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   Nana burst through the doors of the Eternal Nightmare's guild hall. She had traveled straight back to the guild without rest and her first priority was to announce the grim news to anyone currently at the guild's hall. Some would be away on quests or personal business, but she would make sure it was known. First, without blurting it out- she would quickly go to a nearby table where some stray paper and pen were laying about. To those whom may have been there, could see that Nana was visibly shook and out of sorts as she wrote down everything she could remember.

It was unusual to see the Daemon girl anything but boisterous with an unhealthy kind of energy, or her recluse moments where she would be nearby but nonchalant. No, this was a Nana that no one knew and maybe that would stir others to gather, or even ask if she was okay. Finally with her scribbling done, she would turn away from the table, with her paper in her hand and exclaim to anyone who would listen. "Odin-Sama has been murdered!" she would say as loud as she could. She waved the paper about after her exclamation, seeking someone to look at her notes and hopefully identify the culprit. "Some woman fought Odin-Sama in Hargeon Square and beheaded him!" she would finish her earlier exclamation with explanation. Surely that would garner more attention than a singular sentence, no matter how heavy it had been to say... or what it implied for the future of their guild. Would anyone believe her?


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#2Khalfani † 

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Khalfani †

"Return to the Kingdom. Tell my grandfather that I will not be returning for a while and to send warriors. We're going to war."

Khalfani was furious. The truth was, she hadn't the capacity to sulk in sadness. She quickly realized that the death of her one true love, her father, meant war. Odin had a lot of enemies but his goals were righteous. Who would have thought that one day he would actually cease to exist. It was heart wrenching. The gods had once again betrayed her. There were only two people in this entire world that she would have destroyed it all for; Khnurn, and Odin Morningstar. If anybody was going to murder the Lord of Nightmare, it would have been her. Unfortunately there were others who possessed the strength to send the Daemon-Nephilim hybrid to the afterlife. The Princess could only hope that the gods would be merciful.

Samira walked alongside her highness as they moved through the streets of Oak city towards the Eternal Nightmare guild hall. Royal guards followed behind them, some sprinkled themselves beside the duo and in front of them. When Khalfani was in town, you knew. She enjoyed her status and she embraced her royal power. The eyes of the citizens stroked her ego. They loved her more than they hated her despite her relations to those the government had deemed rebels or villains. Everyone knew she was Odin's daughter, but she had proven time and time again that she was different. Now though, the Vampire wasn't so sure that she could maintain that reputation anymore. It wasn't like she wanted to anyway.

Her handmaiden and trusted friend cleared her throat. Samira already knew what Khalfani was thinking, but she didn't appreciate it. "Princess...Are you sure you want to get Desierto involved in this? Odin isn't one of us and I'm not sure the Pharaoh would approve. I know that Desierto and Fiore aren't necessarily allies but this could get bad quickly." Khalfani frowned. None of that mattered. None of it. She would risk it all to avenge her father, even if that meant her reputation in Desierto. She was the Princess after all, next in line to assume the throne since Khnurn had proved he didn't want it. "Odin is my father. By extension, he is one of us. So, you're going to go to the Kingdom, rally troops and bring them here. I don't give a fuck what the Pharaoh says, do you understand Samira? I'm not asking for advice." The vampress hissed.

"And if he doesn't allow it-"
"Then FUCKING do it anyway, Samira! Take five men and go. Now." Khalfani boomed. The Desiertan noble clenched her fists and turned towards Samira, filled with a lust for blood that she almost couldn't control. Samira nodded. She wondered how she could do what seemed impossible without betraying the Pharaoh, but her loyalty was to the Princess. Not only was she a direct servant of her, but she was also her friend. In any case, no harm would come to her if Khalfani was adamant on keeping her around. Samira wasted no time and motioned for five men from behind them to follow her.

Finally, the Vampire Princess of Desierto was in front of the guild hall. This building was no longer just a home to Odin's guild, but a Memoir of who he was. It was a symbol of his power and influence. It was too difficult to stare at it for too long, so Khal simply pushed the doors open and walked inside. It was no surprise that when she entered it was business as usual. She didn't expect everyone to know that Odin was murdered yet and she knew the most prominent members were never around yet the fact that they had all been oblivious is what irked her the most. Perhaps she should have been leading Eternal Nightmare, she thought. The grunts turned to Khalfani, already having known that she had changed her appearance, they acknowledged her presence.

As soon as she walked in, the most coincidental thing happened. A Woman had lifted a paper and began shouting about the death of her father and the woman's guild master, Odin Morning star. Khalfani's eyes widened. Her guards remained at the door but she slowly stepped towards the woman. The guild members were caught off-guard, surprised at the woman's name. Her name was Nana Tempest. She was an adventurer and a Daemon. At first the eternal nightmare grunts were quiet. Then, they began whispering amongst each other, some standing as the room slowly began to raise in volume. One man however, didn't seem to believe Nana. "That's insane! You think that's funny? Are you out of your mind?!" The Princess frowned. She knew Nana was telling the truth because one of her crows relayed the same information, minus the person who had done the deed.

"You fools! She isn't lying. Odin was murdered!" The guild members quieted down, most likely absorbing the absurd information they had just received from their fellow guild mate. Khal's fury was evident like she had been consumed by the fires of wrath. The looks on many of their faces made it obvious that they were genuinely confused. "Nana, you said a woman beheaded him in Hargeon Square?" There was no time for formal introductions. When the Desiertan finally reached the woman, she reached out her hand so that Nana could hand her the paper but before Khal could even touch the paper, she had been able to identify the woman...

"That's..." The vampress' golden eyes widened. "Alisa Vollan, the guild master of Blue Pegasus."


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Inside a dark room within the tall spiralling tower that was the Guild Hall of the Eternal Nightmare Guild sat a young girl no older then perhaps fifteen or even sixteen years of age. The young girl appeared doll-like in appearance with alabastar white skin that seemed flawless and perfect, almost an illusion. Her hair was black as night and flowed down her back, the front cut in a princess style with light bangs framing her adorable heart-shaped face. The girl's skin was soft, nose small like a button, eyes large and round with lips small and tender. She dressed in a deep silk purple, red and gold robe like dress that was of traditional Joya and Sin fusion. Resting in the girls lap as she sat crossed leg was a giant axe almost twice her size.

