Emil just got more pumped to take on this mystery man that decided it was smart to draw weapons before speaking. "Well good to know, but unlike your uncultured ass I shall introduce myself, so you can pass on the word of who beat your ass, I am Emil of Paradise Dawn." A smirk cracked across his face as this was probably going to be more fun than fighting a small fish like a bandit so it should be all the more fun as he was against a dark guild member, plus the praises he would get for beating this man. He sees the man move toward him and [1] he aims his left gauntlet which is his thunder god gauntlet toward  the ground as he sees the man is coming toward him and he starts light of his feet cause he expects an attack.

[2] Emil pushes off of the ground with his left foot while angling his body to the right and he dodges to his own right so he is on the left of the lunging enemy as the other man sprung forward a yellow spell circle 16-Meter Diameter sprung to life under Emil and lightning spreads from him outward forming an AoE cage of lightning which illuminates the area that should catch the attacking man in it's crackling charge and doing a number on his armor. [3] The man plants his right foot and pivots on it toward the attacking man as he prepares to throw a punch with his right hand which has his Tesla's gauntlet on it aimed for the mans left side Emil hoped that he would get a clean hit on him to really test out what this gauntlet could really do if it made a clean hit on someone. He starts bringing his right fist forward toward the man using his momentum as he was twisting in toward the man aiming to do some damage with the punch.

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The First Encounter: Ikazuchi vs Emil [Green] Empty Wed Sep 14, 2022 8:38 pm

As Ikazuchi was in the process of adjusting his sword into the path of Emil’s fist, he saw lightning begin to arc out from his opponent. ‘Not so fast!’ [1] His wrist tilted forward slightly causing the flat of the blade to swing through the lightning. Mana surged into Spellcutter as the lightning spell disintegrated as his sword passed through the lightning. From the large amount of mana consumed, he could only imagine what would have happened if the spell had activated.

The two pivoted, one away and the other towards creating a slight gap where Ikazuchi managed to turn his wrist enough to put Spellcutter into the path of the gauntlet. [2] He didn’t have time to consider his options further as he simply pushed the blade of the sword forward and into his opponent’s gauntlet causing a violent clash. [3] Right behind this clash was Breaker that thrust into Emil’s armor leaving it in a tattered state as he channeled the power of his relic to knock back his opponent.

[4]Having long since become accustomed to the relic, Ikazuchi lunged in pursuit. His speed allowed him to make up for the delay between knocking Emil away and his lunge. He intentionally targeted a meter to the right, and slightly past, where his opponent would land with his movement. [5] This was to capitalize on the placement of his swords and minimize his movements as he simply slightly adjusted his right across his chest to extend both of his swords out to his left side.

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The First Encounter: Ikazuchi vs Emil [Green] Empty Fri Sep 16, 2022 10:25 am


[1]Once Emil's Tesla gauntlet made contact with the man's sword a yellow magic seal appeared and a beam of pure lightning fired crackling out of the end of his Tesla gauntlet toward Ikazuchi from point blank and the spell's speed was increased  from being casted through the Tesla gauntlet on his hand. [2] The blow from the man's breaker sword attack had broken Emil's armor then as he was about to be knocked back from the blow a voice rang out in his head. "Use it now Emil!" but Emil didn't just let himself be knocked back he thrusted his hand with the Tesla gauntlet to the sky as he did calling forth a great storm to rain down lightning on his foe. [3] Once Emil's backward momentum had stopped he used that very slim moment to lunge fifteen meters in a way away from Ikazuchi as it seemed this man needed to be fought from out side of his range and Emil starts running to build momentum and to give his spell time to work its damage on the opponent to soften him up for himself to go in to finish off the man if he thought that he can muster the power he would need to put the man down for good in this pass that had become a stormy battle field which might become one of their graves by the end of it.

Emil was not looking to die today and he was not looking to lose but he knows that at least one of these might come to pass today unless he can some how dig himself out of this hole he has found himself in vs this dark guild member.

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The First Encounter: Ikazuchi vs Emil [Green] Empty Sat Sep 17, 2022 3:59 pm

Ikazuchi’s clash with Emil’s gauntlet had been slightly different than he expected. [1] His opponent took the opportunity to cast a spell that clashed with Spellcutter, causing it to be directly nullified. ‘What a waste…’ Whether it was Ikazuchi or his opponent, they both wasted mana due to Emil’s choice. His thrust attack didn’t go completely as he intended as his opponent thrust his hand into the air, performing an obvious casting motion. From the moment Ikazuchi was unsure about the effect, he resolved himself to charge forward while ignoring whatever came of the spell.

