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Old Cries (Good)

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Yuurei and Renji had heard about a haunted mansion that was on the top of the hill in the city. It would seem like the man who owned needed someone to find out why his mansion was haunted. It didn’t bother him at first, but it was affecting his work, so now he needed someone to get to the bottom of all this. Yuurei had read this in the job quest and when he found out that the mansion was sealed off even to him, he found it alarming. The duo would make their way to the mansion on the hill. It was a nice walk, and it was different from before.

They had never gone to this area of Hargeon so it was definitely different. When they got to the mansion, Yuurei would try the front door because he figured why not. Still, when he tried to open it the door was locked.


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Now that he saw that the door was locked, Yuurei had to find another way in. He was looking around the mansion with Renji by his side. It seemed like all forms of entrances were locked, and he shook his head. He knew he was going to have to do something drastically, so Renji would open his bag and Yuurei would fully be equipped. Once he was done with that, the young mage would run straight into the window, and he would break into the mansion.

He would look around as if he was safe, but then he would see a human silhouette from the corner of his eyes. It wouldn’t stop him from doing anything, but he would chase after what he saw. He wasn’t afraid and he figured that there must have been an explanation for all of this. He kept following it, but every time it would turn the corner as if it were leading him somewhere.



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Yuurei would keep following what might be a ghost, and soon enough he would be led into a room. When he got there, he wouldn’t see what he was following anymore. He wasn’t sure if he was going nuts, but he kept looking around. It wouldn’t take long, but the ghost that led him here would start shaking something within the room. Whenever Yuurei got close to what was being shaken it would stop. He was confused by it, and when he walked away from it, the ghost would start shaking it again.

He would think about it, and it seemed that what he was shaking must have been why it was here in the first place. He would look around for any more signs, but there was nothing. He tried to walk out but the door would close in his face. It seemed like the ghost wanted him to do something with the object he was holding.



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Yuurei would think about it as it seemed like he couldn’t leave until he did something to this item. That was when he figured he would just break it. He would throw the object on the ground, breaking it without hesitating. When it happened everything within the house would find itself opening. The ghost was free from being sealed inside of the mansion. It wanted to thank Yuurei but couldn’t as it was set free and leaving the place.

The Nephilim would go to Mywand and he would tell him that everything should be fine within the mansion. He told him that he had to break something for the ghost to leave his house. Still, he told him that there weren’t any more problems in the house and that he closed all his windows and doors. Mywand would pay Yuurei for his work, and the Nephilim would be on their way to do more jobs.


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