The young girl was sat in a cross lessed pose as she breathed in deeply, appearing to be meditiating. The girl was called Yumi, a recent member of the Eternal Nightmare Guild who had joined not that long ago after meeting up with an old friend, Odin who had once been a guild member of Grimoire Heart at the same time as she had. Yumi was better known as the Witch of Carnage a dangerous S class Mage who had terrorised the land for close to one hundred years. She had been known to leave a path of slaughter wherever she end leaving nothing but a trial of bodies in her wake. Blood and destruction was all that Yumi brought to any town or city she came across. Thousands perhaps even hundreds of thousands of bodies had been left in unending slaughter. No one was spared men, women, young or old. Everyone fell beneath her. However since her disappearance over two years ago, people had begun to forgot about her.

The daemon meditiate on life and death, thinking over the two concepts as she attempted to gain enlightenment. However Yumi's meditation was brought to an end as a loud ringing sounded out. Someone was shouting about murder. Yumi tried to ignore it, but the voice only seemed to get louder as if trying to draw attention. Crimson red hues awoke with a shimmering gleam to them as the ruby like gems flickered. The daemon began to rise from her spoke, lifting up the giant axe and throwing it onto her back in order to go see what the noise was. Yumi was annoyed at having been awoken from her deep meditiation as she contemplated the laws of life and death.

Leaving the room that was designated for Yumi's use she approached the elevator and headed down to the main floor where the screaming was coming from. Stepping out of the elevator the daemon spotted a growing crowd as a woman shouted. The crowd blocked Yumi's path but that had never stopped her before. Sneering the daemon struck with a wide backhand hitting a nearby guild member and shoving him out of the way. A powerful burst of murderous intent rushed forth from the tiny woman as it manifested in the shape of a sickening black aura around her. Inside the aura the screams of the dead echoed as the souls of all those Yumi had killed began to appear. The haunting screams sent shivers through the bodies of the weaker guild members as they started backing away to give Yumi room to pass.

Cold crimson red hues that over flowed with bloodlust shimmered as their owned moved through the crowd. Those murderous eyes passed their gaze onto the owner of the screams. However it seemed someone else would break the silence before her. Another woman of darker skin tone. Yumi raised an eyebrow in surprise, Odin has been murdered?

"Hooo what a surprise, I didn't expect the brat to up and die." Yumi said loudly allowing her voice to echo through the chambers. She stepped forward into the middle to greet the others. "We had only just reunited under one banner and he ends up on the chopping block. What a shame, I had hoped to continue a reunion another day." The daemon didn't show a shred of loss nor any signs of acknowlodgement regarding the death of her friend. But that's just how Yumi was, she was unfleeting and often appeared uncaring regarding the issues of her allies and comrades, let alone the death of someone she had known for years.

"I suppose the question begs, who of you has the balls to go retrieve his corpses, especially from the guild master of Blue Pegasus?" Questioned the daemon as she drew her axe and slammed it into the ground, resting herself against the heavy weapon. Crimson hues scanned the guild halls showing a twinkle of amusement within them.

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Erebus Gresham


There was little to stop Erebus in the Woodsea but the forces proved to be challenging. He made his way back from the portals that had brought forth peculiar new challengers, it was known as the Dark Universe Incursion. Demons and Angels weren’t the only thing to take portals into their dimension it seems, and while he walked down the street, townspeople clung to Erebus begging he rid them of a new monster. However— Erebus was quiet, still and calculating. He sensed something grim, perhaps the War God itself gave Erebus the indication a change in the universe had slipped the majority of our world. Perhaps these invaders weren’t what the War God meant... There was something else.

and yet... Erebus would have to deal with Khalfani the Usurper. But why was it as if he felt hatred seeping out from the West? Why was it that he could no longer feel someone here with them anymore? Nilhatak’s Courpsemourn allowed one to exist between life and death, it granted one the ability to speak to spirits, it even allowed one to commune as if they were the Reaper himself. This energy he felt however, existed between life and death, and this alarming idea in his head— it seemed to be stemming from the aspect of the living. But Odin? He would never be felt again— Erebus couldn’t hear him, and he didn’t know what was goin on. He was a Eudaemon, and Erebus wouldn’t be able to find the realm his energy traversed too— or even if it had simply disappeared entirely.

Just who died... and why did he have a feeling it concerned him.

Erebus was long past due for rest, exhausted and nigh defeated despite coming out victorious, his hood completely hid his identity as the man below. However, Oak City knew all too well who the Ace of Eternal Nightmare was— even if he tried so much as to wear a cowl for concealment. The way his feet barely pounded the ground with each step, soundless— like walking on water itself, it was the country wide opinion that Erebus had become the ultimate rogue in Fiore.

Yet here he was, showing himself all tattered & uncaring of who saw it, the human side of being an adventurer. He made it to the northside exit of town, the Spiral was in the background. He was almost home— finally the ability to lay down was coming.

But Erebus would be unable to sleep... When the news was upon him, he may never rest. The rogue was almost ready to find out... His only friend, or rather, his first real friend was dead. About fifteen minutes from the start of a new era as he walked, Odin had become the martyr. Erebus would lead slaughters in the aftermath of his master’s death. Morrigan’s plan was finally showing itself to the world. There would be no survivors if Erebus were to find out, he would stake more than just his own life to see the world burn, every droplet that made up his essence would be promised. The Nightmares’ were known to pour their hearts into their legends, and Odin was no different. Erebus was a ticking time bomb, a war machine. The time for learning was soon to be reckoned with...

(Erebus is just arriving, he hasn’t arrived to the gates yet, and thus. Has no idea what has happened yet, but he is almost there. Carry on the rotation. The distress will hit him when he fully arrives.)


