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The Sweetest Red Drink [Dark Raid]

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#1Jikan the Merciless 

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Jikan the Merciless
The sky was ablaze with the fire of the setting sun. The night sky was aglow with bright ill-lit lights. The pale crescent moon shone like a silvery claw in the night sky. Those that looked up at the blanket of stars that stretched to infinity, would feel it. The slithering smoke that cloaked the air. Not hindering sight but giving a sense of a smothering essence of life. Fieros Girdle, a sweet black landscaped that matched the darkness bodies scatter over smoking volcanic mass. The fire of the land exploding with a gleeful sick laugh in the background. Soft, long. Hysterical. "Feast on it. Your healing. Is on the way. To you~" sang in sing song tone.

The voice ran though the fumes of death like a blade that were released by the cremate spirits and endeavor of the ones that decorated the a flamed land. Irregular shaped columns covered in veins of lava and stone juttered out from the ground. Constant erupts occurring the background, giving the black sky and air an orange firefly glow. The high temperature, along with the uncontrolled atmospheric mana, made the surrounding air difficult to breathe, giving the sensation that the throat and chest are burning. But the voice spoke so clearly, smoothly, and at ease. As if it was one with the fire. "Feast on it. Tell me, dear. Have you made room. For its arrival?~".

Feet stepped. Crushing hot rocks and skulls. The aftermath of the initial raiding parties and the dumb souls that rejected her offer of service upon her attack on Boiling peak. It was all disappointing; for them. Her on the other hand, still had her gleeful sharp smile hearing their declaration. And the cries of their deaths coming one after the other. The realization of doom, of resistance being futile, that they made a mistake. It was all delicious. And in the end, she preferred for it to be this way. More food for her hunger, more souls for the beasts that walked about the land and waited to seep to more territory. More practice for the troops of their world to sharpen their essence in the fires of war and conquest.

In the distance, red eyes spotted something. Guardsmen were being treated of their injuries, civilians huddled together in the shadows, hands over mouths that were crying out in pain. Hoping to stay hidden. The voice's smile grew sharper. Their song continuing as the raised a finger. A ball of fire forming at the tip before blasting forward in a streak. Smashing into the ground. "Feast on it. Turn on the lights. Turn up the music~", the red ball burned and sizzled into the ground. The moment eyes gazed on it, the light within them fade. Going from courage and hope to fear, anger, and desperation. All before the ball exploded consuming everything in a red, orange, blue and black colored flame. Short cries rang out before being snuffed out of existence. "Feast on it. Let it know. That you are home".

Ash like poison begrimed the ground, twisting their forms away in the. A tear eyed man rose, eyed burned to bone, his right hand holding his broke blade. "You...you monster....".

As if joyed by the mention of the word, the red eyes turned to gaze at the man. Burning with a light in eye so hot it was like the sun. The grin growing once more. A full on one that covered half of the face, a sick sweetness in it. "Feast on it. You're ready. For a new day~~".

Flames burned behind the man, spinning and growing as if they were living. The last of ash blowed away. The man took a step forward. Face tight as he roared a cry. "YOU MONSTER!!".

"Feast on it. Believe and see. That the new day belongs to you", the song continued. A salty sweet soft melodious ballad. The decaying air and stifling atmosphere providing a cozy aura to the singer. The perfect abode for those who worshipped the darkness rather than the light. In the dense shadows, clutched with spirits in snare like strings. Webs shimmered like meshed steel dipped in silver. Eyes a-flame with hunger, hoping to dine on bloated bodies and slurp on hot blood.

One step, two steps. Then a run. "RAAAAAAAAAA". The man's voice cried as his broken body burst into a run. His spirit and adrenaline being the only things keeping his body whole. His sadness, his anger, his pride. Acting as strings holding his mind.

"You deserve. Your healing...".

The man lunged, gliding forward in the air as he pointed his sword over his head. Ready to swing, ready to strike down this invader...this monster. His skin mottled and splotched by fire. As if bugs had been frozen and poked on the surface. A pungent tang oozed from every part of his being. A bewailing sounds ghosted through the area, until. A hand ran through. Cracking through the man's armor, his chest, his bones to grab his heart. Letting the man's moment continue till his body was fully through. Sword dropping to the ground with a soft clank before being melted away. The face looking up at the man's last gasp of air came and went. Blood counting their face as their grin grew, fully cheek to cheek now.

"Feast on it. Feast. On. It~", the voice called out one last time. Before crushing the heart in her hand.


https://www.fairytailrp.com/t63147-dark-universe-dark-universe-raiders-jikan-the-merciless is Jikan's The Merciless' sheet. Details of the equipment will be revealed as the battle progresses as well as spells. Please make sure to tag each other or send a notification on discord to keep the battle going smoothly. Remember, no attacks in the first post round to each other based on fighting rules. So just have fun with storytelling and setting the tone in your your intro posts. Any questions, feel free to let me know.

Hope everyone has fun ^_^[/color]

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#2Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Entrance Music:

At the opposite end of the Fieros Girdle. Erebus carried a message, he headed for Dahlia to meet with a woman who had taken the helm, a past previous Eternal Nightmare member now running a guild named Utopian Demise. Erebus could only expect to trust and believe would be apart of Odin’s Dream. As he approached through the brown pathos, he peered over into the flames of the molten center, words bounced off the walls. Turn up the music it said, and so, Erebus felt that rush one more time. His hairs on his skin stood and suddenly he wished to make address, delving deeper down the Girdle, until he made his entrance.

Immediately Erebus sizes up the person from afar. He sighs, realizing it was only Jikan. Tsk. Erebus has hopes to encounter that Toma fellow and yet, the boy was still evading the meeting. Jikan looked almost in bliss, which spurred the Adventurer’s curiosity. ”You.. wouldn’t happen to be one of the doppelgängers would you.” He asked rather nonchalantly. “If that’s the case I don’t think I’ll be able to hold back. You understand right? This world is for me, your bunch doesn’t even deserve your own.” He broke into a sarcastic smirk, shrugging his shoulder— menacing eyes that could see through life and back to death; Erebus was able to conversely enter limbo, to escape harm. It would make outright defeating him a much grueler task.

The wind in the girdle around Erebus picks up, the sound of music beats in the head of the War God’s Champion. He is seduced by the feeling of war. His mind is only at ease in the process of combat. The gold on his back gleamed as he took a few steps forward. Erebus moves until he was thirty five meters from Jikan.

