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Noble Reconstruction (Good)

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Noble Reconstruction (Good) Empty Sat Aug 13, 2022 11:12 am

Yuurei and Renji were doing small, odd jobs within Hargeon. They had been doing quite a bit of thing in this place and now they were heading to the docks. When he got there, he would move through the streets as he was looking for work to do. They would look around and they would notice that there were people working hard. There was a lot of reconstruction going through the docks right now and it would seem like they might need some help with this.

He was trying to see if there was a guy that he could go to for this, and he would soon see a man who was running this place. The Nephilim would walk over to him with the intent of helping the people.

“Hey do you need any help with anything here? Seems like you guys are working hard.” He would speak out loud to get Reign’s attention.



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Reign would hear this and he would look over to see who was talking to him. When he noticed who it was, he would quickly move to him and figured he could get the famous Yuurei to help.

“Ah yes, we are working hard. If you can do you think you can help the locals out? They’re going to need things to be moved around from one place to another. If you could do that for them it is all we need.” He asked Yuurei hoping for a positive response.

Yuurei would smile at him because he was glad that he would be able to help now.

“Sure I can do that without a problem.” He said to Reign.

The duo would start walking away from him, and they would notice that there was some stuff that needed to be moved to him. He would pick up the items at hand and would move them to the area where Reign was working at.



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Yuurei and Renji would move through the dock together as they were asking people if they needed help with any items for reconstruction. There were people that had them do various different things, but it was something he was good at doing. He would get them what they needed to continue working hard at work. Yuurei didn’t mind supporting the people who were doing the best for their city.

The berserker would move through the entire dock for the day, and he was enjoying every second of it. The people there were also happy that he was there because they didn’t have to do more work than they were doing.

Soon the sun would start setting and Reign would find Yuurei. When they bumped into each other, he would thank him for what he had done for them. Yuurei would tell him that he was happy to help and then Reign would provide him with the reward for the day.

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