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Jin Tatsumi
Jin rode the elevator down from the highest point in the tower. Odin's old room. He had been pouring over some of the man's notes about what direction the guild would be going in and what plans they should do next. The elevator doors opened just as a woman lifted the papers in the air. Nana Tempest. A woman he only knew from what Odin had described. Her next words sunk into the man's mind and ran his throat dry. The leader had appointed him and then had gone off to get himself killed. Stuck down by...

But why? It was so unlike him. Another burst in the door. The daughter, leader of another group but passionate about the grim news just dropped. Jin leaned against a wall, not wanting to get caught in the crossfire of emotions. Odin was dead...it seemed like they had just had their chat. Drink into the night, talking about the guild and life. Could this be another one of the man's plots?

But Khal took the image on the paper. Jin lurched forward to see it but, Khal had already deciphered the murderer. "Alisa," Jin repeated softly and approached to see for himself. It was her alright. No doubt about it.

"I can't imagine there would be anyone else in Hargeon with the power to do it." A long exhale blew from his nostrils as he thought. Time and time again they sent those they deemed as evil to jail. And now they decided to play the role of execution. How convenient. The thought was more and more infuriating as it rolled around in his mind.

Jin looked back toward the Demon Yumi, He was going to give a witty retort but the situation was too heavy for that. "Thanks for bringing the information, Nana."

"And to think. This happens after he spared the lives of those that attacked us here in our home." He stepped back to collect himself. To contemplate what he wanted to do next. His reason for being here was gone. But now he had a reason to lash out against light guilds. Against nobility. If they were murderers too, then where were the lines? He knew what he wanted to say.

"I guess this makes Blue Pegasus our focus for now. If we are to complete Odin's mission. Then they seem to be the biggest road block."


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Nana almost made a mistake- an indiscretion that knew knew, would make the late Odin mad at her and whack her on the head. She rarely went out of her own way to do things for anyone, but the guild was her one soft spot. They were all family to her, even if some of them were distant to her or even outright disliked her. Yet despite how she cherished the guild, not everyone agreed, nor were they all gifted or special individuals. Even her family guild had a few dullards. After she had made such an effort and risked her own life to watch Odin's fight to the death and travel across the continent to return the ill tidings to her guild family... Some of them doubted her. Nana was no liar, nor did she often speak. Anyone who knew the young woman, knew that her words were almost always of necessity.

Her character had been tested and she was being called a lair by some mob guild member. She had the paper in one hand, but her free hand had slowly began to inch towards her lower back. This is where she kept her daggers.

If it hadn't been for the intervention of another, Nana would have assuredly made Odin very angry. A tall beautiful woman stepped forward and chastised the idiots. She vindicated Nana and even moved closer to aid Nana in finding the culprit's identity. That and only that, stayed Nana's hand from wholesale murder. She may cherish the guild, but Nana was also slightly unhinged in the mind. It had taken awhile for her sensei- Erebus, to tame her murderous intent.

No sooner had this woman seen the paper, that she recognized the person. This woman was Khalfani- a prominent person and associate to the guild. She was also royalty or something like that. Nana would bend the knee to no one however, no matter how powerful or self-important. A ruler was to be just and compassionate. A Joyan shogun had proven how corrupt a leader could be- ultimately ending Nana's mother's life. Her father had lost his mind in vengeance and was currently imprisoned in Joya.

That was something else entirely however. Nana's mind wandered slightly, but Khalfani's question directed to her snapped her back to the present. The green haired daemon nodded her head somberly, even as she felt a twinge of fear and killing intent wash over the room. She glanced in the direction she had felt it and saw the cause- Yumi. She was another Daemon similar to Nana: the biggest difference being, their strength difference. Nana was basically a cub lion compared to Yumi as a lioness. Even Khalfani- a princess, was far stronger than Nana. The word of Odin's death had caused Nana to be pulled into the center of her guild members and their powerful presences. The current needs of the moment told Nana that she had to remain however and help in whatever way she could.

Personally, Nana didn't like the way Yumi talked about things, especially Odin- as that was a very fresh and tender subject. Nana wouldn't let it show however and she knew... That eventually she too would become callous to the fact. Maybe it had been the witnessing of Odin's death itself that had shook her. or maybe she was just holding her rage back and trying to control herself until the opportunity arrived to unleash her fury.

It was then that another individual appeared and had things to say as well. It was Jin. He thanked her bringing the solemn information and she nodded her head to him- still unsure of what she should say next. Yumi offered the solution however and Nana was secretly ashamed she had left Odin's body and ran away. "I was there and I left his body. I should be the one to go retrieve it... i just fear that my strength alone may be insufficient." she said bluntly, her eyes scanned each one of them preset- wondering who would volunteer to go with her to retrieve the deceased guild master's corpse. Where was her sensei, Erebus though? Nana knew the man quite well, even if he did still hold many mysteries. Odin's death would be like a foundational support crumbling.

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#7Khalfani † 

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Khalfani †

Slowly, members of note in Eternal Nightmare began to trickle down to the main floor where Nana had broken the news. Khalfani was immediately able to identify the culprit; the one who had stolen Odin from here. Truthfully, the Princess felt as though she had been robbed of something sacred. Her beloved father would join the dead and she would be left with his underlings. It just didn't feel right. Alas, her serpents had never failed her before. This wasn't just some hoax created by some stupid kid or someone who hated Lord Morningstar, this was reality. She could feel the chaos caressing her rage, whispering to her despair and yet she somehow remained composed- at least on the surface. The Princess gripped tightly onto her golden staff and began to mentally prepare herself. Odin had taught her a lot when it came to leadership. She had always been a calculative person, but her politics was taught to her by her first love.

It was for that reason that she already decided what she needed to do. Khal felt Jin over her shoulder, but wasn't bothered of course. What bothered her the most was Yumi's response to it all. The Desiertan turned slightly and glared at Yumi. She probably believed herself to be amongst the strongest in the world, but in this room she was nothing. In fact, nobody in this room mattered much to the Princess with the exception of Jin. Sure, they were all extended family, but the Vampress had yet to see how loyal they were to her father. In the days to come, Yumi would prove to be a valued asset, so she held her tongue for now. Nana on the other hand had watched Odin die. Khal turned back towards her after hearing Jin's remarks about Blue Pegasus. Her golden eyes flashed a vibrant red for a second as she gazed into Nana's soul. The Princess hadn't known this woman personally but she was already angry with her. If it weren't for the power of the World which gave her the ability to identify someone's politics, she may have started at war with Eternal Nightmare herself.

