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The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie)

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The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 3 Empty Sat Oct 01, 2022 9:34 pm


Kaito looked to where she is and he gets it for her and he wonders how she would look in it. He thinks she has the figure for it but will she really want to wear such a thing it really didn’t seem her style but he figures who is he to rain on her parade and he hands it to her gently then he opens the portal to his domain for her to use. "feel free to use the house in there so you have privacy and don’t worry I am not going to peek."

Revy kicks him in the shin for even saying that to the woman she is probably worried that he will try to peek on her she wished he would stop being so forward like that to stop a worry that she may not even have had to worry about and she sighs womanizer what she can do to stop this train wreck that he might have just caused.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 3 Empty Mon Oct 03, 2022 12:14 pm

With this it seemed Averie did not have overly much worry about it in the end, at least she did not really have much to worry about because she did not consider much worry around Kaito and Revvy any judgment she feared form people that she could not name right away from seeing them, in which that was a typical track record for her.

Nonetheless she went through the portal and did seem to take a few minutes to return it seemed she was attempting and managed well looking at other people for the way she was suppose to, It only took a while because the effort to make sure it was perfect only took in the effort into make it neater looking for her in the end, If anything maybe Averie was still trying to do all of this to seemed like she can attempt to adjust and settle into new areas or at least she could seem like she could.

But she returned in joyan attire just to also see if she could manage it with out worry as well, It could seem awkward to start with but she seemed to be trying. But alas she would still typically ask."Well? Does this look at least decent?"She asked it was seemingly a normal question given it was asked how she normally spoke things around Kaito casual as always.

It was more clothing then her normal clothing but it seemed like she was making herself fit in well. at least she would think she looked okay with it, But Averie was her own worst judge of how she looked even if she kept some things normal in her way and forgot about it.

Joyan outfit:


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 3 Empty Tue Oct 04, 2022 1:28 am


Kaito just looks at the people that pass by him and he wonders if this woman is just trying to fit in with them or if she just likes the clothes cause he knows that the clothes here are special and pretty but he isn’t sure if that was her style really but he guesses he will hold his judgement till she is back out here to show off her look and see how well her eye for fashion was.

Revy is snoring against a wall the food coma had taken her to the world of dreams as he body begins to back down the food she had over stuffed herself with. Kaito takes her and he puts her in his domain to sleep it off in a safe place with out having to worry.

Kaito looked to the woman as she came out dressed in her Joyan attire and she asked if it looked good and he smiles then nods his head. "Yes they look very fitting on you. But the question is are you comfortable in it?" he wondered how she her self was doing.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 3 Empty Tue Oct 04, 2022 4:49 pm

Averie for the most part was feeling pretty normal and some what content, It seemed with that out side she was able to feel comfortable."It might be a bit strange to walk in at first but i only did just try it on and left the area."she mentioned but she did not seem unhappy she just seemed if anything good enough to move on and continue walking around."But I guess I was just rushing to get into it before testing movement."Averie must not boast much but she was well not being logical since she seemed to be distracted at this time with other things.

But at least it was a time to be normal people, as normal as she could."At least careful consideration on how it would look paid off."Maybe Averie felt different because well it was all new things she had considered doing just to try new things, Averie did not take many outfits she just kind of kept the ones she had in good condition to keep it for a long time, Just so she could care less as things went on. But she was comfortable and seemed to have no problems.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 3 Empty Tue Oct 04, 2022 5:33 pm


Kaito just shrugged as he has no idea what is even going on at this point forward as one minute she seemed to want to go one way then now it is the other way but at this point he has lost track of what she is even after and really he doesn't know if he cares to even try to catch up as there seemed to just be misunderstanding after misunderstanding with him just faking to understand or even seem to be able to muster the energy to even try to catch up to where they were leaping to from the last time that they had taken a turn that he was even close to understanding.

He looks around at the other people that were around and he wondered if they were looking at him or at her. Maybe they thought that she looked good, who knows maybe one of them will walk up to her and confess to her under the cherry blossoms like in one of those corny books about romance.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 3 Empty Thu Oct 06, 2022 12:16 pm

With an answer he gave her it seemed Averie was some what content and has a bit of a now noticeable smile on her face. She was showing emotion in which she might not notice, Like for once in her life Averie had something happen that made her happy in life, but if she did not take huge note of it was most likely normal because it was just something she did not know that it was something possible from.

Then again maybe this was a sign in some manner that Averie maybe was trying to branch into things she did not understand  or think she would ever understand it was just something she saw her mother do a few times at one point and seeing if Kaito reacted in the same way she recalled some one else doing so, it was typical in some manner but there was a reason.

But alas even if one enjoys himself Averie considered calling it a day here only so she could give some one a break from her. But maybe unexpected before actually saying good bye and departing Averie walked over and simple gave Kaito a hug, Nothing too long if anything you could count one total second before."For now..I think I will go back to where I was staying to I have a few things I would like to think about."It was a sign there was more that she was trying to process and learn but seemed to not know what to do.

Then she would just be sure to pat Revvy on the head before she left too."One of these days we will meet again hopefully."But she felt like it was good to depart that way in her view. Did she overstay her welcome might have been a wonder in her mind.



The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 3 Empty Thu Oct 06, 2022 4:17 pm


Kaito hadn't been watching the woman when he had felt her hug him and if he was honest it was a shock to him as she hadn't seemed to be the hugging type but he guessed he couldn't complain about this as she seemed to be showing her thanks in her own way and now he feels like he had been a dick to her so now he feels bad and he went to say something but she had already let go of him and had went to Revy and petted her.

Revy is dumbfounded and she wonders what spirit must of processed this woman to make her smile as she hadn't seen it really at all up until now maybe she was actually happy or maybe it was an act to try and look more human to them but she didn't have to fake around them as they are her friends or at least she hoped she saw them as friends at least a little.

Kaito knows he is gonna have to stop being such a grump around her cause he figures that is why she acted like that at the end and then left them standing there confused.

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