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Can't spell Slaughter without laughter [Dark Raid]

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#1Esperia the Cruel 

Can't spell Slaughter without laughter [Dark Raid] Empty Tue Sep 06, 2022 9:33 pm

Esperia the Cruel
Warmwool inn, one of the few places within Dahlia that had been spared from the toxic fumes that had been released by the diabolic structure that rose in the center of the village. Despite the efforts of initial raiding parties most had been lost to the fumes, joining the restless monsters that stalked the streets. Perhaps it was for that reason that the inn was more crowded even by normal standards. Guardsmen were being treated of their injuries, civilians huddled together around the fire and the innkeeper and their personnel were doing their utmost to help the people of Dahlia keep courage and hope in those desperate moments."Espy had a little dragon~" a soft melodious hum came from the hooded figure as she was seated in the corner of the inn. The inn itself was fairly spacious by all means, there was at least a minimum of fifty meters between the entrance and the spot the hooded figure was sitting at. "Its claws were white as snow," The soft humming continued, and while to some the nursery rhyme might have been weird, it had a chilly and eerie feeling to it. "And every where that Espy went" A sudden scream came from near the center of the room as a tall muscular man collapsed onto his knees, crying in agony as blood seemed to be seeping from his orifices, covering his face like some sort of grotesque mask. "The dragon was sure to go ;" Panic reigned in the inn's common room as several other civilians who had been huddled around a table as well started to collapse onto the ground and underwent the same monstrous transformation.

"He followed her to Dahlia one day—" Slowly the hooded figure rose onto her feet, watching as turned villager preyed upon villager while at the entrance one of the guardsmen shouted something about getting help. "That was against the rule~" Taking another step she watched in amusement as a parent was trying her utmost to protect her child from an approaching fiend. How heartbreaking, to think the fiend had been a loving husband and father just mere moments ago... "It made the children cry and hide, To see a dragon at Dahlia." the guardsmen approached her, clearly sensing something was off about the chanting woman. "And so the Teacher turned him out, But still he lingered near,
And waited patiently about,"
a sudden gunshot resounded through the air as one of the guards collapsed onto his knees, and as he looked at his chestplate he saw a pair of bullet holes embed into it.

A second guard raised his sword from its sheath, intending to cleave it at her torso, but before the motion could even be made a sudden growling noise came from nearby. "What the-" The man exclaimed in a panic as the rooftop suddenly came crashing down from above, revealing a giant scaled claw having tore down the building, crushing the guardsman underneath it.

"Till Mary did appear ;
And then he ran to her, and laid
  His head upon her arm,
As if he said—‘ I’m not afraid—
  Because you are here~.’"

The dragon groaned in mild annoyance. "Did you really need to perverse that rhyme?" To which the woman chimed in amusement. "I was bored~" Turning her attention toward the approaching strangers her lips curved upwards into a mischievous smile. "What do we have here~ You wouldn't happen to be heroes right? They do tend to always arrive too late to save anyone~"

Turning her gaze at the debris surrounding the Warmwool Inn the crimson-eyed invader chimed softly. "Ah~ but I guess we didn't check downstairs yet. Maybe there are still a few people hiding there. Although I guess their sanity already went flying out of the window~"

A soft chuckle escaped her lips as she waited to see what the strangers might do next.

For reference, https://www.fairytailrp.com/t62829-dark-universe-dark-universe-raiders-esperia-the-cruel is Esperia the cruel's sheet. Details of the equipment will be revealed as the battle progresses. Please make sure to tag each other or send a notification on discord to keep the battle going smoothly. Remember, no attacks in the first post round to each other based on fighting rules~ consider this your intro posts. Any questions, feel free to let me know.

Most important rule of all: have fun~


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"A stroll?", she wondered to Bai, speaking in Sinese. Her was expressionless as she had to hide her emotions from people. That was the plan, wasn't it? As she treaded the meadow of the dripping mists Quilla motioned her shoulders to get more comfortable with her scythe hunching against her back. "The place is rather dreadful, don't you think? Where is the beauty in this place?", Nu was questioning. Quilla tiredly looked around as they were right. Nothing but the mist was here as the buildings were unlit, the town was quiet for a sudden moment. Her eyes felt heavy as she put her hand over her mask that was attached to her hip. It was burning for some reason, only simply warm to her. Her topaz eyes looked around and stood straight up to walk to the Inn.

Still in the forest, far away from the town itself and trees too high to even see what was going on, she continued her way. Her pink hair flowed as it started to come out as a whitened black color that was not fully shown yet. Quilla enjoyed the small silence as she had her walk, but suddenly she stopped. "You smell that too?~", Nu hummed in their songful voice. Quilla gulped as she tried to control herself. No one could know she was a monster, a demon, a Shinigami, none of that. Her teeth gritted tightly as she opened her eyes calmly and continued to walk. Slowly, she let go of the tightening of her gritting.

She didn't care about the people much, not Fiorians. Her adopted daughter was among the people she did care about though. As she was finally at the entrance, she saw the place in flames. Her eyes drooped half-way as she gave a small smile. "It seems we have reaping to do today, Nu," she whispered in her honey demonic voice as her eyes began to paint themselves red. Some cried for help, many villagers were missing, it was not as quiet as she saw it to be in her mentality. Maybe it was quiet in there because that's the way it will be, the way it should be... Quiet and empty. Not this loud annoying music she was hearing.

She calmed herself with a tune;

Suza, Suza
Will tomorrow be a sunny day,
Like the sky in a dream sometime.
If it's sunny I will give you a golden bell.

Suza, Suza
Do make tomorrow a sunny day.
If you make my wish come true
We'll drink lots of sweet sake.

Do make tomorrow a sunny day.
But if it's cloudy and I find you crying
Then I shall snip that person's head away...

Her face went back to expressionless and eyes topaz as she was shaken out of the trance, she put herself in as a dragon crashed into the inn. "Interesting..." she itched the side of her cheek with one hand as she took out her scythe, holding it with the other hand. The smell of blood, body decay, it didn't bother her. War made her prepared for things like this. Once she goes 'inside', with what was left of it, she slowly approached the girl while dragging her scythe on the ground. "You... wouldn't perhaps be the cause of all this, would you?", her doll-like face gazed at the woman in her expressionless ways. Quilla was obviously being sarcastically joking, as she knew this was her target for the mischief that was happening. What she didn't realize was that Bai wasn't far off from her.

