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Companion Upgrade - Seela Puddi (500,000 J)

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Companion Upgrade - Seela Puddi (500,000 J) Empty Thu Sep 01, 2022 4:50 am


Name: Seela Puddi

Type: Misc

Class: Rare

Quantity: Unlimited

Description: A delicate carmel-coated egg-based custard desert topped with whipped cream and a cherry that allows the companion after consuming it the ability to revert back into their original forms.

Details: The user can now let their companion use Devolve in topics, allowing it to revert back to the lesser version of it, while in these forms they have the stats, mana, spells, and abilities of that version.

Requirement: None

Restrictions: The Seela Puddi can only be purchased for companions that have evolved.


Name: Devolve
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 0% of the companions total manapool
Requirements: Seela Puddi
Type: Transformation
Element: Arcane
Range: Self
Cooldown: Once per topic
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Upon entering the topic, the companion may begin as the lower rarity of it, this may be used in both social and fight-based topics. Doing so will cause them to have the properties of that version. Returning to their original version does not heal them for any damage taken, restore any mana that was otherwise lost or reduce the cool-downs of spells cast unless modifiers become applicable.

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