Emil connected a lunge before Ikazuchi caught up causing him to not stop his lunge early, this meant that his previous lunge continued the full fifteen meters. [2] There was little delay as he continued into a second lunge in pursuit of Emil. The fact that Ikazuchi traveled an extra five meters with his original lunge meant that his second lunge was able to more than catch up to the distance his opponent covered.

Emil attempted to run further away from Ikazuchi after his lunge, but time wasn’t on his side. Ikazuchi was able to close the gap due to the five meter difference between the starting points of their lunges. He didn’t change his intended attack much due to the pursuit. The extra step allowed him to consider his options further. ‘You’re not going to run away that easily…’

[3] It was at this point that the lightning from Emil’s spell struck down in a bright flash. Ikazuchi’s ears were ringing due to the thunderous sound, there was also noticeable damage to his helmet. Unfortunately for his opponent, his eyes were fixed on Emil’s back as his lunge continued. Rather than pass by to the right of Emil, he went directly towards his back taking advantage of his opponent needing a moment to accelerate after his lunge.

[4] Ikazuchi adjusted his swords slightly as he caught up and swung Breaker at Emil’s left side, likely going to clash with the gauntlet on the man’s left hand. [5] Spellcutter simultaneously extended out at a slightly downward angle targeting Emil’s left leg as he ran with his back turned. He was unsure how his opponent would respond to these slashing attacks with his back turned to run, but it created the perfect opportunity for himself to strike as Emil hadn’t managed to accelerate enough to escape his lunge yet. It was clear that Ikazuchi’s attack intended to punish his opponent for arrogantly approaching him, only to immediately run away afterwards. If Ikazuchi had the luxury to speak during combat, he would be taking the chance to call Emil a coward. For a man attempting to forcibly keep the peace, he hadn’t displayed the means to do so during their short encounter.

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The First Encounter: Ikazuchi vs Emil [Green] Empty Sun Sep 18, 2022 12:37 pm

Emil hears the lightning crack from the sky and hit what sounded like it wasn't very far from him right behind himself, which means Ikazuchi was right on his tail which means this is going to get sticky in a second if the man had his blades similar to how he had been holding them as he turned to lunge it means there is a small window to dodge the mans attack. [1] He dropped low he is pretty much kneeling on the ground his head leaned forward knowing the height difference between himself and the man that was probably attacking him to duck the first swing that might be coming across above his very head and body.

[2] While he is down like this he stays on the front of his feet he pushes with his right foot spinning using his forward momentum to make a quick turn on the front of his left foot while leaning his body hard to his own right side if there had been a down ward swing at himself so that it would also have a better chance of missing as his as his body would have been angled out of the way of it by the closest of a hares breath at least.

[3] Emil then plants his right foot as he faced toward the man from the spin using the momentum of his spin to spring up with a punch with his right hand which is wearing the Tesla gauntlet aimed to hit Ikazuchi in the arm but is angled that if it didn't hit the arm it would hit the man in his side Emil knew this was a very last ditch effort but he knows if the Tesla gauntlet hit it could be a game changer for him in this fight as he really can't afford to miss this punch on to Ikazuchi and partially stun his body to give Emil a slight advantage till the man gained feeling back in that spot through and he knows that trick will not work twice on this man since he had just witnessed it, if the hit lands Emil pulls his arm back to the ready position in cased of a counter attack while trying to stay on what he hopes is Ikazuchi's dead side for the moment as the storm over head keeps raging on.

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‘What, do you have eyes in the back of your head?’ Ikazuchi couldn’t help but want to ask Emil this as the man managed to drop down and duck beneath his slash with Breaker. [1] Seeing the situation progressing differently than intended, he made sure to adjust his footing and use a short lunge to his right to make space. His slash with Spellcutter had also been narrowly avoided, leaving Ikazuchi impressed by Emil’s display of skill. ‘Why is it only used for running away?’

[2] The lunge was at most a meter away, a distance that provided him enough space to end his swing with Spellcutter and return a slash towards Emil’s incoming punch. [3] At the same time, Ikazuchi followed up by bringing Breaker to his side fluidly and thrusting out with little to no delay between his actions. Ikazuchi used his left foot as a pivot during this thrust as it would only aid in the clash with Emil’s gauntlet while giving his thrust more range. His target was Emil’s torso once more as his opponent wasn’t in a position to easily maneuver away.