#3Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin had kicked his feet up on the back of a chair. His body eased onto the comforts of a bed. Blankets padded his body. His muscles were sore from the day's work and his mind was ready to drift off to sweeter things. "Finally," he said wistfully. The distant sound of splashing water echoed as his bath got closer to the rim.

He rocked forward to leave the bed when a strange tune caught his ear. He arched his neck toward the window. 'huh.... a weird take on that old one,' he thought and shrugged it off. The gunshot resonated and Jin leaped to his feet. What in the world was happening/

He moved to the window just as a giant claw swept overhead. The roof and a side of the wall were ripped to pieces. The room buckled and fell in. "What the!" He yelled as he toppled to the first floor. Debris surrounded him. Through a shattered window he could see the bloody arm of a guard crushed below the fallen rough.

And then....Quilla walked down the street. He held his back and stepped through a hole in the wall, arriving near Quilla. Looking to his right he saw the dragon above and a devilish woman. "Oh...Ohhhh," he gulped and stepped back a bit. "Well huh...right behind you dear."

"And I wouldn't say hero as much as...reluctant assistant."  He joked to keep his nerves in check at seeing the sudden surge of violence.


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Wind bustled through the branches of the trees, making the leaves howl in their symphony. Walking along the gravel path in the woods, it could  makes you realize how intricate the clash between weather and nature can be. Two natural forces both in harmony and constantly fighting. The coldness in the air was going, coming down in their abyssal veil; a distinct essence was filling the air. Plush, intertwining clouds pushed their grey front towards where Jikan stood. The trees continued their protest against the wind as it blew their seeds to the ground. Maple seeds twirled down, only to get stuck on her clothes.

A coldness was building in the dry air, a none rain dibble that seemed to just pour down in the atmosphere. As if the world sensed something was amiss in its corners. As Jikan walked closer within the Dahlia land she thought she could hear something to sing lightly. It was an attractive voice but somehow...felt...off and unwelcoming at the same time.

"Till Mary did appear ;
And then he ran to her, and laid
 His head upon her arm,
As if he said—‘ I’m not afraid—
 Because you are here~.’"

It did not quiet make sense to be honest, it kinda of made Jikan want to silly at the chosen words. But, it was still strange. She had came to the area to rest, she had just completed her journey from leaving West Fiore to come to the Eastern side.  There was, a guild she was interesting in visiting. From her information network, it seemed a change had occurred in the guild's structure. A friend, acquaintance? Had moved up, and it was a lovely excuse to make a house visit. She walked, choosing to not bring Mia and Maxx as she got closer and closer to the town. A fact that by now, with the weight of all of hear gear on her and her body still feeling the pain of combat from before, safe to say her legs were a bit exhausted and wanted to rest.

She heard an inn was near and was going towards it, but as she did so she heard another voice hum and sing out a ballad.

Suza, Suza
Do make tomorrow a sunny day.
If you make my wish come true
We'll drink lots of sweet sake.

Do make tomorrow a sunny day.
But if it's cloudy and I find you crying
Then I shall snip that person's head away...

This one was more familiar, and one she followed to seek out the source. A fact that Jikan was not all so sure whyyyy she was doing it. It was a soothing voice but, the lyrics was anything about that. A bit eerie and....murderous to put it lightly

As she turned a corner it all became very very clear to her mind. Energy seemed to crackle in the air, and the humidity of blood lust turned Jikan's hair into curls at the sensation. The smell of blood coming to her, the improved smelling due to her magic still all so new to her. But she knew the smell of blood well enough, how could she miss it till now?? It was tickling her nose with its heady scent, right there as if it was a fat raindrop that had splashed onto her upturned nose. “Well... I guess seeing you two is going to be a often thing?", she said finding her eyes on Jin and Quill yet again. It was odd seeing one person so soon after the invader raid, but both in this short of time? This was either fate or constructed socialization.

Around in the world there was darkness and silhouettes that filled the night. The wind, whistling around like an eroding song. Her eyes cut through it all, senses coming to light as she saw the figure and the dragon along side her. Jikan stood the two of them, Jin and Quill, 50 meters away at what she could only imagine the start of a hellish battle.

"No hero. No Villain. I am just a fighter, and you, looking like fun~".

#5Esperia the Cruel 

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Esperia the Cruel
It seemed the timely arrival of the trio had led to an amused reaction from the enigmatic woman. When the doll-like priestess decided to boldly and slowly approach the stranger, something started to happen. "Tututu~ Can't answer a question with a question, that's quite unpolite~ I thought Joya was a country that respected proper etiquette 'Quilleraine-san'~ The crimson eyes of the woman glowed an eerie hue as the ground between Quilleraine and the raider started to let out a sissling sound and a moment later a thick crimson colored mist started to spread in the area, so far it was growing difficult to see more than the silhouette of the woman....

Meanwhile as the mist started to thicken and spread further and further, blanketing the entirety of Dahlia, a voice hummed in the air, seemingly thirty meters to the east of the group. "I know who you are Jikan~ A fighter with a soft spot for the younglings who can't protect themselves."

Once more it went silent, when suddenly the voice came from the west this time, seemingly maybe twenty meters roughly at best? "Unlike the others 'I' did my research before starting my fun~" By now the mist had grown so thick the group would only be able to see up to five meters around them. When all of a sudden the voice resounded right behind Jin, five meters as the soundless vampire sneaked up right behind him, as if to whisper tempting into his ear.

"How about you be my 'assistant' for the night Jin~"

As she lunged backwards into the shadows of the mist her laughter ringed eerily in the air, having repositioned herself twenty meters away from Jin's back, south from where the trio had been. For now they had another problem to deal with, namely the silouette of the massive dragon that was inhaling with such force some of the mist around it disappeared, exposing the attack that was about to head their way!

A frontal cone-shaped breath of obsidian flames rushed from his open jaws, heading toward the trio in front of him. The cone itself had a width of 32 meters, and would rush onward for the same amount. In terms of positioning, it would take Jikan and Jin ten meters dash to the side to avoid the incoming attack, but considering the speed the flames were approaching them at they'd better decide quickly!

