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Port Hargeon Pirates PT. 2 (Neutral)

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Yuurei and Renji were in the South now. They hadn’t been here ever since they had joined Paradise Dawn. It was a nostalgic place, and they were roaming through Hargeon. It was fun to see the places they used to hang out with Kailani. He had found himself in the café that they had gone to when they had done their first job. It would seem like the people there knew who he was and were happy to see him again after so long. When he had gotten what he wanted, he wouldn’t stay though. He wanted to go to the lighthouse area as it was the day he knew of his feelings for Kailani. Of course, it was a thing in the past, and he was going there for the scenery.

When he got there, he could feel the heat and nice breeze that had come by. Renji was next to him as it would seem like they were enjoying their day for now. 



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While the two of them were eating their meals. They would look at the sea. It was beautiful and there were many ships around the place. It felt as if they were at Luluhawa Island, but he felt like this place was better. It was his first home out of the forest, so he was a little biased. He continued to look at the horizon and he would eat what he had bought.

“It seems like we can’t just walk in Blue Pegasus. They seemed like they were against us going inside.” He said to Renji.

“Yeah we will find another way to get in, so we don’t have to worry about it.” He said to Yuurei as he would just enjoy his meal.

It wouldn’t take long, but Yuurei would notice that there were two ships making their way to the ports of Hargeon. He wondered what was going to happen in a few minutes.



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Yuurei kept eating his food as it would seem like the ships were getting close to the port. It wouldn’t take long for Yuurei to get a good visual of the ships. His eyes widen when he noticed their jolly roger and he would only shake his head. He knew that pirates were no good when they set foot in this place. He would sigh as he would finish his meal and finish his drink as well. He would look over to Renji and he hoped that his friend was ready.

“Hey Renji finish everything. We got some pirates that we’re going to have to stop. They’re probably going to be bothering the people in Hargeon and we can’t let that happen.” He said to Renji.

The Exceed would hear this and he would sigh as he would finish his meal quickly. Once he was done with that, he would make his way to Yuurei and he would climb on his shoulder.

“Alright let’s be on our way and stop these pirates.” He said to Yuurei.



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Yuurei would move toward the edge of the lighthouse’s cliff, and he would jump off it. He would sprout wings from his back, and he would start flying toward the ports. With his quick speed, the young man would find his way straight to the port. He would land on the boardwalk without a problem, and he would see that people would look at him. His wings would disperse from his back, and he would smile at them, and they would smile back as they knew it was Yuurei. He would walk over to where the ships would dock, and he would pretend like he didn’t know better.

Still, he wanted to see if the pirates were going to start a problem before he fought them. It wouldn’t take long, but the two ships would find themselves slowing down and the anchors would drop for the two ships.

“Well, let’s see if they’re going to mind their business or if they’re going to cause trouble.” He said this to Renji.



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Renji would look at the pirate ship and he would just watch as it had come to a stop. He was looking as if Yuurei was just relaxing, and he was looking around the area. He would see the people on the ship get off quickly. It would seem like they were plotting something, but he wasn’t sure what it was. It wouldn’t take long, but when the several groups of pirates had gone to the port, they would go to the nearest shop that was there. They would be looking around the place and one of them would grab something from the stand. The merchant was nervous, but he didn’t want to make a big deal out of anything.

The pirate would smile at the merchant, and he would crack his neck.

“I’ll be taking this okay?” He asked him as he didn’t care about the man’s response.

Yuurei just needed a reason to attack them, and he had gotten it. They were robbing the poor man and he was going to take them down.



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Yuurei would disappear from where he was standing. He didn’t use a portal or anything like that. No, the man was just that fast as he would end up next to the pirate and he would slam him to the ground. He would be knocked out just like that and he would let go of what he was trying to steal. He would catch it and he would put it on the table that belonged to the merchant. The pirates there were slow to react, but they would all turn their heads toward Yuurei.

That man had caught them off guard and even attacked them. They didn’t think anybody would do such a thing in this place, but here they were.

“We have ourselves a tough one. It seems like he needs to learn a lesson.” One of the pirates had said to his friends.

The merchant wanted to warn the pirates that they should leave, but he would just shake his head because this would be interesting to see.



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They would look at Yuurei and they would get closer to him. Renji would open his bag and all Yuurei’s items would appear on him. His face was covered, and they couldn’t get a good look at the man. It was time for the show to begin though as they could see that he was battle-readied. One of the pirates would attack Yuurei from behind, and he would feel his cape tap him on his left. He would nod as he would pivot his right foot and he would spin and would throw a hook right into the pirate’s abdomen. It would take him out in one punch and he would fall to the ground.

He was surprised about the attack and so was every pirate that watched another one of their men go down on the ground.

“Screw it! Everyone attacks him at once! Don’t give him a chance to get the upper hand!” Another pirate would say this to everyone else.



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Yuurei would shake his head as he heard this, and he would take out a tool and put it over his head. He would move around while doing this as he would summon a woman to the battlefield. Galatea had arrived, and it would seem like she was ready to fight. He would use his helmet to instruct her on what to do. She would hear this and when the pirates got close to him, she would run toward them, and she would spin around as she would take them out all at once. She was spinning around with her claymore, and a lot of the pirates had fallen.

The ones that were running to Yuurei would stop as they were surprised that someone else had joined the fight. They decided to do things differently now as they would take out guns and they would start shooting at Yuurei and Galatea when they pointed at them. Yuurei would instruct her to dodge the bullets in his mind and the duo would start dodging the bullets and running toward those who were shooting.



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Yuurei would get close to the pirates, and he would start beating on them without hesitating. He had to stop them from shooting before someone innocent would get hurt. He would kick a few of them and he would land his punches as well. The pirates he got close to would fall to the ground as he would hit them without holding back. He kept moving around the port as he was making sure that if they shot it wouldn’t go to where a civilian might be.

Galatea would do the same thing and when she got close to her targets, she would take down multiple of them with one swing. They were working well with each other, and she was excited to be able to work side by side with her master. It wouldn’t take long but the pirates that were shooting would no longer be available for combat, which left the other pirates without a gun who rushed straight toward them.



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Yuurei and Galatea would look at them and they would shake their heads as they were getting ready to take out the pirates that ran toward them. They would rush toward the pirates and the two of them would punch and swipe as they were knocking the pirates down to the ground. It was a bloodbath and one that caused the pirates to dwindle in numbers. The smart pirates noticed that they had come to the wrong place, and those were the ones that had stopped fighting and were running away. They had gotten back on their ship and were getting ready to set sail out of here.

Still, there were still pirates running after the two of them, and they would continue to fall to the ground. Someone had called the Rune Knights to come to the port while this was all happening. It wouldn’t take long, but the two pirates' ships would leave the port and get back to sea.



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Yuurei and Galatea continued to take down the pirates that were coming their way. When Yuurei noticed that the ships were leaving he was going to take them down, but the Rune Knights would show up. It would stop him from moving and he would look over to them when the last of the pirates were taken down.

“What’s going on here?” One of the knights asked.

“We stopped these pirates from causing havoc on the port. Still, it seems like a bunch of them got away on those two ships.” He said to the Rune Knights.

They would hear him and believe him because they knew that he was Yuurei. One of the knights would approach him and they would reward him for what he had done here. Yuurei would gladly take the jewels they were given him, and he would look over to Galatea.

The group would be on their way to enjoy the payment they had gotten.

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