His hand unsheathes a golden spear, which was a relic of a time undone. It belonged to one of nine saviors that purged the world of the extra-terrestrials before this. It would do that again today. His Macuahuitl was ready to taste blood, smeared in for the War God’s supper. His large club was strapped to his back with the Shaka Zulu’s Assegai, making an X-shape. In one movement Erebus first grabs the Assegai, palming it with two hands (top left hand, pulled out into right lower hand currently) and heaving it over his shoulder, with style. Whereas he palmed the large club as if it was a broom stick with his top right hand, waving it once to feel it’s edge and control within his superhuman strength. The Spellslasher was firmly holstered at Erebus’ waist, and was able to be grabbed by his lower left hand in emergency and manipulated at a level beyond a master, Erebus long ago mastered skill in the dagger, now it was an extension of himself. Four arms were visible on the outside of Erebus’ cloak, but his face was shrouded behind a black veil. Entering a stance which held his sword outward, and his spear-tip lowered at the thighs, Erebus with his weapon had the capacity to instantly take out legs from fighters.

Erebus makes one last statement before he steps up, answering the challenge without further hesitation. “It’s too bad you came here, really. Tonight I eat.” All of Erebus equipment was readily available. The Whispers of War had sung their tune, it would lead him to throw it all down here and now. The stakes for Odin’s vengeance were too important for Erebus to allow failure before he reaches Dahlia...

WC: 592

MP: 3400
STR: 412
2x4: 572
SPE: 295
CON: 141
END: 261
Main-Hand (R1): 131
Main-Hand (R2): 131
Off-Hand (L1): 131
Off-Hand (L2): 131

#3Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein

Defending the Fieros girdle wasn’t something that Lucretia ever expected to have to do; defending it from an onslaught was something she had expected those in darker places to handle. But with Reign casting aside the difference between light and dark through a vaunted message to all within fiore and maybe even beyond? She didn’t question it anymore; she didn’t question anything anymore. The world was at the swordpoint of another much darker place that they knew very little about and here was someone that they could stop and maybe branch out from.

Her arrival at the girdle was on the back of her steed, who was not very pleased at the nature of the area she brought it to. With it pawing at the ground she’d hop off and exhale slowly. She still didn’t understand why it chose her, why anything here chose her. From benimaru to permafrost things kept popping up in her favor one way or another. Stepping close to a cliff she’d note the situation below.

She didn’t watch passively, curling her hand on the hilt of her ‘new’ weapon. Benimaru’s haughty gaze tickled the back of her skull and she let out a low growl. Hopping off of the cliff she’d set her claws to the side. Letting herself drag on the side of hit while her companion followed after her.

She recognized the person doing it; but the vague power she had that allowed her to sense people from great distances told her that the jikan she knew was far far away. Though there were times that she doubted her senses this wasn’t one of them. Gritting her teeth as she hit the bottom of the cliff she’d take in her surroundings before taking off towards where she last saw the red haired mage.

Arriving on the scene moments after Erebus; Lucretia froze in place for a second. There was an instant of concern that played on her face and she could feel her breath catch in her throat. Not too long ago did the Shaka Zulu Assegai grace her hands… now it was in that of the Eternal Nightmare’s new guildmaster. But rather than be sheathed on his back it instead was drawn and pointed at Jikan. Not her friend but another; getting up close like this she could smell the difference.

She’d adjust her stance, holding permafrost in one hand before pointing it towards the Invader. There were few words that she could say here that wouldn’t sound condescending or redundant; if he was here he was here to fight. If he had his weapons out like this there was no doubt in her mind that the two of them would have to work together against this… Other Jikan. She felt the mana flow through her body and she’d stand a little firmer, a little stronger; faster. Whatever she needed her own body would provide.

But while her body and mind were steeled for the fight ahead she couldn’t find the words she wanted to say. Instead an intense silence came from her and she’d simply nod her head towards Erebus. Did they need words? They’ve fought before, they both must have heard the Lacrima broadcast and even if he didn’t he was already raring and ready to go…

WC: 547

Combat stuff:
STR: 264 + 396 [PWT] + 120 [weapon] + 60 [Earrings] = 840
SPD: 150 + 225 = 375
CON: 167 + 250 = 417
END: 152 + 228 = 380
INT: 155
Mana: 3,757.5/4175

W: Permafrost
Earrings: Pyaar Earrings
Necklace: Slayers Necklace
Companion: Benimaru
Pouch: Rune knight’s badge
Modification: Mhardoc’s blood

Spell 'used':

The Sweetest Red Drink [Dark Raid] VuTlmH6

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“Roar of the Spark”

‘Fieros Girdle…’

This name rang through Sho’s mind as he sat on Slim Jim's back flying through the air. He was roughly 40 meters off the ground, Slim Jim weaving in between smoke trails so as not to let Sho breathe it in. Little did Slim Jim know Sho had become accustomed to smoke and the heated air due to his new hobby of smoking. Or maybe it was a gift from his new fancy pipe he acquired before heading over to this fiery location. He reached into his vest pocket and pulled out a flask with his special brew. He unscrewed the cap and began to drink from it. He was still a couple of meters out from the meeting point. There was a reason Sho came to this god-forsaken place there were rumors of an invader taking refuge here. There were battles taking place all over Fiore and Sho wasn’t going to miss out on a battle with one of them. Supposedly they were strong, like really strong and he couldn’t help himself. Even when facing oblivion Sho smiled he was consumed with Joy. He was going to make a name for himself one way or the other.

As they approached a small village, Sho felt it, an overwhelming pressure, enough to make him almost drop his flask. He grabbed his chest twisting his cloak while taking a deep breath. He knew he was in the right place due to his electroreception picking up several signatures as they began their descent to 35 meters above the village. Slim Jim circled and Sho looked off to the side to see a red-haired woman holding someone by their chest. He couldn’t make out finer details just yet but he could feel them. Mapping out the area in a 50-meter radius. Two other powerful energy signatures registered one familiar and the other unknown. They were 35 meters from the red-haired woman. Sho returned the flask to his vest pocket after screwing the top back on. He was a bit buzzed but very aware of the danger that he was going to dive into head first. Sho got up and balanced himself on the back of Slim Jim.

Slim Jim flew overhead casting a visible shadow over the area. As he flew over, “Stay far away buddy no need for you to get caught up in this.” Sho took a step off of Slim Jim from 35 meters causing him to free fall. He let himself fall for a moment enjoying the rush. He then turned his body towards the ground and began to pick up speed. He flew head first like a rocket towards the area. Upon reaching ten meters from the ground he turned his body so he would land feet first on the ground five meters directly behind the two who arrived on the scene before Sho. He hit the ground causing a torrent of dust and debris to kick up. He created a decent-sized crater upon landing. Sho landed in the almost crouching position he stood up and walked out of the crater he left. His smile became grim as his perception of everything around him became extremely clear. He looked around to see the ruins of a small village. Charred remains, bloody bodies littered the area, and destroyed remains.

