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One small step for an Espy [East to West]

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One small step for an Espy [East to West] Empty Tue Sep 06, 2022 7:16 pm


Although the terror of the dark raiders and their invasion did not go unnoticed, Esperia was not the type to think that this common enemy would cause past grudges to be forgotten. No, she knew all too well that if her prediction of the type of man Erebus was to be correct, that there would be some sort of score to settle between him and Alisa.

Whether that would mean that Erebus himself would challenge Alisa to a duel, or if the entirety of Eternal Nightmare would rain down as a vengeful phantom upon Hargeon and the guild that made its home remained yet to be seen.

Perhaps it was for that reason she had decided to undergo this journey. After she scribed a letter to Judith about her intentions to travel to the west to see whether the embers of rage could be prevented from turning into an all-consuming inferno, and her promise that she would be standing at her side should the guild decide to answer the alliance's call. In all honesty? Esperia hoped that an all-out war could be prevented. Not only did she call Hargeon her home, but there were too many people she desired to see another day. Indeed, to her Blue Pegasus was akin to a second family, and she refused to let Odin's legacy destroy that.

As she traversed along the roads she sighed wearily, her gaze drifting toward the sky while a simple traveler's cape obstructed most of her features. How peculiar that now, in the time where she would have be sorely tested herself, that it was Fia's magic that coursed through her being. The ancient magic of the Titans.

Even now she could not entirely comprehend its nature, but she firmly believed it would be a boon in the days ahead. A brief smile lingered on her lips as she allowed the nostalgia to be entertained for a while longer till in the distance the sight of the city of Oak came into view. To think the last time she had been here on a bit of a 'off the records' trip... Even now it made her feel that slight tingle of sinful excitement rise in her. Even if she herself was not an advocate of mindless violence, she did recall the excitement that came with a display of power. But that was not the meaning of this trip. No... Today she had come to meet with Erebus.

One small step for an Espy [East to West] 5KKMJPI
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