The members throughout the guild hall watched the three of them talk, waiting for direction. With Odin gone there was no ruler of Eternal Nightmare, Odin's legion of cultists, or Oak city. The more Khalfani thought about it, the more frustrated she became. Then, to make matters worse, Nana hadn't even picked up the body of her beloved leader. "You left my father's body...beheaded... for all to see?" Khalfani glared into her eyes with a twitch. She took a deep breath. "I can send my serpents to retrieve it and you can pick it up from them in the Outskirts of Oak if that saves time." She began before shifting her body so Jin and Yumi could see. "Jin's right. Blue Pegasus is enemy number one. I'll assist in anyway I can to destroy them but you should all know that they have a pact with Fairy Tail, Noel, and possibly Konyo and Karisa. Then there's the Rune Knights... so if we're going to do this we have to be wise. I'm sure they're already expecting us. In any case, there are a few things that must happen first..." She spoke.

She wasn't Eternal Nightmare's leader, but she was Odin's daughter. Her tone and the way she spoke merely reflected her sense of obligation to him and it was clear that he had taught her most of everything she knew. Khalfani drew strength and wisdom from him. Nothing more, nothing less. "Father needs a proper send off after Nana obtains the body. I'll organize that. In the meantime, you all need to figure out who'll lead this guild." The members of Eternal Nightmare whispered in th background. Perhaps the people in this room would think of her as stuck-up, but really she was just an angry bitch. She had been in Eternal Nightmare when she was younger back when Odin had pitched her as his choice to assume Fiore's throne. The more she thought about honoring him, the more she wanted to aim for that crown again.

"And where the fuck is Erebus?" It was obvious that she was feeling a to of emotions at once. She spoke so quickly, almost as if she had been in a rush. Really, she was just anxious- holding back tears even.


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Crimson red hues shimmered, the murderous aura that had erupted from the tiny daemon began to slowly settle but never dispersed. The murderous intent released from her body condensed into a thick coating around her doll like frame warding off the other guild members, preventing them from getting close. Yumi had no desire to be in close quarters with these fools. To her they were but cannon fodder who could be killed at any moment. It was only the key members of the guild that the daemon had any interest in. Specifically those like Caius and Erebus who she had not long reunited with or joined in a quest with. The others she had yet to meet so her curiosity was slightly peaked at this. Especially so considering there was one here who was the daughter of Odin. Whether she was daughter by blood or through adoption Yumi had yet to discover.

Crimson eyes shifted onto the daughter of Odin and the man she seemed to trust. The glare that yumi received made the lolita snort in amusement. "I'd be careful, I've killed for less. But i'll make an exception since your the daughter of an old friend." Yumi spoke loudly directing her words to the woman, Khalfani was her named if the daemon recalled. The Witch wasn't one to be slightest, anyone who had crossed her or even glared at her had been slaughtered without mercy. Even children had been killed simply for bumping into the her. Even if this woman was Odin's daughter she would not be someone who could be spared from Yumi's wrath, at most a lesson would be taught for a first offence.

"Retrieval can be handled. It's been sometime since I've last met Alisa." A mischievous smile stretched onto the lolita's face, it was sinister in nature that didn't seem to belong on her innocent doll-like features. Crimson hues spared their glance towards the girl nana, those blood red gems of Yumi's pierced into the girl as if able to see into her very soul. The daemon like nature within Yumi could clearly see the woman for what she was, one of her own kind. "Our kind is definitely beginning to flourish it seems. if you come, youd only be responsible for only retrieving our leaders body. You'd only get in the way if a fight breaks out, you'd best leave that for the strong."

To retrieve Odin's body Yumi had already assumed a fight might take place in doing so. If their was a fight the weaker members of the guild could only be responsible for body retrieval while leaving the combat to the stronger mages. When Yumi went into a rampage having weaker mage's in the way would limit her, as it was forbidden by the guild to kill each other. Without anyone in her way the daemon could freely unleash hell and go all out without restriction, bringing forth a wave of slaughter.

"I won't bother with the guild politics in selecting a new leader, seeing as I only just joined. Beside i've never been one to lead, I much prefer to slaughter." The daemon shrugged her shoulders, it wouldn't be right to have a say in the guild leadership seeing as she had just joined. Beside Yumi wasn't one to lead, not that she didn't have experience it just wasn't for her.

"And while the offer to send your serpents to retrieve the body would be most appreciated, it should be firmly established that the guild won't take matters such as our leader's death lying down. Retaliation for such an offense must be shown. But it would be foolish to simply all attack or act together as one unit." Yumi said freely not really carrying what others might say about her. The daemon had been apart of Grimoire Heart for countless years, oversaw many skirmishes and battles, even partaking in them herself, some of the planning had even been done by her in those past years. One did not get to be close to a hundred years of age without picking up a few things. While Yumi had a love for slaughter, destruction and mayhem that did not mean she was without a brain. Despite her antics of savagry the daemon had picked up and learned many tactics and strategies over the years.

Crimson hues moved to lock onto the man who stood behind Odin's daughter, "I am in agreement, Blue Pegasus is certainly a road block and Alisa is not one to be underestimated. However I have been in seclusion for many years and am out of touch with its current strength and numbers. I would also need to be caught up onto the overall combat strength of the other guilds and those guilds that have recently came into existence. If we were to make a decision all high ranking personal of the guild and those with sufficient strength would first need to be gathered. But whether time should be wasted is another matter. Though I am quite happy to head to Hargeon and cause a distraction if need be." It had been some time since Yumi had gone on a murderous rampage and the daemon inside was beginning to crave blood and destruction once more.

