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Companion Husbandry

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The Companion Husbandry


  • A custom companion is a companion that you may create yourself based on the regulations in this topic.

  • You may obtain a custom by completing your first 250 RP posts, through a storyline, and even games and events.

  • Once you have unlocked a custom, you need to create a topic in the Companion Creation Section titled Guest's Nursery. All future custom creations will be done in that topic.

  • The user may only submit their companion creation for review if they are actually capable of claiming the companion e.g. completing a storyline.


► Companion Points

  • Each Custom has a preset amount of points based on rarity. Companion Points dictate what a custom companion can do with abilities, spells, Mana and additional attributes each costing a certain amount.

RarityCompanion Points

► Companion Mana Pool

  • Every Companion has a mana pool based upon its rarity. Users may increase the mana pool by 25 Mana for 1 Companion Point. Details on base mana pools can be found below:

RarityBase Manapool

► Companion Size

  • The maximum size of a summon is dependent on its rank:

RaritySize Limit
  • Irrespective of rarity, a companion must be at least 50 centimeters in size.

► Companion Attributes

  • Depending on the companion type they will have a base amount of attributes equal to their rank as listed here which they may freely allocate onto their companion's Strength, Speed, and Constitution, Users may increase or add stats to be increased by +3 Attributes per 1 Companion points:

  • The base attribute in Strength, Speed, and Constitution is 1 for Companion, listed allocatable attributes are added to the base amount of 1 per stat.

RarityAllocatable Attributes

► Companion Skills & Perks

  • Companions have three different types of effects: Skills that focus on their ability to fly, talk and mimic human behavior, Companion Perks which provide bonuses to them directly and lastly Partner Perks which provide bonuses to their owner.

  • The user may reference other effects from other sources and create effects not included in this list but may require further reviewing upon custom creation. The user can not add effects that bypass or offset their pre-existing weaknesses.

RarityNumber of AbilitiesLevel 5 EffectPartner Effects

  • Level 1 Perks: Takes up 3 Companion Points.
  • Level 2 Perks: Takes up 6 Companion Points.
  • Level 3 Perks: Takes up 9 Companion Points.
  • Level 4 Perks: Takes up 12 Companion Points.
  • Level 5 Perks: Takes up 24 Companion Points.

► Companion Spells

  • You may also add spells to your companions. All types are possible to be added except for summoning. The element of the spells must be the same as the element of the companion. Below you can see the maximum amount of spells per companion and how many companions Points it costs.

RaritySpell SlotsS-Rank Slots
  • D-Rank spells: Takes up 2 Companion Points.
  • C-Rank spells: Takes up 4 Companion Points.
  • B-Rank spells: Takes up 6 Companion Points.
  • A-Rank spells: Takes up 8 Companion Points.
  • S-Rank spells: Takes up 10 Companion Points. At most only two may be added to a Unique, three to a Legendary, and four to Mythic.
  • Exclusive spells: Takes up 12 Companion Points. These spells have one spell modifier attached to them that makes them unlike regular spells, these include things such as Knock-Back, Lifesteal, Mana-Drain, etc. They can not exceed the regular spell creation limitation and occupy an S-Rank slot for the custom companion.
  • Signature spells: Takes up 15 Companion Points. These spells are unique allowing the user to complete feats that normally exceed the regular spell creation, they may have up to one of the following effects: Topic Wide, Instantly applied damage, etc. These occupy two S-Rank slots for the custom companion. Instances of Signature Spells are subject to further scrutiny upon review.


► Evolved Companions

  • Unique and Legendary custom companions are capable of evolving into their higher rarity at the cost of a custom claim of the equivalent rarity.

  • This must be done in order of rarity and can not skip between rarities; i.e Unique to Legendary, Legendary to Mythic.

  • Half of the Companion Points are allocated to the evolved custom upon creation which may be freely distributed.

  • Half of the companions mana and stats are also added to the evolved custom for no additional companion points.

► Story Companions

  • Story Companions are special Mythic tier companions that can only be acquired through Epic Storylines.

  • A character can only own a single Story Companion, and once sold, they cannot be repurchased without another Story Companion ticket.

  • Story companions recieve the ability to speak, and also come with two forms: human shaped, and transformed. These abilities cost no companion points.

  • Story companions recieve their own player account and the ability to register a face claim. They can travel and RP separately from the owner, but occupy a thread slot.

  • When present in the same thread as the owner, they are treated as a normal companions and obey the same system.

  • Story companions that did not evolve from a particular rank can be upgraded using a custom ticket for that rank, earning the respective stats, mana and companion points they would have gained from evolving.

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