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The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie)

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The walk in the land of the blossoms. (Averie) Empty Sun Aug 28, 2022 2:59 pm


Kaito decided it was time to return to this country and he hopes this time he might get to better enjoy it, last time he was here it was during an event that seemed to just fill the streets and there was barely room to walk this time it seemed that the place was simply relaxed and not as crowded as it had been when he was last here and he wonders what this place might hold for him and if he can stay out of trouble or if his misfortunes will follow along after him under these beautiful falling blossoms of cherry color that seemed to dance on the wind as it blew past him.

Revy was excited as she wanted to try something called sushi that people said that they should try if they ever made it there as it is said to be better here than it is in the knock of in the city of Hosenka, she has never had it and she doesn't think that Kaito had either so it should be a fun time of trying foods they hadn't tried before so she hopes this will brighten up Kaito a bit as he has seemed like he has become worn out and seemed to just be pushing himself too hard.


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In some manner,If Averie was ever the type to question she would ponder how these two met each other in happen stance after such an unset amount of time. To the shock of not many people because they did not know her Averie had not been seen since Kaito and her last spoke. Then again Averie seemed to not be trying to meet many other people most likely out of her own paranoia. Should she be trying to do other things with her life, maybe but in some manner for Averie, Habits did not go away quickly because it was all she had.

But alas, doing as she always did in some manner she came to an area she did not know of for one simple thing, Studying she was here to study how different the dead,spirits and whatever other ways they are called are treated, how they work, what you did to deal with them, what reason they linger. So many things she just had one hill to step over language was one of them, She had way around it but for now she had to find the right things to learn to start with. Not that it would be hard.

But with her walks and casually look about in these lands, As always Averie stood out and most people seemed to just be weary around her. But at some point the nercomancer stopped as she had to look at something that landed on her, It was light it was pink and it was peddles of flowers in feeling, But when she looked around there were not any flowers. Averie had never seen a Sakura tree but it surely was interesting to her. But it left her kind of standing in place in public something she generally did not think she would ever do.


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Kaito looks around as he heard some people mumbling about something and he sees Averie it seems she has decided to grace the place with her presence did that mean she had gotten over her fears of people around people or was she just captivated with the sakura petals that were flying around. He decides to walk over when he sees someone reel their arm back to throw something and he stops it and he just acts like nothing was wrong as he walked up to her. "Come to greet the spirits have you or are you here to part take in the local foods and drinks?" He is trying to make it a bit more of a simple scene so the on lookers disperse and leave the poor woman alone as he isn't sure if rumors of her had reached this place or what but she needed to focus and not spaced out.

"Seems you are a bit of a space case huh?" Revy teased as she looked at the woman and she wondered if she was here for food or if she was here from a whole different reason.


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How horrible it must be that Averie had been walking around Joya this entire time with people throwing stuff at her every once and a while and seemed to be numb to it. But she seemed to eventually had left one of her hands out and seemed to watch as some of the peddles landed on her hand, Quietly just letting the moment past."I hope that was not a rock."Averie was not a fool she did pay attention to the thing around her then again later on when Revvy asked a question she would maybe get a bit more of interesting insights towards."I am sure there are a few spot somewhere on my back of things thrown at me."No greeting or anything Averie seemed to be talking as if they already greeted one another. Or because a person already knew who she was and friendly it is just going to happen.

But then maybe she just needed to continue on. She would let go of the peddles in her hand and start walking on."I do tend to, only because it seemed fairly...new."She said then continued on with a few other things."So far my idea of study the difference between the treatment,types and existences of ghost,spirits and undead here and how different it is compared to other areas."So the normal nercomancy things she was just being a bookworm.


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He was unsure how to respond to that so he guessed it would just be safer to ask her how that studying was going so far or if it had even started at all as she had seemed to have been lost it though when he found her and he wonders how she knew it was a stone that person was about to throw at her and he had heard her say she had been hit a few times and he with out thinking says something stupid. "Want to go somewhere private and let me treat them in case you are hurt? You can also tell me about your studies as well as I take care of them." He was thinking more of helping her then he was of what he said.

Revy blinks as that was a very daring thing to ask a woman even if you know they well, Revy figures either he is going to get denied or she may just slap him to knock some sense into him for asking that of a lady.