A common trait among people who fought at their level was a wide field of vision. Skilled Adventurers and Mages could skillfully rely on their peripheral vision to respond to attacks. This is what Ikazuchi was relying on at this moment to simultaneously keep track of Emil’s entire body. His thrust could easily turn into a defensive slash towards Emil’s other gauntlet if needed. There wasn’t any sound in this battle for Ikazuchi other than the faint ringing from the deafening thunder that struck earlier, but his focus wasn’t hindered.

[4] It was at this point that another flash of lightning struck his helmet leaving it with greater damage than before. Still, Ikazuchi’s vision wasn’t affected by the flash as he maintained his focus. Their battle was reaching its climax, so he couldn’t let his focus slip due to the attack.  

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The First Encounter: Ikazuchi vs Emil [Green] Empty Wed Sep 21, 2022 2:26 pm

Once Emil dodged the first attack he knew that he was gonna be missed by the second and so he stuck to his plan, what he hadn't planned for was the man jumping away from him as he threw his counter attack to the man with the blades, his momentum carried him into the punch still cause there was no way he could stop his arm or was there? [1]Emil grabbed his right arm with his left arm stopping the punch just barely saving his gauntlet by pulling it out of the way of Ikazuchi's blade as he lunges back and to his own left so that he wouldn't jump into a wall and making himself the perfect sitting target.

[2] Emil has to think of what to do he stopped sustaining the lightning spell cause he can feel his body is weak from the strain of the mana use from it, it just proved to him that his own body was not really ready for this power yet, he momentarily felt like a failure then he snapped out of it, this is just another challenge that him Emil the great will have to over come and bury this failure with how much greatness he is yet to bestow upon the world for now he is going to have to survive this no matter what. [3] Once his feet hit the ground again he pushes himself to try and lunge again to make some more room away from the man as he is gonna have to make this count and he get in on him but the question is how will he do this as this man seemed to read his almost every movement and he clearly has more fighting experience with tougher people than Emil.

[4] Once he gets to the end of this lunge and he gets ready to stand his ground and take on the man this might be his last stand but he is not going to die easy and he is going to try and deliver at least one solid hit on the man to show he didn't go down a bitch he once against starts bouncing rhythmically on his feet to stay light and he has a new fire in his eyes.
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The First Encounter: Ikazuchi vs Emil [Green] Empty Sun Sep 25, 2022 3:18 pm

Ikazuchi was surprised by Emil’s unconventional method used to stop his attack. ‘He believes in it too much…’ Ikazuchi was aware of what the gauntlet could do, so he knew how potent its effects were. Unfortunately for Emil, Ikazuchi wouldn’t be caught off guard by it. In some ways, Ikazuchi felt the intent of his opponent more than most due to the excessive amounts of knowledge he obtained from his blessing.

Emil managed to dodge his thrust with Breaker by lunging away to the side, but Ikazuchi didn’t feel frustrated by this. His opponent had time and time again shown that he was skilled at dodging and fleeing, so he couldn’t be more surprised by it anymore. The flash of the lightning illuminated the pass around this point, but neither the light nor dark affected him.

[1] Ikazuchi simply pushed off of the ground with his left foot and lunged in pursuit of Emil. The two had similar speed, so he was able to easily follow his opponent’s lunge. During his movement, Ikazuchi adjusted Breaker in order to slash from his left to his right while Spellcutter was prepared to counter or attack depending on the situation from a lower position.

[2] In sync with Emil, Ikazuchi took a second lunge in pursuit of his opponent maintaining a roughly similar distance throughout the process. Their fight hadn’t been long, but they continued to clash throughout the darkening pass. [3] Seeing Emil stop moving at the end of his lunge, Ikazuchi activated the spell on Breaker in order to have extra protection.

[4] Upon stopping in front of Emil, Ikazuchi immediately swung his sword, Breaker, diagonally downward from his left to right targeting Emil’s torso. [5] At the same time, Spellcutter thrust from his waist at Emil’s gauntlet on his right side. [6] His thrust was at a slight angle, so that he could adjust the course into Emil’s body or arm if he avoided using his gauntlet to defend. It was as if he was saying ‘What now?’ with his actions as he accepted Emil’s challenge and desire to face him head on.

