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Ring a Ring o Roses (Good)

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Yuurei and Renji had taken another job within Hosenka. They were heading to the Hinoki Theater, and they were going to take care of the kids today. It shouldn’t be a problem because of who he was, and he would be able to see what kids did when they had fun in large groups. The light mage would make it to the theater and there he would see a beautiful woman who was at the entrance of the theater.

Yuurei would approach her, and he would show her the paper that he took from the job board. When she saw this, she would smile at him, and she would take him to the training room. She knew who he was, and she was actually excited to be near him. It wouldn’t take long, but he would see a bunch of kids training to become future actors and actresses.

Yua would explain everything to Yuurei and he would understand what he needed to do.



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Yuurei would continue to watch the children continue their practices. It would seem like a lot of them were really good with what they were doing. While the day would go through, they would take a few breaks. The children would play around, but they were interested in hearing Yuurei’s story throughout the world. He would sit down, and he would speak to them. Of course, he was there to play around with the kids as well. When he had told them his story they would continue with the training. Of course, when their second break came, Yuurei would play with them.

He would be the one to chase them and he would do just that. Of course, he would give them a few seconds of enjoyment before he would catch each and every kid that he was watching. They had enjoyed that he was here it seemed, and he was glad to be here.



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The day would continue, and he would take care of the children in front of him. It wouldn’t take long, but the kids were waiting for their parents. Yuurei would stay with the children as he was talking to them and told them more of his stories. The children would make sure that they had left with their parents. Of course, he made sure that none of the parents that had come here would be using magic to disguise themselves. When he was done with all the children, Yuurei would make his way to see Yua. When he got to her, he would tell them what they had done through the day. She was impressed to see that things had gone well.

She would take out a bag of jewels and she would hand it over to Yuurei. Yuurei would take the bag and he would bow to her before leaving the place to see what else he could do today.

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