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Dark Universe - Dark Universe Raiders (Jikan the Merciless)

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Dark Universe - Dark Universe Raiders (Jikan the Merciless) Empty Sat Sep 03, 2022 7:42 pm


Jikan the Merciless


Race: High Werewolf
Class: Spellhowler
Magic: Kuroi kaze to daichi [Fire]
Aura:  Mad Fool
Modification: Berial's Demon Bringer
Enhancements: Damage over time, Focus Debuff, Armor Pierce, Life Steal, Self Immunity, Additional Spell type [Self Buff]


Strength: 320
Speed: 251
Constitution: 181
Endurance: 253
Intelligence: 501
Mana: 7,425
Mastery: Master [Gauntlet]


Head: Luffy’s Straw Hat
Body: Dark Calamity Robe
Weapon: Midas gauntlet
Off-Hand: Urdurain
Necklace: Samwise's Necklace
Earring:: Jann Earrings
Ring: Ghisla's Ring
Relic:  Luchedor’s belt
Cape: Eshiga's Sentinel Cape


Restriction: Jikan the Merciless may only be battled by a party that is not higher than S-rank.

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