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[1] Emil seeing that Ikazuchi had lunged after him, Emil readied himself and he lunges toward Ikazuchi going in for a swift strike on the man who probably doesn't think that Emil will be trying to get in super close before the man can get the right angles on him to finish this too swiftly as his right hand was aimed to knock Ikazuchi's block off, he was not going to waste a moment on his thoughts and he needed to get a hit in on this man just for the sake of his own ego. [2] Emil's body shifted enough to cause the stab to that was incoming on his right to miss him just barely. [3] Emil's left fist had swung for Ikazuchi's right arm to disrupt the man's sword swing, if everything went to plan Emil should have hit the man in the head and weakened the mans swing allowing his punch to have stopped the mans swing, But this is just how Emil sees this in his head working it could have gone any which way.

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The First Encounter: Ikazuchi vs Emil [Green] Empty Wed Sep 28, 2022 10:35 am

‘Is he suicidal?’ This was all Ikazuchi could feel as Emil lunged directly at him. [1] This forced Ikazuchi to bring his own lunge to an early halt, and simply affected the timing of his attacks. [2] His diagonal slash cut cleanly across Emil’s unprotected chest due to having been prepared before ever entering into range. It seemed that Emil had hoped to interfere with his attacks in some way, but the timing and reach didn’t allow Emil to hinder Ikazuchi’s right arm as the prepared slash kept him at bay.

[3] As for Ikazuchi’s thrust, Emil managed to avoid having a clash with Spellcutter due to his efforts. [4] Unfortunately, coming from the angle that it did allowed him to simply shift the sword towards his right slightly and leave a cut with the blade along Emil’s body. [5] At this point, perhaps due to shock or blood loss Emil’s body started to collapse.

Ikazuchi couldn’t help but feel frustrated by the way his opponent had acted throughout the battle, constantly evading and protecting his gauntlet. [6] Ikazuchi didn’t hesitate as he managed the distance between himself and his falling opponent to be able to use Spellcutter to simply slash at Emil’s gauntlet on his right hand. ‘Fuck this thing…’ It was a petty choice on Ikazuchi’s part, but his previous interaction with Tempris clearly showed how bad his personality could be.  

After venting his frustrations with that final attack, Ikazuchi retreated a distance away and simply observed the man who may or may not die from blood loss for a moment. “Fucking Paradise Dawn…” He wasn’t even doing anything harmful, but someone had actively pursued him to apprehend him. To Ikazuchi, it seemed that the guild was a bit too arrogant after their past encounters. In a way, he couldn’t believe what had happened during his absence. In the end, he could only shake his head and walk further down the path he had been exploring with his swords drawn while ignoring Emil.

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The First Encounter: Ikazuchi vs Emil [Green] Empty Wed Sep 28, 2022 3:34 pm

Emil feels the slash hit his body but he tries to keep going in on Ikazuchi but the stab that just barely grazes his side hits him and he goes down falling to the ground his gauntlets are under his body and is face down on the ground as he had been lunging and was leaned forward as he was aiming to hit the man so it makes sense he would be face down on the ground cause he was already knocked out so he wouldn't have been able to have tried to brace or break his fall with his arms or hands so the man could not really be able to strike his gauntlet as it would be under his knocked out body so an aimed attack on the gauntlet just hits his already damaged knocked out body.

After the man is a good distance away from him the man starts waking back up as he has risen from the dead and he is pissed that he had failed and gone down like a little bitch and failed to help to protect the north, all he left to do today was make sure that the dark guild wasn't stirring up trouble but instead he sees why they are a dark guild they attack and draw their weapons first and are clearly shit people as the one in front of him had never even gave his name so he is clearly a swordsmen with no honor nor should think they have a lick of honor in their name as they are a coward, instead of being an actual man they chose to just be dishonorable.

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The First Encounter: Ikazuchi vs Emil [Green] Empty Wed Sep 28, 2022 6:30 pm

Ikazuchi’s search after encountering Emil was unsuccessful. It seemed that his luck had run out today as he dealt with someone from Paradise Dawn and couldn’t even find any resources that he came all the way into the depths of the passes to find. ‘What a shitty day…’ It was frustrating, but there would always be days like today. He could only hope that his next search would be more successful due to today’s failures.

I should get back to the guild and repair my gear…” He couldn’t help but sigh as he confirmed the condition of his gear, especially his helmet. As of today, he developed a newfound disdain for spells like Emil’s that he couldn’t avoid. ‘What kind of bullshit was that anyways?’ He couldn’t help but complain as he eventually returned to the area where his wyvern was waiting for his return and mounted it. “Time to go back.” It was just like this that Ikazuchi departed the Sieghart Mountains with a sigh.

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