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#9Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

The bell had struck, Erebus pushed the gates open, which had closed behind Khalfani earlier. Yellow light flooded into the dim room, and the shadow of the rogue showed itself over the rest of the Nightmares. Erebus had only caught the last of the conversation emanating from Yumi. Silently, Erebus stepped into the room. Examining the group of familiar faces, Erebus was struck with a wave of anxious vibrations.

“What happened.” — Erebus finally uttered after a pause; letting Yumi conclude the last of her sentence first. Erebus first turned to Jin, the recently appointed Guildmaster. After all, it was not Erebus’ place to speak on whatever distraction Yumi had just mentioned. It meant more to Erebus to simply stop Khalfani, speaking of which. Khalfani was right beside Jin. Which was even stranger, it provoked Erebus— as the cries of his people rang true, but he simply wasn’t able to say anything to them. There was a pull that brought him here first, whatever this Usurper had said or done. It came second, Erebus followed his intuition first.

“The people of Oak say I should kill you Khalfani— I wonder why that is.” He said flatly in her direction, interrupting before anyone had answered him just yet. “Our home has been conquered, is everyone aware of that.” Erebus’ tone slowly got louder, more aggressive as he tucked his head to the side. “There are portals opening up across Fiore, some kind of aliens... their warriors resemble our universe’s Rune Knights— but they’re not the same. Stronger— even angrier,” Erebus was tattered, but his cloak casted a black shade over his face that fully guised his appearance and any damage he must have taken to his face, his armor was bloody, grisly enough to show that even their mobs had skill. But there was the question of whether it was his blood or theirs that was staining his form.

It was clear to Erebus that whatever he saw in Worth Woodsea, was a genuine threat that provided immediate attention and decimation. However, that was the least of his concerns right now. He was full now with curiosity, as if something in the cosmos had told him to come home and figure everything out with the others. There was a million to one things occurring around him now that seemed to be bothering him.

Erebus was often a rather serious enigma when the time called for it, but not usually around his friends. Which this room consisted of. Without Odin around, Erebus had forgotten that holding his emotions in check helped his guildmates hold some of theirs together too. Alas, he was simply just not all there for the moment.

Erebus could see the grim expression on Jin’s face which was enough to know the next few things he’d learn couldn’t possibly be good news— and yet he waited patiently for his friend to speak, as there simply wasn’t anyone else as close to Odin as he. Something just wasn’t right— something was very fowl. Nana too seemed distraught as his red pupils traveled to her— and then the paper.

Yumi appeared to be radiating a motivation. Perhaps, whatever was occurring, was beginning to encourage the God in him to feel that too. There was hatred in this room, anguish in this hall. War was coming.


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Jin Tatsumi
A crooked smile swept Jin's face from the uncomfortable tension between Khal and Yumi. With a nervous laugh, he slid between the two. "Violence probably best suited for light mages." He didn't think things would turn to blows within the guildhall, but with this bunch, it was hard to make assumptions of passive reactions.

Khal turned his anger toward Nana. "I'm sure she would have it she could. But with Alisa there...if Nana attempted and was killed we wouldn't have this news. Right." He replied, and wished that Odin was here now more than ever. This was more of a headache than the former lich had led on. He shot a glance toward Nana, with a quick nod, letting her know it was alright.

Both Yumi and Khal called for action to retrieve the body. Both of them Put Nana in charge of actually moving their former guild master's remains. Jin's hands rested on his hips. His eyes darted to the ground for a second in thought. At the end of the day, Odin was their guild master, "We should all meet together but I don't think any would object to first retrieving the body. Yumi... You're right. we need to make a statement. I think it would be perfect for you to head to Hargeon and cause the distraction. Go wild. Khal if you wouldn't mind sending support with your serpents to back up Nana in retrieving the body?" Jin added, hoping that it would give some sort of compromise between the two. And Quench Yumi's thirst for chaos. He wanted Erebus to be here. To bounce these ideas off of.

"I agree. getting Odin's body back should be first though." Jin spoke. Jin bit his tongue on Odinhaving appointed him as the next guild master. He needed to think about everything now that the man was gone and the original plan was out the window.

As for the guilds...that was a different matter. Jin shook his head, "I've been a part of Blue Pegasus and Fairy Tail. I'm familiar with the layouts of their guilds and some of their members." Before Jin could expand further, the guild doors opened up and Erebus arrived.

Jin turned to speak to his friend Erebus but the man had already veered his anger toward Khal. Jin took a step away from Khal ad looked back at the woman, wondering what Erebus was talking about. This situation was getting off the rails and fast. They did need to deal with the conquering of the area. A brilliant time for everything to happen. Now looking at his friend, he could see the damage he had sustained. Jin cast a small healing spell to clean the man up a bit.

"Erebus...Odin is..." Jin placed a hand on Erebus' shoulder. He didn't know the extent of his connection with Odin, but he knew it ran deep. "Odin has been slain by Alisa in hargeon. Nana saw it happen. We are, planning to get the body back." what could he say at a moment like this? Odin's death. War with Blue Pegasus, dark incursions. Other guilds no doubt descending upon them.

"Take your time. I know it's a lot. But so far I think Yumi is going to retaliate while Nana and Khal work to get the body. How immediate is the threat you saw? Perhaps we can handle that?" JIn spoke, trying to keep his feelings together, but beneath the surface, his kind-hearted ways melted back to a better understanding as to why Odin chose this path. Why he felt the world needed change and needed a villain?


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Cue the music:
A lot happened quickly within the next few moments. While the prominent guild members discussed the important matter of Odin's body retrieval, some of the background guild members were taken in by shock and were slowly recovering from the epiphany. Odin was dead. To some, this was a personal deal- as they saw it unsafe to be in a dark guild without a powerful guild master. There were many strong dark mages, but none were Odin. Slowly, without saying but a few words; a few members would up and leave the guild hall. Maybe they needed time to think what was best for themselves. Or maybe they simply were abandoning the guild. Nana took note of course, her attention was not among the stronger females who seemed rearing for a fight.

No, Nana was remembering the faces that were getting up to leave. If she saw them again and not part of the guild, she would kill them without hesitation.

