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The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie)

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The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Sat Sep 17, 2022 5:24 am

Over all even if strange and a bit silly Averie was smart in many ways but she could only o the things she saw in front of her it was a simple mind set even if a bit of a risk to making her looking a bit foolish. Then she would touch the sliverware she asked for earlier with her elbow and stare at it for a moment. The face of suddenly remembering you asked for something and forgot it was there showed up for a moment. She would just try to be sneaky, put the stick she had no idea what she was doing with down, Then pick up the things she could actually use to eat this food.

Now being able to actually eat her food normally, Averie seemed to be a bit less confused and actually was now enjoying herself a bit more because well shockingly to Averie, when you can eat your food with out problems you can enjoy it more."This is different...I like it."Averie breaking the quiet she had placed upon herself from focusing on trying to get something pointless to work, So she would continue conversation in some manner.

After all she turned slightly to look at Revvy for a moment."Well, Revvy seems to be enjoying her food much more."It seemed to also bring a bit of a smile to Averie's face. The simple things like this seemed to make her happy. "Upon my first steps here, I use to wonder what brings people here beyond my own wish of wanting to learn the things I tend too. Now I think i see why people might enjoy it here."Averie mentioned just as a casual mention because because she was just thinking about it in general, It was nice to not think about the dead things for once.


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He is unsure if this woman is really okay but she seemed to be enjoying herself and that was the important part he guessed and he internally shrugged to himself as he has no idea but figures it is better to just let it go other wise it will just be troublesome. "She is a sucker for food so that isn't saying much." He feels a stiff punch to his side from Revy and he laughs softly.

He hears her talking about Joyan and why people would come here and she seeing why they would enjoy it here. "There are really many reasons the art, the culture, the food, the weapons they have here that are finely crafted." He wondered why he was saying all this he just briefly knew about this place but spoke like he is an expert or something when he clearly isn't and that is on himself for opening his mouth and just inserting his foot. What if she started asking him questions that he doesn't have answers to.

Revy looks at the woman and she sits up right. "So how is your food is it up to your standards? Anything else you looking while you are here?" She was not sure what this all is here, if something was going to happen today and be fun but she knows she is pretty much stuffed from eating so much and she is unsure if she can really move around or if she is going to be down for a bit of a nap.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Sun Sep 18, 2022 6:15 am

It did almost seem to make her laugh for a moment because of the timing of it. But Averie did always have to make sure in some manner."Hopefully you do not hurt him with that."She assumed the answer was she didn't and she had heard it before because Averie did want to be sure in some manner since well the strange idea of being sure some one was okay even if they were really not at risk was new. Then again it seemed nice to have a such a life now."It was about how I thought about it too."Sure it might weird to be talking icebergian in joya, Even leaving in a remark about things."One of these times, I should practice some other languages."It seemed to be a general thing of mention for herself to think over, But the fact she was always thinking over other plans to consider showed she was comfortable.

Even being an odd one Averie might have to admit, She did not really have had food standards only because she was far too use to just okay food to get by when your going from places as quickly as she was these kind of foods were a bit more of a luxury."This is a lot better then most things I eat, I am not a masterful cook and merely just put a few things together before i quickly leave an area for whatever reason."She mentioned as she was still pretty happy about it.

But Averie over all attempt again to continue conversation."This is delightful over all for a change, However i am curious of other things here, maybe something that has to do with bread or a bun."Averie then quietly went back to eating some of her food, waiting to hear if that was an option after all she did not know and was expanding her options to see if there was something that here since she did not know joyan food. For the moment she seemed to have forgotten anything about drinks she might need a reminder of that.

As for anything while she was here to look at."I am sure side from the normal studying of the dead and being here, I might look into clothing and other styling attiring, if they will let me anyway."This was a sign that Averie might not have a lot of clothing, But she might not have a lot of stuff over all which might not be shocking to figure out.


