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Shopping Crisis PT. 2

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Shopping Crisis PT. 2 Empty Fri Aug 26, 2022 2:14 am

Yuurei and Renji had been hanging out in Magnolia for some time. They were trying to figure out what to do while they were here. They decided to take on a job and it would be one that would be at night. The duo would make their way to the shop in question. It would seem like the shop owner was going to have things for them. He was fine with this as he could only imagine how things would go tonight. He was supposed to protect the shop, and this wasn’t the first time he had done something like that.

While they were walking through the streets there were a lot of people who would come to him and shake his hand. He would wave at others that had waved at him first, but he had to make it to the shop quickly.

“You need to wear a disguise or something.” Renji would tell Yuurei this as they continued walking.



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Yuurei would only shake his head because he knew his friend was going to make a comment on what was going on.

“Fine, I will make sure to wear the cape around my face so nobody will notice me.” He said as the cape would move around and then wrap itself around his head.

It would allow him to see and breathe, which was what he needed. They would finally make their way to the shop and they would enter the place and they would look around. It would seem like there were a lot of books here, and he figured that there might have been books here that were not allowed to be sold. He didn’t care what they sold here as it seemed like there were people that were trying to do harm to this place. He would see people buying stuff before they would exit the place.

Yuurei would walk over to the register and figured he would ask for the owner there.



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He would get to the register and the man behind it would smile at him.

“How can I help you?” He would ask Yuurei.

“We’re here because of the job request to protect the shop. Can I speak to the owner of this place?” He would ask the man in front of him.

He would nod as he understood what he was talking about, and he would walk to the back of the shop. Yuurei would wait a bit as he would see people entering the place and looking around the shop. It wouldn’t take long, but the cashier would come back and on top of that he would see an older man with him. He would look at Yuurei and he could see who he was by looking at him.

“Follow me please.” He said as he would move to the back of the shop, and Yuurei would follow behind him.



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When Yuurei would get inside it would seem like the man would sit down and look over at Yuurei. The light mage would stay standing as he didn’t want to be sitting down.

“So I need your help. They're going to be a bunch of thugs coming to mess up my shop and take whatever they think belongs to them. I need you to stop them. They want me to pay for protection, but this time I rather get protected by someone that deserves it, which is you.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei was fine with that, and he was going to help him even if he didn’t say anything like that.

“Yeah I will protect the shop, so you don’t have to worry about it. Just close up whenever you're done with everything.” He said as he would leave the room and he would exit the shop.

He would stand there leaning against the glass and waiting for the time that they would show.



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Yuurei and Renji would be outside as Renji would make himself comfortable on the ground and he would take a catnap. The Nephilim would stay quiet as he was enjoying his peace as time would pass and the shop would close. The last person to leave was the cashier. The old man would stay in his shop and in the back as he had to pay Yuurei after he took care of the problem. This was good as he would stretch his arms into the air and figured the guys would show up.

He would look down and he would shake him because Renji was too carefree when they had a job to handle. The light mage would open his friend’s bag and his items would come out and would make their way onto him. Still, he would look around and there would be no sight of the thugs. He wondered if they were bluffing to attack the man, but the man knew them better than he did.



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Yuurei was waiting for a while, but soon enough the men he was waiting for would show up. There was a dozen of them as they were walking like they own the place. The berserker would smile, but they wouldn’t be able to see it as he was wearing his helmet. The light mage would wait for them to get close enough, and he was about to say something, but they would beat him to it.

“It seems like Pop got someone to protect his shop. It’s a man wearing gold and a cape. What are you a superhero?” He would ask Yuurei.

“You can say something like that. Of course, I guess it’s best you find out.” He said to them.

They had all laughed when they heard his words and would start running toward him. Yuurei shook his head because it would seem like they didn’t know any better. He would get ready for the fight that was about to begin.



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Yuurei would move around as they were using the weapons, they had brought with them. They would swing around, but the light mage was too quick for them to land a hit on him. He would chuckle because this was fun and interesting to see them struggling. They would see what was going on, and they weren’t happy that he was making fun of them. They would stop attacking him as they would look at each other and would get close to each other.

Yuurei would stop moving as he would stand there and wonder what they were planning on doing now. This was going to be interesting to see what kind of tricks they would use to attack him. It wouldn’t take long, but they would stop chatting with each other and they would look at Yuurei before they would circle around the man. He would nod as if it was the smart thing for them to do.



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Yuurei would see them slowly closing in on him, and when they got close enough, they would start running toward him. This was good, and he would dodge a few of their attacks, and his cape would block one of their attacks. He would turn to the one that had attacked last, and he would punch the man straight in the chest. It would put the man on his ass and out cold as he would look over to the rest of them. They were surprised that their friend had been taken out, but it wouldn’t stop them from attacking him. They saw that they could hit him if they overwhelmed him, but they didn’t know that it wouldn’t be enough.

The berserker would watch as they would do it again and his cape would once again protect him. This time it would grab the face of two of them and he would slam them to the ground. He was not happy with his cape getting damaged anymore, so he would send it into the sky instead.



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He would look at the nine that were remaining, and they were excited. It seemed like they didn’t understand the situation they were in. Yuurei was sure that they couldn’t be this stupid, but maybe they were. He would see that they were attacking him, and he would dodge all of their attacks and he would lariat two of them as he would find himself running toward them. They would do a backflip as they would land on their stomachs and now, they would be unconscious. He would look at the seven of them now as it would seem like they were starting to understand the situation they were in.

This guy was strong, and it would seem like they needed more numbers to be able to take him on. Still, now they were wondering how the hell would they get out of here without being hit by this guy. They were looking around and then they would see a cat lying on the ground.



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They figured they could use the cat to be able to escape, but that would be the wrong move. They would move toward Renji who was napping. Yuurei would see that they were moving to the store, and toward his friend. This would anger him, and he would transform because he had an idea of what they were planning on doing. When they started running to Renji, Yuurei would fly straight to them. He would stretch his right arm to attack them easier, and quicker. He wanted to reach them without a problem, and he would do just that.

They would fall victim to his attacks and when there was one last guy, he would be really close to Renji, but Yuurei would appear in front of him.

“Get out of here and take all your friends with you. If you dare come here again or try to attack my friend things will be worse than they are for you now.” He said to the last one standing.

He would listen and he would do his best to drag all eleven out of this place.



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Yuurei would wait for the place to be cleared, and once everything was done, he would scoop Renji onto his shoulder, and he would enter the shop. It would still be open for him to enter, and he would go to the back and he would see that the older guy was nervous and didn’t expect the right outcome. When he saw it was Yuurei he would be happy and glad. He would move over to the man, and he would hand him the bag of jewels that was owed to him.

The Nephilim would make sure everything was fine, and he would smile at the man.

“Don’t be afraid to reach out to me if they come back for more trouble. I won’t be leaving here for a while.” He said to him as he would walk out.

It wouldn’t take him to leave the shop and he would start making his way to a place they can rest for the night.

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