Actions done this post:
Esperia the Cruel's mana: 30k - 1k: 29k
Sebastian the dread dragon: 10k - 500: 9500

Esperia the Cruel used: Crimson Mist, a perk on Blood Queen (her armor) that causes the entire area to become shrouded in a thick magical mist. These who can see through magical darkness will be able to see normally, otherwise you'll be limited to a 5 meters radius of sight. This perk drains 1000 Mana mana from Esperia the Cruel each turn. This effect can be nullified.

Sebastian the Dread Dragon used Corrupting flames:

Name: Corrupting Flames
Rank: S-rank
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Sebastian the Dread Dragon
Type: Offensive - Decay
Element: Darkness
Range: 32 Meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Instant
The user inhales sharply and then proceeds to exhale in a cone-shaped breath of corrupting flames. The cone is 32 by 32 meters and inflicts S-rank damage. Equipment or limbs touched by the flames will corrode for half the damage till it hits D-rank or a healing spell was used.


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She sighed as she listened to the girl talks to her. Before Esperia could talk to anyone else directly about her magical disappearance, she responded, "If Joya were polite and respectful, I wouldn't be here!" she spoke in spite. She hated how Joya was right now. Corrupted and disgusting, "Just wait till I rule over them; ~" she giggled and then grabbed her mask. She then noticed the heavy mist rising, and she immediately put on her mask and dashed away 10 meters from the positioning of the dragon's maw as she was the closest to it.

Dragons were known for breathing elemental air when attacking. All the dragons she has fought were just that. Deadly claws and breathing elemental air. This dragon was probably no different. Due to her mask, she could feel the vibrations of the rumbling of moments. None were too close to her; thankfully, she could see five meters from where she stood. At the time, Jin hadn't caught up to her as she took out her scythe entirely and let the burning pass. Could the dragon see in the darkness? Quilla was unsure as the only thing she could see was the debris of the things the dragon destroyed and the dead bodies that didn't do anything for her.

She was used to seeing death, and she would be causing more of it wherever she went. One could say that she was her own dark version, pure and innocent children being her only weakness due to her past dramatic experiences. Dodging the cone, she was now on the dragon's right side. She wasn't going to get defeated by this stupid lizard. She lifted her scythe and summoned an out worldly phenomenon. What was it going to be? She was unsure what the Goddess Izanami had up her sleeve. It could be random, could be senile, or even grotesque. For those who could see, the sky was swirling with dark clouds as a mix of green was within it. Spirits and souls started to fly out as they screamed and mourned their miserable deaths. As this was going on, beautiful red eyes gazed through the smokey clouds as they glared at Quilla's enemies. For now, this was the dragon as she wanted to get rid of this one first. By the vibrations, the girl was next to someone, as Jikan was too far away to catch up that quickly.

As this was happening, Bai galloped towards where they last saw Quilla. He didn't care about Quilla, but it was a battle to be had. Bai hadn't seen another dragon in quite a long while, and now he was able to have his fun. The fact he was now going to be able to fight one. He'll fight the dragon, the owner, and then Quilla and her stupid allies. He hated all of them. Fuck these people! Stupid humanity and its goals! He galloped quickly towards the side as he then sparkle transformed into his dragon form, flying into the sky. He was 20 meters in the sky. He paid attention to the dragon's antics, as Bai would move wherever he must.

Bai's hair was beautiful as white snow, and his scales were charcoal black as his soul and intentions while his voice boomed the whole area. "Fight me, you stupid ugly excuse of a dragon!" he roared. "Bet you can't fucking fight without your pathetic spells," he taunted. He was angry as he'll be even angrier if Quilla didn't last long enough for him to beat the hell out of her. Of course, this action would be done after Quilla did her scythe spell, but Bai didn't care to wait.




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The member 'Quillareine' has done the following action : Spin

'Dice 100' : 78

#8Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin just barely peaked over his shoulder at the familiar voice, "Oh hey. Looks like it." He kept his words brief as the threat was already upon them. They had all worked together well in the past, so it was a relief that they all converged again. Quilla seemed deadly focused on her target. Something had changed with her...perhaps they needed to catch up a bit more, but that was something for later.

The enemy stepped in and the floor began to spew a red mist. Jin slid his foot back in a defensive stance and put his sleeve over his mouth, not knowing if this was poison or not. The mist spread all around them, and his vision began to get limited. The voice echoed from the west and the east. calling to them...teasing them. Although it was an interesting bit of information to learn about Jikan. Jin felt a rattle in his spine. Whoever this was had a sinister movement to themselves. One that was unsettling. He held his pointy finger ready, for any moment to use his fear as a reaction. This raider moved with silence. Something he would have to account for. Everything had to matter. Yet again he found himself engaged in something that was way over his head. His hand loosed the whip at his side. Just like he had done Against Erebus, he began to swirl the weapon above his head, cracking it left and right.

A voice sent a shiver through his back from behind him. A voice that definitely was not Jikan. Before that sentence could fully finish, Jin swung his hand around as he spun and dashed toward it. If this person could use the shadows of the mist to hide themselves, they may not have many chances. "Spooky!" he yelled as he saw her standing within 5 meters of him, now that he was dashing his full distance towards her. A motion driven by fear as much as necessity, using the moment she was talking as an opening. The whip that was already cracking back and forth in the air, struck down upon Esperia. It wouldn't do much damage. His magic may have been a better choice at that, but he needed to be conservative. Another lesson he learned from Erebus' spar.

After the beam left his finger, he turned sideways so he could look toward Esperia's voice and at the Dragon, which had revealed itself with a deep inhalation. The dragon exhaled a massive breath of power. Quilla had dodged out of the way. An option that was not available for the paladin. Instead, Jin Brought his hand across his chest and a shimmer of light surrounded his body, taking the full blast of the attack. Knowing that Quilla would be on top of the dragon, he kept his attention split between where Esperia dashed off to and the dragon.




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Jikan stared at this unknown woman. A blank stare on her face. It was very true she did have a soft spot for kids. ....beyond her hunger for combat, defending the children that lived within Earth land was one of the reasons she was doing all this. She would rather not admit such a thing in the open though. The ones who knew her well would know this though, combat and a desire to protect; control. Motivation.

A crimson red hue came into the world. The mist blocking the vision of Jikan's eyes to a degree. At the moment, all she could really see still were Quill and Jin who Jikan was besides.

... well...not anymore.