As he walked closer to the other two he recognized one of them, it was Lucretia the other was a well-known criminal. He belonged to Eternal Nightmare, Odin’s Guild. Sho knew Odin as they shared drinks together before he passed. So out of respect, he wouldn’t engage the man, at least not now. There was a bigger threat standing right in front of them. Sho was usually a very easy-going and happy individual so this was a first for him. He had no respect for those who would inflict harm on those who could not defend themselves. For the first time in a long time, he felt himself slipping into a rage. A shadow was cast over his face as he looked down trying to gather himself before looking into the eyes of the woman standing before them. Energy began to seep from him, a menacing aura that could be felt by everyone in the area. It was a killing intent toward the person who inflicted all this pain and suffering. Sho had never bloodied his hands but today that might change.

The Sweetest Red Drink [Dark Raid] NsIUWak

"Breath of Death"

Sho could feel himself slipping at that moment it took everything not to rush in at that very moment a just let loose everything to bring this person down. The devil's grin appeared from the shadow cast by his cloak. He began to speak, in a calm manner, prepared to move at a moment's notice. “Why? These people did nothing to you? Why not go after people who can fight?” He clenched his gauntlets causing electricity to dance all over his body. He was seconds away from just activating everything and rushing toward her but he knew he couldn’t do it alone. Sho’s brain went into overdrive thinking of all the possible ways he could team up with these two and deal with this threat. The issue was he was unaware of what this invader could do but part of Sho didn’t care he just wanted to put his hands on this woman.

“Whoever you are, you are going to die here.”


Battle Stuff:

#5Jikan the Merciless 

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Jikan the Merciless
There she stood, her hand through man's chest, heart in palm. As soon as she did this though, she smelt something. One...two...three. Each with their own distinct smell, each with their own being that caused her senses to pick them up. A few smaller creatures that felt more like prey. Non combatants. Beyond them were the three, all feeling like...sacrifices. Sweet sacrifices. Each one similar but, different. Different from the faces she had known in her world. Whoever they were, they were within her realm now. She pulled her hand back, the heart bleeding in her hand still. Throbbing and pumping as her man's body feel with a thud. Her lips licking the splat of blood that was closest to her lips as she turned her attention towards the trio, her 3 meter height a monstrous difference to anyone who knew of her other half in this world.

"Doppelganger? No...no I am much more than that disgrace. She is weak where I am strong. I AM CALAMITY", she said with a demonic smile, the muscles of the face tightened, the skin  lifted close to the corners of the mouth. A deep crimson red on her lips, blood. Her white skin hot with the undertone of heat, malice, and destruction. "Either way....I'm happy for more sacrifices and prey", she said with a giggle, the smile never falling from her lips. It was long, eerie, sick.

One by one they showed up; a being with four arms, a white furred humanoid werewolf, and another being with their face clouded in darkness. What thrill of battle and blood laid before her? She did not know, but she hoped it was better that those waves of solider and mages that they had sent before. They didn't...fill her appetite. Regardless if the body counts worked in her favor. She came her to kill 1.5 million people. That blood bath was barely of a drop in the puddle for her and her goal.

The beating hurt slowed as they came, slowly, losing its sound, its color, its life. .........it stopped. And was immediately crushed in her hand, the blood and life flowing to the ground. "If this world belongs to you, I will just have to make you kneel and take it the won't I?~", she responded to Erebus in her eerie sweet sing song voice. Her head tilting slightly to the right as she spoke back to the four armed man. "Either way, as long as I kill, ehehhehehehehe, I. Don't. Care!!!".

After saying this to Erebus, Lucretia came into view. Sliding up to the warrior without a word. "Well hello little dog. Have you come to kneel and join my pack?", she said before seeing Lucretia draw her weapon. "No? Well....", she flexed her left hand, her demonic arm burning with mana and malice. "It means nothing to me, more for my plans".

Her smile grew, somehow still on her face. She could feel the last one coming. They were in the air, descending. Her eyes watched them all as he hit the ground behind them. Making a loud unmistakable sound that caused dust, earth, and heat to flush from the ground in a wave. A crater fitting him to the melting ground that was a combination of Fieros Girdle's environment and this Jikan's magic. Cooking them all like a sauna but for now, doing them no harm. Her tilted head went back to its upright position as the fellow walked out of the crater. Charred remains, weapons, armors, bodies. Bloody some were, other the heat and moister long ago gone out of them, leaving only crumbled shells of what they were before. Wood, stone, and brick homes on fire. The wolf and four arm was 35 meters in front of her, the cloaked man was 40 meters away.


"They. Were. Alive. Everyone can fight. Everyone will. Just because they are bad at it does not mean they are free from it. Bodies are bodies my naive man. And I. Need. More", she giggled again, the demonic smile pleased and alive. Overjoyed. The hatred, angst, uncertainty, the blood lust. These senses from these free.  They all fed her so sweetly. The volcano behind her in the far distance exploded again. Fire burning the sky red, a smoke hugging and choking the ground. The heat that radiated sizzled and somehow burned. A dead life in them that was so intense and stiff, it somehow chilled to the bone. A smothering reach that gave no one mercy as it threatened to swallow them hold and grab them by their neck. Her hunger for life unrelenting.

"Now.....feed...Me....MORE!!", she said taking steps forward towards them all decreasing their respective distances by 1 meter. "COME, SHOW ME LIFE", she demanded, reaching behind her back and taking her shield into her left hand.



Race perks:

Active effects:

Luffy's Straw Hat-

Stupid, Not Scared: The user is unaffected by Fear modifiers.
Fool's Tenacity: The potential of Debuff-type spells is reduced by two ranks against the user.
Conqueror's Haki: The user decreases the attributes of every foe in the topic by 1% per 1000 reputation that they have up to a maximum of 20%.

Luchador's Belt-

Lucha Libre: The user cannot be knocked back.
Steel Skin: The user does not receive damage to their Endurance while still receiving damage to their Constitution. The skin of the user cannot be pierced, slashed, burned etc. While they do still receive damage, it makes them impervious to the additional damage that might come into play from such hits.

Note: Dark World Calamity robe is different below are its effects

+95 Str
+70 Con

Aura of Crazed Malice: You return two ranks lower of the damage you receive on your item to the target while still receiving damage to your item. This may only be applied to weapons and armor.

#6Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

When Erebus heard the others enter the fray, a black mist trailed over his body. His Bone Ring glowing a subtle purple as the action occurred. Then, as if gearing for war itself, two strangers took places against the Dark Universe Raider as well. He kept his eyes narrow, trained and glued upon the Merciless High Wolf, whom was still clenching the heart at this time— crushing the dead man’s last beating memories into nothingness. She was mocking them— the unliving, and Erebus could hear the dead of souls around her, invisible to her mortal conception; screaming, writhing in agony amongst the flames which danced in the backdrop. These souls couldn’t pass on now, taken too soon. It was the natural cycle to pass over, but to be stripped of life as a forced departure, such things forever separate us by dimension from our loved ones. It was a cruel fate, and only made Erebus seep deeper into his bloodlust. If he had any doubts at all, avenging those souls would be enough to throw doubt aside.

