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Ram of God WIP

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Name: Remial — Ram for short

Age: X770

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Encan

Ethnicity, Mother: Encan


Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Tattoo: Upper Back - Abyssal Blue

Face: Dark Magician - Yu-Gi-Oh ! Franchise


Height: 6’7

Weight: 240lbs

Hair: Gold Blonde

Eyes: Yellow

Overall: Ram is absolutely shredded, displaying peak physical body mass. He wears a white skin top suit, with white leggings, with a blue drape hung up by a golden belt with a sun buckle. A metal plated vest is worn underneath the skin suit which covers the lower back and curves around Ram’s wings, the front of his chest displays large ‘bolts’ which keep his armor tight against his back and allow the Safat agile mobility, zero uncomfort and zero issue in combat. He always wears something which conceals his face, often times it is some kind of knightly helm with a cross etched over, however. He can pull it off to reveal his face which is young in complexion which a sharp jawline. His hands are considered massive, able to fully balm a sphere the size of a basketball. Six wings extend from his back, located adjacent to his bolts on the opposite side of his body. These wings are actually apart of Ram— and so they cannot be cut off, harming them is futile, as they are merely extensions of himself with no nervous system for damage, much like hair. For shoes— he styles platinum metal boots which don’t delay any such speed from his acceleration.



Personality: Ram is like an angel, his weakness is vanity. Seeing himself in reflection often makes him stop and admire where this world could conjure something so dashing. However, in the same hand, Ram is also not very bright about much aside from combat and even then, he is not vain when dealing with learning exercises. He just simply knows one of two things. Firstly, everyone wants him, secondly— when everyone wants you, letting them have you is just as wrong as taking whatever you want from them as well. For this reason, The Gods predict Ram will never find love, as he will really just love himself. Casting the projection that others matter and thus lying to their souls about their worthiness at all.

As far good qualities? Ram is justice. He believes in order, and thus fairness. He also believes there’s a point of no return and has no fear to destroy evil. Even if the excessive display of destruction is super necessary. He is a Fairy Tail textbook mage, often times destroying a lot, to save a little. He is an incomplete hero, and more like a young man than most think— despite his monstrous size and angelic frame.

  • Rain: Water is the nectar of the living, rain are the tears of the holy realm
  • Nature: Ram can sleep on a bed of fire ants, he loves the outdoors so much.

  • Authority: Despite being a light mage, Ram has had a few RK written DUIs already.
  • Men Weak to Temptation: If you can be seduced into doing what’s wrong, then how useful are you really? Ram can only be seduced by himself, which he considers not at all.

  • Redeem Thy History: His true origins are mystery even to himself.

  • Nothing is Real: Is any of this even real? Or not...  
  • Influence: Any thoughts which make one think outside of their own best interest, to Ram. Are the obvious whispers of Evil, influence— and extremely dangerous to ones mentality.


Strength: 1

Speed: 6

Constitution: 11

Endurance: 11

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: Rolling Thunder

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Enhancement: Invisible Magic Seals

Magic Description: The user bolsters their offensive strategy with yellow and blue electrical power— seemingly granted to the caster by Thunderbirds. While focusing a mostly melee combat style, the user can also sabotage the attrition, paralyzing the foe with binding effects, and tricking the opposition with subtle effects which come about too unpredictable to expect. This magic often comes with the sound of roaring thunder claps, giving it the name “Rolling Thunder.”


History: Whoever Ram was is a complete mystery. However, he coming out of the cave upon his first memory, the thing which first graced his face was light shower of rain. The sound of booming bolts cast by Heaven in the mountains was overhead, called and pulled— it’s champion drifted tranced by the beautiful lights, in afraid of the dense jungle and it’s monsters on his way there.

At the highest point of this mountain— Ram saw God. Not Illumin, at least he thinks, but the appearance of a blue bird. It landed on his shoulder, causing a static between him and the creature that cleared the heavens and clouds all around instantly.

Standing before the man, was a giant entity, a gigantic bird of prey in an eclipsing electrical gold. It was the Holy Safat, the Great Thunderbird.

After encountering the creature, Ram felt his back ripping, tearing, and his spine growing new appendages, the sudden pains were agonizing to the point they made him feint.

He awoke then the next morning, at the side of a river’s slow stream. Sitting up on the rocks, he touched his fingers to six white wings. His journey began at dawn there.

Whoever he is he intends to find out, he seeks only discover and grow, become legendary and amongst the warriors of this Universe all the same. Any memories he once had, were washed away in the river but redefining himself is something he seems to enjoy. As opposed to being the casual amnesiac, Ram is new to everything. His intelligence is questionable because of this fact. Being the entity of question he is, Ram still enjoys the worldly human’s experience and enjoys his stay in the realm around himself. Wherever danger seems to lurk, The Ram of God is there to erase it. Protecting the weak and the helpless is duty. It is apart of the job.

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