The sight she had of them 30 meters away was gone now....fuuuuun. The invader and their pet were now

Safe to say things that were clear to her now were only about five meters around or away from her. That was not a true benefit though, it made responding to things much more delayed and thus tricky. Thankfully her other senses were still unhindered, like her hearing. She would have to be careful with her eyes and try her best to listen to her allies locations or movements. Just to get an estimate of what they were doing. ...this was going to be tough though; this condition with this invader as well as their pet.

She heard foot steps move, short. Someone was moving, but the mana, who? It was hard but at least she heard a voice. A cold eerie laugh that slightly moved away. Perhaps they were...


That was where Jikan's mind went to as she saw something. The silhouette of the massive dragon moving, sucking up some of the mist around it temporarily to give it sight. It was truly a terrifying beast, a high dragon at least. Its mouth opened, unleashing an attack headed her way! The cone flames flew from its jaw, thinking quickly. Jikan moved her feet, sliding back into a run to dash backwards. If her split thinking was right, immediate run(8.75 movement at 30 meters away) would hopefully put her out of range of the cone shaped obsidian flames(32 meters). If this was correct, then the flames would fizzle out before her eyes. And with the dragon's location being the only solid thing she could go on. Her next choice of action was obvious.

Shifting her weight forward now, Jikan propelled herself in a forward run, dashing forward speeding up a bit quicker due to her legs being warmed up from her evasive run. From her spot now, she figured it would take a few seconds to reach the dragon that tried to attack her. She would...

The heck was that? More voices!? So angry...well...it at least said it would find the dragon. So.....not.....an enemy. Even though she had no idea where exactly the voice source was, besides somewhere above. It was something at least.

It was all chaotic though but she had her options. And so she would run, hopefully reaching the dragon within a few seconds if it was still where it was. If it was, Jikan would have stopped, positioned on their left side. Their right arm going out in a jab, her Mero gauntlet flying forward to hopefully strike into the dragon's body.



Actions taken:

#10Esperia the Cruel 

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Esperia the Cruel
It seemed that for the most part the group had chosen to focus on the massive dragon in front of them, a wise choice all things considered. The first one to be able to land their attack with Quillereine, her calling upon the occult seemingly being rewarded as a giant massive spider-like entity came crashing down onto the dragon. Sebastian growled in anger "Spiders, why did it have to be some fucking spider? Can't she at least have fallen upside down?" Meanwhile as Bai arrived to taunt the dragon he could almost find himself smirk. "A pony that turned into a dragon and thinks he is able to challenge me? How entertaining!"

It was in the moment the dread dragon declared these words that both Quil and Jikan would no doubt feel the air around them was rapidly growing hotter, making it more difficult to breath and at the same time hinting at what was about to come. Moments before they could deliver their attacks the scales of the dragon turned red, and an explosion of intense heat rushed outwards! The heat would travel up to 50 meters away from the dragon, inflicting 2 S-rank damage to these caught in the blaze while at the same time the smoldering scales suggested the attack had inflicted some damage to the dragon as well (1 S-rank damage) Still, whether Quil or Jikan would brave the blaze or not, the dragon would raise onto his hind legs with the spider no longer burdening him and with a forceful beating of his wings ascend to the sky to face Bai. "Let us see what you can do 'ponygon'" The dragon taunted him.

Meanwhile Jin had been occupied dealing with the darkest universe raider herself, his attempt to whip her causing the weapon to rebound against her armor, albeit still inflicting some damage to it "What, you expected me to moan and cry: 'harder daddy?" Esperia chimed in amusement as she raised her guns and fired both of them into the direction of the Paladin. If he thought simply stepping to the side was enough to avoid the damage, he better reconsider for these projectiles would arc around and return back to him, revealing they had a homing factor to them.

Actions Taken:

Sebastian suffered S-rank damage from spooky spider lady
Sebastian used Cataclysm, spreading a 50 meters AoE blast around him that inflicts 2 S-rank damage (if hit the 2 S-rank turns to 1 S-rank to helmet, and armor), the attack and the beating of his wings producing a pseudo knockback that allowed him to avoid Jikan's attack and Quil's follow up.

After Cataclysm Sebastian looks moderately injured but still in fighting shape, and is now high above the mist blanket fighting Bai in a Dragon Duel.

Meanwhile Jin's attack landed against Esperia's armor, having inflicted some damage to it (B-rank due to the armor having minor physical resistance), Esperia fired two projectiles at Jin, each being a A-rank basic shot that possesses homing and can travel up to 25 meters.

Any questions, feel free to poke me~ also don't forget to tag me when the last party member posted~


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Bai was busy in the sky as they were waiting for the dragon to come to him. There was no way he was stupid enough to go into the mist of darkness. He'd be blinded for sure, and for how long he did not know. Quilla on the other hand was still very close to the dragon, but after she did her scythe, she tried to leave backwards, running the opposite direction of the dragon. It was too late as everyone was probably roasted. She was literally a few meters away from the damn dragon. Jikan decided to be next to her to punch the dragon which happened after her Spider-ox Demon appeared to attack. Rather or not Jikan went through with it, was optimal.

He flew with his mighty wings after his attack, but Quilla decided to 'wing' it and jump onto the dragon before the spell came out at 20 meters per second. If she was caught by the flames anyways, she will have to deal with being blind. Currently, everyone was burning. Her teeth gritted as her mask and armor were destroyed, burned away and left in her lingerie of black and red. No one could of course see it, but maybe the raider could. Her face blushed and readied her scythe. Her dragon can deal with the other one, but if Jikan was still close to her, she'd get away from her as her own eyes glowed. Her scythe was over her shoulder, but ready to swing and not caring who was in her way.

She hated not seeing. It was actually sending her back to the time she was locked in a dungeon, in the darkness with her, dead bodies of the other prisoners that once was and maybe a few alive ones. The screams of everyone drove her mad. Her wings formed slowly but were ready to instantly rise as activating this useless card was instant.

Meanwhile, Bai was in the sky. Watching and eyes wandering every inch of the thick smog. He was ready to meet the fate of rather he'll destroy them and Quilla or be defeated. The fact that this chained pet was calling him a pony actually was pissing him off. "A chained Dragon, like someone's bitch is calling me a pony," he scoffed and chuckled, mistily smoke coming out of his mouth. He had enough of this as once he got within 5 meters to the dragon, he roared angerly.