Back to the topic at hand, Nana took Khalfani's anger stoically. Despite the personal feelings, Nana had known that the most prudent decision, was to send word to the guild first. To protect them and prevent others from abusing them with twisted information. Ultimately, Odin was now a mere corpse. Though he was important, his priority was second to the living. She had known Odin but only slightly. Nana would not say anything however in her defense. Khalfani had every right to be upset, but Nana didn't mind being part of the blame. As long as it wasn't more than fault with character. If Khalfani had wanted to hurt Nana for being weak and incompetent, there was little Nana could do or say to change the princess's mind.

Yumi compounded the issue with her brash and brutal words. Yes Nana was indeed weak. She knew that better than anyone present. "I will prioritize retrieving Odin-Sama's corpse." she would merely say in reply to the chastening. Of course she shot Jin an appreciative glance. Although Jin was adopted and had as much right as any to be emotional- he had chosen to be pragmatic like Nana and use rational to determine the best steps for their immediate future.

It would be then that Nana's sensei would finally arrive. Secretly, she sighed in a bit of relief. Out of everyone here, she was closest to the enigma that was her teacher. At times he was harsh. Other times, he was carefree and thought of the most bizarre ways to deal with problems. Not only that, but he was strong and cared for his guild members.

With his appearance, Nana would quickly side step passed Khalfani and Yumi, presumably dodging eye contact to not get into the middle of what they had going on. Even as Erebus threw some verbal aggression towards Khalfani, Nana didn't react. If a fight broke out, she knew the best she could do was stay out of the way and let them resolve it with their fists.. or magic or whatever else they might use. Fangs maybe? She glanced at Yumi- or an axe. she thought.

Once close to Erebus, she would bow to her teacher. The corners of her eyes were slightly red from the small amount she had allowed herself to mourn for Odin on her trip back from Hargeon. She had rushed here without sleep or food to deliver the ill tidings. "Erebus-Sensei... I am prioritizing retrieving Odin-Sama's body. Please rest and don't be hard on yourself. We will have our time for vengeance." she would say in a low voice that would be hard for anyone but those close to hear- like Jin, whom had moved closer for a more friendly touch.

Assuming no one had anything else to say or add to the immediate plan, Nana would exit the guild hall. The look on her face that she would have shown to Erebus just before leaving- was her usual self. Despite the tense situation, she was smiling. Not the innocent kind of smile that one enjoyed after a pleasant day... No, it was a smile more akin to a demon, unhinged and ready to inflict suffering for no reason. Nana was weak compared to many of her guild mates, but she was stronger than most at her skill level. She would inflict whatever suffering on the members of Blue Pegasus she could. After they held a proper funeral for Odin of course. With her task in mind, she would begin her trek back to Hargeon: knowing that soon, others would be following her to create a diversion and make a statement that Eternal Nightmare would not take this offense lying down.


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Khalfani †

Khalfani quickly realized that the others were just as unsettled about Odins death as she was. While they probably couldn't understand how she felt entirely, they were Odin's underlings and in some sense that mean they were his children. Yumi was someone who was known for her destructive abilities and her blood lust, but she didn't strike fear into Khalfani. In fact, the princess believed the days of the older generation were over. Yumi was a memory, struggling to survive in a world that embraced new villains and monsters. The Princess merely scoffed at her comment. It was then that she realized she didn't trust anyone in this room. Perhaps she should take matters into her own hands. Perhaps her father would want his daughter to be the one to avenge him.

Nana was a newer member. She had been the only one who saw Odin die and it was her responsibility to retrieve the body. Of course Jin gave her the benefit of the doubt but the Princess thought it was a rather simple task. Especially if Nana was going to retrieve it anyway. There was a better chance Alisa had it now. The Vampire Princess held her murderous glare for a moment before turning away. Odin's death wasn't her fault, none of it was. Yet, it felt way too easy to blame everyone in this guild. Breaking her glare was the Princesses way of apologizing. "Sure. Us girls have to stick together after all. My serpents'll be following you from the shadows for your protection, Nana." Khal said after Jin asked for support. Her serpents would protect Nana as she ventured out to retrieve her own fathers remains and they would also serve her for the time being. "When you retrieve his remains, Nana, bring them to me first, would you?" She demanded. What did a girl have to do to honor her father in private for a moment?!

The Princess heard all she needed to here and just when she was preparing herself to leave, she heard that raspy almost lifeless voice she had been looking for. It was Erebus, but while her back was still turned to him she heard words that struck her in the most unkind way. Naturally she knew what Erebus was talking about but she didn't expect him to be so foolish. At the same time, she was flattered. Many people wanted her dead and that only meant that she was doing something right. With a sigh she turned towards the Veteran of Nightmares. "Is that what they say? Funny how I'm still alive." She remarked. "Oak city has been conquered by a version of me from another universe. All of Fiore has been conquered by versions of other people from this same universe. Unfortunately, I'm not the Khalfani you need to worry about...for now." She said before walking past him and towards the door. Her heels clicked against the wooden floor, her golden staff glimmered in any light it could catch. The royal guards awaited by the door for their highness. "Let's talk soon, Erebus."

Khalfani gripped tightly onto the staff with her back turned towards the rest of the guild. I'll be around if any of you need me. She communicated telepathically through her staff to the main people conversing. The guards then opened the door and the Vampress disappeared into the night.

- END -


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Yumi twirled the giant bardiche in one hand spinning the blade slowly but never dropping or missing a beat as it spun with a humming rythem. Each time the blade turned it made a soft humming noise that was neither loud nor quiet. The daemons' crimson hues glistened as she appeared to be contemplating on the next course of action to take. A deep red aura surrounded the daemon and her weapon of death as a thick blood lust began to radiated from the two. "Then I suppose I'll be off." The daemon brought the axe to an abrupt halt as a short gust of wind blew past the blade accompanied by the sound of humming.

"I'll head off ahead of time and do a little scouting before I begin my little distraction." Said the daemon hefting the giant weapon onto her right shoulder and began walking past the other members of the guild. She seemed disinterested in continuing the conversation. The daemon had no strong bond with any other member of Eternal Nightmare with the exception of Caius and the now deceased Odin nor did she had any intention of getting to know them at this point in time. Pushing her way past some of the lesser members the daemon left with a few remarks.

