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The Long Goodbye ("Death")

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The Long Goodbye ("Death") Empty Tue Aug 30, 2022 12:25 pm


WORDS: 500 | Femme Fatale

Back at the harbour again… The wind whipping her hair about as she stood with her green gaze locked on the horizon and a furred coat wrapped around her shoulders to spare her the worst of the chill of a fresh sea breeze first thing in the morning, Charlotte Caldwell looked over the sight of a chartered ship being loaded before her, and sighed heavily as she did so.
I suppose my time in Fiore has been profitable, on the whole… Awaiting her departure and finding her mind cast into reminiscence as she did so, memories flooded the mind of the fox as she lifted a hand and peeled away a glove to reveal a grandeur of precious jewels and metals which was wrapped around the digit next to her pinkie, and she recalled the circumstance that had afforded her both the opportunity to inherit such a grand item and all the lavishness which came with it.

Still… Can't help but wonder… All too readily it seeming that her recollection would move past the wedding and the 'tragedy' which followed it and toward a figure with scruffy white hair, the new widow thought little of the wealthy fellow who had married her and met with such an unfortunate accident in the past couple of years to leave her alone and wealthy once more, and neither seemed to linger much on the guild she had once been a part of either for that matter.
He really did a number on me, didn't he? Instead only seeming to feel the tinge of regret when it came to the face from which she had been parted while seeking her current fortune, a part of Miss Caldwell seemed to wish that she had found the courage or conviction to send a communique toward that man in the hopes of bringing him along with her to seek new and distant horizons, but sadly some power of doubt had compelled her not to. She hadn't wanted to put her heart there, and risk that rejection, had she?

"Your luggage has been loaded, madam.
Is there anything else we're waiting for?"

“…No.” For that reason the siren forcing herself to be steely in spite of the way in which her might wondered and heart wanted to long for the company of someone who had shown understanding and connection like no other, Charlotte knew that in spite of her desire she was ultimately better off alone, and for that reason as the captain she had commandeered approached and asked about her readiness for departure she confirmed it clearly and concisely.
“There's nothing left for me here.” Stepping off soon after with little intent on returning to this land and once more sighing as she did so, she would spare herself only a moment to glance over her shoulder as she stepped onto the gangway to wonder about the land before leaving it entirely as that wicked wind got them underway and a long and probably difficult journey to new realms, where she could set herself up as a lady of influence and live out her days in happiness and prosperity. After all, with the money she had now, there was no point pursuing anything but her leisure, was there…?


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

credit to nat of adoxography.

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