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Dozing Kids (Good)

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Yuurei and Renji would take another job board. This time it was to go to school. This was going to be fun as he would get to hang out with a bunch of kids and make sure that they were doing what they were supposed to do. The two of them would make their way to the school, and when they got there, they would enter it.

Yuurei would see Sandine and he would approach her; when she saw him, she would smile at him as it seemed like he had come here because of the job board.

“Yuurei you’ve arrived for the job? Do you think you can make sure my children pay attention in class and don’t go to sleep today?” She asked him hoping he would be able to do it.

“Of course, I can do that. I will make sure I reward them for doing what they’re supposed to be doing.” He chuckled when he said this.



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The students would come into class, and he would reveal himself when they were all there. They were surprised to see that a famous person like Yuurei was there. They had a smile on their face and their attention was all on him. Still, he needed to get their attention to Sandine and her teachings.

“Okay guys, I need you to stay awake and pay attention to everything Sandine teaches. If you can do that for me, at the end of school, I will tell you some of my stories?” He said this to them and waited for an answer.

It wouldn’t take long, but they would all be cheerful and would agree to his terms. Sandine would start teaching, and he would stay in the back as he watched the children. They were up and excited; they were able to take in everything that Sandine was teaching which was a good thing.



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Yuurei and Renji would continue to do their work, and soon enough the school day would come to an end. Sandine was happy her children stood up the entire time. It was sad that they needed to be bribed to get the job done, but it worked. They would all move over to Yuurei, and he would tell them a few stories to them. He would tell them about the sea creatures that he had fought and take them down with one punch. While he was doing this, the children’s parents would show up one by one and would take the kids home.

When all the kids were gone, Yuurei would make his way to Sandine. She would thank him for what he had done for her. She was happy to see the children were learning today. She would take out a bag of jewels and she would hand it to Yuurei.

The Nephilim would take his reward and he would go back to the job board to help out more.

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