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Deadliest Catch PT. 12 (Neutral)

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Yuurei and Renji were hanging out between the north and Luluhawa Island. This allowed them to do a few jobs between the two areas. Today, Yuurei and Renji had planned to capture a sea creature. Those were always fun, and enjoyable. It seemed like the creature were easy catches for Yuurei, which meant that he would make easy jewels out of it. The duo would walk through the hot blazing sun. They were feeling the heat, but they would walk through the sand without a problem. They had been getting used to it for quite some time. Still, Renji truly preferred the cold over everything. The two of them wouldn’t take long, but they would make it to the piers where all the ships were docked.

Yuurei had his job sheet out as he was looking for the ship that was described in the job. His eyes looked around as he would see people waving at him and he would do the same thing.



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Yuurei and Renji kept moving through the piers as they were looking at all the ships that were docked. The ships didn’t fit the description of what they were looking for, so they kept walking. There were a lot of ships on this pier, and he could only imagine how much these things cost.

“Do you think we should buy a ship?” He asked Renji curious to hear what his take was on buying a ship.

Renji would hear his friend and he would think about it. They didn’t have the luxury of buying a ship. He felt like Yuurei still wasn’t done with his build. He had a lot that he needed to do.

“Yuu we don’t need a ship. Anywhere we want to go, you could use the key or even fly.” He said to his friend.

He heard this and he would chuckle a bit because it seemed like he was wise about spending money unless it was fish.



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Yuurei kept walking by the ships as they were not the ones that he was looking for. He figured they had gone to the wrong pier again, but it wouldn’t take long for them to be at the end. When he saw this, he would smile when he saw the ship that was waiting for them. This was good because he was losing hope.

“Alright we found it.” He said to Renji as they were making to the ship.

When he got close to it, he would come to a stop as he would look at it. Yuurei wondered who owned this bad boy, but in the end, he didn’t care because he was getting paid to do this job.

“Hey we’re here to take on the capturing of the sea monster! We have the job sheet with us!” He shouted out loud waiting for someone to show themselves and welcome them to the ship.



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Yuurei and Renji would stand there waiting for a couple of minutes. They wondered if there were anybody on the ship. Soon, they would see someone pop their head out on the edge of the ship as they were looking at the two of them.

“Yo…you two shou…should come up if you’re he…here for work.” He said to them as he would disappear from the edge.

Yuurei got the invite even if it was weird, and he would get on the ship with Renji. When they got to the deck, they would look at everyone that was working hard to set sail. He would see the young man that told them to get up here. He would approach him, and when he got close enough, he would stop.

“This is the job we came here to do. Whenever you ready we can set sail and head to the sea monster you want me to take on.” He said to the guy.



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The man would look at Yuurei and he would be fidgeting his fingers together. It seemed like he was nervous that he was here. He would look over to Yuurei as he thought about what to say.

“I’m gl…glad to have you on bo…board.” He said to Yuurei and Renji.

He would look over to the crew that was getting ready, and he would clear his throat as he looked at everyone with fierce eyes.

“Alright you bastards! Let’s get this show on the road! Pull up the anchors and let's get us a sea monster!” He said with the utmost confidence.

It surprised Yuurei to hear him talk like that especially when he spoke to them in a nervous manner. The men there would start to do as they were told and would get the ship on the move. He would chuckle and he figured this guy was just nervous to talk to new people.



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The ship would leave the piers that they were docked in, and he would move away from the man that was next to him. He would move to the edge of the ship as he was wondering what was going to happen today. Renji would walk to the middle of the ship because he knew the day, he decided to be by the edge with Yuurei would be the day he would fall overboard. He was not going to allow that day to come. The group would continue their travel through the water. It was a smooth sail as there weren’t any sea monsters ambushing them or any random waves to mess up their cruise.

He kept his eyes out for the sea monster, but there was no sign of them anywhere. It could be a good thing or a bad thing. He wasn’t sure just yet. Still, while they traveled it would soon come to an end.



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“Drop the anchors, boys! We’re here so throw out the bait!” He shouted out loud as they would do as they were ordered to do.

Yuurei was impressed with how this guy spoke to his crew. The confidence behind it was amazing; he could see him being a leader, but only to those he knew. It wouldn’t take long for them to throw the food overboard and he was sure that the sea monster would show up any second now. He was waiting for the shadow of the monster to show because then it would be his signal to fight it.

“Renji if you could please.” He said to his partner.

Renji would hear him, and he knew what he meant. Yuurei had a bunch of his items with him, but he didn’t have his weapons, armor, or helmet on him. He would open his bag and soon enough those items would appear on Yuurei without a problem.



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Yuurei would soon see the huge shadow of the sea monster appears. This was great and he was going to get ready to jump into the air and fight. Still, what made him stop was the fact that there was a second shadow that had appeared in the water. His eyes widen as it would seem like this crew had attracted two sea monsters. This was crazy and it also meant now he was going to have to take down two of them instead of one. He would see them both eat the food that was given to them but was staying around because they knew there were people around.

Yuurei would look back and he would sigh because he was going to have to do this on his own. He would jump off the ship and his wings would sprout from his back as he would start soaring through the sky to fight them.



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When Yuurei had done that, they would both jump out of the water and they would try to catch him. The light mage had moved too fast for them to catch him. Still, it was a close call because one of the two was close to getting him. He would look at the water and he would sigh with relief. That was a close one, but now what would be their plan now. He would move through the sky, and he would move close to the water. He had made sure to keep an eye on their shadow as he was waiting for them to attack, so he could punch one of them and take the creature out right away.

They would see this from under the water, and when they thought they were ready, they would both lunge out of the water with their mouth open. They were ready to eat Yuurei, but he would take this chance to dodge their moves and take one of them out.



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Yuurei would swing his right arm to the sea monster that was closest to him, and it would land right on the side of the monster. The monster would screech from the pain that it felt and it would fall onto the water as it would be dead and done from that hit. Its companion would roar from the sense that its partner had perished. It would go around it a bit as Yuurei would look at it. He was waiting for the monster to come after him, and it would soon do just that. It would move quickly in the water, and soon enough it would lunge out of the water.

It was heading straight to Yuurei; he would dodge the attack and he would do the same thing he did the first time. His punch would land on the side of this monster, and it would squeal from the blow, and it would land next to its companion. He would sigh with relief as he had finished the job.



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Yuurei would see them both not moving, and he would look at the ship. The people there were in awe of how quickly he took them out. He wouldn’t care though as he would move to the two of them. He would pick them up by the fins and he would drag them to the ship. Once there, the crew would secure these creatures as they had gotten two today. It was amazing and he would fly down onto the deck as he would disperse his transformation. They were all cheering when he got on the ship as they didn’t think he would be that strong.

The Nephilim would just wave at them as he would take a spot in the middle with Renji. When the ship was ready, they would turn around and they would start sailing back to the piers. When they got close to it, they would slow down, and they would dock their ship as they were excited about what happened today. The captain of the ship would move to Yuurei and he would smile at him as if he was happy. He would hand over the money that he promised him, and they would be on their separate ways.

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