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Dark Universe - Dark Universe Raiders (Yuri the Damned)

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Dark Universe - Dark Universe Raiders (Yuri the Damned) Empty Sat Aug 20, 2022 7:47 am


Yuri the Damned


Race: Demon
Class: Spellhowler
Magic: Curse
Aura: Dark World
Modification: Ferion's Hawken Eye, Berith's Obscura
Enhancement: Flat Cost AoE, Damage Over Time, Focused Debuff, Debuff on Hit


Strength: 751
Speed: 1001
Constitution: 1001
Endurance: 751
Intelligence: 601
Mana: 35000
Mastery: Grandmaster (Sword)


Head: Rat King's Circlet
Body: Hashashin's Creed
Weapon: Demon Samehada
Necklace: Samwise's Necklace
Ring: Sauron's Ring
Relic: Hammurabi's Code
Cape: Cursed Cape (Wyrd's Weaver Cape)


Restriction: None.

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