#12Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
He had expected the woman to dash back or evade, but instead...she just accepted the assault. perhaps his attack was so meager it didn't warrant dodging. But to add on her quip after sent an uncomfortable shutter through the paladin. "I don't like this!" he replied remembering all the jokes about the weapon, and people's shifting perception of him. It was a lonesome feeling as the other two went off to fight the dragon and suddenly he found himself alone against the raider herself.

Nevertheless, he could feel the looming presence of the dragon behind him. Even if he was alone with the raider, it was reassuring to know who was standing behind him against the draconic threat. He saw the woman's guns shift upward. "Crap," he thought seeing her weapons and knowing that his whip tactic would be less effective against ranged weaponry. She had a field of darkness and the means to shoot them and take them out from the mysteries of the fog. She had chosen to stay at least for now, but how long would that last until she faded away to attack from afar? He could dodge out of the way of the bullets but that would mean, they may strike one of his allies from behind. With them in battle, he couldn't risk distracting them by getting hit from behind and doing nothing to keep the pressure on the raider.

He leaned to one side, away from one of the bullets, and dashed through the other run. Esperia was still right in front of him, so instead of using the whip, he dove into her, clenching his hands on her shoulders. He dug his knee into the gut as her bullet spell burst against his armor of light. Sparks flashed for a moment from the impact but didn't detour his resolve to land a blow on Esperia as she fired the mana-powered ammunition rounds. The second bullet arced around and burst onto Jin's back, damaging the armor of light to near destruction. Panes of light like stained glass shattered on the ground. Its shimmer had become dull.

"Help," Jin cried out as he tried to hold onto the woman and prevent her from retreating into the shadowlike fog. It was more a kamikaze move than anything he had done before. Just as he'd finish speaking the massive draconic spell would wash over them. He held on, to make sure Esperia and himself stayed in the pain of the fires that erupted from the dragon. It would burn over them like crimson waves superheated to melt the road and buildings around them.

If they were in range, the spell would burn away his armor of light and begin burning through the paladin's armor. If Esperia had managed or would pull away from Jin and move away, he would use the whip to strike at her before she left range.

Wc 480
total 1130



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Having her body reach the left side of the dragon in her run, right arm up in its set, about to jab forward in a quick punch with her Mero Gauntlet. It came to a realization that the dragon before her was not going to just stand here. The invading beast was up to something. The air was stiff and hot, a burning sizzle as Jikan reached them. Jikan felt it was too late for her to move, from her sight she saw the scales of the beast turn red. magic circle form. It was going to let out some sort of fire magic. Multi targeted if it wanted to deal with Quill and Jikan attacking at the same time.

A burst of heat flew forward, a hot blaze washed over them. Even if she did cancel her strike, she wouldn’t be able to escape the range of this spell. And so she continued. Throwing her right hand forward in a jab punch that would hit the left side of the dragon’s body. With the push of the heat she was not sure if this blow would land. But with her not likely not being able to avoid the attack if she chose otherwise, well. What else could she do but endure? Whether she truly landed her hit or not, after she felt her cloak and helmet grow especially hot, a painful heat as the metal on her head burned. Her cloak burned to a degree, pieces of the fabric falling to the wind.

After this the dragon would rise onto his hind legs, the magical beast made by Quill gone now after doing its damage. Flapping his wings and causing a burst of wind that lifted his body into the air. The shifting of the air made a quest of wind that caused her body to slide backwards, a total of 8.75 meters away from it. During this forced back step, Jikan kept her eyes on the beast. Witnessing Quill lunge forward as her mask and armor broke. She blinked, not surprised by the pretty face under the mask, Jikan already saw that before. The red and black lingerie tho, had her blink as she watched Quill and the dragon leave her sight.


Well, she was wondering about trying to follow but then heard voices. The voice above was talking again…angry. But even more so was the voice of Jin. Calling out for help. That was right, he was facing this dragon’s master by himself. Well….if Quill and her dragon was going to face this beast, then she should try to even the odds a bit and not make it too much of a difficult fight for Jin. And so Jikan ran into the darkness, the only thing she could use to guide her was the direction she heard Jin voice come from. She lunged, traveling to 17.5 meters to where she hoped she could see Jin.


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Esperia the Cruel
It appeared the fight was growing more intense by the moment. For Jin his confrontation against the darkest universe raider would prove to be fatal. In the end, the vampire was a legendary master over the usage of her guns, and as such Jin's prediction that his armor would hold would prove to be his undoing.

Despite his nimble avoiding of the first bullet, these projectiles possessed homing properties, and with his defensive spell having already been damaged previously by the demonic dragon's spell, the first bullet would make a sickening 'crack' sound as the armor of light scattered (1 S + A from basic shot due to legendary master), the second which had been slightly delayed however had arched slightly higher, hitting the back of the Paladin's head if he didn't find a way to break free from his grapple with the Darkest raider in time. Of course, Esperia didn't intend to let go of this bold assistant either, her lips curving into a knowing smirk. No, instead of attempting to escape she leaned, her gun-wielding arms wrapping around him in an attempt to tenderly embrace him while she attempted to sink her teeth into his neck (1 S + A-rank damage to the head), considering the first shot had likely already weakened him, the searing flames that scorched past the duo did their work in inflict damage (1 S + 1 S + 1 A to Esperia's armor,  leaving it with 1 A durability) meanwhile her head piece was still mostly unharmed, having only taken 1 A-rank damage) but then again, she wouldn't be herself if she didn't play her title to the fullest, right?

Around the same time Jikan started to dash toward the area she had heard Jin's voice from the mist started to slowly disappear, instead revealing the obsidian-haired vampiress, clad in her lacy black lingerie, holding the Paladin in an embrace.

A gentle kiss followed against the Paladin's cheek as she felt his grip weaken, and with a light backwards lunge she raised her gun. she turned toward Jikan, a slight trail of Jin's blood still lingering on her lips.

"A little word of advice: You might want to tend to the cute little assistant there~ I tried not to be too much of a glutton but he was just so adorable back then~"

At the same time she said these words she raised her guns into the air and mumbled softly.

"Guess we should finish this up Sebas..."

Once more she fired both her guns into the air, each of the bullets sailing toward the airborne combatants.


The Dread Dragon was less fortunate however, having taken damage from Jikan's punch, the moment Quilleraine tried to hop onto his back his fate was sealed. Certainly, her clothes might had been damaged and her mask broken by his flames, but the Shinigami's daughter still wielded a dangerous weapon, which would lead to his undoing! When Bai met him in aerial assault his roar made the dragon reply in kind by releasing a stream of fire at Bai, inflicting roughly S-rank damage, but Quilleraine however would find her scythe cleanly slicing into the dragon's scales, and even his sturdy body proved to suffer severe damage by the assault.