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He looked at the woman and he smiles he figured he would tease her a bit. "Do not underestimate her that punch of her's only scales just below some of the dragons I have taken hits from." He was teasing but Revy beamed with happiness and pride in her punch and Kaito hears her says she wishes to learn other languages. "Oh which ones you wanting to learn?" He knows that Revy may be able to help her but he figures this woman would rather like to learn them herself probably.

"No one starts out a master cook, took me years to master anything of it." He wonders why the woman had brought that up for though he knows that Judith could probably help her with cooking skills but again he knows not to stick his nose into things that are not ask of him for advice cause he has no want or need to offend this poor woman.

"Taiyaki is more street food I can see if they have that." He has a menu brought back over to him and he starts looking it over as he  sees if he can find anything that is like that on the listings he finds Taiyaki and he also finds different other kinds of things that seem to fit the things he is asking for. so he places the order in for a few  korokke-pan,  menchi-katsu-pan, and tonkatsu-pan while also ordering some of the different kinds of Taiyaki as well to try.

He looks at her and smirks it seems that she was in the market to look for some Joyan clothing. "If you would like I can come with you and make sure they let you get what ever you want and need." It is kind of messed up how people have been to her and he wonders why they need to be so judging of someone using their power given gifts but it isn't his place to judge people he was use to being judged and questioned by people cause he is cursed and he is scary looking anyways.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Mon Sep 19, 2022 5:12 pm

The better part of adding a joke to start with it did get a small laugh form her, with her serious answer. After all the more she travelled the more she learned that she was most likely going to get less trouble if she did, but there was also various factors she needed to consider for such learning.So when it came to talking to her about what languages to learn she just would say."I would have to say the first one is Fiorian only because i seem to encounter a fair amount of people whom speak it."Averie mentioned so far it seemed a bit more of a happen stance of what she was seeing before so thus leading her towards that idea of learning the language."After that, I will base whatever languages I learn. Off of which places I visit the most in the future that I don't already know."Logically Averie thought she had right idea even if she was right, That logical path might not always be the best for her.

But why she lack cooking skills came up and she seemed to not mind answering at all."I just never got around to trying to improve, only time i consider improving is when I am in alone with something as simple as bread and butter. That is if i am lucky to have them."Maybe it was just a case of she only could gather things quickly and be on the move.

Was that what she was looking? for in terms of food she would have to remember that for later if it turns out what she was looking for. But there was another offer of finding clothing, that was more from these lands rather then what she had now."I am more then happy to say yes, maybe if i figure out what to wear."She would mention sure she dressed herself but she always just something about other outfits that was just alien.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Tue Sep 20, 2022 6:01 am


He looks at her and it was good to see the slight smile she had when she laughed. "Sounds like a fair start to the lessons, just remember progress is good just don't over do yourself or you will wear yourself out." He hopes that his woman knows how to control herself and not go too over board in studies and starting to ignore their own health cause they are pushing to "fit in" with the people around them.

He tilts his head slightly that means she was poor. "I know that, everything starts at step one and you can only learn and get better by training that skill and to have the open mind to expand it in ways you wouldn't think to before." He wondered how this woman was all these things and she seemed more miserable than he ever really was as it seems people come after her where ever she went because of her magic but he feels that will change in time once she starts doing requests and such to get herself known more as a good person, that if they would stop to talk to her they would find out but that might just be him living in his own little fantasy world about it.

He looked at her and he tried to envision her in more Joyan style clothing but he isn't sure what that would look like she he would have to wait till after they were done to go and see this in action. the newly ordered foods come out and he waits to see what she says if they fit more toward the thing that she was after and would fit her wants or if there could be a better choice, he was quite unsure to what that could mean but only time would reveal that to him.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Tue Sep 20, 2022 4:55 pm

In some manner it seemed it was good to mention that to her, Most likely because Kaito was picking up on how Averie worked as a person, maybe it was something she had to asked how he would know, either that or he was worried about it because some one else was this way before and assumed it was just most likely to happen again."Ahh...I don't think I tend to do that...But then again i don't have many people who watch me learn things."Averie mentioned in return to that comment, But it was not taken horribly either she seemed to have taken it into account to remember.

