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What's Important To The Cattian.(Social/Open.)

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What's Important To The Cattian.(Social/Open.) Empty Mon Aug 29, 2022 5:13 pm

It would never be with in Miriko's mind that the are she was here with that was important to Alistair was bit more of a chance where she more often then naught had to be sure she was allowed to linger around here, But tp Miriko. As long one spoke aloud that she was lingering here she did not risk getting into trouble.

But in her mind, This place that more important to Alistair to start with. So maybe she did not risk as much trouble. But remarkable to Miriko is just how much has been improved upon since she was last here. Almost like it had been so long that she did not realize that anyone over all that making improvements, All she remember was three gravestones after all.

But alas Miriko was here, Upon the land she first found Alistair alone. When Christina was set to land in Magnolia, Miriko braved the flight over and used it as her chance.

Miriko seemed seemed to remark to herself about how many flowers where here now, a lot more then she last recalled. Almost like some one was assuring that this place was made to slowly grow into a massive field of sun flowers. With the addition of various other flowers.

The stone work of added places to sit was also interesting. The various added parts to rest objects of the one living that was considered valuable by the family members, Sure there was a very old and weather damaged blue scarf but it was there, A sign family had not forgotten. Even then Miriko seemed interested that there was a diamond or crystal flower here as well maybe there was more recent people around and she just missed them.

She was considering herself lucky in that case she might not be caught lingering around here. But none the less Miriko allowed Alistair to walk into the place first, Since this trip was for him and not herself. It would take a few moment for Alistair to sit in front of the grave and let the quiet stay for now, With the ever watching painter Miriko behind him waiting.

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