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HARGEON - FISHING CONTEST[Solo D Quest: Bad]  Empty Thu Aug 04, 2022 9:46 am


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   Nana was about her usual business, doing quests for various lackluster individuals she could squeeze information from or get a reputation started. Today was no different... In fact, today she was supposed to help someone with a fishing quest? She sighed internally but allowed no emotion to show as she approached a lone male figure just on the outskirts of a docking area. Just passed him and out in the open, was an event where many people were gathered to spectate. "I hear you were looking for me." she would say inquisitively, obviously at the man because no one else was around.

She had taken it upon herself to see this individual's identity before accepting his request. It was just an odd job and seemed harmless in a lot of ways. Jewels were involved however, so rigging a win would be illegal. "Why hello and yes! You see, I love fishing and there is a fishing tournament just passed me. I need your help to win. Your methods don't matter, just make sure I win." the man would say, then introduce himself as Jacob Fischer.

His name hardly mattered to Nana, but she was here to gain credibility in cities other than West Fiore. The real question was HOW to go about ensuring his win. Killing was an option, but a murder would lead to motives and suspects- ultimately implicating her client... Unless she could make it look like an accident. Still difficult but not impossible. For the time being, she would look for alternative methods to rig this tournament.

With her instructions clear, Nana went about her own and wouldn't be seen near Jacob again until after the tournament. The fishing tournament had a large turn-out, a gathering of locals and fishing maniacs from all over. If you were a contestant, it would be nearly impossible to cheat due to how many eyes would be on you. Nana could see why Jacob had turned to a dark mage to accomplish his dirty deeds. Granted Nana was not technically a mage, but a rogue and murderer.

It would be a few minutes before the tournament started and Nana would take the time to study her two targets- for there were two other participants. Two old wrinkly men with unhealthy looking sunburns. No doubt, they had been fishing for more years than young Jonathan had been alive. In a fair match, Nana's client would be hard pressed to win by himself. Fortunately, the three contestants would use the dock as a staging ground to cast their fishing poles. 

Nana would slink into the back of the crowd and tap the side of her hat. Her body turned translucent, a half-invisible that allowed the visible spectrum to be seen through her. She dipped into the water beneath the docks and that would be her cover. Translucent inside a refracted surface would all but make Nana completely invisible due to the lighting, as well as the ground beneath the waves. The first target, probably the oldest of the three- threw his cast after a speaker gave a lengthy competitive friendly talk. Nana rolled her eyes in impatience and then prepared to take action. As soon as the man cast his line out, Nana would unsheathe her daggers. 

As soon as the man caught a large fish, he would begin to pull it in. To avoid repeat scenarios, Nana waited for the man to almost get the fish to the shore, before she would subtly reach up and cut the length of his fishing line while it was still underwater. His line loosened and the fish made its escape with half his fishing line.

The second target would be easier. Unfortunate for the heavy set tanned man, he had decided to sit in a hair and relax. His position was of poor choice, as there were loose and rotted boards nearby. She moved beneath his chair at the docks and gave the weak boards a few precise strikes just as the tide slapped against her and the underside of the docks. The already weak boards and the weight of the large man, caused the integrity of the docks to crumble. The man and his chair tumbled backwards and in his fright, let go of his fishing rod- to which a fish had grabbed and took off into the deep waters. The heavy set man flailed about, half stuck in his chair, which was also half stuck in the dock's boards.

Nana's client had just scored his fish- a small brim that could barely be as big as his finger. Still- technically he had been the only fisher to successfully grab a fish. The outcome of the tournament was a disappointment for everyone except Nana's client of course. A time after the event was over, she would meet again with him and collect her half of the reward.
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