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"Yeah I tell you! There be something in the waters an it ascaring the fishes!" said a local man of Astera. Nana listened to the man passively, even if the way he spoke, deeply urged Nana to silence him with her daggers. She glanced sideways at her partner, as soon as the ill-spoken fisherman's attention turned from her, back to the edge of the sea. Beside Nana, was her sensei- Erebus, the man whom had showed her a lot of what being a rogue was. Not to mention self-control and careful planning. Nana has been a wild and dangerous child on the streets of Oakland. Under Odin's supervision, Erebus had been appointed as Nana's mentor.

The green haired girl thought to suggest that the fishermen simply weren't as good as they thought they were. She decided against it however, as the women of the town already belittled the fishermen and blamed the whole fiasco on too much alcohol. Quite the possibility, but the two dark mages were there to get paid for a job and not be a mediator for broken marriages. "About how long ago did the amount of fish become noticeably less?" she would ask instead, showing Erebus that all the efforts he had gone through to make her more docile to her maniacal urges, hadn't been to waste.

Of course Nana had ulterior motives for pushing the direction of the questioning and conversation. She wished to be away from this man and his poor form of speech, as soon as possible. "Well, you see... hic. It all started about a week or'so now. Closer to the near cove and now to the shore itshelf." said the man, not even bothering to hide his slurred speech. Clearly he had drunken one or ten two many drinks. Likely out of a fit of anger or despair from having such a poor catch of fish for a whole week. Whether the man realized it or not himself, he was telling Erebus and Nana exactly where they would find the root of the fishermen's problems.

"So you wish us to rid you and your companions, of the cause?" she would ask, making sure to get a proper explanation of their intended quest. If Erebus knew anything about Nana, he knew that she was meticulous with details. If given specific reasonable instructions, she would complete them without fail. On the other hand, if only the outcome was important and no specific instructions were given... Nana found creative ways to accomplish the goals.

The old fisherman nodded his head and after any questions Erebus might have for him, stumbled off back towards a nearby tavern- likely for another drink. Nana wouldn't say anything at first. She was Erebus's shadow. Erebus was indeed a shadow himself, so Nana knew that her role was support- yet Erebus also liked to test her capabilities at times. He was the teacher and she was the student. All the more reason to shadow him and wait for instructions or commands.
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#2Erebus Gresham 


Erebus Gresham

A cloaked entity stood beside Nana, roughly a foot— maybe two feet taller. He remained quiet, the entirety of his arms covered under a wafting cloak, composed out of his covet that magically altered it’s appearance to match his cape. The fabrics swayed with the wind as he listened to his pupil guide herself, he needn’t speak to the man— who carried a cajun-fioran accent and a penchant for alcohol. As he hiccuped, Erebus removed his flask from under the cloak, pouring a half pint of schnapps into the brown mug he was holding.

From one drinker to another, it was a peace offering. Erebus had only warded the waters off once before in these parts. Much to his surprise, it really had been infested with large monsters that required he and Caius plan something together. Giant Eel—bastards, with faces more hideous than great white sharks— they even looked like sharks that made love babies with with serpents. The whole joke was that he and Caius take one back for the guild and make a moat, though without a second thought Caius told Erebus to destroy it and it’s god forsaken children. Though, he reckoned there could be eggs elsewhere. Erebus never much looked back.

Today the pay grade was dropped, which meant the severity had to be too. He assumed it was a good middle ground for Nana. Who was beginning to show resolve and talent that peaked his attention. He first hoped she might find herself absolving from crime and merely working on her strength, but as another child from Oak’s trenches, they simply couldn’t escape the life of outlaws. He had to respect a fellow Rogue when they raised themselves up. The world of magic was naturally against their breed of fighter, and passing his own wisdom down to the next actually helped him feel good about the hundreds of people he’d massacred in the name of anguish and aggravation.

There was two sides of Erebus. The Anti-Hero, and the War God’s Warlocke. Depending on the day, his mental would slip from being gentle, to callous. He knew it, but simply asking Jin to medicate his monster was out of the question, it was divine intervention that made him what he was. Before that? Erebus was constantly conflicted, doubting whether he wake up to death and hunters out for the fame he gathered stealing that fucking book. Zagan had already damned him for it and brought him back from ten years of torment, only to realize his entire reality would change forever. That no more than three years ago and Erebus had become the top criminal in Fiore. Bringing oneself up through danger that way made you inhuman. For Nana, she was already a daemon, and merely held onto her humanity through a code of honor. Erebus tried to help her hold it as long as possible. There were plenty of Daemons that made for powerful fighters, but having empathy made your work special. It gave one the appreciation to themselves when they paid their self extra against the capital elite. Robbing and looting, with a due cause— a revolt against the Nobility was always sweeter. The capitalists preyed on folk like themselves; misunderstood adventurers. As opposed to simply taking from the hands of the weak and leaving them to hunger in their lonesome. Erebus was the kind to spread his wealth, he just didn’t care how he got it in the first place.

