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IV. Permafrost

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Name: Permafrost

Slot: Weapon

Type: Sword

Class: Legendary

Quantity: Custom

Element: Frost

Damage: +120

Durability: 2xS


Description: Permafrost is an ancient blade; forged in the old mountains far away from civilization by hunters that were passionate of their craft. It was meant to be wielded by the strongest of their kin. The Wolfensteins. It was never made to fit in any one person's hands, often traveling about and trading itself to other hunters that bested it's prior wielder.

Over the centuries Permafrost continued its travels with the final member of the Wolfenstein Clan, Sebastian Von Wolfenstein. The last pureblooded Wolfenstein the world would ever see. Before his passing he inducted many individuals into the clan by using this blade to share his blood. Permafrost up until that point had supped on many but none like Sebastian.

His blood turned the blade portion of the sword red. His magic infused into it turning it's center gold. His last act with the blade was inscribing powerful icebergian runes that would sup on the lifeforce of it's target. He was laid to rest with his blade; for it would never leave his side until a pure blooded wolfenstein stepped forth. Or one that was deemed to be pure.

It's long hilt and lack of a stereotypical guard would make it unwieldy to those unfamilar with it and the red wrappings of the grip seem coarse and painful to those not prepared as though the blade judges those not worthy.

But it deemed one member after countless centuries of inactivity in it's last owners tomb worthy were she ever to come forward. For it could sense her from across the known world; waiting. Patiently for the time when she would grow strong enough to claim it.

And grow she did; in her travels she went from being a mere hunter to that of one that would look to protect all those within the known world. At this moment it made itself known to her; it's runes glowed with an impossible power and a mere twist in the magical flow of things would lead her directly to it.

Through harrowing experiences that would lead many dead Lucretia eventually 'stumbled' upon the tomb of the last wolfenstein. To become what the world hadn't seen in countless centuries. The first wolfenstein. To claim and wield this blade is to make your blood that of the old hunters; and from the moment that Lucretia's hand touched the grip of this weapon.

Was she endowed with the right to be called truly... One of their number.

Measurements: Permafrost is a enourmous blade; much larger than your stereotypical two handed sword. It's hilt is on it's own is a 1/3rd of a meter in length [or just around 11 indches], meant to be used by a giant of a person. The length of the blade is 1.4 meters [4 ft 7 inches]. The blade itself is rather thick at almost an inch and weighs 8 kilograms [17.6 pounds]. It's overall size is just shy of six feet in length.


Requirements: Lucretia Von Wolfenstein


  • Whispers of The Ancients: Your weapon ignores armor when dealing physical damage. It deals damage straight to the Constitution of the target.
  • Touch of the Ancients: Upon striking the target, the user receives one rank lower worth of healing to their constitution.
  • Boon of the Ancients: An improved jump and lunge up to 5 meters.

Points Breakdown

Please list Forge Points gained and lost for a faster approval process.
  • Rarity: Legendary [45 points]
  • Item Type: Weapon
  • Weight/Handling: 8 Kilograms[17.6 pounds]/ 2 handed handling
  • Effects: Whispers of The Ancients[20: Physical Armor Pierce], Touch of the Ancients [Lifesteal: 20], Boon of the ancients[Mobility 5]

Total points Acquired: 45
Total Points Spent: 45


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Claiming this with my storyline custom ticket.
Storyline here: https://www.fairytailrp.com/t63014-the-last-wolfenstein-long

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Lucretia Wolfenstein has claimed Permafrost.

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