But still there had to be a starting point and progress Kaito did have a point that she might be rush things in her mind because of how her internal brain cycle works."Well, Interesting advise I have not heard that from anyone in a long time."At least for now she did not feel like she was being lectured too. After all that might be a bit annoying to her, but given the tone of voice Kaito seems to give off it was more out of worry and help then trying to get her to work a particular way.

But for now she seems to not have in mind about the clothing but about the other foods of mention. But when this other food arrived it seemed to fixate on her mind. But quickly it seemed she deemed whatever else safe and seemed to politely take some of it to continue eat her food. She was trying things and getting comfortable as she was just being sure it was generally."Huh...it is strange to have no one really do much at this point and leave us to eat..."She noted.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Tue Sep 20, 2022 6:50 pm


He remembers his master was always hard on him with his fighting training but he knows that was cause fighting is a life and death thing, though she more backed his learning of new things and she tried to talk to him into not becoming a mercenary like her and a fighter but he sees why she wanted that cause she knew he was her grandchild and she didn't want him getting himself killed before he could make her great grandchildren and thrive in the world which is probably why she made him join a guild if he wanted to really be out in the world as a mage it was to make him not take on the world by himself but he seems to have still ended up doing that cause he didn't take to his guild mates well so he still worked mostly alone besides Revy.

He looks at the woman as she said about them being left alone and he thinks he knows why that is but he doesn't want to tell her that it is probably because of himself they have left her alone for the time being cause they don't want to mess with Kaito or his friends cause they might get thrown to a different dimension or end up eating their teeth.

Upon hearing the woman say that no one was bothering them and it was strange and she speaks up. "Well you are eating with the second most famous mage in Fiore and maybe the world they are probably scared to mess with you cause you are with him." Revy points at Kaito and Kaito sighs rubbing the back of his head as that is probably true and he can't blame the exceed for saying it as it was honest.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Wed Sep 21, 2022 4:09 pm

With Revvy's remark it seemed to interest her a bit, Only because she would have to remark."If it was iceberg, I am sure some one would have attempted to fight him with such a reputation...But the men from there are more about battle and dying with honour from some one strong for the most part."Averie mentioned as she was still use from life in iceberg. Life in Iceberg for her was far different from any kind of life she had currently, It was more stable and she always had a place to sleep that was one sure thing she had at one point."But as always, things are different here compared to life at home."and seemed to leave it at that.

But then again the information of who is famous in Fiore was not something she knew at all, so the mention of that was interesting to her."Who are these....famous mages in Fiore, I feel as if i should know for when I arrive there to maybe listen in passing in case i hear their name, Maybe to avoid being around the area."Right away she was focusing on her own safety in theory being around famous mages.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Wed Sep 21, 2022 4:46 pm


Revy puffs out her chest and smirks. "Kaito would flatten them like they were nothing trust me I have seen him fight!" She was proud of her partner. She hears they woman say how different it is here and stuff and then she asked about the list of them. "Well I only personally know the top two, the most famous is a man named Yuurei he is the leader of his own guild in the north of Fiore then the second one of course is Kaito here a member of Fairy Tail I think right behind him is a woman names Karisa no idea who she is though."

Kaito sighs as he doesn't like to flaunting around how famous he is or what spot he is in in the fame ladder he just likes to slide on by without every one coming up to him and he enjoys his space which Revy doesn't understand and is why she is so proud and feels Kaito doesn't give himself more credit that just playing a second fiddle to everyone and everything and he needs to feel that claim to his spot to feel like he matters and isn't just weighing himself down and wasting everyone's time cause he isn't what they think he is some big shot famous guy. He is just a simple loser who stuck his nose to the grind stone and he kept pushing till he got to where he is but that doesn't make him anything else than that.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Fri Sep 23, 2022 3:25 am

This was all wonderful information and Averie seemed to be a bit happy about it.Over all it was not something she would generally mention she knew of, but also assumed it was information she could learn eventually down the road so to say. But at least Averie could entertain it in a casual manner that would be how Revvy was talking about the situation."Well at least they would be delighted about such talk if in the situation."It was just what she remembered of home things could have changed since she had not been there for a while.

