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Dark Universe - Dark Universe Raiders (Gaston the Gourmet)

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Dark Universe - Dark Universe Raiders (Gaston the Gourmet) Empty Thu Sep 08, 2022 6:07 am


Gaston the Gourmet


Race: Vampire
Class: Reaver
Magic: None
Aura: The Dark World
Modification: Pact of the Bottomless Pit


Strength: 250
Speed: 200
Constitution: 500
Endurance: 500
Intelligence: 1
Mana: 5000
Mastery: Master (Spear), Master (Gun)


Head: Toque blanche, Mask of the Transgressor
Body: Chef's Apron, Skinner's coat
Weapon: Giant Fork, Marksman's Rifle
Off-Hand: Frying Pan, Copper Pot (Shield)
Necklace: Monfont Chef's Medallion
Ring: Connoisseur's Ring
Relic: Chef's Knife-set (School Bag)
Cape: Dracula's Blood Cape.


Restriction: Gaston the Gourmet may only be battled by a party that is not higher than S-rank.

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