However, it was in that moment that two small bullets reached the space between them and... BOOM!

A six by six meters wide explosion would have been unleashed by both bullets, likely catching both Quilleraine, the corrupted dread dragon and Bai in the blast, and it was in that moment the dragon lost the last of his strength, descending back to the ground as he crashed into the ground.

"Hmm~ Guess that's at least one casualty on both sides~" Esperia chimed in amusement, her gaze briefly settled to see how Quilleraine and Bai had dealt with her surprise attack. Finally she lunged a few meters away from Jikan, the helmet on her head activating as the four dread hounds emerged from their portals.

"How about we consider this one a draw?" She gestured with a gun toward Jin and chimed softly. "I'd love to play with the cute little assistant again, so please understand I will be 'very' displeased if a continuation of our fight will lead to his death. I might be so upset that... I'll send the rest of you to keep him company~"


As mentioned in the post Esperia is a legendary master: gun, meaning she inflicts an additional A-rank damage to her basic shots, disregarding the fact a headshot would count as a vital hit, the remaining damage of her physical attack to Jin's head would have knocked him out even after that one debuff from his whip.

The culminative damage of Jikan's punch, Quil's earlier item spell and her combined attack with Bai knocked out Esperia's companion.

Esperia launched Aequitas Bullet Regeneration Explosion and Veritas Bullet Burn Explosion into the sky at Sebas, Quill and Bai.

As such even should the group accept a draw they will gain victory rewards for the fight. Else fight will continue, just note: Jin is in a baaaad state health-wise.

Rough damage estimation:
Quill took the fire damage and likely/possibly the two aoe bullets (S + S) , Bai got a S-rank attack from Sebas aimed at him and the two bullets~
Jikan is entirely unharmed this round from new attacks
Jin received 1.5 S-rank damage to the head from a homing bullet and an additional 1.5 S-rank to the head from a physical attack (knocking him out) I checked with staff, overall Death tarot can be used to get back up but he has to use it next posting rotation.

Any questions? DM me~


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Quilla's POV

The sky was still full of darkness, a place she did not want to repeat. Her damage to the dragon could be heard as the prickle of the scythe sliced into the dragon's hide. She was assumably in the sky with the dragon as they flew up together. It was a slight hint of light that was in her eyes. Her heart felt nothing but emptiness as there was no excitement. Why could she not feel excited about this? Many people would feel thrilled to be where she was. In the sky, on a dragon of your enemy's that was fighting your own. Her hair was flailing in the wind, and everything seemed epic from the point of view of all those who could see.

Her eyes of topaz that were once pink gazed at the area as she was already in her attire. Her aura of the Nephilim glowed as her wings started to form. She would obviously be on behind of the dragon, so she was not hit by Bai's spell, but what came next was unavoidable. Her black wings formed and flew away from Bai's stuff if it was needed at full speed. Still, she was not able to get away from the shots that went above. They exploded like the fireworks of the night that her and Jin declared their feelings, making a pact upon those with passionate feelings of another. They burned, just like the feelings she felt.

Bai's Point of View

From Bai's point of view, he waited for the dragon to arrive. Impatiently waiting for the one chained to the vampire who dared challenge him and the woman he wished to defeat himself, Quilla. Sure, they were traveling companions, but when he was no longer a horse, he was able to finally be himself, a dragon who was too good to be owned by some mere human or anyone. Not even the gods were good enough for Bai. After his roar he realized that Quilla was on his back, "Good, that means I can get both of you! Both of you can die!", he yelled.

Quilla wasn't sure if that was really at her or to her since maybe she believed they had a pretty good companionship. Maybe it was all fake, like how people are. What Bai did not know is that he was doing and treating Quilla like those who betrayed him treated him. Maybe his actions will make Quilla into what he became. As he flew and after what he said, the other dragon Bai was going against decided to flame throw a roar towards him. Not being fast enough, he was burning in a way a dragon could.

His white mane was smoking from the tipsy fire, and his eyes glared at Sebas, but it all felt too quick as he saw Quilla fly off with her wings of blackened coal. She was no angel, not of the heavens in the sky, but instead one of Hell, the underworld as she had an aura that no one could possibly understand. Sadly, he will never get to understand as Bai was too into himself. He believed that he was successful in beating Sebas, and soon-to-be Quilla, but he realized that two orb-like bullets shot up into the sky, exploding in his face. It was all happening between Quilla and himself. He wasn't strong enough to withstand the damage as he curled up and fell to the ground. Within his final moments of him, he looked up at the sky and saw Quilla fly down and land on the ground.

He cursed himself that he could not be stronger than a mere human, or was she a human at all? "Fuck you all... I will someday... come back and destroy you all..." he closed his eyes as he said these words before his last breath and forming into his horse form.

Quilla's POV

Bai was taken down, poor horse, but as fast as she could, she flew down to see that the mist was now disappearing. Her eyes looked to see what things were going on. Jikan was hitting a smash on the woman as the woman's hands were all over someone she deemed important. As the woman summoned some unworldly dogs she spoke about some draw. Will that be satisfying in a way where Quilla can move on from this and leave with Jin? She did not know Jin's full abilities so she didn't know he could get back up. In her eyes, he was down. She clenched her scythe that was bloodied by the dragon's blood.

Her cold gaze watched Esperia make any moves that may seem false towards her own words. "A draw?", "Hmph," she paused and sighed while looking at her main target, Jin. She knew Jikan will be fine. Jin seemed to be her target for this little run-in, but she had to think of other things while pretending she was still in her normal clothes, not literal lingerie. Her curvaceous curves were like the hourglass or a beautiful river. Her skin is smooth and cream-colored while not flawless. Her scars could be seen, one on her back, left leg and the other on her stomach. In her thoughts she felt embarrassed, screaming that she needed to leave and get some clothes on, but her outer shell was calm and cold.

She sighed softly and pointed her scythe towards the woman. "He's no one's assistant, but I do own him..." her teeth gritted as she glared at her. "In exchange for the draw," she started as she approached her slowly, putting down her scythe as she will show that she is no threat. Her pink hair with strands of black and white glistened in the sun that was above them now. Her topaz eyes mirrored the woman's frame of beauty as the woman would see Quilla's as well as they both wore interesting attire under their normal attire. If Jikan protested against the draw, then she will talk to Jikan about it and persuade her. "I wish to receive him and you may go...".