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This might be an interesting angle for Averie. A think Averie assumed this man never cared about what she did or why she did them. She told many people yet still it seemed the same."Wait you just didn't listen in passing?"Averie seemed confused. Yet again it seemed maybe Averie getting as confused as she did with one another people seemed to not really be interested he seemed to have more interested in Averie's safety.Maybe she was slowly expressing how strange it this felt for her on her face but as always it seemed to only fade back to being rather cold.

But before she really went to ask the next question on her mind."It is better you have a look, I never can really tell anymore. So I agree to you idea."It was not one she viewed as a risk anymore so it was a easy to agree with.

But as they moved on to that spot she had to ask."Are you really that curious about nercomancy? Most people seem disgusted with it."Either that or something else was in Kaito's thoughts no matter what they were Averie seemed was not worried.


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He listens to her speak and he moves his mask to the back of his head he smiles at her. "I am indeed why would I not be?" He shrugs at her saying that most people are disgusted by it. "They fear what they don't understand and you are unique." He keeps following her and he wonders where she is gonna pick to let him look at the wounds she might have from being hit by things.

Revy is following them and she wonders why people have to attack this poor woman that is safe and not hurting any one and it makes no sense for her to be attacked and assaulted when she is just trying to live and let live did they really have to be so cruel to this woman or do they know something that they don't know was this woman like a hidden threat but she didn't give off those kind of vides to her at least.


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At least she stilled paid attention to what she agreed too, Upon finding an area safe enough to be considered out of the way and safe. Then simple united the threads that kept the white shoulder drapes of her outfit that covered most of her back and simply folded it up."I did lose track of what might of hit me at sometimes, Some felt harder then vegetables."it did seem kind of a shame really, to just be left that way and getting use to being a just hit with things all of the time, But Averie seemed okay.

Even if it seemed some marks upon her pale white skinned back seem to show marks from impact of rock some leaving slightly cut marks from sharp rocks, Averie just seemed to be letting Kaito take his time to look over them all."I don't assume people really pay it much mind."she started with since she got over her general shock of how some one was interested in her studies."Only just listen for a moment until i walk away."But alas this was different and she seemed happy about it over all, A signed Averie was just happy to see them both even if not expressing it.

Then Averie would just look at Revvy and simply say."Do tell me, how are you feeling? you seemed more lost in your thoughts for a bit."Averie was also most likely having a cover from the fact she might have marks on her back and she was more likely sore. Then again maybe the fact they were talking Iceberg in joya might have gotten a few stares her way at times, maybe it was just one of many worries in the end for Averie. But if anything even if cold and distant in tone for the most part, she did sound a bit happy to see them both here.


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Kaito looked over the marks and he has Revy hand him some stuff to treat them and he swaps to a different pair of gloves to make sure they don't get infected he is gentle as he cleans them, then he starts treating them trying his best not to be too rough or push to hard on her skin and he buts a few band-aids on them and he turns away and lets her fix her clothing. "That should do it, it wasn't anything super bad but make sure you take care of yourself. Are there any other places that you need me to look at for injuries?" He is still facing away from her so he isn't being a creep.

Revy looks at her and she smiles and rubs the back of her head with a slight laugh. "I am better I recovered from being shocked." She watches the woman's face for signs of pain as Kaito works on her wounds and she wonders if she is really okay or if getting hit with things makes her sad cause she seems indifferent to that.


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It would not take long to fix her attire consider everything was still covered up even if just left her arms bare. Entirely this time Kaito was being safe when Averie was not exposed so much."I do what i can to take of myself for the most part."It was something that could be questioned but also hard to figure out at the same time because well, Her luck was not on spot for that really to be working as it does to remain careful. So she would still try and keep her word even if risky to attempt.

By all accounts aside from the marks on her Averie seemed, as they found her to start with but a bit more delighted in the end."As for any other places, I do not think so. Unless any rocks hit my head while I was not paying attention."Which so far considering that it seemed like there was not, It seemed Averie was just having a better day then most.