But at least it was not something that anyone here had to think about they where in Joya after all, No such risks they a small bundle of Icebergian man would just come around and talk about fights it seemed not a risk of a situation here."But it seems interesting how Fiore in some manner seemingly highlights the strong."Just a normal thing she assumed, Power structures where some what bound to happen eventually it was just how it was laid out to start with was always questionable in the end."It is just the interesting part of learning how other nations work, I would have not known that about Fiore."Maybe there was something like it already in Iceberg and she could not make the connection, But she seemed to leave it at that point.

But at least to leave a comment in the end Averie would say something she always would in the matter of powers are mentioned."In the end, it is not how powerful or what power it is...it is how the vessel of that power chooses to use it."Which must have been something that Averie might have had to say a lot in her life.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Fri Sep 23, 2022 11:31 am


"I guess though it is a bit of a headache that everyone one knows and fears you or hangs on you all the time it is alike a curse." He was not sure why he called it a curse it was also a blessing at times like this as well but he doesn't say that out loud as he just wants to be able to be normal but that isn't what happens and he knows that is the truth and he just wants to be normal but in the end he can't be normal, he probably never could have been what people call normal but now he is here and he seems to sit as one of the pillars of the country that will have to be crumbled to take it down and that is a pain in the ass to him but he will just have to get use to it cause it is where he has found himself as of lately being on the front of battles and he wonders if it is really worth it or if it will just be sitting there for years till he dies or he looses his own mind and takes one the world and the mages in it.

"How are they for you, were they what you wanted or something that didn't fit what you wanted?" Kaito looks at the woman in her eyes.


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It seemed that in the event of being locked in their conversation Averie entirely forgot about the part where she seemed to be have been here to also try on clothing, So well it was something she would adjust to knowing what they were doing here quickly it was just the conversation she was getting lost in."In some way, I guess it is a blessing that i am minorly known for the most part."Averie mentioned as a final to herself about that idea. Then again thinking it over in some manner was always."Then again I guess i am just happy about situations like these."She could also mention about it since it was just how she was thinking about it she had to consider this a good moment in life.

But to answer to the question she assumed about the food they just ate."It is different then I expected, But I am a happy with what I got in the end."There was not going to be any problems about it,She was happy with the food she got because there was everything she could ask for with it, Thus she was content. So all is well in the necromancer camp. With that out of the way It seemed even looking at her right in the eyes it was still emotionally stiff and she had returned to normal, But she seemed normal so everything seemed good.


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"That is good to hear. Glad that it was to your liking." He was full from what he had eaten but was not overly full, He doubts Revy after eating so much is going to be a fan of a lot of walking so he was either probably going to be carrying her or they were going to have to retire for the day.

Revy was happy and stuffed as she had probably over eaten a bit and she wonders if they were still going to be going with the woman so she can shop or if she was going to go be doing that alone as she was kind of getting a bit sleepy from all that she had eaten.

He has the waiter get the bill so he can pay and see what they were doing from there. He wonders if he had parted ways with her here if she would just start being treated badly again or refused to shop for clothes cause that would make him a real dick to part ways with her here and leave her for the wolves to go back to picking at.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Sun Sep 25, 2022 10:20 am

But the food stuff solved, Averie's interest still linger in something else that might not shock her, The clothing idea was still in her mind even if almost in some manner felt like she would look a bit out of place. Part of her had not considered it ending here, She kind of wanted a bit more of time with another person only because it was just how she felt at this time.

So what better to to find out then to ask."Did...you wish to explore the attire of these lands with me?"She asked just to be sure, if he refused she was not likely to be bothered in the end it was just how things worked with people she just wanted to know for sure, There was always other things to do if he was to say no. Just this was of her interest to do with him.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Sun Sep 25, 2022 11:23 am


He looked over to the woman that just asked him if he was still interested in it and he wonders if she can some how read his mind or if she was just asking cause she was scared of going to do it alone and he smiles to her. "You sure you want a scary man like myself to accompany you around to do that?" He was still unsure if she was asking him to do it out of fear someone else will harm her or if it was cause she actually wanted him around but if she wanted him to come it would be wrong of him to deny her that cause she had been being attacked and he can hear the guild mothers voice echo in his head.