Erebus was familiar with limbo. Such was the spell of all things that died and his mission to this reality, a place only Caius as far as Erebus knew was able to commune with. Erebus was hung up listening to the ghosts in limbo, and it quite irritated him on a daily basis when they couldn’t pass over. Another mess like this and the War God wouldn’t be able to expel the voices from his dome.

Erebus first noticed Lucretia’s shadow, whilst it danced in the orange light on the ground in front of himself, he could already tell she was large— likely having transformed the same way he saw her last time at the Spiral. Then he heard Sho’s voice a few moments after, rather than mistake that moment of entrance as desperation for help, Erebus turned up the pressure and used it to storm forward, showing that he was not one for holding back the violence or needing permission to go ahead and begin. Erebus lunged instantly 17m closer halving his distance from Jikan the Merciless as she spoke. Erebus had moved diagonally to be set on the side of Jikan that she was using her gauntlet, not the shield.

This Jikan seemed to believe it was a greater entity than the humble warrioress of their universe, Erebus disagreed. While yes, quite alike they may be, but the woman he knew and helped in the Hellseas’ seemed less twisted in nature... Erebus made sure that as he dashed in that minuscule amount of time (First action), that he positioned himself diagonal to the location he previously was. Which moved him out of Sho’s way, hopefully the event would appear like a blur and be an ample enough distraction if Jikan had looked away from the Nightmare Guildmaster.

One indisputable thing that couldn’t be ignored was how large Jikan was in her form. However intimidating, it did give Erebus a valid indicator of his danger zones. Firstly, her arms were each being about five feet in length. Normally this wouldn’t be such a good thing, but for Erebus it was almost beneficial in a fight when his enemies could not actively reach him, and clearly— Jikan was just shy of being the one with that advantage. Ere knew that he also had that much length in his club, plus the two and a half feet in his arms only meant more. So where she had a size boost, Erebus was still putting up a solid distance factor for her to get through and he knew such minor details would help him as he continued through this war with her.

Should Jikan have activated a spell at him in such a short time, Erebus easily had the strength to move his weapons out of his frontline and thrust his dagger forward to turn any damaging magic to dust. Which would aide him in making his path inwards toward the beast. If nothing else, Erebus had another trick up his sleeve that he would be willing to play. Nonetheless, as he landed, the rogue would stop only for a split instance, and lunge again. Coming to a stop just shy of 1.5m from Jikan’s side body, this would mean that Erebus was just out of her punch radius, but she was not outside of his swing radius. Macuahuitl had been outstretched on his lunge and came into landing with him already swinging from the bottom of the ground upward, it would also pull forth rocks and burnt wood that flung themselves upward from the destroyed wreckage, caking her as she felt the effects of the battle begin. If the damage landed clean, it would split against her CON and equipment evenly. The attack was styled as an uppercut, meant mostly to distract the foe by pulling one’s eyes down to the side and at the floor where the initial sweep begins, after it did that, the weapons cleaves diagonally from the lower right to the left shoulder, most realize the attack’s swiftness and tend block it— but in this situation, Erebus wanted Jikan to block, because it assured he would get to stab where he wanted with the spear.

In the meantime of the club’s strike, if Jikan tried to catch the item or deflect the club’s swing away, Erebus would thrust his spear forward into the Werewolve’s Midas Glove— in the best case of events, that would be before the Werewolf could touch Ere’s jagged weapon. In the worst of cases, it would happen at the very moment Jikan did. Either to disrupt the counter-measure as it formed... or if she did nothing at all, damage her hand with the rod’s length. After that, Erebus would lunge to the side again, only now his feet actually pulled him to a retreat as he moved and to the area opposite of where she was forward facing, this would pull her attention off the other two if she chose this path (moved behind Jikan, to her backside) 5m.

Now safely away from the target’s immediate response. Erebus should have moved himself effectively around her position, covering her at the six, if she had to trace his movements, she would need to pivot her entire body around 180 degrees in order to track and stay on Erebus.

As soon as he is 5m behind her and his position is secured, if he hadn’t already grabbed and used his dagger, Erebus would equip it to his free hand slot. Prepared to time his next attacks against the Werewolf, Erebus would maintain the ability to react accordingly to changes as they occurred.

WC: 1704

Name: Bone Purge
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: The user must be a non-mage
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: -
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user emits smog across their body which purifies them and removes all Debuffs being used on them.


1) Bone Purge - Activated
2) Lunge 1 || to 17m
3) Lunge 2 || to 15-16m (within melee range)
4) Strike once for 1xS against armor, 1xS against CON
5) Follow-up Assegai 2xS against Midas Gauntlet
6) Lunge 3 || to the side behind Jikan at 5m

#7Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
The last member of their merry little band ended up being someone that lucretia wasn’t expecting to see again so soon. Her eyes flicked to him as he landed and the woman couldn’t help but have a smile creep onto her face; she didn’t like how this jikan was acting and didn’t like the cut of their jib compared to the friend that she knew was oh so far away from this situation. The wave of bloodlust that radiated off of sho; someone that she considered probably a chill and earnest individual was… actually a bit surprising. Her hand twisted on her sword and she’d shoot Benimaru a glance as the spirit came to rest beside her one of it’s tassels brushing against her hip.

Join her pack? No. Absolutely not; that was something that she refused to do. She was already part of a group and wouldn’t even think of stooping so low. She didn’t bother to give an answer to that question. Her posture, her stance and her emotions were clear. This jikan didn’t earn her respect like the others and the way that they treated individuals, innocent individuals didn’t sit right with lucretia.

With Erebus closing the distance during the speech that jikan was giving, Lucretia followed suit. Compared to one another Jikan and Lucretia were practically the same size as one another from what she could tell. But where Jikan seemed to have a fist weapon Lucretia toted a huge reach with her blade. Her first leap forward was quickly followed by a smaller one. In which at the end of it once her momentum had stopped she’d bring her weapon up and over to slam it down in a helm splitting cleave.

Benimaru would do his best to follow his master and when he closed in just a moment after would look to slash at the feet of the Monstrous being that claimed to be calamity. Not as strong as his master nor the fellows that fought as allies to her he still would leave a deep mark…

WC: 343

Combat stuff:
STR: 264 + 396 [PWT] + 120 [weapon] + 60 [Earrings] = 840
SPD: 150 + 225 = 375
CON: 167 + 250 = 417
END: 152 + 228 = 380
INT: 155
Mana: 3,340/4175

W: Permafrost
Earrings: Pyaar Earrings
Necklace: Slayers Necklace
Companion: Benimaru
Pouch: Rune knight’s badge
Modification: Mhardoc’s blood

Spell used


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Sho couldn’t stand it his anger was welling up for the first time in a long time. He had never experienced this feeling, he started to feel hot. Hotter than usual, his mana was spiking something was happening to him at that moment as she spoke her words. Every passing moment she said Sho got angrier. His grimace turned into a smile as it was beginning at that very moment.

