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Summertime Raid Boss [PSF794 - UNINVITED]

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Summertime Raid Boss [PSF794 - UNINVITED] Empty Fri Aug 05, 2022 9:39 am


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Alisa always treasured summer festivals like this one... After all, she'd grown used to them ever since she'd first joined Blue Pegasus, organized by the various guildmasters on different occasions, always with different guilds attending. By far the most memorable of which had been the one thrown after Lance and Dante's deaths, bringing the brothers' respective guilds, Blue Pegasus and Phantom Lord together. Truly, something was always different in each festival, and this time, the setting had changed entirely:

"Fufu~... Feels like every day is a lovely day for a festival around these parts.", spoke the sculptress, idly strolling around the soft white sands as she felt them sifting pleasantly between her toes, idly running her hand along the edge of her red bikini, ajusting it over the shapeliness of her behind.

Of course, throwing a party in such a remote location wasn't without some drawbacks... Made it much harder to bring in people on a similar scale as the prior festivals. That wouldn't stop Alisa from trying though, and with the sun shining high up in the sky, all but inviting more and more people to Mahalo beach, she was confident that whoever arrived would have a pleasant time... But, it seemed had fate had something else in store for the party goers... Out of nowhere, Alisa felt a low rumbling beneath her feet:

"Earthquake...?", her brow furrowed as she looked off towards the horizon. Strange... With an active volcano on the island, whatever geological events happened here should have come from the center of the island... Except that wasn't really the case. Trusting her instincts as an Earth mage, she turned her attention towards the ocean, brow raising once she finally saw the waters receding... One meter, two meters, until the inevitable tidal loomed above them, "Tch...!! I guess having a peaceful party is too much to ask!!"

In a flash Alisa tapped her foot against the ground, flying up into the skies, before sweeping her arm out wide, producing a wide, glimmering magic circle right in the path of the tidal wave from which a crystallizing pulse soon erupted, freezing the waters in place as a radiant diamond sculpture, glimmering under the sun's rays. Her chest rose and fell with a low, heavy sigh of relief, followed by a stern, feriocious look as her brow furrowed, flying over the tidal wave with her wings, and finally setting foot atop the wave's crest:

"Now, let's see who's behind this... Whoa.", but in the end, nothing could have quite prepared her for what she came face to face with. She'd been fighting Leviathans every so often since she'd gotten here, but nothing quite prepared her for one this massive. Before her stood a crab the size of a small island, in fact... She recognized the geography atop his shell, "I can't believe it... That small islet off the coast... That was a living creature?!"



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#2Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
… Was that a crab?

Daiko had gotten a strong taste for crabs ever since he began advertising this island back at Port Hargeon. Apparently, people were a bit less lenient to come all the way here as opposed to holding their annual summer festival at the port city itself, but with the incredible specs of this place along with its idyllic atmosphere, it was likely to change after a year or two and cast shade over Port Hargeon as one’s drunk, rich uncle who lavishly held backyard parties next door every Friday.

As a matter of fact, there was still a crab claw and arm left to be swallowed by the Fire Mage when his eyes loomed over the beach, having decided to manifest his full Take-Over form for some aerial surveying. That was, indeed, a crab… but, like, the size of an island. Also, was it just him, or was one of the surrounding islands missing?

Either way, his Guild Mistress and best girl ever had already jumped into action in an attempt to face this beast. Still, its mere size was enough to intimidate the Fire Mage, for he couldn’t act as reckless as usual when dealing with someone big enough to be their own ecosystem. Maybe its shell was too tough for his fire to burn through… but he did draw inspiration from the crab he just ate. Crabs had weak spots…

After gasping over the spectacle of crystal-frozen waves below, Daiko decided to fly straight towards the titan crab. It was probably pretty slow, given its huge size… used to be a common rule in combat.

As his body disappeared in the distance from anyone who watched from the beach, suddenly an orangish glow spread out from the top of the island crab’s mandibles. Daiko was attacking its most lethal but also most vital spot – the part where it was supposed to taste things and all. A direct entrance to its vulnerable insides which were soon to be torched up to ash.

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#3Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
What a time to be going to greet people only to have it sour, Judith had a sneaky plan to find the people of Blue Pegsus here, some by for a chat maybe a few other things with in their casual time here and then maybe be on her merry way, But it looked like this might not be the case at all. when she got there anyway, It would be a fair bit of time for Judith to get there, After all the dangerous part has yet to happen yet. It was for the most part a pretty peaceful walk around the beach.

It was not until the rumbling of something else in the background that would break the casual relaxing that Judith seemed to be having at this time, It was something she thought might have been almost caused by some of her reckless guild members so now she kind of needed to know what the noise was after all it could be her having to talk to one of her guild members to settle the heck down because fighting at a place like this was entirely unneeded, But this was just her worry about things in the end.

Nonetheless Judith was now making her way over to where Alisa and Daiko where with this giant crab. if need be in the end maybe the three would be having to fight a massive crab, it would be left to wonder just how much of this crab be would left. while this would unfold it might have to strike Judith's mind how does such a crab exist in the first place and what did people do to make it mad? it seemed like a good thing to have to ponder about in the future to prevent this problem.


#4Kazimir Seiryu 

Summertime Raid Boss [PSF794 - UNINVITED] Empty Sat Aug 06, 2022 4:34 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz was training nearby when the earth shook. The wind mage floated upward instead of trying to maintain his balance. His eyes scanned the area, searching for the cause. "What the?" His teeth grit together. his robe was tied around his waist and sweat had already beaded around his forehead from his training, but this was huge. He landed and stepped forward to see a massive crab lumbering closer and closer. Fires erupted around it and his two family members by marriage moved toward the creature. He wanted to train for his impending battle with the angels but the people needed them.

Immediately the water turned to crystal and Alisa fly above it. An entire wave was frozen solid by the mage. It only added to the fact that whatever was coming had to be a serious threat to move that much destruction.

The wind mage took off into the air and dashed towards the creature. It wouldn't take long to get near something that huge. Wind picked up around the mage as he arrived next to Judith, "Hey Judi," he spoke as he dashed by the guild master.

His hand curved back and flung forward at the creature. A wind blade cut through the air and slashed downward around the creature's eyes. Kaz spun to the side as its mandible slammed the earth and he took to the skies. He saw the two blue pegasi mages and figured he would best be suited to attack it from the high ground. The cape flapped in the wind as he soared higher ready to divert the creature's attention skyward along with Alisa.

An entire landscape dotted its back. A virtual island, but how long had this best been slumbering here? And why awaken now? he questioned, wondering if it had been feeding of the mana that was now flooding the island with all their presence.

It was only one attack from the wind mage. A warning shot to test the waters.
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