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Akeno leave No Stone Unturned

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Akeno leave No Stone Unturned Empty Wed Aug 17, 2022 8:14 pm

It was a few days since Akeno had helped to blow up that mine down in Baska, When a man had sought him out, asking for him by name, dropping the name of the client for the last quest he had done. Seems his involvement was not yet done in this espionage. Akeno would follow this person back to the Abandonded Shack that he had met the man in last time, just as he entered, the name stayed back and watched the door.

Akeno would step in to see the familiar face, at which time the man announced he was ready to move on to the second part of his plan. Akeno know it had to be something devious for him to request the help of the brutish man again, but so was the world. he would walk up to the table the man was at to get in the ricktey excuse for a living room.


Akeno leave No Stone Unturned Empty Wed Aug 17, 2022 8:22 pm

When Akeno stood at the table he was than informed on the details of this quest this time. There was three men coming to Braska, contractors for bids on workforces to help expidite the clean up for the mine that they had blow up just a few days prior. However they had no details for the men to locate what they looked like, only three names. When Akeno was given the names, and told that they are likely in Braska already and that there was four days to do this or to find and crash the meeting site to get the descriptions needed, he would look up at the man and gave a huff.

The big man was a hard one to try this sneaky stuff, he would likely be spotted, however he would nod, accepting the quest and heading back into town, if he was a contractor, he was certain one would be in the tavern which would be his first stop.


Akeno leave No Stone Unturned Empty Wed Aug 17, 2022 8:26 pm

Akeno was sitting in the Tavern and when he was close enough to people who may look like the type, he would let out a sigh and speak outloud about the disappointment of the mine collapsing and needing to get through the rubble to try and get back to regular work, he lied about having a family to feed, and this was putting a hurt in his pocket. With a Drink in hand, he would talk with several workers all in the same boat as him. eventually however as he told his false tale, he heard a man say as if with insight that the tides may turn soon.

It was at that point that Akeno would Introduce himself falsely, giving the name Lucifer. And thats when he heard the first name of the three he needed to track down. With a smile Akeno would talk to the man for awhile and have a couple of drinks before he would deem to "retire" for the night. He had one down and two more to go.


Akeno leave No Stone Unturned Empty Wed Aug 17, 2022 8:31 pm

The Following day, Akeno had no idea where these men would be at and instead decided to kill his time till later at night, he knew if he had travelled for any period of time, he would need the company of a woman at night. So during the night he would head to the local brothel, at which time the girls who wanted to take a challenge and climb a mountain approached him, to which he would let them know that much like them , he was working at the moment. With little details as possible, he just chilled with the ladies, until he had heard the names he was waiting for, but both of them at once. that was a little odd.

They each took a Maiden of choice and went upstairs with them, they had only booked one room, seems they knew each other, this would make things much easier. Akeno would take the room next to them with a maiden of his own, but she already knew nothing would happen. He was there to spy on the men, To which when he heard that they were done, he would step out pretending to have just finished himself, at which time he would turn and see both of them staring at him, and he would simply smile and nod to them, and headed off. He looked back long enough to hear one whisper the others name, now he knew which each of the contrators were. He would return to the Abandond Shack with the information.

He had the images ripped from his head with a magical device, so they now had faces to the names as well, He was paid and sent on his way with a word that his services may be required soon enough.

WC 500+/500
1 SP (Int)
100 Fame/Infamy
25,000 Jewels (+20% Human Boost =30,000 Jewels)
2500 Experience (+25% Returning boost, +10% Human boost= 3375 Exp)

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