Steam came from his mouth ever so slightly as electricity began to flow wildly from his body. The ground cracked and electricity lashed out. The words “I AM CALAMITY” rang out, hitting Sho’s ears it was a trigger for him. “If you are calamity then I am The End.” He didn’t know why those words left his lips but at the same time said it. His hair began to flow and turn white two horns erupted from beneath the bandana, conducting electricity between them. His eyes went pitch black and his pupil turned a bright yellow giving off a glowing aura. Claws erupted from the gauntlets and a tail slithered it way out from under the cloak. Then suddenly he could feel everything living and nonliving in a 100-meter radius at that moment.

Then instinctively as the two dashed off to fight Sho activated two more spells that would aid him in battle. He placed his fist over his chest under his cloak causing a yellow magical circle to appear under him then following that slapped his bicep still keeping eyes trained on the three in front of him just in case a spell was sent his way. This activated another spell causing his muscles to give off a faint red glow. He was effectively stronger despite the overwhelming aura flowing from Jikan from such close proximity. Sho felt himself get weaker ever so slightly but that was offset by all of the energy and mana released at that moment.

He was tapping into his true power for the first time. No time like the present than to go all out against a worthy opponent. Especially someone who threatened the very existence of Fiore. Erebus banked to her gauntlet side before unleashing a torrent of attacks Lucretia was attacking with a cleaving attack. Sho took a hard step forward pressing all of his weight into the ground to get into position. He shot off moving across 40 meters leaving nothing but broken ground behind him. It would take him roughly four seconds to reach top speed which by then the other two would have landed their attacks and Jikan would have to act to keep from getting overwhelmed in an instant. He moved in the opposite direction of Erebus before Jikan could finish her banter. No need to listen to any more ramblings of a madwoman. By the time he would have gotten there Jikan would have no doubt moved her position. She wouldn’t just stand there and take it no doubt.

Sho prepared for the worst. Sho placed himself five meters away from Jikan’s right side and he jumped two meters off the ground using his momentum he then flexed his right claw hand and thrust it at Jikan causing a magical circle to appear on his hand. With his fingertip pointed directly at Jikan’s head he fired off the bolt causing it to arc from above the air downward and aimed directly at Jikan’s skull. This bolt moved at 25 m/s across the air with a size of 2 diameters in size with a pointed tip for maximum damage. He would then continue through the air placing himself off to the right seven meters behind Jikan.

609 WC

Battle Stuff:

#9Jikan the Merciless 

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Jikan the Merciless
Two people 35 meters away, One person 40 meters away. The battle was on and people were on the move. Leading the charge against their invasion, Erebus. The fellow that appeared first among them and whom Jikan the Merciless spoke alone to. The words ‘I am Calamity’, only reaching his ears at first. Dry banter was exchanged from her to them as each had arrived. Words, appearance words, and another. Between them the topics of Who the world belonged to, pack members, and why she did what she did individually; answering the last member to join, Sho’s comments. Jikan the Merciless had begun to answer the man, but as that man had opened his mouth Erebus went on the move and thus caused Jikan to change her planned response. The movements of all three warriors within her line of sight due to the far distance between them.

Instead of just standing there, talking, and then moving closer as if this was some friendly introduction, Jikan would instead stick her right hand out at Erebus while he was in the middle of his lunge, from her position 35 meters away from him. Sho would take up some sort of transformation as this happened that made him look more demonic, an interesting development. Erebus moved 17 meters, the action shortening the distance between Erebus and Jikan to 18 meters. Sho, was still located at his previous location 40 meters away. (1st Second mark, Jikan Hell’s Blades activated, Erebus first lunge, Luc/Ben hasn’t moved yet? Sho activated his demon soul). [1]

As she stuck out her right hand towards Erebus located on the right, she would keep her left hand up with her shield protecting the other side of her body, her magic would activate. Out of her right hand a red 4 meter magic circle would be formed in front of her palm. Out of the magic circle 16 flame swords would shoot out at once, each 1 meter in size. 4 would aim for Erebus’ torso all at different locations across his body. 8 would aim for his arms, 2 flame swords for each limb. And 4 aiming at his legs in motion, 2 flame swords going for his legs respectively. The flame swords would travel 20 meters per second, traveling as far as 25 meter. Each magic flame sword would deal D rank damage upon impact. And have an after burn that would linger on Erebus’ targeted body if they were all successful, dealing D rank damage each at a later point for each flame projectile that landed. Since Erebus was in mid motion with his lunge headed towards the path she had set out her attack. It would be hard for the Fiore defender to evade this attack unless he had a way to block or interact with the spell.

After Erebus started his lunge forward, Lucretia moved as well in a lunge of her own. Charging forward towards Jikan the Merciless moving 22.5 meters in those 2 seconds for their lunge. Her companion followed suit, not moving as fast as his master, but he did his best moving 15 meters in his lunge. The action shortening the distance between Luc and Jikan from 35 meters to 12.5 meters, and Benimaru to Jikan by 20 Meters. Safe to say Jikan the Merciless was not about to stand still while a foe as large as herself began to make way towards her. So as the momentum of Lucretia’s/Ben’s lunge began and the momentum of Erebus’ second lunge stopped. Jikan would step backwards in the start of a run, moving 8.75 meters per second, her left leg extending in front and away from her body while her right began the motion to propel her body back in a run.

The position of all three warriors still in front of her from several meters away, thus making all of their actions within her line of sight. Due to this, Jikan the Merciless was able to witness Sho place a fist over his chest and a yellow cloak of lightning to wrap around him. Some sort of magical enchantment probably, what type she had no idea. The backwards run from Jikan the Merciless increased the distance between Jikan the Merciless and Erebus to 25.75 meters, Jikan the Merciless and Lucretia to 21.25 meters, Jikan to Benimaru to 28.75 meters, and Jikan the Merciless and Sho to 48.75 meters. During this stepping motion, Jikan the Merciless would activate a second spell using the leg she first moved with. [2]

A 32 meter red magic circle would form extending from her leg, expanding towards Erebus who was 15 meters, Lucretia who was 9.5 meters, and Benimaru who was 17 meters away as the magic circle expanded to surround them . Her verbal response to Sho continuing as normal dialogue wise as she spoke while this occurred. Due to current placements, Erebus body was within the magic circle diameter as well as Lucretia and Benimaru, while Sho was 8 meters away from the magic spell circle. The magic circle would stay at its formed position as Jikan moved away, being shifted by the motion of a finger to move and keep both Erebus and Lucretia within its range if needed if they chose to move. She would continue her movement backwards, increasing her running speed to 17.5 meters per second.

