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Heat Bound, Town Tasting.(Open/Social)

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Heat Bound, Town Tasting.(Open/Social) Empty Tue Aug 09, 2022 11:04 am

Akuko had not quiet left Halawai Town, not yet anyway after all she did have some thing else she wanted to do, By that it was well more drinking and smoking. It almost seemed a bit childish of Akuko she had freedom from being held down form her family and their helms by just drinking and smoking. But she was not just being totally and heavily diving into degeneracy, She just was playing up a ruse. While just happening to seemingly enjoy smoking cigars and drinking strongly bitter or sour drinks. Akuko did not mind sticking out a bit with her bright hair either. She just kind of felt free that way.

With in Halawai Town, Akuko found a fitting place for her to lounge around. It was a bit more of an opening place, sure it served food but she was not here for food. She was here for sitting outside where she was now, ponder to herself with her cigars, order some drinks. Think up some plans she wanted to do then figure out how go about them. But as she waited for her drinks most bitter, sour or both. Akuko was sitting in a chair looking upon the beach in a bikini and seemed to be fairly content with her casual relaxing.


Heat Bound, Town Tasting.(Open/Social) Empty Fri Aug 19, 2022 1:15 pm

Dan wiped the sweat from his forehead as he walked through Halawai town in order to find himself something to drink. Dan being an ice mage was not someone who normally enjoyed warmer weather. But when the option to come to Luluhawa Island came up Dan decided it was a good time to take a vacation. As he wandered through the town he was able to see the appeal of the place as locals and tourists alike wandered between bars and restaurants as they smiled and enjoyed the day. Dan looked around before seeing a hut that seemed to be selling cold drinks. Dan sighed in relief as he walked up to the bar keeper. "Hey I am new to the area and don't really know any of the local drinks yet so can you just get me something cold and sweet?" Dan asked with a easy going smile as he handed the man a few jewels.

The man noded with a exited smile and began to work on his drink with a flurry of movements that even Dan had trouble keeping track of. As the man handed him the drink. As Dan took a sip he tasted a medley of different fruits though the sharp bite of alcohol was also present. All in all it was a very nice drink so Dan tossed the man a few extra jewels as a tip and walked away. As Dan walked he looked for a place to sit and rest he decided to just sit in a chair by the beach and watch the waves as he sat down he noticed a woman with pink hair sitting nearby not wanting to be a bother he sits quietly before putting on a pair of sunglasses and sips his drink.

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Well sadly now as much as Akuko wanted to behave herself she could not help but want to pull one trick on some one, At her cost just to be sure. There was just something with her where in which she could not help herself at all. So she would get up from her spot. She was always listening to things around her so she could just think about things to do, It just happen that she over heard Dan talking to a server for drinks.

After Dan settled into his chair Akuko would get up and greet him in Joyan."Having a nice day are we?"She assumed he did not speak Joyan but meant nothing harmful with it at this time. She would just put her sun glasses back on and walk over to a drink server. With an order she would place to make sure she is able to remain as quiet about it as she could. Then she would sneak back into the shadows, pop back up not too long after she would just simply place a drink by Dan's actual drink when he was not looking because she was sneaky in that way. Being a Daemon that creeps through shadows helped a lot.

Then after everything was clear, Akuko would just simply return to the chair she was lounging in. Then just relaxed like she had done before waiting to see if Dan would take the drink. The drink that was made so bitter it would make people gag upon their first sip of it. It was something Akuko assumed was harmless.

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Dan noded to the woman as she spoke as he could identify that the language was joyan. Dan knew he was not fluent in the language in any way but he had learned a few basic phrases on the off chance a quest took him out of Fiore "Day...good...yes?" Dan returned as the woman began to walk away. Knowing he had probably butchered the pronunciation of the words he just shook his head in mild embarrassment. Dan at least did not try to use any accent when he spoke he knew most native speakers were not a fan of that.

As Dan sat quietly he watched as the woman retook her seat before nodding to her and reaching for his drink once more. Though the taste that touched his tongue was in no way the sweet taste of the drink he ordered as the taste of bitterness overwhelmed him. Unable to stop himself from making a face he took a look at the drink in his hand only to see that the drink currently in his grip looked nothing like his fruity tasting drink. Looking down he sees his drink sitting next to his seat. Looking at the drink in his hand again Dan wonders if the drink was already sitting there before he sat down and he just missed it or if he had just been pranked. Taking one last look at it Dan sat the drink back down before taking another large sip of his drink in order to wash the taste out.



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When this happen, Akuko in her chair just started laughing because well something she did not think he would take the bait or even check over the drink to consider weather or not it was safe to drink it. Akuko found it interesting."Are you too trusting of other people?"She spoke it in fiorian like it was nothing to her, sure there was still a bit of a joyan accent with it, But the word and phrasing was prefect she had spoke it enough to be able to talk without problem in terms of speaking of a second language.

But Akuko seemed to be actually talking to Dan like it was a casual and normal conversation. Then again Akuko's normal conversations were not generally other people's normal conversations."Are most people this easily tricked?"She had to ask because well she wanted to know how else people would easily could be tricked after all it was kind of way of enjoying herself.

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