But she was shocked about something, so thus Averie would ask."What is it you seemed shocked about?"Averie seemed generally curious of it, putting her mind to the side of what she normally did for the most part."After all thing seem pretty normal for the part."It most likely was not but this was just how she was.


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"Can you think of anyway that people might be scared to mess with you?" He is thinking about what he could realistically do to try and help this woman not just get attacked in the streets like she is some common beast that can be abused like that as who in their right mind just starts throwing rocks at a woman no matter what the reasoning is that is not something that you should be doing to your fellow living beings.

Revy looks at her and she is not really sure what she was going on about and so she decided that she should just ask and find out. "Kaito called me out. What did you think I meant ?" She was unsure if this woman was okay or if maybe she had been hit in the head by a few stones.

Kaito checks her head but he doesn't see anything notable of her head and he doesn't feel any bumps so he thinks that she is clear. "I don't see or feel anything. You hungry or anything ? We are heading to a sushi place maybe you can get something to eat and drink with us."


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Unintentionally Averie skipped over a few things because she heard things she had not heard of before it was the food related things."Kaito, What is Sushi?"They way she asked this she was confused like she just travelled here on a whim almost like everything she did in some manner. She had not heard that name of the food here and how exactly it was different from what she was use too."And what exactly could you say about the food they make here?"Maybe she was hungry but she most likely does not know when she last ate.

At least her mind was not if she was hurt or not but maybe she would at least answer the food part."I guess maybe that idea of eating of something might be good." At least it seemed her mind could focus because it seemed maybe just what could be the problem was no longer on her mind. Maybe a good thing she was seemingly a normal person now.

But it was now an entirely different thing she also wanted to know more."What do people think here? Is it different then what i would get from Caelum or Iceberg?"She asked but it revealed she's been to both area long enough to be comfortable in them. More thing about Averie were out in the air.


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Kaito looked at her when she asked what sushi was and he smiled and he wondered how he could put this he figures it might as well just be direct with her about it and just say what it is. "a Joyan dish consisting of small balls or rolls of vinegar-flavored cold cooked rice served with a garnish of raw fish, vegetables, or egg. I think that is what it was how the person had told me about it atleast." He hopes that came out right as he was pretty clueless about it and he wasn't sure what he could really do about it and if it was really a good idea to eat such a thing but he figured that he should at least try it before he puts his nose up at it or judge it.

"So you are looking to join us for some food? Also I think Joyan saki is what is the usual alcoholic drink of the country, I don't drink alcohol personally. " He starts waqlking toward the place that he had been told to try out hoping that she keeps up and doesn't fall behind his to far.

Revy walks beside her and she wonders if this woman is really okay or if she is acting strong or if maybe she is really just totally use to it.


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It seemed in some manner this slightly won Averie over, then again she was not making it hard overall to have it happen. Then again it was because she was in some manner hungry."Okay, A bit different for the most part from things I would want to eat."Averie mentioned, moving on already from the general suffering she had happen here."Doesn't sound like something simple to eat while reading a book."She mentioned that like she was entirely unsure.

But Averie knew she was a bit of an odd one after all. As for the drinking part. Averie did not seem to be the massive drinker, Even if maybe she could handle it given how she seemed to passively deal with things."I assume it is vastly different then Ale and mead."She generally started off with that but they were common place when she was parts of where the drinks are from."I am not a massive drinker, But I will time to time."So it was not her biggest fancy. But if it was ordered there was a chance it would still not be let.

So far it seemed at least for now, Averie was sold on having lunch with him but it was not a hard selll to start with, it as just something different she might not like in the end.


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Kaito wasn't sure if she was really into it or not because of her comment about the not being able to read while eating it and he starts leading the way to the place. "It is going to be on me so do feel free to go a bit over board if you want if you want to try something else there is no need to restrict yourself to sushi and Saki if you see something else you might like." His voice was filled with kindness toward her so she could know that he was being honest that she is free to get what she wants.

Revy is looking around as they walk and she wonders how good or bad this was gonna taste cause she is looking forward to getting some to at least try and she isn't sure if this woman is gonna stick around long as she seemed a bit flaky

Kaito walks in and he finds them seats and their are menus on the table already for them and Kaito looks it over thinking which he is gonna try and Revy is doing with the same with big eyes and she looks like she is ready to eat a horse. The place seems super busy and he wonders if they will understand her, as he can speak Joyan if she needs help cause he knows he will need to do it for Revy.