Given that by the time the spell went off Lucretia’s and Ben’s lunge would have ended, and their bodies would have to come to a stop. It would be likely that the Werewolf Rune Knight and her companion would be stuck within the spells 32 by 32 cube dimension. Erebus would be within this spell dimension as well, and due to the size and the speed of the spell going off, if he continued to start his second lunge towards Jikan the Merciless, he would likely suffer damage as well. If he attempted to lunge in a different direction away he may be able to avoid it, but due to the spell’s speed being faster than his lunge speed and the entrapment from all angels. It would be a hard press task to run away from this attack. While this occurred, Sho activated yet another spell, slapping one of their biceps with their hand, causing a faint red glow to cover their muscles. Those hit by this 32 meter wide spell would receive A rank damage. [3]

If all was said and true, and nothing changed after the warriors commitment to their first lunges. The flow of events would run. After facing the attacks thrown at them. Erebus would have lunged again for a second time, shortening the distance between him and Jikan the Merciless from 43.25 to 28.25 meters, Lucretia would have shorterend her distance to Jikan the Merciless 45.75 to 23.25 meters, the distance between Benimaru and Jikan changing from 17 meters to 34.5 meters, and Sho from the current distance before this second from 48.75 meters to 66.25 meters.

However, within the current threads of fate, Sho would act if nothin’ changed, and start running towards Jikan the Merciless, running 10 meters per second in this second. Changing the distance between her and him to 56.25 meters. Given that he started his run after the AoE Spell activated, he would be unharmed but witness the aftermath of the attack if the warriors in front of him were not able to defend themselves. Erebus attacked with the motion of his lunge being nowhere near the red headed invader [4 ] (Erebus’ second lunge coming to an end, Lucretia and Benimaru’s second lunge starting, Sho started his run( 10 meters per second). If nothing changes Erebus, Luc, and Ben are hit. 2nd second of Jikan’s run (17.5).

If Sho continued to run, his speed would increase to 20 meters per second, shortening his distance to 36.25 meters. Lucretia’s second lunge would come to an end, her position 23.25 meters away from Jikan the Merciless, as well as Benimaru’s who would be 34.5 meters away from Jikan the Merciless. If Erebu’s action continued after his attacks missed and his attempts to shorten the distance, he would be 21.25 meters away having only moved 5 meters. If he was facing Jikan or not would be up to the Eternal Nightmare and his reaction to the string of events. [5]

If Sho continued his old plans based on Jikan the Merciless old position from his distance of 21.25 meters away. Following up reaching this distance to jump into the air and cast his spell. Jikan would have shifted her weight, running to the right continuing her acceleration, moving 26.25 meters per second. Furthering the distance between all of the Fiore warriors. Likely moving fast enough to dodge his spell’s attack. But seeing the trajectory of the spell, she would raise her right hand to cover her head. Ready to punch the spell out of existence. At this point, if Erebus actions had stayed the same his 5 meter lunge would have come to an end. If unchanged, his back towards Jikan. Lucretia and Benimaru would be at their target location and find that Jikan the Merciless was several meters away. [6, 7]

After casting his spell, Sho body was move in the air(?), traveling 12 meters closer to Jikan. The Red headed invader would continue to use the wide range of space and their front position in relation to her to see all of their movements. Ready to act and respond. [8]


[1] Having talk being interrupted, Jikan the Merciless uses her right hand to cast a spell towards Erebus during his lunge, activating Hell’s Blades. Total 1xS attempt to Erebus
[2] Seeing Erebus and Lucretia close in, Jikan retreats backwards(8.75) to have a wide range of sight. During this time she activates AoE spell Hell’s Blades: Unlimited Works. 1xA to all three.
[3] AoE spell Hell’s Blades: Unlimited Works goes off, Jikan continues to move back.( 17.5)
[4] Attempt to claim hits Erebus, Luc, and Benimaru with current timeline. Sho started running and wasn't within time to get hit.
[5] Erebus 3rd lunge start, Luc 2nd lunge end, Ben 2nd lunge end, Sho’s acceleration at 2nd second of running)
[6, 7] 6, Erebus third lunge ends, currently Luc and Ben aren’t moving anymore and try to attack but are too far away to hit. Sho jumps into the air preparing to attack. 7, Erebus puts spellslasher in his free hand if he hadn’t already due to above actions, no planned actions from Luc and Ben, Sho activates Stun Gun. Assuming Sho attacked at this point due to old location his attack would have missed. If not, Jikan would use her hand position to her head to cancel out his spell using nullification.
[8] Sho moved while his body was already in the air, not…sure how? If he moves 2 meters in the air and then continues to move 12 meters forward as I thought that was 2 different things and I see no flight or movement spell or effect activated. I’m probably missing something so let me know.

Spells used:

Magic costs:
Hell's Blades- 300
Hell's Blades Unlimited Works- 200 x 3 (Ere, Luc, Ben) = 900
If Midas is indeed used bc can't dodge spell aimed at head = 200

total: 1400

Mana: 6,025 / 7,425




Race perks:

Active effects:

#10Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

As Jikan ignited a spell seal before Erebus, time seemed to stop for him so that he may collect his thoughts. His eyes were attuned to combat, the wisened Grandmaster of Daggers. Erebus seems to watch as color is torn from all around his view, and he is viewing things in black and white— the sixteen blades harmlessly passed through him, landing all at once but harrowingly avoiding his outstretched weapons. The fact that the damage was a measly D-rank was especially handy, in that it meant the Nihlatak’s Courpsemourn need only a small fair of mana to cross connect it’s wearer to the realm of purgatory.

Since the blades were traveling to different limbs, some would stab the earth and dissipate, the others would need arcing hand motions to travel further, and with Erebus already heading forward, time stood back, and he was upon the location Jikan was preparing to lunge from, only now? Erebus had further opportunity to chase the Werewolf down, the trumpets of the Gods began their song, and Erebus kicked his feet harder, traveling his lunge speed towards Jikan as she went backwards, being that Erebus had already attempted to connect connect at the location with his Macuahuitl, it would now be used mid-lunge, sweeping the target’s leg from the lower right, and traveling upward where to the shoulder, where Erebus then held the arm back and outstretched with his strength, in lethal balance with his inner instinct Erebus takes both hands of his spear and attempts jabbing inwards upon the Midas Glove once, perhaps pushing the forearm back now as well. Keeping the monster’s ability to point down at him successfully away.

