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The world is kinda crazy right now[South -> West]

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The world is kinda crazy right now[South -> West]  Empty Thu Aug 04, 2022 9:57 am



   The expedition back to West Fiore would be quite the difficult thing for Nana. Not from any physical ailment or rough roads: no, because she had all of the free time along the travel, to think about the unfortunate memory that had transpired in Hargeon City. Her travel there had been innocent with, excluding her intentions of deepen her reputation as a dark mage of the guild Eternal Nightmare. She had killed no one and only performed small jobs that wouldn't draw the ire of rune knights or other light guilds... Well, except for that one thieving mission where she had to escape a rune knight who had wanted to question her.

She had given him the old "look over there" gimmick and escaped. Not so long after that quest, she had witnessed a truly marvelous and horrifying battle between two mages. One of which had surprised even Nana- her guild master Odin, a man who was to be feared and respected... had ultimately perished in his combat against a mysterious woman that Nana knew very little about, other than her physical appearance, weapons and magic.

Now Nana was making her trip back to West Fiore, in Oak town. She needed to warn her guildmates to prevent anyone from manipulating the guild. More importantly, so someone could help her identify the murderer and so the guild could exact revenge. "Ah there it is in the distance." she exclaimed upon seeing the familiar distance view of Oak. Those had been the first words she had said out loud during her trip. She had wanted to minimize any method for any pursuers. In safe territory now, she made her way towards Eternal Nightmares guild hall.


The world is kinda crazy right now[South -> West]  JeQ8ge1

The world is kinda crazy right now[South -> West]  Empty Tue Sep 06, 2022 10:13 am






Cue the music:


Nana had gone through several changes since her last bit of travel on the road. As her feet touched the beaten path back towards the West of Fiore, she mentally reflected on many of the events. Things which ranged from simple acts of relaxation, to requests from clients, to her two most notable battles. Two fights against some S Rank mages. One which she had known about at the time.. and the other to which she had not a clue when she attacked them.

Both experiences had given Nana some integral insight into both her strengths and weaknesses. She knew that soon, the guild would be making a commotion in order to retrieve Odin's body. She knew she needed a bit more of skill to perform where she was expected to. West Fiore had just what she needed to accomplish this. The hardest part would be the time in between- where she would have to wait and be ready for when she was called upon by the guild. She looked up the road to see West Fiore just over the horizon. At least she could focus her attention on the events in this city until then.


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The world is kinda crazy right now[South -> West]  JeQ8ge1

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