"Nana yes?" Said the daemon casting a gaze at the younger woman. "Wait till i've engaged with the mages of Blue Pegasus before you begin. Find somewhere to hide and stake out the guild or funeral homes until its time." Remarked the daemon before heading out leaving the guild as the doors shut behind her.


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#14Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

“Jin...? What do y-,” Erebus flicked his attention between every member in the room, and it became ever more true. The feeling he felt before, was the loss of a friend. He was a mess, his fists balled. He could swing on anyone who raised the wrong flag today.

“Alisa.” — His words came sow, angry. Perplexed. The rogue had just been talked down too about violence. Only to spot the ultimate hypocrite. “She will die for this.”

Erebus was shocked but even more than that— he was hurt, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing until he watched every member take their own course of respective direction. Khalfani’s own request to Nana antagonized Erebus further however, and if his hood was up, he pulled it down to make eye contact upon them as they turned around. “No. Not a chance in hell will you take his body away or first? Nana doesn’t work for you, she is Eternal Nightmare. When she gets that body, she brings it here— back to me. For all of us to say our goodbyes.” He officialized, a noticeable tone to his voice when Khal spoke for Nana to hear specifically as she exited. “and despite what you may say, I don’t trust you, you are not him.”

Erebus didn’t quite like that being without a leader was allowing everyone to fall into Khalfani’s control. Daughter or not, Odin was gone. That didn’t make them in fervor or debt with his daughter, she had never once stepped into the situation to help Eternal Nightmare. She just lived here, ate here, was a spoiled child. No— Erebus would not honor anything— she could have her moment with him, the moment the body was actually within possession of Odin’s guild. “If what you say is true Khalfani, then I guess we’ll be seeing each other again shortly. Eternal Nightmare needs to start by destroying your doppelgänger then, we can’t let the people grow anxious and especially not with this news. Just because Odin isn’t here anymore doesn’t mean that we aren’t. We will handle this invader. In the meantime, Yumi will test Blue Pegasus’ skill, cause them the right amount of trouble and keep them busy until we spring a plan.” Erebus rubbed his face, pushing back his tears with his scruffy sleeve— managed behind his reddened eyes. His face was devoid of animation aside the occasional scowl, but the life in him for the moment, was a standstill.  

As far as how he addressed Khalfani, Ere showed that he could see through the shade and toxins of the Desiertan. “I’ll speak with you soon.” He ascertained. Watching her and Yumi both leave. It left him with only Jin in the chamber, the stand-in guildmaster. Erebus looked at Jin as friend before guild member. They both had a very real vision for the world, one they shared.

“I’ll help you keep things running Jin.“ Erebus finally looked at him. “Odin chose you to lead. Let’s do this together.” He started up. “Funny. In being human, we can still feel everything. I thought I had lost my empathy a long time ago, thought it was almost gone— far from it actually. I’m angry. How are you feeling? Are you ready to start a war on Hargeon?”


#15Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin shook his head as the realization was setting in for Erebus. it was tough. A sudden and unexpected upheaval of all they had worked toward and supported. He heard the name leave Erebus' lips. Alisa. And he knew how he felt. The conversation they were both a part of. Non-violence. Peaceful means. For all that to be thrown back at them. He could barely imagine the rage his partner must be feeling now.

"I know," Jin nodded toward Erebus acknowledging his feelings against Alisa.

Tempers flared again as Erebus clashed with Khalfani. It seemed those two were destined not to get along. At least about this. It seemed all would be alright though as the others began to filter out and everyone had a clear idea of what was going on. Jin shot a quick glance toward the whispering Nana. Did she...have a thing for the assassin? Now was not the time, so he'd let it go for now. But note it for later.

Jin didn't speak as the others left. It was just him and Erebus now. He leaned against one of the pillars and let out a sigh. "Thanks, Ere...But remember. Odin chose me to be a face. Not to really lead. It's not my place. No one would really follow me here anyway. Not a healer," he gave a weak smile and looked back to his friend. "But yeah...for now let's work together to keep things thing floating. Being human....sucks some times." He responded to feeling all the pain and anger that came along with this. Erebus didn't miss a beat in bringing up war on Hargeon.

Jin looked the man in the eyes, "I'm glad you haven't lost it. Anger?...yeah I'd say I'm pretty worked up. So much for there always being an alternative to violence. I can't believe after all that talk...only to... Let's go show Hargeon the truth. Sometimes you have to fight to survive. That sometimes...violence is inevitable." He extended his hand to shake Erebus'

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Khal the Usurper
"Oh, gods." A cold, yet soft and gentle voice sang from behind the duo. Khal hadn't been able to pick up on most of the conversation, save for the last of Jin's words. "I see you've found out who killed my father. In every universe your reaction is always the same...and in every universe you- Well, I guess I shouldn't spoil the surprise, hm?" Khal chuckled.

Odin had raised him in his world, gave him everything he could ever ask for and was murdered by Lisa in the end. Unlike the Khal of this universe though, the Usurper came to forgive her. Lisa was on a quest for power, how could he blame her? Khal had done far worse to become the Usurper Pharaoh of Desierto. The Raider's eyes met with the duo before him. Beautiful men showered in chaos and consumed by its love. Even then, they were nothing compared to the Jin and Erebus of his home universe.

In this holographic form the Usurper was weak, unable to use their abilities even if they needed too..and they expected Erebus and Jin to react to his sudden appearance with hostility. After all, he was sweeping this region every day with the aid of his minions. His influenced stretched over every city in the western region and he didn't plan on stopping there. Yet...Khal hadn't attacked Oak City in the same way he had done to the other cities. Not yet. Hell, maybe not ever.

The Pharaoh wondered if they even tried to understand why that was? To put it plainly; Oak city was getting special treatment. Of course by default the city was theirs already, but he allowed these people to roam freely. Was he not a kind ruler? The Lords of the Oak seemed to think so. Their arrangement was made the moment Khal appeared in this universe. "So...what's the plan, boys? Kill me first, or avenge my father first?" He stood about 12 meters behind them wherever they were. His thought projection was only a means to an end, but it represented him perfectly.