At this time, Jikan was just before her lunge and would move backwards dividing a space between Erebus and herself. This would not last long, as Erebus pushed the presssure again lunging after her.  Erebus follows her down to his max radius and speed of his at lunges at 17.5m/s towards the location Jikan ends at moving herself backwards at 17.5m, in this time, Jikan would land an instant before Erebus and have just enough time to pound her foot against the ground igniting yet another seal. As said, Erebus would move his dagger into his hand, now simultaneously he pulls both his larger weapons to the side, out of his frontlines and snaps a vertical jab with the dagger blade 1.5x times the swing-speed of another dagger wielder against the traveling 2m by 2m by 1m line of Fire traveling forward. When the dagger grazed the spell it erupted the flames into a smoke cloud of magical brown dust, further causing the 32m magic circle to fail it’s ignition and send the swords down upon them after, since they needed an extra second to come down at 20m/s.

Erebus would continue his lunge inwards and hope to connect with Jikan as he stops his lunge.

If Erebus reaches Jikan the Merciless after Jikan’s spell is negated, he attempts to strike at the Midas Glove with Macuahuitl, his golden spear would come from the lower left angle traveling at a diagonal arc towards the user’s large belt, dealing 2x S to the Luchador Belt— if successful.


Name: Nihlatak's Limbo Lingering
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Nihlatak's Corpsemourn
Type: Supplementary
Element: Darkness
Range: Self
Cooldown: -
Duration: Instant
Effect: Even though the user cannot directly enter limbo, they can do it temporarily. This allows the user to let moves phase through them. It costs a certain amount of mana to let a certain amount of damage phase through. The cooldown applies in general. This means that during the cooldown, the user cannot use this spell at all.
S - 500MP to let it phase through, 4 cooldown.
(-2 CD reduction, 2 CD remaining.)

Seven Stalker's Spellstopper: The weapon can disintegrate spells upon hitting them. The wielder must pay the same amount of mana as the spell they are hitting to disintegrate it. // -500MP or -1000MP(?)

Mana: 2200/3400
Bone Purge - CD: 2

1) Erebus’ cape phases him through for S-rank damage, since you stated the spell was a sword attack all at once pinning swords to my limbs, and since I am guessing they home with hand commands, that means they’re all moving as an AoE of sorts. Should they all end up passing through me, some would inevitably connect with the ground, the others would have to be maneuvered around to chase me, but they need to be able to turn and before that happens my initial attacks would be going off and weren’t defended against.

2) Since it’s a new chain of events and Erebus can’t get behind Jikan as he initially thought, he would instead opt to maintain a close range with her until he can seize a moment of advantage, that means with his lunge back up to thrice per post, he can chase Jikan as she jumps back. (He chases to the full distance, however many that may be with a total of up to 52.5m)

3) I think my calculations could be off slightly, but I believe Erebus would be coming towards Jikan the Merciless and be 4.5m away when she stomps her foot and sends the arch of fire up, Erebus would see the seal first, thus pulling his weapons to the side to slash & negate the fire. Since the fire doesn’t really go off via being negated, I would assume the following swords that flood-in and around us don’t go off either.

4) Attacking for -1x S to Midas Glove, -1x S against the limb beneath it.

5) Attempting damage of -2xS towards the target’s Luchador Belt from Shaka Zulu’s Assegai, at the waistline.

Last edited by Erebus Gresham on Mon Sep 26, 2022 7:52 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : D to S damage phase fix)

#11Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Lucretia often found that her lack of range was her undoing and this was definitely one of those times that she believed that if she had practiced with her magic like so many other mages that she likely would have had an easier time of things. She would have felt the touch of the other’s magic for a brief moment but Erebus dissipated it with one of their weapons. An impressive feat and made her wonder just what the weapon was called. It was rare to find something like that even in museums now days.

Finding that she was a few meters away, both her and benimaru were left a little wanting. The way that this jikan fought didn’t really remind her of this dimensions Jikan. But then again her and Jikan had never really fought for keeps had they? Lucretia started forward; just as she did Benimaru would point their blade at Jikan, a purple beam leaping from the end of the katana in an effort to hit her square in the chest.

If this beam struck it’d deal 1xS to whatever it hit; while Lucretia closed the distance between her and Jikan. Sure it’d take a few precious seconds to close the distance but given her speed that would be fine. She wasn’t about to let Jikan continue to dance away from her; that would just end poorly in the long run of things.

She’d look to make a powerful overhead swing from top to bottom against Jikan; if Permafrost hit Jikan would find that it had a deadly property that the blade didn’t really give a hint of…

[WC: 271]

-Lucretia closes the distance, looking to pursue if Jikan continues movement to make her attack.
-Benimaru fires Spectral Cutter at Jikan, Attempting to hit her with 1xS damage to the chest.
-If luc successfully gap closes she makes an attack of 3xS directly to Jikan's con. [Armor penetrating]

Combat stuff:
STR: 264 + 396 [PWT] + 120 [weapon] + 60 [Earrings] = 840 [3xS Rank]
SPD: 150 + 225 = 375 [17.5 m/s, 35 m/s]
CON: 167 + 250 = 417 [5xS Rank, 8 posts, Lunge x4 a post]
END: 152 + 228 = 380 [3xS rank]
INT: 155
Mana: 2,922.5/4175

Remaining HP: 5xs

Benimaru's Mana: 1500/2000

W: Permafrost [2xS]
Earrings: Pyaar Earrings [3xS]
Necklace: Slayers Necklace
Companion: Benimaru [4xS]
Pouch: Rune knight’s badge
Modification: Mhardoc’s blood


Spell Sustained:

Benimaru spell:


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[Rewinding a bit cause Jikan’s actions changed so mine would too]

After activating his spells Sho began to run as the other two engaged on the target. Jikan was making her move as well. She unleashed a unholy spell upon the land, Sho could feel the energy swirling in that instant a lot of things were happening all at once. Sho managed to reel himself in for a moment but that didn’t stop his body from moving. As Jikan moved backwards and the other two gave chase. Sho figured he would take a different approach from his two other companions. He began to run the moment her spell flared up. He was well out of range of the initial attacks but he still had a lot of ground to cover very quickly if he wanted to contribute to this fight in any meaningful way. Sho picked a direction and took off in it racing to reach top speeds. He knew he had to hustle to catch up to the other three. Sprinting with all of his might it would take four seconds roughly to get to top speeds. Even as condition as he was he still had some time gaining speed.

Sho was racing against the clock a lot could happen in four seconds. In four seconds Sho would reach top speed and cross the field running till he hit his top speed of 40 m/s a second with his speed. He felt the Gs of his new found speed hit him across the face. He was still well aware of his surroundings even while moving at that speed. He charged forward but then cut right too move around in a circular motion to get to the outside of Jikan. He moved around the three in a circular motion to get behind Jikan as she moved backwards while attacking. He was 20 meters away from the three while he circled around moving at 40 m/s a second. All Sho could do was watch from a distance keeping a steady 20 meters on the outside.