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In her best attempts Averie seemed to be settling into things well, as she was trying her beset to learn and understand things in a new area, That and she might enjoy the distraction for now. Since it might be a good thing for her to see how to settle into these areas so she could learn how to fit in and you know maybe not have what the opening of their second meeting was."Oh? Even if you are offering to pay I am unsure if I will go that crazy, I was never a large eater to start with."She still seemed delighted, Then again mixed in with feeling a bit more protected Averie felt comfortable and safe.

She just needed to not get distracted by her maybe using her magic in the future of this situation to avoid problems."Then again, I would have to see what else the food look like, After all what it is called in name might not be equal to what it actually taste like."Averie was still taking it in a logical path way of thinking, But still seemed to be enjoying the moment as well as she could, Which in some manner is progress.

"I came to Joya on a whim of wonder to learn something., What brings you both to Joya?"
She asked because she was actually wondering, it would be good to talk about other things that were more focused on other things in life that was going on with people.


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He keeps scanning the l menu and he doesn't know what these will taste like and Revy is writing down her order which is pretty much the different fish types on the sushi. Kaito ties his hair back as he keeps looking at the menu he then removes his cloak as they are inside and he looks to the woman when she asked the question. "We are here cause Revy wanted to try sushi and she was not gonna take no. I feel I would make a bad parent I fold to easily."

Revy giggles at hearing him say that and she opens her mouth. "I don't think you would make a bad one just you would need a lot of work. Like that you are cursed so you would be scared to hold them so they might grow detached to you." She rubs her chin and she wonders if that was really the right thing to say they are in a public place after all and with a guest no less.

"So what you looking to order?" He asked Averie this as he already had Revy's order so he could order it all for them, was that conceded of him to do or assume she can't speak Joyan.


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Averie seemed to take a wonderful amount of time looking over things and still for the most part unsure what all she wanted, then again maybe here was a simple part she might be stuck with."I mean, it would be nice if i could read Joyan."She mentioned casually about it. She was just looking at things and realizing she could not make out whatever was on there.

So Averie took a risk, a strange risk that was for the most part out of her normal, since it was illogically not a thing of logical ways of thinking one would subject themselves too."I have no idea, but I will try what you could suggest if you end up sharing what you order." Normally being a being a pure cold logical thinking, this was a broken way of being at this time.

But at least so far she could suggest one thing."At least i will for the moment avoid many drinking that isn't water for now."But still Averie seemed to be reading it over, it seemed she was trying to attempt to translate these pages herself rather then ask for help herself, it was just normal for her.


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Kaito face palms as he forgot she didn't read Joyan or Fiorian he is really not doing very well as a host so far but she seems to be fine with trusting him on ordering things. "How are you with things like soup?" He was looking to get some ramen as well as the sushi he was ordering at the moment but he was unsure how she was going to be with hotter things and she said she wanted water as well and he smiles as seems she is not going to let her self drink around him which means she might be scared of letting down her guard around him still.

Revy is watching the other people in the place and she watches the food go pat as well and she is pretty muchly drooling right how because it all looks and smells so good that had been going past them as she looked to Kaito with excitement and he pats the exceeds head.


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The fun parts about connections between people and how they worked, to work upon building a foundation towards one another and building trust was something that proved good. Soups were not normally Averie's typical enjoyment but since she was here to try things anyway. She actually would agree with it."Well since I am not intending to read a book while i eat, I generally would be okay with soups, they are nice when i do get them."This implies Averie barely had soups but even if she was a stiff, she was a lady who mentioned she just ate things she could hold with one hand so maybe because it was something that plain with how it worked in her mind soups were not common.

"they are useful for the longer cold days of the year, Or when i had a cold and my sister was not around."This was a bit more of insight to maybe knowing of some of the people around her life, After all this was maybe little more into what her sister did, with a cold mentioning some kind of illness maybe her sister treated illnesses, How seemed left in the air at this time.

But just in case she added in."But if there is more then just that, I am open to other ideas as well."Averie was making this simple for him atl east, She was not picky on what kind it was, that is simple for people to deal with.