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Erebus Gresham

Erebus understood what Jin had said, War was left to the cold-blooded, and Erebus had long sense lost his innocence. He would lead the attack. “Aye. Let’s give them hell..”

No later than the words left Erebus’ mouth, did the change of tone go ominous with the arrival of the very enemy they spoke of earlier. The dark universe Khalfani, a Desiertan Pharaoh. Erebus shifts in his stance, and holds his ground with eyes at Khalfani. He listened to the man and responded without indicating much worry about the Dark Universe. “Indeed. I plan to kill all of you— any that step in my way Khalfani. So if it’s a fight you want, then let’s do it.”

Erebus looked at Jin. Unsure how he would answer. “I think it’s foolish to conquer Eternal Nightmare’s lands. I imagine you come with some kind of intention.. sorcerer?”

#18Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
"Suppose it's about time to get off my butt and back into the swig of war. Chaos it is," he said, coming closer, he felt to reasons behind all the things that Odin had been doing here.

"What the," Jin responded as he spun around to see Khal return to the guild, but there was a different aura this time. And a different look too. This wasn't the one they knew. "Again," he said, thinking they were under attack and being raided again. This time from the usurper.

"The same in every Universe?" he spoke aloud, thinking about how many times this course of action was repeated. And if it meant they too were raided by other forces before.

Erebus took charge of giving their unified answer. "We can't spoil the plan too soon. Depends on how aggressive you are in the area. Doesn't matter though. Like Ere said. We are taking you all down."

He waited to here the sorcerers answer to why he had bothered to come here if it wasn't to fight.

#19Khal the Usurper 

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Khal the Usurper
"Yes, Jin. In every universe, and in every universe the results are always the same."Khal the Usurper was a man who liked to play, sometimes he could be too playful. Most of everything was simply a game to the Pharaoh, like this war they were in. Only...this game was a bit more challenging. Compared to the other universes, this one was by far the strongest amongst them- besides his own, of course. Khal rolled his eyes at both Erebus and Jin's remarks. Jin had been asking the right questions, Erebus didn't give a damn, but the both of them were already draining the fun out of this situation. They were Lucky Khal had been fond of them. "Always so serious. You two can't defeat me, that much I know..." Straight to the fact of the matter.

Despite the fact that Khal was "S-ranked" compared to some of his peers, he by far had the strongest magic and the greatest control over his abilities. "And as for the others... I'm not sure you'd want to kill them." the Usurper began to move towards them, "You see, ff I wanted to destroy Oak city I would have done it already. Alas, this place is very special to me in and I find myself battling internally to remove it from existence. Eternal Nightmare...is very special to me. I do not find Joy in the Idea that I'd have to slaughter you all...so, I've come with an offer." His eyes changed a bit, reflecting just how serious he was. In many ways this was him trying to make amends to his universe's Odin.


#20Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus waited for everything to be said, his head tilted toward the ground slowly. Before his arm moved with an aggressive demeanor, Erebus forcing his own leg forward, as if to make a push and then pull motion. Whilst this happened, he thrusted his Lerzar’s glove forward which strange from his arm, it traveled 20m/s to grab Khalfani by his throat or at the least his shirt in the front. It was only then that the Usurper’s projection showed that he was nothing more than a lifelike hologram.

Erebus watched the Lerzar’s glove travel back as he moved his elbow back after the motion, snapping it back almost instantly like one would bring a yo-yo back in. Ere assumes that with Khal being amongst them as a projection, the glove had simply phased through and meant the danger was relatively low for both parties as they discussed.

Erebus pursed his lip, looking first at the ground before he raised his head and narrowed his eyes. “Odin would not have wanted me to serve your plot. He would have wanted you to beg,” Erebus cracked a smirk as his expression lightened. “What can you offer us. Our master is dead, nothing can console us. What bargain did you hope to bring here and get the allegiance of my friends and allies... Our skin is too thick to fear you.” Erebus turned to Jin.

He studied the other man for a moment. He knew Jin would already be formulating thoughts about how to use the situation. Such was the witty cleric’s nature— he was far from a dull thinker after all. With no genuine experience ever speaking for others, he quite liked having Jin to bounce ideas with. Nonetheless, some ideas had to be executive. This was one decision, Erebus had to force as the man in the chair.

“There’s no way I would trust you Khalfani, even with you saying these things. The other raiders are still our problem, and you are a neutral party. We gain nothing by you. But I think... for you— I can make a deal.”

Erebus shrugged, as he began to speak. “Eternal Nightmare is without it’s master to pass the future too. Therefore, I can’t know what my missions for Odin meant. Vague terms were used and if you know the future for your universe perhaps there’s a chance you can help me direct this one’s.” He furthered with a brief pause, then kept going. “I need to know Odin’s plan. What are the bishops. Who is SHE? What can I do to honor the first Wizard Lord and master of Eternal Nightmare.” Erebus finished.

“Give me what I want, and you can consider yourself spared of conflict with this guild while we destroy Blue Pegasus.”

#21Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin crossed his arms. 'In every universe...just how many places has this traveler come from?' he thought to himself but didn't think to bring it up. he probably wouldn't get an answer anyway. The paladin was keenly aware that they wouldn't be able to take down the man in front of them. Not with just the two of them anyway. And he always had an eye for making an ally. It piqued Jin's interest hearing about a possible allegiance. After all, the end goal would be the same. Taking down one instead of fighting two forces at the same time.

"So you are still attached to the land here. Is it that similar to where you came from?"
Jin wondered aloud. But the deal sounded good. It was Erebus though that followed through with questioning. He raised some good points. Although it also made sense that Evil Khal would try and align himself with a guild that was already fighting light mages.

"I agree with Erebus. We need to know a bit more...as a show of good faith going forward and them I'm sure we could work something out." he asked, although Jin had been given the chance to learn more about Odin's....deity in their chat. He was aware of some of the more mischievous details behind their master's plots.

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