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The Hermit Tarot: Lucretia Wolfenstein

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#1Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Stepping outside of the city of Joya Lucretia was reminded of just how quiet the countryside was. How quiet the world was and how simple things were. How she, a giant among men, could easily lose herself in the rolling hills, the massive forests and the desolate tundra's that were about the world. She’d step lightly through the petals of the cherry blossom trees that lined the outskirts of the Joyan city she had deigned to visit.

She’d stand there for a moment and contemplate what she had to do; what needed to be done by her and her knights. Though the following part was distinctly… distant from her. She had always been strong on her own. So she’d take her leave from the city for the moment. It wasn't like she didn't like the place or those around it but something pulled at her. Made her want to go elsewhere.

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#2Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
The further away from the city that she got the more that Lucretia felt her sense of nature; her strength and her desire to do things increase. It was this sort of peace that she desired of the world and the fact that there were people out there that she would have to fight most likely on her own meant that she had to get stronger on her own too.

She couldn’t risk the others underneath her; often more than not the rune knight had been fighting on her own. Save for one instance where the strength of her comrades didn’t meet what they all had hoped. Would it have been any different… If the three of them had been one? If Lucretia simply had been stronger than all three of them combined?

She’d pause at the thought; her breath catching on her lips. If she was that strong maybe she could do something… Drastic.

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
She’d shake her head a bit and continue further away from the city. How could she get that strong on her own? How could she fight so brutally that she would be stronger than three of the mightest mages on the face of fiore? She’d stop and look down at her hands; one reminded her distinctly of seika and the other of kon. The three of them hadn’t shared any words since then. Barely a lick other than hearing that he had gotten out of the damnable girdle. Where was seika?

Possibly trapped in there for all the good their strength did them. It was frustrating to her that they had been caught out like that and further still she figured that… Edge. That edge needed to be there. If it had been maybe they wouldn’t have lost. Maybe instead of spending those few days in the Girdle she instead would be talking some sense into those of Eternal nightmare.

She’d tighten her hands with resolve.

Maybe she could get strong enough… on her own? Could it be done? Could she fight her way to the place she needed to be?

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
The question haunted her as she took a seat next to a cherry blossom tree. Letting the petals fall onto her; early she had answered the question with certainty. She believed she could but the more she sat and thought about it well. Maybe she wasn’t cut out for doing everything on her own. Maybe not fighting the Darkness as a whole on her own but the training and otherwise…

Well. That would probably require her to be on her own. She figured at least. It was annoying that she kept going in circles like this. Scratching at her fur and frowning again. She’d thump the side of a tree with a furred fist. She felt the blossoms rain down on her and she’d blink slowly.

…The only time she could recall that she worked with someone in the semblance of a request was Nadine. She didn’t count the nasty events that cropped up; how were you to deal with them? She’d ponder for a moment. Had jikan attained their strength on their own?

Maybe her friend would have an answer but left alone Lucretia found herself reaching out for her own mental support.

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
The first step would be her body; to train it into a form that she could rely on. It wasn’t enough to just be strong she needed to be the strongest. She needed to test herself against everything on her own just to make sure that she could meet any challenge. She’d have to face dragons, demons, daemons, seraphims and everything on earthland on her own. To test her own might.

She had already done that against shepherd right? She could do it against other things in the world with ease. Maybe not with the grace of death like so many but… She’d curl her fists into tight balls. Gritting her teeth a little bit as she considered further what could be done.

She didn’t… need to get stronger. She has to. To protect people that she cared about; that list being ironically very short. Was she even someone that she cared about? She’d run her claws along her arm, testing her fur for a moment. She… did hate herself when she first found out about her ‘condition’ as she called it.

But now she was a proud werewolf to serve the people of Fiore- Nay. Serve the people of the world. But the Rune knights would give her the resources she needed. She’d cock her head to one side thinking…

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
The rune knights could provide her with the resources that she would want; but they wouldn’t provide every challenge she needed to grow. Which she would seek out on her own. Nodding to herself as she established this. To grow she would need to fight, to aid others. But never would she take someone with her. Not so much as a challenge of a lone wolf so much as it was safer that way.

Someone would always get hurt around her and she couldn’t stomach the idea of someone like Mimi getting hurt; someone that was undoubtedly innocent to the world and innocent in their little shell. Rose tinted glasses was one way of putting it but Lucretia felt that the painter knew. But Lucretia wanted to protect that as best she can.

Her hands opened and she’d lean back against the tree; exhaling slowly. This was frustrating. She’d stand up after a moment and stretch. Maybe going for a run would clear her mind?

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Lucretia would take off running, not with abandon like she used to but with thoughtful steps throughout. She’d continue along through the paths heading out away from the city. Taking her time to climb the hills as they yawned up to her. She eventually arrived at some steps; looking up she’d note that they went up to a peak of some kind. Blinking she’d start to climb.

It was a gorgeous and peaceful place; one that she couldn’t express how it came to her or how she came to it. Did she need this place? This place to gather her thoughts? Or was it just her alone that needed to be away from it all. She didn’t meet a soul on the trek but there were signs of activity here or there.

How far did she run? How far did she walk. She felt the burning of this travel on her body and she realized she must have been walking for days, running for less maybe but… It was a good burn. Something she’d like about herself later.

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
The stairs seemed to go on endlessly; she had stopped a few times to drink from ponds. Catch some fish. Rest next to the falling cherry blossoms. But not once had she come across another soul. It was like the world was giving her time away from it all. To let her stew and make her own choices.

The burning of her climb continued over and over again; would she ever reach the peak or would it forever yawn in front of her? Would she never be able to grasp the height of her ability? She’d stop her climb and look down the steps. She hadn’t moved farther than maybe… a dozen of them to her view.

It’d be so easy to step back, to let someone else climb this endless maze of steps. She’d feel that tug at the back of her head and she’d slowly turn to continue up the steps. Away from giving up, from letting herself down. She had to hold herself up because many others couldn’t keep up with her. Not that it was their fault; not that it was anyones fault.

But she was far from the folks that she wished to be like; far from the strength she desired. With that in mind she pressed on…

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
She felt the burning of her lungs, the drag of her legs. The sweat rolled down her back. She had been at this for what felt like eons but could have been literally just a few minutes. These stairs were trying her and eventually she would slow to a crawl. Her ears flicked and she’d take a moment to kneel. Breathing out heavy on the plain brick steps. Compared to the bright red railings and the blossoms that were beyond they were ever so simple.

Ever so simple to the point that she wondered if that’s the reason she was failing this climb. Gritting her teeth she’d push herself up and away; she was fishing for excuses. Her strength, her stamina, her desire to continue would get her through this. She would get to whatever peak this place had.

And so she climbed and climbed… and climbed. For what seemed like days, months. Years. She climbed.

#10Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
When her foot fell onto the last step, Lucretia felt her body shudder. Ready to collapse. She had only traveled what seemed like a minor distance. Staring down the steps in curiosity before turning to walk forward. The peak of this place gave her a wonderful view and a well of water to drink from. She’d sup from it for a moment. Relishing a challenge she had overcome. Magical or not; she had done it on her own.

Once she had cast aside her questions; once she had cast aside her worries and trepidations. She had succeeded where… Where she had failed before. She had grown stronger on her own and she could do that for until she felt otherwise… Complete. She’d stare down at the cup that she used to draw water with and would set it down. Near the edge of the well before stepping over to the view. Taking a seat she’d stare out at the town that she had come from; she was high above it now…

Higher than she had ever been before.

And she had done it on her own.

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