If Esperia decided to go back on this, she will not hesitate to use any of her spells or go back to her scythe to use against her. Quilla flipped her hair and chuckled, "Plus, wouldn't you rather have a beautiful woman who enjoys chaos as much as yourself than a man?~", she erotically spoke to lure her in to make sure she comes to an agreement. She hated that the woman had her hands on what belonged to her. Mostly with no consent. She used her demon voice to speak as it was the softest and most mysterious tone compared to her others.  




#17Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The bullet slammed into the back of Jin's head. He didn't realize the woman had the ability to alter the angle of bullets. But his real mistake was never wearing a damned helmet. No matter how many times he was yelled at for it. His hands felt weak on her shoulders. The bullet was nearly a fatal shot., He could feel it. The greatest downside to his type of magic was that it required you to be injured first. Which meant he needed to be able to survive the first hit at least.

His vision faded and he slumped down, but not before feeling the fangs stab into his neck. An attack for good measure. but at least his strike had broken through her armor. A sneaky kiss followed. Who was this crazed woman? Quilla wouldn't be happy to see that one. But he could barely finish the thought as his vision was lost. But this wasn't new to him. He had been here time and again. On the verge of death. Meeting with the ferryman of the river styx just to say hello and slink away.

Jin swallowed as breath rushed back into his body. Having been here before it was familiar. He had more control over it now. But he chose not to move and hold his breath to play dead for a moment. He hear her chime in about both parties losing someone, but didn't respond. He wasn't going to move and get shot again so soon.

Jin opened his eyes just in time to see a scantily clad Quilla descend from the skies and land by him. Quickly he shut his eyes to stay playing dead. But he counted himself lucky to see a sneak peek at what he'd hopefully see later... if they lived.

'Why the heck was he the bargaining chip' he screamed in his mind> But his heart warmed hearing Quilla's sweet words of compassion. Always there to pull him out of the fire. He couldn't hold his breath any longer and took a huge breath as he darted upright. "A draw. Sweet!" He stood up and rubbed the back of his head while standing behind Quilla. "That bullet freaking hurt."
He hadn't been hit that hard in the head since Ere's daggers were flying around his face. He couldn't imagine what Jikan was feeling now. This was the second time, the Light mage recklessly threw himself into what appeared to be death. He tried to stay focused but stole a few more glances at Quilla as his throat dried a little. He cleared his throat.

"I agree to the terms of the exchange," he said giving the vampire a two-finger salute from his brow. She was dangerous and whether or not they could win wasn't as important as mutual survival. And survival is what Jin preferred above all else. Most of the time. Although he'd never admit it. Coming that close to death was starting to weigh on him. His head was a little foggier than normal. But that was probably because he just took a bullet to the skull. He could still feel the pressure of the shot. His head still ached. And his throat still stung from the sharp fangs that had dug into it.

He still kept a close eye on the enemy in front of them. She had shown herself to be a tricky combatant hiding in the mist. He wondered if this too was just a trick to catch them off guard. If so, Jin was in a comfortable spot to act from. Hidden behind Quilla and able to cast more healing spells. He'd finally be in the position he was meant for. Tank Healer was getting to be too dangerous.  

"Hope I didn't worry you too much," he spoke to his teammates.

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Red hair flowing behind her, legs hovering for a split second in the air, left leg stretched outward, her right  hand held at her wasit as her right leg hovered off of the ground as she traveled forward 17.5 meters. The darkness around was deep, and the aura of combat building, a vehicle on the road to the climax and falling action of the trio of Quillareine Fujimoto, Jin Tatsumi, and Jikan Supēsu against the dark world invader Esperia The Cruel. The unknown battle between Quillareine, her dragon horse Bai, and Esperia The Cruel's Dread Dragon was coming to a close above her head in the thick of the pitched black dark sky. Jikan had caught a glimpse of it previously, Quillareine's transformation when she had jumped on top of the Dread Dragon's back. The sensation of her aura not yet coming to Jikan's senses as she turned away from her and the dragon that took off into the air. The Nephilim wings sprouted from her unseen but she could feel the magic as she moved. She could also hear that unknown angry voice yet again. Still yelling and hostile, but at least it was ready to fight the dread dragon....even though it was starting to become an annoyance with him. Such an angry voice, kill kill kill, kill her, kill him. Kill everyone by the sounds of it. She wondered if this beast of Quillareine was as sinister and chaotic as Jikan had begun to think she was due to their last interaction fighting off an invasion horde alongside Jin. Mentally stable was not the word she would use and felt perhaps that was accurate for Bai as well. Either that or he was a loud mouth that needed to be shut up with a punch to the jaw.

The spells from Esperia's guns flying upward to Bai, Quillareine and Esperia's pet dragon. A mixing and burst of mana as the spell reached its destination and exploded in a wave of magic. Thankfully it was not close enough or big enough to hit Jikan or cause her any more from its distance away up in the air. But the fact that it went off was registered to the Sleeping Calamity Guild Master. The sounds practically like fireworks and bombs going off in the night, an echo of the intensity of this war perhaps?

As Jikan finished her lunge and appeared within sight of the world before her, their foe Esperia The Cruel nestled against Jin's neck as if he was a delicious snack, arms holding him in a lovers embrace. If it wasn't for the blood she saw, Jikan would have wondered if Jin had hit her with the whip and Esperia was just giving the man a kiss on the neck or a hickey. Pieces of armor she saw him have before gone now, his gleaming armor, the black of his head wounded and bleeding. Crumbled into dust. At the same time she heard a crash, Bai's body falling to the ground with a thud, causing a dent and burst of wind that gave a little more vision to the area around all of them. His voice said a final message before passing out. Come back and destroy them all huh? Well....if that was so, Bai was just as much of a nuance as these invaders then, all just people wanting to burn the world that Jikan wanted to have her own space in. That would not do at all.

Just like the turn of events she found herself in now.

For some reason she kissed the Paladin's cheek. Yep....he used the whip on her alright..., she thought with an internal nod as she watched Esperia lunge backwards, gun raised, blood lingering on the vampire's lips. Eyes following, never dropping with intensity as Jin's body was freed from her touch.