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He nods to her though what she said seemed to ring a little strange. He raised his hand and a waitress came over and he started going through Revy's order cause it was quite big seeing that she was excited he really couldn't tell her no so once he got through that order he starts ordering his order mixed with hers so that she can try the things and if she liked something he was going to give her more of it cause he is going to try and be a decent host at least. After the orders go in some onigiri are brought out to them and Revy swipes one in her excitement to try it, Kaito turns to Averie and he plates a couple and places them in front of her. "Please enjoy it i am not sure what is in those two but I hope you get one you like." He turns back and takes the last one seeing Revy had taken two more and he bites down and he got a Tenmusu one. Revy had gotten tuna mayo, a salted salmon one and a Karashi Mentaiko one that were all a form of fish and she is so happy.


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Even if a bit strange looking because it was new Averie seemed to be nonetheless grateful. But she would lean over and sniff it at first to get a feel of what was before her. It smelled of soup and a bit like chicken. She seemed pretty delighted about it, So as content as she was another flaw that would be apparent for Averie would show."Where are the spoons and forks?"Averie did not know how they ate the food here. in which was another flaw here but she seemed to want to try things still.

It was not something that was a problem at least for the moment but Averie being the logical thought woman she was and thinking over a simple solution. she picked up the bowl and started sipping the broth in which the food as based in. She was a woman of many thoughts that were pretty sound. This one was a bit less thoughtful and more about wanting to eat what was before her, Not wise or smart but maybe she was just trying to not use that much brain power at this time. Just trying to enjoy food and company before her now.


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"They more use chopsticks in this country for eating." He opens a portal and reaches in and he pulls out a fork and a spoon for her placing them in front of her so she can use them in place of chopsticks. He picks up his chopsticks and the other dishes come out to the table as well and he starts trying things.

Revy seems that she is in heaven with the selection as it all hits her senses as she chows down on them and Kaito bumps her gently to mind her manners as they are eating with a guest so she should be on her best behavior as he is fine with people giving him a side ways look for letting her eat how she does when she is excited but he doesn't need to earn this woman any more ire from the people here or around that see it, Revy starts eating more civilized and Kaito starts back at his food stealing a glance at the woman again from time to time to make sure she is okay.


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It was it's own marvel of a feat that the people of Joya ate food with just merely two sticks, how did they use them, one in each hand? it was just almost silly and unneeded. But it was because she was use to entirely a different why of life in terms of how people ate."That is....what they use to eat?"The natural curious Averie seemed to be at a stump because she had no idea what to do at this point.

This would be followed by Averie holding the chopsticks with one in each hand, Then attempted to pick up some of the noodle by putting one stick in a bunch of noodles, sticking the one in her other hand and lifting them up, with some slipping away it seemed Averie might be unsure to ask how to use it but was just trying to do it in her own manner anyway. She managed to actually get some of the noodles in her mouth, Not realizing how much of a figurative dork it made this at the time scary in theory nercomancer. It could be considered interesting that she was here entirely lost to trying new things.

And she seemed almost like she could be enjoying herself, she was not complaining, Averie was fixated on trying to get this right to eat something with out look too silly. It was a challenge to Averie. In her second attempt she dropped the bundle of noodles she manged to gather with in a second from having tilted the noodles too close to the end of the stick."Huh.....there must be a better way to do this."Was all Averie mentioned while looking at the bowl of food she was enjoying as a puzzle rather then simply asking how to use the chopsticks still.


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"Yes it is." Kaito sees that she ignored the silver ware that she had asked for and he wonders if maybe she is a bit slow or something, or maybe of of the rocks that hit her might have knocked some sense out of her a bit. He just eats and watches her cause she seemed to be just wanting to do it herself cause she had not asked him for help or any tips.

Revy keeps eating like a normal person and she looks at the woman who seems to be playing with her food more than eating it at the moment and she wondered if something was wrong with the woman's food that she is just playing with it instead of eating it or using the silver ware that Kaito had given her cause she asked for them and she was unsure if this woman was not really okay or something cause usually when some one asked for something they would use it instead of wasting time doing the other thing to try to eat as her food was just going to get cold with her playing with it like that.

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