Perhaps her mentor would never admit it. But he was soft in that way, like an older brother. Wanting the best for his sister.

When they were finished Ere waved a hand to follow— as if motioning Nana towards the docks. Erebus then approached a man, and removed his hood as he began to speak. “We have a job— Eternal Nightmare business, what would you say if we borrowed some of your jet skis?” Spoke the dagger master, the charm of his voice edging the man with a persuasion that both intimidated and erased tension on it’s sound alone. Of course, it didn’t always work. “... I would, but that’s gonna be el negatory. These bad boys are the top of the line— they’re rent outs, about twelve hundred jewels a piece, and that money doesn’t grow on trees.” Erebus stretches his arm over the outside-shop’s counter-top, discerning the value in this man’s life. He turned to look over at the blue and yellow watercrafts floating there unused, they weren’t bad lookin’ at all. He concluded finally with a short sigh. “I’ll put down fifteen hundred jewels— we only need them for an hour or so.” Erebus reached to his back with his spare visible arm, shuffling through his hidden satchel. He tossed a brown pouch tied across its hem onto the counter where red rubies fell to reveal it’s containment was legitimate. After all, the money he was putting down was minuscule next to the kind the fishing company was paying to rid these waters. Besides, the display alone prompted the locals to trust the cause. The first step to getting what you want out of people, was to flatter them. Erebus could very well sell these back to someone up the street for double the price, if he felt generous, he dealt honest.

“This is Nana,” Erebus followed up. He nodded in her direction, craning the jet ski rental guy’s attention to her. “Now give her the keys. I won’t ask you again.” Erebus removed his arm from the bar, straightened himself up and went around the building to unhook the watersport vehicles from their docking, when Nana would get around to him, his face would depict curiosity in the boatercycles. “Ever ride one of these Nana? Let’s have some fun shall we?” Erebus hopped onto the blue vehicle. He stretched out his arm for her to drop the key in.





Now THAT'S a discount!

To be honest, Nana had been uncertain how the two Eternal Nightmare members would make it across the waters and to the cove. She had figured the most efficient way was to get one of the nearby fishermen to sail them out to the cove and wait a safe distance while they dealt with the problem. Her sensei had his own thoughts on the matter however and led her to a spot nearby that rented out aquatic vehicles- a small form of boat as it were. What are these things? she thought to herself, turning her head slightly sideways as she listened to the exchange between her sensei and the booth attendant.

Her curiosity quickly went from full, to zero. Erebus had been so polite as to ask for the use of the jet skies, rather than taking. Yet the booth attendant outright refused him and instead expected him to pay. Ire flashed in Nana's eyes and her fingers twitched. She would look to her calm and collected teacher however. If he didn't resort to violence at this moment, then it was not Nana's place to either. Erebus needed no assistance from Nana after all, to save face against a cheeky money grubber.

In the end, Erebus agreed to pay for one with a generous tip- obviously implied that the man should take the extra for himself and pretend that a second one wasn't rented out. It didn't appear that the equipment was in much of a supply and demand for the day anyways. Probably on account for spooked folks who thought something was in the water with their precious fish. "Pleased to meet you." Nana would say suddenly, as her teacher introduced her to the man she had considered killing just a moment ago. She gave a polite Joyan bow and then retrieved the keys from the stunned attendant. Maybe he had been intimidated by Erebus, maybe he was debating whether or not to pocket the extra jewels, or maybe he had thought Nana was too pretty for himself- or even for the strange cowled figure that was extorting him.

In any case, Nana had been quick to seize the keys before the man could change his mind or protest. She didn't bother to look back at the man, nor hear anything he might have said afterwards. The man couldn't really leave his position at the booth after all and it wasn't as if he was strong enough to deal with Erebus, let alone Nana. The end would justify the means however. Soon, the waters would be cleared and business would pick up for the fishermen, as well as ski rentals. "I'm not entirely sure what these things are... but I shall learn, Erebus-Sensei." she would say with a serious expression.

With Erebus' help and guidance, she would unlock the jet skies and get them turned on with the keys. Following Erebus' lead, she would quickly pick up on how to operate the small machine and soon, the two dark guild members would be off into the deep waters at great speed.

Perhaps Erebus had already a suspicion to the cause, or maybe he was just going about the same process Nana had used when questioning the old drunk fisherman. The two of them would eventually find themselves near the cove that the fisherman had mentioned. It was a beautiful spot- a nice in-land resort area with peaceful tides lapping against the sands.

Despite its peaceful appearance, Nana knew immediately that something was amiss. The waters were simply too peaceful. The waters were quite clear in the cove, thanks to the white sand beneath the waves. Not a single fish or other water creature was about. The daemon girl's eyes scanned the area but found nothing along the beach. Not until further back, at least. Much further down the beach and near the edge of the cove, was a cave. The waters seeped slightly into the cave, creating pools of water and dry spots in equal amounts. 