"How dare you leave a woman alone when you know she had been being attacked before you showed up." The guild mother was not a person Kaito would want to risk ending up pissing off at himself if he can help it. Part of him still just wanted to do it so the woman wasn't alone so after she said she was sure he would agree to go with her.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Tue Sep 27, 2022 5:33 am

She had no idea what the internal thoughts of Kaito where and what he was thinking in his mind, Then again even if the mention of this fairy mother were ever to happen, Averie still did not know of her or what she was like. If Averie might ever meet this woman was either a matter of the powers of fate or if she happens to meet her around other people. At least for this part of their knowing of another, Averie would not know about the internal worry of this fairy mother and how she was with in his mind.

But maybe she was unsure how to answer this statement of how it was suppose to be taken over all. But even being unsure she would at least say something about it."No matter how scary you consider yourself, It might be a bit more comforting for me if you did, Alas if you choose to move on it is entirely up to you."It was the closest thing for some one like her saying she enjoyed his company in a more complex way so alas she just mentioned it like that, Then just wanted to see what would be said.

But Averie seemed to be entirely about not pushing boundaries that were not needed to be push that line of respect was just kind of there and she was find keeping it as such there, Something that might be just a way of how she was about it.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Tue Sep 27, 2022 7:49 am


He nods his head and he makes sure everything is taken care of and he wonders to where the woman was looking to go to see these clothes. "Feel free to lead the way and I will follow you to where you want to go." He fixes his mask so it is back on his face again and his cloak is back on and he is ready to go to where ever this woman was looking to go and see. He wonders what kind of clothing this woman would be interested in and what all she might want from there.

Revy wonders what all they might see that is new that they didn't get the time to see the last time that they were here in Joya when they came to meet Quilla for some kind of event that was being held here, She had thought that Quilla might have fancied Kaito but she was talking to him differently when they had met her in Bosco. She wonders if maybe Kaito will just end up settling for some random woman to settle if he gets cured. She figures the biggest chance is that he dies alone throwing his life away for people he cares about without a second thought and she sighs.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Wed Sep 28, 2022 4:23 pm

If anything it was relaxing and at least to Averie a bit more refreshing to Averie to have this odd companion to join along the adventure for this shopping of clothing from this land, Even if he wore a mask it seemed they almost looked like they could walk with no worries, Then again these three could be viewed a bit more out of place and spooky, but it seemed as if maybe if they were not a harm to anyone. Well in her mind anyway she did not think she was going to be a treat anymore then again a masked man might cause some ease when you knew he was on your side.

But entering a building to see if there was an outfit of her interested it seemed nice to have Averie linger in a place with out worry at this time, A normal woman when you did not think she was a nercomancer or any kind of magic user. Averie seemed when she was just a normal person even if her face was a bit cold looking and frozen in place at times. Seeing the world for all the wonders it had to offer at times.

While looking upon the outfits she seemed vastly interested in the patterns before her, taking her time to be sure it was ones she would enjoy in the end, It seemed when she did not have a worry ever on her mind she seemed to be able to be herself.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Thu Sep 29, 2022 6:04 am


Kaito follows along behind her and he keeps his eyes out for anyone that may try to harm her. He has no idea of where or when this woman is leading him but he rather not leave her to get hurt because she seemed nice but he sorta pitied her more then anything. He walks into the shop behind her and he looks around and he thinks most of the things were pretty or neat but he wasn’t here to shop he was here to help her do so.