Jikan arms were raised, hands up to guard herself as well as cast her magic, a product of how her body was positioned as she finished her lunge. Jikan heard Esperia's offering of a draw, and instantly decided she would rather take this chance to blast a whole through her chest through Jin. By the looks of it it seemed that Jin was already dead, she was not about to let the invader use him as some sort of disrespectful meat shield. Jikan did not know Jin, but for the small moments of contact she had with the man she had a little bit of a sickness and anger as such an action being done. Alas, Quillareine spoke up before Jikan could move or activate a spell. Jikan's eyes watching Esperia like a lioness ready to pounce. Not giving any verbal approval or disapproval at this point in time. She would have to see that this was not some underhanded bait. If it was, well, Jikan had no issue striking her down right where she stood.

Annnnnnd theeeeen Jin jumped up like he was a zombie, messed up, definitely hurt for the most part but alive and able to operate. Shifting behind Quillareine agreeing to the draw as well. His eyes looked back and forth to the threat and the allure of Quillareine's body. This was something Jiman could not tell though as she was behind Jin and Quillareine, her body at an angle to Esperia. It was good though, she would have thought that the man was even more of a pervert if she had, even if this time the perverted thing was reasonable this time.

"Fine. If you two wish to then. As long as she leaves this area". …. "I'm beginning to wonder if you like pain Jin", she said in a very flat tone eyeing Esperia still.

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#19Esperia the Cruel 

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Esperia the Cruel
The vampire's gaze shifted from Jin toward Quillaraine as the latter commented about her ownership of the poor, or perhaps lucky lad? The mere thought made her chuckle softly as she heard the Shinigami daughter's tempting proposal. "I wouldn't say no to some companionship, but perhaps after you take care of your boyfriend."

She gestured with a hand toward Jin who had just risen back from the death, quite literally. It was a sight that clearly both fascinated and amused her. Yet Jikan's demands reached a light shake of her head. "While I can promise that under the conditions of our draw, that I will not intervene with the activities of you and your kin. Departure from this place is still a bit too early for me."

Gently twirling her guns in her hands she continued her explanation, her tone carrying that playful and mischievous nature of a trickster that was less trying to kill them moments ago and more trying to tempt and seduce them. "Besides~ I do have an ulterior motive in mind for our draw~ While it is true that continuing this fight would just bring forth a long stalemate till either side gets tired- I think it would be more beneficial for both of us if we were to work together? Oh~ Don't get me wrong, me and the others still intend to claim your world's essence for our own, but it doesn't mean we have to fight until that fateful day?"

She shook her head lightly, her lips curving up into a smile. "How about instead we do a favor for a favor? Nothing too complicated~ If you three work together to get me King Reign's crown, I will reward each of you with a boon that will help you in the fights ahead. Of course, should that fateful day arrive, I will not have the option of showing such generosity again~ But until then? There is nothing to say we can't entertain each other for a bit longer~"

She turned her back toward the trio as the four demonic hounds stepped forward as if to shield her, when finally she brushed a hand toward the air in front of her, seemingly opening a rift of sorts. "Oh~ Quillaraine? That color suits you well, but you might want to wear something more, lest you'd be the cause of Jin's untimely death. Nosebleeds can be quite... intense~"

And with these words she waved goodbye to the trio, stepping through the portal. "I'll be in contact soon~" And with these words the dark raider left the battlefield...

Feel free to post your last round of posties~ rewards will be posted afterwards~


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Quilla watched the woman carefully, but in the end it seemed like they were telling the truth. The thing that made her question anything was the fact that Jin got back up soon after her words and went behind her. Jikan, followed up as she was near her as well. They all agreed to letting the woman go, Esperia, the name sounded familiar when it came to this world's version. The fight gave her things to think on and now she wondered what the little quest will be. "Find, so be it," she waved her hand and cornered her eyes to look at Jin and then back to Esperia. "You may go, I suppose we will see each other or at least hear from another some other time," she lastly spoke before Esperia disappeared.

"Let's leave," she whirled her wrist to gesture what she just said and turned away from where Esperia left. She felt tired and now she wanted to get something to eat.



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@Quillareine, Jikan and Jin receive the following rewards for reaching a Draw against Esperia the Cruel.

- 500,000j
- 15,000 EXP
- 10 SP (2 Stat potions)

Additionally they have unlocked the Event Quest: Treachery To The Crown (which will be posted soon)

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Jikan stayed still where she was, the Amazon not at a sense of ease with letting this invader go, but the situation seemed to force her hand to. The thrill of facing this invader was high, but there was a rationality in her mind that if she somehow put Jin, who at this point was barely able to move, in harms way. She would have to perhaps fight Quillareine. As much of an exciting possibility as that was, there was a time and place for things, and this was not one of them.

And so she listened to Esperia speak, the playful and mischievous allure of her voice that had been filled with the sinister aura of blood lust replaced with that of a trickster. She was trying to temp them, and for truth, Jikan had no interest or care in it. It was probably also too much to try to force her to leave this spot, but alas, it was a goal she felt she should try to wiggle in.

Either way she watched Esperia turn her back to them, a light gleam in Jikan's mind at the skin open to her. A conflicting twist of two immediate thoughts. One tender, and one rough. Her mind not caring about the four hounds that came to watch over their master's back. Seeing them tear open the air causing a portal and stepping in before vanishing, Jikan's hands relaxed to her side. Her body turning to the opposite path that Jin and Quillareine went, no words spoke from her, the only sounds coming was a sharp tch sound. Her feet pressed against the cold ground as she thought in her mind, walking away into the fog darkness of the night. The crown? Like if I care. But, if you think you are going to claim my world.....


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#23Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin's stiff shoulders loosened as everyone seemed to be on the same page. A draw it is. He stepped closer to his love and picked up his whip. The darn thing. Then Esperia spoke of something of a favor or task. It peaked his interest for a moment and then his shoulders slumped. "Theft of the crown huh? Well at least we don't have to fight today." he shrugged and stepped back as the hounds appeared.

With all in agreement the woman left. Quilla turned to head about the task at hand. It was annoying but the boon was tempting. Plus he wanted to ruffle the king's feathers anyway and this was a small way to do it. "That's that then," the paladin spoke and turned to leave alongside the other two. Now that had to devise a plan to break in and steal a crown. That was going to be a hassle.


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