335 WC

Battle Stuff:

#13Jikan the Merciless 

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Jikan the Merciless
timeline breakdown before post:

Intro: Since everyone is caught up now in timeline. Actions have happened and continue from here.

Due to her movement and timeline, Jikan is 26.25 meters away from Erebus when he would try to strike her, attacks planned are misses. Due to flow of events she continues running while Erebus lunges, resulting in an increase of the distance as well.
Benimaru's Spectral Cutter spell misses due to Jikan starting point distance during their action (6th second mark) out of their spell range of 25 meters.
Luc isn’t close enough to strike during her actions so miss as well.
Ground 0 here and new timeline since everyone is caught up(after 8th second mark).
Erebus starts 70 meters away from Jikan to her diagonal left.
Luc is 42.25 meters away from Jikan, to her left. Chasing after Jikan
Ben is 110 meters, diagonal left to Jikan
Sho is 5 meters away from Jikan math wise, to her left as well, trying to get behind her. (however since Jikan turned right and ran, and Sho was going in a circular path, I think he may be able to get around her at that distance. So Sho can do that in his post position wise if he wishes.)

Reminder btw Jikan is running, not lunging


Time danced and it flowed. The blur of actions transpiring as fire burned. Lava sizzled as it landed on the ground in the far distance away from combat. The fog of smoke around but not limiting sight. The Fiore defenders acted, chasing after the invader Jikan the Merciless in their own ways of strategy.

Erebus took the lead, his previous lunge coming to the end. The hell swords coming his way ready to burn him and slash where they could. The skilled assassin was perceptive and adaptive though. It was otherworldly and truly special. A magic activating while their body was in motion, allowing all of the 16 flaming swords to pass through his body without harming him. Slicing the air and landing in the ground. Sho stood in the back his transformation into something demonic and powerful starting and ending in that moment.

It was only a start of the chest pieces moving in the art of war. Lunges, movements, weapons used to counter and nullify magic. All it all though it was a chaotic event. For every movement that Erebus and Lucretia moved to lunge closer. The distance between them and Jikan the Merciless who was running and watching to strike, only increased. For the longest time, the only one able to shorten their distance in comparison to the red haired werewolf, was the magically empowered Starscourge. Sho. Benimaru ended up being left in the distance, their master passing by quickly in her run, ending her lunge and choosing to move in a different manner. The pet tried to lend aid, casting a magical spell from his sword. A purple beam flying forward 2 by 2 in size. Alas, the pet was far too away from its target to come close to her. Phasing out of existence all too short.

It was just one moment of the strikes attempted by the squad. Some attack plans were adapted and changed to continue pursuit. Others continue, falling short like Benimaru’s, resulting in a miss due to the distance being out of reach of their melee or spells. In the flaming dance of the battle in this field, time flowed again. Jikan the Merciless was currently in a run moving 26.25 meters per second headed to her right. Her body twisted, upper body gazed at Erebus who was 70 meters away; to Jikan’s diagonal left. Her head turned where it could while she moved, keeping Erebus’ form in her line of sight while she moved like before. Erebus was currently motionless, his body halted and stopped from his series of lunges.

Benimaru was to Jikan’s diagonal left as well, but 110 meters away. His master, Lucretia, had pursued Jikan the Merciless in a run after completing her previous lunges. Following Jikan as she had moved back, and then following her to the right, when Jikan had shifted her run. Ending with the werewolf of justice was currently 42.25 meters away from Jikan. Chasing Jikan the Merciless, traveling 26.25 meters per second currently in her run, matching Jikan the Merciless’ current running speed.

The speed master of this duel; Sho. Blurred past his three campaigns; passing Benimaru, Erebus, and Lucretia as Jikan the Merciless retreated backwards and casted her magic. As the other three on Sho’s side tried their best to reach the slippery fox, the speedster managed to get closer and closer. When Jikan the Merciless shifted to the right, Sho’s running pace of 40 meters and his distance allowed him to be the closest. He charged forward but then cut right to move around in a circular motion to get to the outside of Jikan. Ending with his current position 20(or 5) meters on the outside of her body; behind her.

Jikan Merciless was prey at this moment, the hunters of Erebus, Lucretia, Benimaru, and Sho trying to vanquest her. Rid her of this world. She would respond to this intensity from them, especially Sho who was dripping with bloodlust. As much of a killer as she was, she could sense the energy in the character around Sho and Erebus in this fight. She turned while continuing her run, increasing her running speed to 35 meters per second. Shifting her weight and body facing towards Sho in this second. Hunter x Hunter. If she managed to reach Sho and get him within her 1.5 meter reach she would throw her arm to the side in a clothesline, her left arm holding her shield in front of her, covering the front of her body completely. If her arm strike landed, it would deal 2xS damage.

Due to this action as Jikan the Merciless attempted to close in on Sho. The distance between Erebus would increase from 70 meters to 105 meters, Benimaru would increase from 110 meters to 145 meters; if they remained stationary. If Lucretia continued her running speed and followed Jikan, her distance of 42.5 meters would remain the same as her body would accelerate as well, matching Jikan’s current running speed.


Note: Since Sho didn't use spell to attack and thus Midas wasn't used to null spell. I'm returning 200 mp as that action didn't happen

Mana: 6,225 / 7,425


#14Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus successfully plighted the attacks but had amassed quite a distance while covering the others. Things were hopeful at first but with an ever expanding distance Erebus would have to play more strategically. His pace was too much for Jikan or clearly she would not be on the defensive to such levels, instantly he moves into action. He begins to run himself.

Over the next three seconds Erebus would be moving at max run speed, following the others.

Erebus would run until he either had to react to damage, or reached his target. He would not slow, falter, stop or halt. He would tear through anything he needed too. Erebus was careful with his allies, realizing they would attack before him likely.

He would make sure to avoid any of their spells first, and if able, Erebus would attempt to smack the Macuahuitl into Jikan’s right leg, using the spear to repel counter attacks, if no counter attacks were made, he would again thrust his rod towards her belt, attempting to break through the levels of her gear.

Should anything be sent at Erebus on his way towards Jikan, he would react accordingly. If it meant negating a spell then Erebus would do it without stopping, if it was something more surprising, he still had just enough surprise power in his bank to keep the pressure up one more go.

Regardless of what happened, Erebus would attempt a max of 1x S to her Leg, 1x S to her overall CON, and 2xS to her belt.

Timeline accepted
-1 Sec Acceleration Speed off of Rogue
MP is 2200 starting this round.
Erebus will attack third this rotation, attempting melee the same as before.

Spellslasher took 1x A rank spell damage to negate the last AoE spell.

STR: 412
2x4: 572
SPE: 313 (17.5m/s lunge, 35m run)
CON: 141
END: 261
Main-Hand (R1): 131
Main-Hand (R2): 131
Off-Hand (L1): 131
Off-Hand (L2): 131

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