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Silk and Threads (Good)

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Yuurei would make his way back to Hinoki Theater. It would seem like Yua would need his help again. This time it would be for something different, which he was fine with doing. He would make his way to her, and it wouldn’t take long for him to find the place. He would enter the theater, and he would find her looking around to see if someone would come in. When she saw that it was Yuurei, she would remember he had taken care of the children. She would head over to him, and she figured that he was here to help.

“So, you finally arrived? Thank goodness because I need someone to get these fabrics from these people. I would go, but I’m busy right now.” She said to him.

He would hear her words, and he understood that. He would take the paper without a problem, and he would look at where he needed to go.



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He would leave the theater as he would head to the spots on the lists. When he got to them, it would seem like at first, they were ready to scam Yuurei, but when they noticed who he was, they would change their mind. They knew better than to do that to him and knew that if they had done this to him, he would come back with vengeance. They would hand him the fabrics without a problem, and they wouldn’t even haggle him for anything. They would charge him the price that it was meant to be sold for.

Yuurei would move around these places, and he wouldn’t have any problem with them. They had all been nice to him especially when they saw who he was. It was a good thing to be famous, and it was good that they knew he wasn’t a weak person they could just take advantage of. The transactions to every place were smooth as they could be.



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Yuurei would finish buying everything on the list, and he figured that he would head back to Yua. It wouldn’t take long to do that, and when he got there, she would notice that he had gotten back fairly quickly. She would move over to him as he would hand over the fabrics that he had bought. She would look at them with someone who could spot counterfeit fabrics. He would go through everything to make sure that nothing was wrong. It wouldn’t take long, but he would tell her that everything was in order and perfectly fine.

When she heard this, she would be happy that he had come to help her with this. She figured that they had noticed who he was and didn’t try anything stupid. With that being said Yua would hand Yuurei his reward, and the young man would take it before saying his goodbyes to them and leaving the theater.

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