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Underground Associates PT. 5 (Neutral)

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#1Toge Liso 

Underground Associates PT. 5 (Neutral) Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 10:10 pm

Toge Liso
Toge had been doing his best to become stronger, but it would seem like doing the jobs that were given out was what he could do. It was okay because there was one job he was enjoying. He loved being a part of the Dragon gang. He was doing his best to make sure that they could trust him. He had been doing quite a lot of jobs for Dracon, and at the same time lying to his original client. It was the best way to make money and he enjoyed beating people up.

The paladin would make his way to the Dragon Gang’s tavern as he would hope that Dracon would want him to do something more meaningful. When he got into the tavern the people wouldn’t even look at him anymore. They knew who he was, and that he was a part of the gang like they were. That was good because he didn’t like being accused of not being loyal to the cause.


#2Toge Liso 

Underground Associates PT. 5 (Neutral) Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 10:11 pm

Toge Liso

The demi-human would walk over to Dracon who was enjoying his time as usual. Toge would sit down on the couch and Luci the demon would be on his shoulder. Dracon would look at the two of them with a smirk on his face. He was glad to see them here, and it would seem like he had a job for them to do.

“You know I’m surprised you're still here. I didn’t think you would keep protecting our gang like this. I figured you would make a lot of jewels, and then rat us out.” He said to Toge as he laughed a bit.

Toge would look at him with a serious look on his face. He wouldn’t do something like that, and if he expected that, then he questioned his character.

“Nah, I wouldn’t do that. It’s not in me to do such a thing, and besides, I like this gang. I want to see it prosper.” He said as he looked at Dracon with a smirk on his face.


#3Toge Liso 

Underground Associates PT. 5 (Neutral) Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 10:11 pm

Toge Liso
Dracon would hear this, and he would be impressed with the young man’s words. He didn’t think he would say something like that. Still, if he was brave enough to say something like that, then he figured that he would give him a more serious job then. He would think about it for a second as the others that were around were looking at him.

He would get closer to Toge now with a serious look on his face. It was too serious like he was going to tell him to go kill someone. He had a nice look on his face as he was excited.

“There is a rival gang nearby who is causing trouble on one of our streets. It’s a group of them that hang out around our area. I want you to go over there and introduce yourself before you beat them up. This will cause a lot of trouble between the two gangs, but they started when they couldn’t show their respect.” He said this to Toge.


#4Toge Liso 

Underground Associates PT. 5 (Neutral) Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 10:12 pm

Toge Liso

Toge would hear his words and he would nod as if he was okay with this. It was a step up from beating up people who owe them money and annoying shop owners. He would look at Dracon with a serious look on his face as he was fine with this.

“Count me in, I’m fine with doing this. It will show you what I’m capable of.” He said to Dracon as he waited for him to give him an address.

Dracon was glad to hear Toge’s words and he would motion for someone to come over to him. The man would hand Toge a piece of paper, and it was the street they could be found. The paladin would get up from his seat and he would head over to the exit.

“You got what you wanted Toge.” He said as he was smoking his cigarette.

Toge would look at Luci and he would have a smirk on his face as he exited the tavern.


#5Toge Liso 

Underground Associates PT. 5 (Neutral) Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 10:19 pm

Toge Liso
Toge would walk through the streets with Luci on his shoulder and he figured it was safe to talk now.

“Yes, I did, and I’m going to beat everyone up that is there. Dracon will allow me to do this a lot, and when it shows, he will trust me to handle more responsibility.” He said to Luci.

The demon would hear him, and he would laugh a bit because it seemed like he had this plan after all. The people in the crimson quarter knew who he was, and they would stay away from him because they knew who he was. He would have a smirk on his face as nobody was going to be messing with him. Still, he didn’t think anybody from another gang would know who he was, so he made sure they would know him after today.

He kept moving through the area as he knew where to go and couldn’t wait to see the guys loitering on the street corner.


#6Toge Liso 

Underground Associates PT. 5 (Neutral) Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 10:27 pm

Toge Liso

Toge would get to the street, and he would see that there were people just standing on the corner of the street talking to each other. He would walk toward the group of people who were just there. He would tie his hair as he was approaching them, and when he got about five meters away from them. They would all look at Toge as they wondered who had approached them.

“Who the fuck are you? Get away from us, or we will force you away from us.” One of the guys had said to Toge.

Toge would chuckle when he heard this as he would look at the group.

“Why are you guys on this corner? This territory belongs to the Dragon Gang, so if you aren’t a part of the gang I need you to get out.” He said to them as they all got serious as they looked at Toge.


#7Toge Liso 

Underground Associates PT. 5 (Neutral) Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 10:50 pm

Toge Liso
“What are you going to do if we don’t get out of these streets? Are you going to take us out? We aren’t scared of you.” He said to Toge.

The paladin would hear those words and without hesitating, he would make the first move. He would clash straight into the guy who had said those words. He would lariat him straight on the throat as he would fall to the ground and the group would be surprised about this. They didn’t expect him to do something like that. When he looked at the others, he saw one of them running straight toward him. It was then he would get punched in the face, but he was wearing his helmet, so they would damage his armor instead. He would stumble back when he was hit but would throw a punch of his own right after.

He would take this kid out right then and there as he would crack his neck as he looked at the others that were around.


#8Toge Liso 

Underground Associates PT. 5 (Neutral) Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 11:06 pm

Toge Liso

Toge would look at the group that was here, and the battle between him and them would rage on. He would move around as he would get jumped by these guys. Still, with his armor on him, and his helmet, he would be to fight back without being hurt as much. The paladin would take them out slowly, but surely without a problem. The fight between him and the group would last a while, but Toge didn’t give up. He was indeed going to prove himself to Dracon that he could handle any task he gave him.

There would be a bunch of the guys on the floor, and there were only three of them left. They would look at Toge and be wondering whether they should run or fight. He would look at them and he could see that they lost their will to fight him.

“If you don’t want to fight me anymore, pick up your friends and go. Let everyone know now to be acting tough in Dragon territory.” He said to the ones that were remaining.


#9Toge Liso 

Underground Associates PT. 5 (Neutral) Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 11:20 pm

Toge Liso

The three remaining would pick up their friends that were on the ground. They were surprised that5 this guy could take a beating and still come out on top. He would smile at them as they would be on their way. Toge would sigh with relief as he would look over at Luci the Demon.

“That wasn’t bad. I wish they didn’t listen to me, but I guess whatever works. Let’s go tell Dracon we got the job done.” He said to his partner.

The two of them would walk back to the tavern and when they entered the place everyone would see him bruised and his armor slightly damaged. Still, they couldn’t see the armor on his chest because he wore his outfit over it. He did have his helmet under his arm as he made it to the couch where Dracon was sitting. There he would explain to Dracon everything that had happened, and the man would smile at Toge. He would praise him for his job well done and then pay him accordingly.


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