With her suspicions kindled, she would be the one to lead the two of them towards the cave's gaping maw. "This seems like as good a place for any predator to hide until unsuspecting food comes along." she would say as an astute observation. Even as she spoke the words, the shadowy tendrils of elongated serpent-like fish could be seen beneath the dark cave waters' surface. The two of them were near the entrance of the cave and had yet to be found by their prey. 

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#4Erebus Gresham 


Erebus Gresham

Erebus zig-zagged on the jet ski, creating waves that would come into surface contact for Nana and send her through the air. Meanwhile, he laughed it up and made fun of her for not knowing much about the rides. Finally, a short thirty minutes away from the docks and across the waters— they were at the beach to the lonely isle cove. Nana was right about one thing, the waters were completely see through right up until you reached the cave. In which time the creatures he and Caius faced were intelligent enough to lurk in the shallow darkness. However their sizes were much too large to keep them hidden for long.

Erebus quickly spotted the girth of a tree trunk about fifteen feet away. Except it was a tree, it was a green serpentine monster.  “Well looky looky, those creatures me and Caius found must be spawning in this area. They aren’t apart of this ecosystem, someone put them out here, or something.” Erebus reaches back for his satchel once more— pulling out a few sticks of dynamite. He began taping them together and twisting their stems. “Nana— step one. When you don’t have magic, or a gun. Get resourceful.” Erebus reaches around his waist again, pulling out his matches, he swiped once— and nothing. Twice... nothing. Damn it... it was so much easier when you had a fire mage around, but oh well. There could be nothing to slow the rogues down now— they were in the feeding grounds of carnivorous eel sharks. The ones in the water were no where near the size of the ones Caius and Erebus saw anyways. These had to be fresh children. Which begged the question, how deep was this cave, were there tunnels that the monsters were using to live beneath the surface of the cove’s exterior?


Finally the match was lit. “Alright Nana, I’m gonna throw this dynamite and kill one before it has a chance, the rest are likely to raise their necks out of the water and inspect you. They can’t see very well, but they have sense of smell and hearing like nobody’s business. You ready?” Erebus smiled. “I sure hope so. Bada bing— bada boom.” Ere had already lit the stem, and it was burning in his hand, at the last possible moment, he tossed it about twenty feet into the water. Causing a huge explosion that lifted the waters through the air and pissed off whatever creatures were under them. Causing ripples to roll around and shake the very scene. Erebus revved his Jet Ski up; and began to laugh maniacally as the monsters showed themselves. Using his Lerzar’s Glove and his Lightsaber he took their heads off and used their backs for ramps. Showcasing the funner sides of being an absolute madman. He had instructed Nana to do some fighting herself, and if she had fallen in the water— his job was to protect and save her. But overall, they were just slaughtering the entirety of the threat.

Right here.

Right now.

The truth was, when Erebus took these jet skis, he enjoyed them far too much to just return them to that prick of a salesman. He instead gave the yellow one to Nana, so that she could sell it or enjoy it in her free time, and he kept the blue one until it finally broke down later that day. After which, he parted it out to some scrapyard. He’d definitely have to find another someday. These actions however, undoubtedly raised his bounty. But the money he made overall was starkly better than if he had gone without.

All in a days work.

-End & Exit-






Her teacher was simply full of surprised. Where had had procured explosives, she couldn't say exactly- possible on one of his many escapades in other towns. The idea was simple enough.. underwater creatures were quite susceptible to loud noises due to how water carried sound. Even snapping ones fingers near their ear underwater could be painful. The shockwave was likely to disorient the creatures, even if it did little to no real damage due to proximity. She nodded her head to her teacher that she was ready to begin.

After a few embarrassing attempts to light the fuse, Erebus had finally succeeded thanks to his perseverance.. or maybe stubbornness. With a toss, the dynamite exploded as it came into contact with the water and created waves that both water skis road smoothly. There was a brief moment's pause between action and reaction. Then as if all hell broke loose, several eel-like sharks burst to the water's surface and began to trash about.

While her sensei brought out some impressive weapons and cut loose- literally.. Nana took a more roundabout approach. She admired Erebus as he used the jet ski to rode the slick backs of the beasts and decapitated them with abandon. Nana chuckled to herself. If she didn't know any better, Erebus was simply playing around. The daemon girl herself went into action after admiring her teacher. She used the jet ski to whir about the sides of the beasts whom were much too disoriented from the blast and preoccupied with the maniac with a glowing sword, rather than worry about a small girl a distance away.

How quickly things changed, as Nana went in for the kill. Those that did not die immediately from Erebus' attacks, Nana struck grievous wounds across their sides with her daggers. Blood and guts spilled out of the beasts and dyed the cave waters a deep crimson. The two rogues would dash about and play with their victims until only lifeless floaters were left in the cave. "Thank you for today, Erebus-sensei." she would say, mentally noting to always have dynamite or something on her in case her teacher did a surprise pop quiz.
[End & exit]
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