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Five Finger Discount: C-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II]

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Five Finger Discount: C-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II] Empty Sun 04 Sep 2022, 23:57

Finding himself back in Orchidia again, Xerxes looks around the shops in the area for something new. For some time now, he had been looking for something else to complement Jotunn’s Fang. The shield he wielded was fine but he wanted something more. Unfortunately, he was unsure if he wanted to obtain another offensive weapon to continually pressure his opponents or if he should upgrade the shield for a better defensive outlook on things.

As he looked around, he glanced at the giant clock in the middle of the market and sighed. It was time for the other reason he came to the markets. Shortly after he returned from Worth Woodsea to Orchidia, Xerxes found a couple of flyers left at the Sleeping Calamity guild house. Knowing that he’d need some extra jewels before he made the trip to the west, the Desiertian snatched a few of them up. To his surprise, one of them was from his old acquaintance Leon. He hadn’t seen Leon since he originally came to Orchidia. Wondering what he was up to, Xerxes decides to head to their meeting place.

WC: 185


Five Finger Discount: C-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II] Empty Mon 05 Sep 2022, 00:02

A few minutes pass as Xerxes heads to the meeting place, a red abandoned storefront which stood out amount the other stores. As he enters the store, he sees Leon and Yuka sitting at a table. Leon seemed to be speaking about something as Yuka listened intently, hanging onto every word the man said. Upon noticing Xerxes enter the store, both stop and acknowledge him “My friend…long time no see.” Leon says as he gets up from his seat. “Hello sir.” Yuka says as he greets him. “Oh, you speak?” Xerxes says jokingly, noting that this was the first time that he had ever heard the young boy speak without being prompted to do so. “Young Yuka is beginning to come out of his shell. A little luck and he’ll be alright.

After the two exchange pleasantries, Leon gets down the business. He explains to the Desiertian of his continued efforts to toughen the boy up. While he was making strides, he notes that there is always room for improvement. Today, he wanted Yuka to learn the fine arts of shoplifting and to brush up on his combat skills. Most of the shop owners in the area would rather contact the Rune Knights instead of handling thieves themselves. There was one man, however, who was the exact opposite. He was the owner of polearm shop; one Xerxes had ventured to himself the last time he was in town. The man had a reputation of brutally dispatching his own brand of ‘justice’ against those that stole from him. It was the perfect opportunity for Yuka to show what he’s learned and not get caught.

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Five Finger Discount: C-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II] Empty Mon 05 Sep 2022, 00:04

As the two begin to walk out, Leon calls Xerxes back, telling him to close the door so Yuka does not hear. “So, here’s the deal. I want you to rat Yuka out while he is stealing. Obviously, that shop owner is going to freak so let the boy fight. If it gets too violent, step in and protect him. Same deal as last time.” Xerxes nods as he leaves the building to catch up with Yuka. As they walk, Xerxes begins to talk, eager to see if this less shy Yuka would be more receptive to his questions. “So why is a kid like you mixed up with Leon?” he says. “It’s something I have to do…” the boy says after a long pause. The Desiertian attempts to prod a little more information out but is unable to get anywhere further.

Minutes pass and the two find themselves at the polearm dealer’s storefront. “You remember the plan?” Xerxes says as he opens the door. Yuka nods and enters as Xerxes heads inside behind him. The Desiertian gazes around at the items that line the walls, taking note of the impressive weaponry there. Spotting one weapon in particular, he trails his finger along it. The weapon looked simple in design but Xerxes knew better. He could tell that this weapon was strong, durable. It could even be a viable replacement or compliment to Jotunn’s Fang if he chose to do so. “You’ve an eye for talent my friend.” A voice says behind him. It was the shop owner who stepped away to greet him. “This is impressive. How much is it?” Xerxes says, his finger still trailing along the edge. “That one is going for five million jewels but we might be able to work out a deal.

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As the two conversed, Xerxes spots Yuka out of the corner of his eye beginning to start his part of his plan. He had used a lockpick Leon provided him to open up on a case and carefully extracted two small daggers inside. His technique was perfect, no one was the wiser. Xerxes actually hated to rat him out but needed to get this done. He leans a little closer and begins to whisper. “You see that kid back there? He’s about to clean you out. You might want to be careful.” “What?!” the shop owner roars as he bolts towards Yuka. With surprising quickness, he grabs Yuka by the arm before he exits the store, quickly searching and finding the daggers. “You little shit!” he yells as he punches Yuka square in the face. Blood trickles down his nose as he lands on the ground. Patrons quickly depart the scene as the owner and Yuka begin their skirmish.

WC: 159
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Five Finger Discount: C-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II] Empty Mon 05 Sep 2022, 00:13

As with the previous time, Yuka attempts to use his speed and quickness to maintain the advantage but as soon as he leaves himself open, his opponent viciously counters. The owner begins to wail on Yuka repeatedly as Xerxes decides to end the skirmish. As the man rears his arm back to deliver a final blow, Xerxes catches it. “Alright, enough of that. You’ve made your point.” The man, ignoring the Desiertian’s words, shakes his arm free and prepares to strike once more.

Sighing deeply, Xerxes uses the blunt end of Jotunn’s Fang and jabs the back of the man’s head, knocking him unconscious. Yuka manages to make it to his feet; his face still a bloody mess from the fight. Wordlessly, Xerxes picks him up and begins to carry him back to Leon. As they walk, once more Xerxes asks him the question. “Are you sure that this is something that you have to do?” “Yes.” He replies, Xerxes deciding to just respect his decision. Before long, the two arrive back at the storefront as Leon begins to heal the young boy. After the treatment is done and the boy rests, Xerxes and Leon begin to converse. “He’s doing better. Before long, he’ll be ready.” “Ready for what, exactly?” Xerxes questions as he receives his pay for the job. Leon chuckles before he gets up to leave. “That’s for another time. Come back tomorrow. I’ll have another job for you.

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