Revy smiles and she looks around in the shop herself and she touches things and she wonders if Kaito would be able to make such things or not with his clothes making skills or if this was above his skills to make and she sees odd looks she is catching from her having touched things and she wonders if there would be anything in her own size here as they are probably looking at Kaito and the woman they are with.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Thu Sep 29, 2022 5:30 pm

It would just take overly long for Averie to find something in the shop she wanted, she just needed to figure out how to actually buy it. But she had an idea and a plan for things she want to do with this outfit she had in mind, it was lining up nicely for her currently right now. Since Averie was smart she would just looking at price tags then figure out how to get that money unless they used the same money she used in other areas surely it was for the most part pretty reasonable in the end right?

But none the less she would actually just use hand pointing rather then talking, since it might save her a bit of trouble, it might be interesting to see how Averie was trying to get that outfit and some kind of umbrella but eventually she some how she managed to get some kind of kimono and umbrella and a few other things for this attire, then she just quietly left the store they had found to get this outfit to look for an area to change it seemed she was already going to to try it all one to see how it would for her, just needing the place to change before showing off.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Fri Sep 30, 2022 5:34 am


Kaito watched this woman do what she is doing and he wonders why she is just pointing when she could speak to him not like he was going to judge her or anything. Revy is also confused to why this woman had stopped speaking at all as well but she guesses Kaito hadn't really been speaking all that much as well so it was okay to just not really worry about it.

Kaito sees her looking around like she was and he wonders what she was looking for right now that he could help with. "What are you looking for?" He said he would help if he could so he figured asking the woman was the easiest way to help her or to get the answer of "I do not require your help." that she might say to him.

Revy and Kaito keep following her as she had walked out of the store and they have no idea to where she is deciding to go as she was not communicating with them.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Sat Oct 01, 2022 4:52 am

Once leaving the store she would at least explain what she was doing, Because it seemed a bit confused."I am crudely attempting to get the things i want with out speaking to see if it is easier here, After all I had considered learning sign language at one point as well."It was most likely a pretty foolish thing that she had consider doing when some one was willing to do the talking for her, But maybe she was just being stubborn most likely it was something she could easily admit she was being stubborn about it.

But it was just how she seemed to be she was trying to do things as she normally did, she was not struggling she was just doing it normally."After this one and maybe one more outfit, Maybe I can find an area were I can at least try one of them on if you know."With that Averie was already walking to the next area to see if there was any other interesting outfits


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Sat Oct 01, 2022 6:07 am


"I see so you think not talking to them will cause them not to attack you?" He looked at her and wonders if she more thinks they attack her from how she speaks instead of her magic now. This was in a sort of way just becoming a headache as this woman had him unsure if she was coming or if she was going at this point.

"Well if you need a safe place to try on clothes I could let you use my personal domain so you don't have to worry about someone stealing your stuff or attacking you while you were trying to change." He is unsure if that are the things that she is worried about or if it is something completely different he just keeps walking around following behind her for what ever other stops she wants to make but he at least he knows he offered her a place if she needed a safe spot to change though in a way he feels the way he offered it like that might have been odd or strange. Revy hopes this woman will be okay because she seemed genuinely nice if not just a little naïve.


The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) - Page 2 Empty Sat Oct 01, 2022 4:14 pm

When it was exposed as it was mentioned to her mind it seemed to make Averie realize it was a bit silly and maybe not as logical as she thought it was."Huh....Maybe I am wrong in thinking that."But she had no back up plan even if she was not determine to stick to her guns she would have to think of something else."It is better to reconsider doing that and do something else."Averie was now considering her actions to do something else when it came to other things.

She at least took these things in stride, Whatever she thought of next she would see if it would work, For now she then seemed to glance at a few windows saw one other outfit tapped Kaito nicely on the shoulder."Since you can speak their language."She merely make sure to clearly point at the second kimono of the two she was buying around him, passing what currency was needed for it."If you could please get that for me, It would be delightful."Averie's new plan was just politeness and seeing if that worked a bit easier for some one who spoke the language to do it, only because she was use to doing things alone did she do what she did at first.

Then with his offer she would not refuse only because it made this a bit more simple."With that dimension offer, I see why it is useful. So I will say yes to it."When Kaito did open it Averie would go in.

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