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Zali Niku | Work In Progres

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Zali Niku | Work In Progres Empty Wed Aug 31, 2022 3:02 am

Zali Niku


Name: zali niku

Age: nineteen | november seventeenth, x seven hundred seventy fifth

Gender: male

Sexuality: heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: fiorian

Class: berserker

Race: human

Rank: d-rank | rune knight page

Guild: rune knights Zali Niku | Work In Progres ISgISEL

Tattoo: on his back, very large in yellow

Face: park mubong - the god of high school


Height: six foot one

Weight: one hundred and sixty eight lbs

Hair: white

Eyes: right | silver left | red

Overall: his white hair is spiky going up in many directions complimented by two strands hanging down his face. zali has a toned physique that could not be noticed through his baggy clothing. he wears a orange-red long sleeve buttoned up shirt with yellow "x" marks all around it. a black robe with white stripes covers his shirt wrapped with a brown belt tied to keep it from falling apart. his pants are light brown and fit him very baggy. sometimes he wears black shoes, but prefers to be bare foot.

Extra: scars on face|on his face there is a large burn scar on the right side of his face going down to his neck accompanied by a large "x" scar on his forehead.

tattoo|on his left hand there is a "" in yellow with a matching "" on his right hand in red

accessories|he wears a large black beads like necklace reaching the middle of his chest.


Personality: zali is chill, many people would assume that he is nonchalant because of this, but that is not the case. he believes that being worked up can make you exert too much energy. while this may be the case, when undergoing battle, his attitude changes to a very aggressive one and he mixes profanity and slurs in his comments. his erratic behavior catches many people off guard, but it fuels his muse to fight. his determination pushes him to continue to the end until there is nothing left, whether it refers to his targets, enemies, or himself. being courageous can be many things, but it is inevitable, almost like second nature to zali to show no fear when in danger. many can assume he is cocky, but this attitude is what has become of him due to his past. he can be described as someone goal-oriented and fixated on completing what he seems most important to him (varying on the scenario). judging people can seem like one of his poorest characteristics, but it is what makes him, him, as he points out people's flaws, whether they are comrades, foes, or strangers. for zali, being impressed is not an easy feat, so many people find it hard to become allies or friends with him. building a close bond with zali can appear to be an unhealthy trait because he believes love will hurt those who practice it deeply, but when others show true genuine loyalty and comradery, he protects those in his heart. that is, if he truly has one. 

  • judgement: ziku can't seem to hold back his true emotions when it comes to criticizing or judging people. with ease he usually does it and can't seem to restrain himself. many may not like this, but this is his favorite thing to do when meeting, fighting, or etc when engaging others.
  • conflict: it may seem problematic to his peers, but to himself, it is very exciting to engage into conflict. whether he has to instigate, infuriate, or eliminate his targets. conflict seems to be the only thing that truly gets zali excited and riled up. its the key to unlock his unfiltered profanity that many would wish he held back, because he can be very over excessive when it comes to harsh words.

  • opposers: this may not seem surprising to many, but in zali's mind those who oppose his interest, belief, or anything he stands for, will be considered his opposition. this usually infuriates him and cause him to act out of his usual chill demeanor. he will give people the chance to prove their allegiance to his case, but if they continue to differ, he will fight whomever it is.
  • children: zali like many who are on the verge of become adults, does not have a tolerance for kids. he believes that sometimes they can be infuriating due to their lack of knowledge and childish acts. what may seem cute to others, doesn't really speak the same emotions to zali, as they can be very annoying in some cases.

  • his ideals: zali like many will not fail to voice his opinion. he determines his own judgement and those of others. many may feel like he is too opinioned and is boasted by his own ego, but he truly believes the criticism and decisions he speaks. for that desire to prove himself and what he believes in, is motivation enough. no one may disagree or contradict against him, because to do so is to be his opposite. spreading his claims is enough to boost his will to fight, whether it be forcefully or verbally.

  • failure: like many people, zali is human being with common human reactions to failure. the fact that he is fueled off of the judgement of others, makes his judgement on himself that much greater. the outcome of how he would react to his own failures has many possibilities, this includes him making many irrational choices.
  • celebrations: zali should give himself more credit than he allows himself to receive, but instead he prefers none at all for any accomplishments. he believes that any goal reached is suppose to happen and shouldn't be rewarded, because that is what's considered 'true judgement'. celebration would include gatherings related to festivals or expressing any form of excitement. he would rather be by himself than be crowded by people with too much time on their hands celebrating. not only is this a fear, but it disgust zali.


Strength: 5

Speed: 11

Constitution: 5

Endurance: 5

Intelligence: 4


Magic Name: holy piston
Magic Element: light

Magic Enhancement: debuff on hit

Magic Description: What is the description of your magic? Please do note that your magic may not be similar to that of a magic on the List of Banned Magics or to one in the shop. In case you wish to get a magic with a gimmick, you may purchase on later on in the shop with an element that matches yours. For now, you will have basic elemental magic.


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zali ✟ niku

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