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Shopping Crisis (Neutral C Rank)

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Shopping Crisis (Neutral C Rank) Empty Wed Aug 24, 2022 12:19 pm

Dan looked around the room as his avian head watched for the intruders the owner of the shop he currently resided in warned him about. According to the owner he has been forced to pay a group of thugs protection money for a long time. Though it seems the man was finally fed up with paying as he decided to put out a request for a night guard to watch his shop for him. This leads us to Dan currently using his transformation ring to take the form of a raven and hide in the rafters of the shop to watch for any intruders.

Dan was alerted to the sound of glass breaking in the front window so deciding to check it out he opened his wings and flew down to look.  As he watched he saw a trio of men enter into the front of the store he got a good look at the men. One was a older man who was griping a old rusted sword in his scarred right hand that looked like it had seen better days. The second was a younger male that was holding a length of chain that was wrapped around his forearm. And the third looked only a few years older then Dan himself and had a pair of old brass knuckles.

Watching the trio begin to look around Dan decided it was time to reveal himself to the men currently commiting breaking and entering. "You know it is much easier to see the products during the day." Dan says as he stands on the counter staring at the men. The sound of Dan's voice startles the would be thieves as they look around to try to find the origin of the voice. As the look around Dan shakes his head before speaking again "Now good sirs if you would please vacate the premises until opening tomorrow I would be very thankful." Dan says as the men finally see Dan on the counter.

The first man looks at Dan before speaking "Can't do that you see we've been hired to bust this place up right proper and no flipping bird is going to stop us get it Birdy." The man said while smiling showing off his old yellow teeth to Dan. Shaking his head in disappointment Dan flys behind the counter and begins to glow as he reverses his transformation. As Dan stands he pulls out his pistol before shooting the older man in the right shoulder and watches as the man shouts in pain as ice begins to creep up his arm freezing the nerves making using the arm extremely painful causing him to stop his sword. "Shame you didn't leave when you had the chance." Dan says as he tosses his pistol in the air before  he claps his hands together and when they seperate a cyan spell circle 0.25 meters in diameter appears. As he opens his hands, a sword made of ice, one meter long and .07 meters wide appears in his left hand as he grabs his pistol out of the air when it depends.

Standing now with his sword in his left hand and his pistol in his right Dan smiles at the peeps happily "ok so who's next then?" Dan says as the second man charges at him with a yell and swings his chain at dans head. Dan leans back dodging the chain as he swings by his ear. Dan tries to retaliate by swinging his sword at the man only to watch it get tangled in the chain and snap before shattering. Feeling a sweat drop fall down his forehead Dan continues to dodge before he feels his arm get grabbed by the chain. Dan looks to see the second man pull his arm away from his body "Ha i saw you before you made that sword you needed to clap before it was made so if i keep you from doing that no magic." The man said as he laughed at pulled on Dan's arm again as the third man began to swing at Dan with the brass knuckles.

Dan felt a smile come across his face as he laughed a bit "you think so?" Dan said as he stomps the ground with one foot causing a cyan spell circle 0.5 meters in diameter appears under Dan's foot causing a animated ice sculpture in the form of a wolf to emerge from the circle spanning two meters from nose to tail and with a height of one and a half meters to run toward the man as he helps and drops the chain to protect his face as the wolf tackles him to the ground and bites his arm. Dan turning his attention to the third man snaps his fingers on both hands creating a pair of 0.5 Meter Cyan spell circles to appear on his palms. Dan will then swipe the circles over the his fingers causing a pair of ice knuckle dusters to appear.

Watching the man approach Dan takes a boxing stance as he dodging the man's punch at the last second. Watching the man continue to punch Dan swings his first and hits the man in the jaw then ribs causing the ice dusters to shatter into shards of ice that scratch his face. Dan watches as the man drops to the floor coughing before kicking him in the head to knock him out. Dan then looks around the room to see the first man still holding his arm in pain while the second was holding his injured arm and the third unconscious. Nodding to himself Dan calls the rune knights to pick up the thugs. Though he did have to show the request to explain why he was in the shop to begin with. As Dan watched the men being dragged away he couldn't resist a parting shot "now men please take this as a lesson that crime does not pay." Dan says before leaving to go home and get some sleep.


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