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Trouble In Paradise

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Trouble In Paradise   Empty Thu Aug 04, 2022 10:57 am

Toma was out fishing for information in Marigold. Night-time activities as he was walking around a Rune Knight encampment. He killed one of the soldiers and snuck into the barracks of the grunts. He had some time before the missing person was reported, but it was large enough to blend in. He walked up to a small group of knights as they were laughing and drinking. Leaning against the wall, he nodded to them as they continued their conversation. "Good one, mate, you lot are a riot." One man offered Toma a drink as he calmly denied it with an open palm. He was here for information and not more blood.

"Oi, by the way did ya hear the lass caught back then? Was raid on Paradise Dawn by er Calamaity something. Red hair terror and a few of their folk were locked up." Toma shifted and clenched his hands at the news. He remembers talking about the Raid but never participated. He was just now hearing the news. Jikan was in trouble, or was she? Toma coughed before speaking up. "That's big news,  exactly where were they taken?"  "How of ya never heard of it, mate? It's an underwater prison surrounded by sea monsters. All the super baddies go there."  Walking away, he decided on what he needed to do. And that was to plan a jailbreak.

Toma stormed through the base he needed to find information. Scanning the rooms one by one slowed down seeing a massive door as he crossed a intersection of hallways. A smaller individual who was trying to open the door with a crate of paperwork in his hands. Toma jogged over and pushed the door open as the person sighed of relief. "Thank you!" ]"Of Course." Toma snapped back with a coy smirk. Toma's eyes cleared the hallway behind him as he stepped in letting the door behind him close. As the young woman attempted to turn Toma used his full strength to chop the back of her neck dropping her to the floor. He made sure the heavy metal door was fully closed by playing with the handle. 8 minutes is all he would give himself.

The room was some sort of data point but with mostly paper despite magical records. Considering the possibility the knights at this station couldn't use magic all to well despite it being a staple of their society. The few filing cabinets and other sorts had all been labeled. He scoured through reading as fast as he could finding whatever documentation he could. He did find a stash of recent bounties of around disaster and clamity levels. That's not what he needed though he already knew the situation.  

Transports, noted, next was documented orders. He pulled the file out for the previous month and recent news. Cycling through  it was relatively to find out the few members locked up mainly Jikan. The Hellsea Bastille which was the known underwater prison. Sighing he put all of the paperwork back that he had pulled out. Trailing back to transport is where it would make or break the operation. There was supply,personnel, and then logs for commercial contracts for food and equipment. Taking a second piece of parchment out he laid it all out of the table. 3 minutes left before he needed to scram. It had seemed there was a certain sea route and coordinates for these commercials travels and military transports.

Toma wrote down the next few shipment dates and the names of the companies. Lastly was the ports they came from. Toma stuffed the paper away and put everything back. He stripped off the rune knight uniform into his armor below and made out of the neartest window. He had work to do and only a few hours to achieve it.


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